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  1. June 14, 2013.

    Somewhere in Guatemala.

    "Ladies and gentle man, boys and girls, bitches and faggots, welcome to Guatemala. Here you have been employed and called on to retrieve something special for me, something of important value. Even more than your own lives, so listen close. Inside a temple not far from here, your target is waiting for you. Get in with the workers, get the artifact, and come out. Don't fuck up. Are we clear?" said the old man, as he looked at the people in the camp.

    "Good, get started."
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    Mai (Pronounced like "my") cracked her knuckles, as a nervous tick. She always found old places to be somewhat spooky, but she could brave it. It wasn't a sacrifice to go and attain the old man's item. Mai listened as he explained what they would be doing. -Go in, get it, come out- She repeated to herself. It wasn't a difficult task, it was actually quite simple.

    She had a messenger bag on her shoulder. Inside were a few items she felt she would need. These included a small switch-blade, several water bottles, and a compass. She doubted she would need the compass though, after all, she would only be going in with a small group just to retrieve an artifact and that was it. Nothing else could possibly happen. Except, of course, having a drink at a bar afterwards.

    Mai looking around, waiting for the others to start on their way.
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    Razor was almost giddy with anticipation to get moving, and, in a way to control some of her energy, she continuously fiddled with her Butterfly blade. Flipping it in an intricate way, that would have even some of the most skilled weapons out there feeling overwhelmed. She had dressed entirely in black that day, with a pair of red lens ray-bands, and regretted it almost instantly. The sun was high in the sky, and her dark clothes were soaking up the heat like a sponge. Razor just wanted to get the mission over with and find somewhere cool to spend the rest of the day.

    She looked and her icy gaze met that of a woman's, who was cracking her knuckles. Razor grinned and walked over to her, placing her blade back into her back pocket. There was an M16 on her back, but Razor wouldn't use it unless she had to, she was more a fan of her blade.

    "Hey, I'm Razor." She said to the woman, extending her hand for a shake. "Do you have any idea what exactly this artifact is that we're after, anyways?" She asked.
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    Carter kept his same serious, straight face after the old guy was done with his speech. He twirled his Bowie knife then placed in in the hilt over to his left hip, looking back and forth between the camp sight. The old guy started leaving in his private helicopter, while the 'helpers', stayed behind and got ready for the trip. Carter had on a tactical military vest with plenty of ammo strapped to him. In his utility he had extras if he'd need it and a G36C with ACOG and laser. Carter was one for being ready, being focused, and knowing what you'll be up against. He'd been payed to sift through jungles before, but not through a temple, but at least the pay was worth it.

    He over heard a woman asking for some more information on what they were after. She was standing next to another who seemed like the medic of the group, or maybe the intelligence on the temple. He followed up behind her but kept his distance in case they weren't the best of trusting people.

    "Does it really matter, as long as we get paid?" he asked keeping a straight face.
  5. Mai shook her head, smilin nervously. "No, I don't know exactly what it is. I was hoping he'd left a picture with someone."

    She watched as a man stood nearby. Both of these people seemed like the combat type. Which was strange; Mai had assumed they'd get a bunch of paleontologists and such.

    She shrugged it off, not really caring for reasons.

    "You're right," she said, turning to the man. "As long as I can pay my rent and buy what I need, I'll do anything."
  6. Slowly Razor looked over her shoulder at the man with a wicked grin. "That's true, but I still wouldn't mind knowing what this artifacte is, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see..." She looked at the man, and noticed that he was standing at a cautious distance, which just made her grin widen. "Don't worry, I don't bite unless you piss me off." She attempted at a joke, but when he didn't smile she rolled her eyes. "What no sense of humor?" She asked, but then something dawned on her, and she didn't wait for his answer, instead she walked off, and gingerly picked up a belt like item form the ground and put it on. Two straps crossed over her chest, while the actual belt was securly strapped around her waist. The belt itself had a handful of explosives, such as smoke grenades and a regular handheld grenade, as well as an aray of flashbangs and concussions. The straps crossing her chest, were chock full of ammunition.

    "I doubt I'll need the explosives, but better safe than sorry..." She muttered to herself, than louder she said. "Please, no one push me." The last part was another attempt at a joke, but when the other two group members didn't even crack a smile she sighed to herself.
  7. "Quite the joker," he jested at the woman's attempts to make him laugh. He gave a grin alright, but raised his brow as well. Carter found it funny how someone could try to keep a comedy feel, while trotting through the jungle to find a temple with who knows what inside. The rest of the camp workers started grabbing mining tools, dynamite, and more guns and supplies for the trip. To Carter's left he saw the only woman who wasn't really armed.

    "Taking risks, are we?" he jested as he walked from her.
  8. Razor looks at the woman and nods in agreement, than she casually slung her arm around the woman's shoulder. "We have enough firepower to keep you alive, though, so don't worry about it." She gave the man a pointed look, than moved her gaze back to the woman. "So I never caught your names...?" She muttered to both of them.

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  9. She shook her head, smiling a little. "I don't like the feeling of power I get when I hold some sort of weapon," she said, her tone playful. "Honestly though, I'm not experienced with those things, I'd blow myself up or end up killing someone." Mai crossed her arms and smiled at them. "No need to risk the lives of others by giving me a weapon, and like she said, I'll be safe as long as you guys are with me."

    Mai laughed a little. She looked at the other woman, "My name is Mai. What's yours?"
  10. "I guess those reasons are as good as any," he said as he pulled back on the stock of his rifle. "But better to have something and not need it, than need something and not have it."

    Carter was right, she was more of the intelligence type of the mission. People like her would protect themselves, but not to well to be on their own. So him and the other woman would be the best thing for her. A strap on his G36C allowed him to hang it over his shoulder, then held out his hand to the scholar-looking woman to at least give a name.

    "My name is Carter, Carter Westbroke," he stated, with a short grin.


    During the gathering of the hired help, the rest of the local workers that were hired started moving out to the site. It was going to be a three hour trip through the jungle before they reach what their looking for.
  11. Razor's arm slide off the woman's shoulder. "Razor." That was all the information she was giving out about herself. Razor was an alias she had been using for sometime now, it had kept her safe for many years from the sea of enemies she had created. She noticed the workers were moving out and looked at Carter and Mai. "Well....Should we move out?" She didn't wait for them to answer, instead she stalked off after the workers, her black combat boots becoming splattered with mud when she stomped into a puddle. "Well, c'mon then," She called over her shoulder, "We haven't got all day, and I was planning on going for a swim when we got back, so don't make me miss that, alright you two?" She laughed shaking her head, and waved for them to hurry up.
  12. Mai took his hand, "Pleasure to meet you both." She smiled warmly at them and watched as the other workers began making their way. As Razor walked away, Mai began following. She laughed a little, "Let's get on with this then, I'm looking forward to a drink afterward!"Mai tightened the strap of her messenger bag and, as she walked, she checked to make sure she had all of her supplies. She slipped the knife out of the bag and into her pocket.
  13. Razor slows down slightly so she can walk next to Mai and Carter. She might as well try to strike up a conversation right? They had a long walk ahead of them, and it wasn't going to go by any faster in silence. She took her Butterfly Knife out of her pocket and began fiddling with it. Swiveling the knife until the blade was pointing upward, than she did the steps in reverse and the blade disappeared again. Razor was at a loss for conversation starters so instead she went on a small rant about the heat under her breath, so she was barely heard, though she did use a very colorful vocabulary to describe her hate for the sun at the moment.
  14. "Right then," he answered to their requests to get moving. Before he left, Carter went to his tent and grabbed an AA-12 from the weapon crates. It was baby in a sorta sense, he'd never go anywhere without it. Mission wise or not. He caught up with Razor and Mai and started walking next to them to keep up. He was wondering why they didn't just catch a ride with one of the trucks, but he guessed they would just rough it the rest of the way.


    About two hours into the trip, night falls upon the traveling raiders. They're only about half a mile away from arriving to the temple, but the leader of the excavation team wanted to set up for the night and start back up at dawn. Trucks parked around an opening in the forest and set up their tents, spotlights, and any other equipment needed.
  15. Razor almost rolled her catlike green eyes when she noticed that the excavation team was starting to set up camp. She leaned over and muttered to Carter, "seeing as we seem the most armed, we're probably stuck on guard duty, so I'll take first watch." Her feet weren't killing her, but from the two hour walk, they sure did have a slight sting. She slid her M16 off her right shoulder and held it loosely at her side.

    She slowly began to walk the perimeter of jungle around the small camp site that the excavation team had set up, her eyes narrowed and her muscles tense, ready for anything. She rolled her shoulders back, and swatted at an insect that had decided to buzz along and pester her. Most of the excavation team members were either turning in for the night, or they sat around the edge of a small fire, swapping stories and jokes.
  16. As she walked, Mai observed everything they passed, looking for something noticeable or a landmark of some sort. She didn't want to accidently wander off and get lost. Mai always took that extra precaution, she hated being lost.

    She tilted her head a little when she saw them setting up for the night. "We could keep going," Mai said in a gentle tone of protest. She could see it was getting dark, but it still wasn't that dark and they had lights. "We could make it to the temple and then set up right outside, that way we'd have all day tomorrow instead of having to take up part of the morning in getting there."

    Mai sighed, shrugging her shoulders. "Oh well." She set down her bag and arched her back as she stressed.
  17. Razor had been on the closest edge of the camp boundary so she had heard what Mai had said. She stopped and turned to her. "Do you wanna continue?" She asked. "'Cause I'm pretty sure I can make it the last couple miles, and between you and me, patrolling is lame." She looked at Mai with her head tipped to the side, than glanced to where a small peak of the sun was barely visible. "But if we are gonna keep going, I suggest we get goin'."
  18. Carter quickly intervened between Razor and Mai's conversation to keep them from getting in trouble.

    "How about we rest up for the night instead of going off without thinking this through," he stated with a straight face. "We mite be armed but we have strength in numbers, don't you think so?" he asked, sitting back his G36C. After giving a quick glance at the both of them, he walked over to his tent and started setting down his weapons next to his bed. He took off his vest and put it on the table to the right of him. He laid himself softly in the provided sleeping bag as he waited for his turn of guard duty, but felt something dark about this expedition. There was more to it than just get in, get out. They were searching for something that had to be pretty damn important to have so many workers, and why the mercenaries?

    Carter gave a short grunt, then closed his eyes and waited for his turn. Hopefully nothing would fuck up over night.​
  19. Razor takes what Carter had said into consideration, than with a huff, she goes back to patrolling the camp. The workers began to turn in for the night, leaving the camp in a peaceful darkness that Razor came to enjoy. There was the occasional animal call, and the constant drone of insects flitting about the jungle, yet somehow it didn't bother Razor at all.

    A chill ran up her spine when she thought about the mission....Something just wasn't right. They hadn't been given nearly enough information on the task, and the excavation team was to big to just be for some artifact. Razor shook the thought out of her head, and concentrated on scanning the perimeter of the camp with her eyes.
  20. Mai sighed, "Fine." She remained in the same place until both Razor and Carter had left. Finally, with one last look in the direction they'd be heading, she headed to her own tent.

    All the while, she wondered why mercenaries were there. They were looking for an artifact, there was no need for weapons. Then again, Mai assumed, there were tons of men out there who would steal the artifact (if it was valuable) or even kidnap a member of the excavation team.