Predator the Hunt for Survival Rp (Revised)

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The Universe holds so much promise, and possibility for those looking into it. The same can be said for all, but one species sees more than just possibility. They see glory. The Yautja, the beings born and to die as warriors. Glory, trophies, and to be the greatest warriors possible is their species goal. Though their honor is strong a new clan is born. Though only a few dozen it grows with each century. The Phantom clan is like many clans. Strong to the code, out for glory, yet precise in their hunts.

It is time for the new unblooded to earn their chance to be hunters. Those that are chosen will hunt and kill by the code. If they survive the trials they will grow in the clan. If they fall they will earn honor in death. You take this ritual at your own risk. Know this before you do this unblooded warriors. To join thy clan is to accept death as not a possibility, but an eventuality. Accept glory as your future, in death and victory. Now step forth and prove yourself worthy.

Possible Character Choices:
* Predator (Yautja)
- Male
- Female

Character Sheet basics
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Name: (Human Translation) Ancient Shadow
Species: Yautja
Age: 642 years old
Height: 8'3"
Personality: Patient, Dominant, Honorable, Cunning
Weapons: Twin wrist blade sets, Plasmacaster, Combistick, 1 Hunter disk
Rank: The lead of the three clan leaders
Bio: Shadow had grown from a strong bloodline and made his strength and prowess known as he earned his blooded status. But like a fire catching, he could only grow and burn more foes in his way. Though the clan he created was small it was strong. He grew from simply blooded to elite, and elite to clan leader in only a few hundred years. Having gone through at least 3 cleansing he has proven himself the strongest of those who follow him. Having three Xenomorph queen heads to prove his skill. On the last of those cleansings he earned a large scar that goes from his his upper chest stops just below his jaw and begins again up his head. Having sustained it when the queen lashed out with her tail hoping to kill her attacker. He has an Adjutant, a blooded warrior who has promise. This Yautja is his personal student but also his learning second in command (** Characters can be suggested as this, ask and we can decide **). With this he holds a dominance over his clan, yet is eager to teach and have his unblooded gain their rightful passage. He enjoys the hunt, and can't wait for the next rush of the hunt.