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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Tenchi-Roku, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. I remeber doing this before, but I've wondered about making a pretty decent predator RP.

    Here's a few ideas:

    Jump In: A group of mercenaries get hired to steal a piece of treasure from a Mayan temple. When they do, a trap sets off an alarm and the prdator answer to their stolen artifact, and drop a hunter down to eliminate the theives in a game of survival, whatever way they can.

    War Epic: Space travel has been perfected and humans have decided to go around conquering planets by force. They stumble apon the Predator Homeworld and immediately are marked as trespassers, starting a war between Hunter and Prey.

    One-on-One: A youngblood predator is deployed in the Bronx, New York to leave the mark of his people's honor. In the mist of his adventure, he discovers a teenage girl who's life is tortured by misfortune, predator decides to assist her life and watch over her from a distance.

    Any other thoughts would be nice :D
  2. Brilliant ideas Ninja ^0^

    I like the War Epic idea the most ^^
  3. I'm up for the Jump In one or War Epic.
  4. Thanks ladies and gentleman :D!!!!
    -hugs everybody-
    I shall work on them when I can, i'll probably do all of them.
  5. -hugs him back smiling- :3
  6. I saw but I now I am at school so I'll post around the afternoon or before.
  7. Muaha, I'll post now that I'm out of school :3
  8. I'm going to have to let go on this one. I've sorta used up all the roleplays tickets. I can't really start any roleplays now. Besides iv sorta lost my enthusiasm for it.
  9. Update: I will be starting the OOC for the War Epic soon enough. >:3
  10. Thinking about making the One-on-One :T But don't know when. :[