Predator: Worlds of War

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  1. Gunnison Colorado, Year 2009:

    After an unidentifiable enemy caused the bombing of Gunnison Colorado, a group of military retrieved and discovered a piece of advanced technology. Scientists investigate and identify it as alien technology.

    Washington D.C, Pentagon Year 2012

    A surviving team of three people were recovered from Guatemala and questioned about the sighting of an extra terrestrial. A man by the name "Carter Westbroke" said it had technology similar to the one found in Gunnison, Colorado.

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana Year 2018:

    A teenage girl is arrested and questioned by they F.B.I for the deaths of several gang leaders, thugs, and people around her. All kills seemed the work of psychopath with massive strength. When they asked if she did this all she replied was: "It wasn't me, but you'll never find him..." Through the investigation agents discovered a spear-like weapon and found it of the same technological structure as the previous found technologies.

    United States Year 2134:

    After long study of the new technology, space travel has been perfected to the greatest detail. Nearly hundreds of ships have been created for deep space travel. As well as other worldly adaption equipment for other planets. The earth has now become a global base for space travel, while NASA's discovers and conquers new worlds.

    Third Galaxy Year 2245:

    A jungle-like world has been discovered by a recon ship on the watch. Cruisers flew down to the surface and discovered a world of hunters, with advanced technology. The world's resources were highly valuable to mankind's greed, so an extermination order was given. In retaliation, the hunters struck back.

    Year 2245, May 22:

    World War III


    Basically humans are at war with the honor bound predators. Human technology are the following bellow:

    Combat Suits:

    Battle Suits:

    Weapons: - 8th Armored Infantry.jpg

    This will feature both humans and predators as playable sides:

    class:(soldier, engineer, etc)


    Hunter name:
    Rank:( Celtic, wolf, warrior, etc)

  2. Save me a spot please ^^ I'll get a character up later
  3. Will do, in the mean time.

    Hunter Name: Razor Fang

    Dual wrist blades:
    Plasma Caster: (bottom picture)


    Rank: Wolf

    History: Razor has been alive for a minimum of 200 to 210 years total. Most of his famous hunts have been of the xenomorph species, but has taken the name of the New York Demon on Earth.
  4. Humans

    Name: Riley Owens

    Age: 21

    Appearance: She's about 5"5', with short black hair. She likes spiking her hair up, though most of the time it's unkempt

    Class: Ship Engineer

    Bio: Riley always preferred tinkering with engines, taking them apart then rebuilding them. Riley prefers being a pascifist, but don't piss her off, she will hurt you. She'd rather stay on the ship, not wanting to go out and explore or anything. While she is trained in combat and in firing a weapon, Riley usually doesn't fight. Though, given circumstances, Riley will need to fight to survive.