Predator : Extermination of Prey

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Here's the rundown:

This is about humans vs predators. It takes place in year 2256, humans have perfected space travel and finding secrets has become truly easier to perform. When the humans discover a long forgotten piece of technology that belongs to the predators, they engineer its origin to crack into where it's creaters are and where to find them. After a long time of waiting the predators have come to claim what was theirs so many centuries ago. When te time comes together humans haven't cracked the surface of the artifact they found, the predators soon notice how much trouble this will be in moments time. to save thier race and hold tight of their cultur they engage into all out war against the human race.

Here the technology balance out:

Human tech come up to something like Dead Space's standards

Predators have still been using new tactics along with the old ones. Basically their growing by the moment.

If you're human you can use any picture of an advanced military suit. Run it by me and you'll be all good.

If you're predator any picture will be fine, it can be one from a movie, a game, or whatever you can find. Run it by and you're good. But make sure it's a different from somebody elses, to prevent repetition.


heres what you need:

human name:
weapon specialty:


Hunter name:
hair color:
background info(optional):

Here's mine so you'll understand a little better.

hunter name: Iron Side
clan origin: Neca
rank: Berserker
Prefered hnting weapon(s): claws, plasma caster, wrist blades, spear, smart disc, and net launcher.


background info:Iron Side has been alive for nearly 200 years and expierinced thousands of hunts in his time. His most prized hunt was when hunted down and executed three of his enemy race. He then used their technology for his own hunting equipment, in order to honor and avenge his fallen brothers. His most used tactic in battle is mostly to trap or throw off the enemy's sense of order. Iron Side earned his rank from his sense of rage and brutallity using just his hands, he's only removed his mask once, and takes it off only against a worthy of opponents.
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Just not quite sure what I'd make yet.