Precursor Escapade

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  1. This is a 1x1 roleplay between @Klutzy Ninja Kitty and @TheSpringwoodSlasher which is a crossover between Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.



    It was not long ago that a young, azure-haired woman had set off from her home world, the Land of Departure, wielding a unique weapon under her possession: a keyblade. This weapon, not entirely a key but not entirely a blade, was a rare weapon that could only be wielded by special people it chose. This young woman, Aqua, just so happened to be one of these people. She had spent the entirety of her life training to use the weapon under a master, and had managed to pass her mark of mastery exam just a few weeks ago.

    But even as a master herself, she continued to follow the orders of her own dear Master Eraqus--which was what she happened to be doing right now. The mission granted to her was to search for a missing keyblade master known as Master Xehanort, to figure out why the worlds were being attacked by strange creatures--known as Unversed, and to watch over her two best friends and fellow apprentices: Terra and Ventus. Terra, battled a constant struggle with darkness in his heart, while Ventus had run away from home. Aqua was told by her master to find and retrieve Ventus so she could take him home, but last time she saw him, the young boy had refused to go with her and ran off.

    So presently, Aqua found herself finishing her exploration on a world known as Radiant Garden, debating on whether or not she should spend the night on said world or simply move on to the next. The master rolled her shoulders back and stretched her arms, looking out into the setting sun as she mulled over her plans. She was sore and tired, noticing bruises on her arms and legs from a battle she had just fought against one of the Unversed creatures she had been tracking. The master certainly wouldn't have minded a break, but then again if she took a break she would not be getting any farther along on the mission her master assigned her.

    With that thought in mind, Aqua decided on traveling for the rest of the day. A break could most certainly wait. Aqua waved her keyblade in the air, twirling it like a wand as she cast a spell on herself to heal her aching bruises. A green aura fell upon herself like a mist, erasing the marks on her body as they touched her. It would be handy not to feel sore while she traveled, but it would've been nice if the healing magic would've had the ability to restore her energy too. After all the work she had accomplished for the day, Aqua was tired.

    After healing her wounds, Aqua waved her keyblade again to create a glowing, black portal in the sky. This portal helped her travel into the space between worlds that her master liked to call The Lanes Between. Once the portal was ready she tossed her keyblade into the sky, watching it shift into another shape, transforming into the keyblade glider she rode upon to fly between worlds.

    Keyblade Glider (open)

    Once Aqua's keyblade glider was ready, there was one last step she needed to take care of before she was ready to fly off: she had to cloak herself in her armor. Slapping her shoulder to activate a button she used to summon her armor, Aqua's body was engulfed in light for a few seconds. When the light faded she was adorned in her blue-gray armor, a set of armor that protect her body from damage and overexposure to darkness.

    Aqua's Armor (open)

    Upon being cloaked in her armor, Aqua climbed aboard her glider and made it levitate in the air before she flew directly into the portal she had summoned. When she entered the portal, Aqua appeared in The Lanes Between or an area that appeared similar to outer space. She flew along, looking for a new world on which she could land As she flew, the rhythmic hum from Aqua's glider quickly caused her to get drowsy. Her eyelids grew heavy and her head bobbed, causing her to bump her head on the handles of her glider. She blinked and quickly picked her head up, tensing her shoulders.

    "Can't fall asleep. I need to find somewhere to land first," she thought to herself, cautiously skimming the sky to look for somewhere to land. Unfortunately, however, Aqua was unable to find a new world fast enough to compensate for her need to rest. Her heavy eyes shut, and drifted off for several minutes.

    Aqua was awoke by the feel of a breeze invading the cracks on her armor. She gasped realizing she was moving rapidly downward toward a world her glider had apparently come across while she was asleep. "Oh no!" she exclaimed, gripping the handles as quickly as she could, yanking upward on them in a feeble attempt to stop herself from crashing into this new world. Unfortunately for Aqua, however, it was too late.


    Anyone who saw the crash from a distance would've mistaken it for a meteorite hitting the planet. The shockwave of the crash was enough to shake the ground, create a crater, and smash Aqua's glider to pieces. Thanks to her armor, Aqua's life was sparred in the crash, but her head hit the ground hard enough to render her unconscious. Maybe next time, Aqua would think twice about traveling when she was exhausted.​
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  2. Sandover Village (open)

    Ah, Sandover Village. It was one of the nicest places anyone could ever hope to live in! The weather was nice, there was plenty of fauna for people to research and make a living off. There was water as far as the eye could see, on most days it was even warm enough for a brave enough soul to take a dip inside! But one better be warned as Sandover Village held a dark secret. Nearby there was an island by the name of Misty Island. Strange things had been heard to been occurring there in recent times. Samos, the Green Sage of the village had warned the villagers to avoid going to Misty Island at all cost. For the most part this order was followed. After all, Samos was a sage and who was wiser than him? Well, no one in particular. But that didn't mean everyone listened. Like the two knuckleheads on their way to Misty Island as we speak.


    "BEWARE MISTY ISLAND AND DAXTER TAKE A BATH! YOU SMELL LIKE SOMETHING MY PLANT ATE! Blah, blah, blah! I tell ya, Jak! The geezer's got nothing positive to say about me at all! I mean I'm the handsomest guy on the island(no offense), the strongest(again, totally no offense meant), and the hero! How can you not like someone with those traits?"

    Daxter threw up his hands and leaned over the side of the speedboat him and his best friend Jak had borrowed from the speedboat. Jak wasn't exactly the most talkative boy on the island and so he just gave a shrug in response to Daxter's complaining. The two of them had practically known each other for like as long as either of them could remember. So Daxter could make all the factually wrong statements that he'd like and Jak wasn't going to argue.

    He did however motion for Daxter to wake him up whenever they got to Misty Island because this was turning out to be quite the long trip and he wanted to be up and about when they got there. Just as Jak was about to close his eyes, Daxter elbowed Jak in the gut and began pointing ahead.



    Noticing the pointed glare he got from Jak, Daxter slowly leaned back, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. "Oh. Sorry bout that, Jak hehehe..." Before Jak could retailate with a surprise noogie attack, the speedboat washed ashore Misty Island. Jumping off, Jak noticing what appeared to be purple smoke oozing from the top point of the island. Motioning for Daxter to follow him, the two failed to notice the armored girl that was gliding up in the air above them.

    "Man, you know Samos wasn't kidding about the whole 'shady activity' bit at least. I've never seen so many Lurkers collected into one spot before. The heck you think they're up to?" Daxter asked as him and Jak slowly made their ascent upwards until the two of them were staring straight into an open silo of Dark Eco.

    "...The heck is this stuff? Looks pretty gross whatever it is." Daxter commented as he knelt down and quickly winced as a bubble popped near his face. It was indeed concerning to Jak that there were so many Lurkers. He considered himself fit enough that physically they didn't pose too much of a problem but that wasn't the point. The point was that they seemed to be working at something and Jak had been around the block to know that Lurkers weren't too great at planning. Someone else had to be ordering them around-

    "AAAAAH JAK! INCOMING!" Daxter yelped as what appeared to be something was seen flying straight the two of them. While Jak was nimble enough to move out of the way without much problem, Daxter wasn't so lucky. Sidelined by the crashing Aqua, Daxter stumbled before falling back into Dark Eco pool. Quickly rushing forward in an attempt to try and save his friend, Jak reached his hand out but all he managed to grab was one of Daxter's brown leather gloves. It was too late. He had lost his best friend to whatever this black liquid was and it was all his fault. Oh, if only he could hear his best bud's voice just one more time!


    Yeah, just like that. Jak hoped it wasn't painful or anything. If it had been that would have made Jak feel even gultier.


    Oh! Quickly turning to face where he had heard Daxter's voice coming from, he ended up looking down after looking around had garnered no results. He was very surprised by what he saw as his mouth shot open and he let out a muted scream as he fell onto his rear. Grabbing his glove where Jak had dropped it, Daxter slipped it back on as he rolled his eyes.

    "What the heck's wrong with you, Jak? Man, falling in that black ooze did not feel good at all. Like seriously I think I'd rather listen to Samos prattle on and on than go through another dip in there again. What?!" He exclaimed as Jak's shocked reaction didn't change. Pulling his goggles down so Daxter could see the reflection in them, he blinked.

    Daxter (open)


    *five minutes later*

    "-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *cough* Jak! Look at me! I'm some kind of ferret, weseal, thing! LOOK AT ME! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PICK UP CHICKS LIKE THIS?!" Daxter threw up his hands and fell to his knees. "It's over! Stick a knife in me, Jak! I'm done!" Jak however was gone having made his way down from the silo. Annoyed that his supposed best friend was leaving him in his time of need, Daxter raced after. "Hey, I'm not done complaining yet! Jak, wait up!" Daxter bemoaned as Jak made his way down to where he had heard a loud crash. He was still concerned about Daxter's well-being of course but this was worriesome as well. It wasn't often that Jak saw people crash in from the sky. "Oh, so that's why you abandoned me, huh? For someone who could be an alien for all we know?!" Face-palming and giving a 'really? We're gonna do this now?' look to his friend, Daxter gulped. "Sorry, zipping the lip!"

    Gently seeking to carry the person bridal-style, Jak looked at Daxter. As it dawned on Daxter what Jak's look meant, he shook his furry little head. "Oh nonononono! That is where I draw the line! You want us to go back to the village, tell the old man that we disobeyed him, I got turned into some furry thing, and we picked up an alien? You know what's gonna happen Jak! 'I'm not above it enough to say I told you so, I told you so, I told you so! and we're gonna get a whole big lecture and ugh! Is it too late to jump back into the black stuff?"

    Just as Jax opened his mouth to protest, he quickly hopped to his feet and began racing off leaving Daxter hanging once more. Rolling his eyes, Daxter turned around to see what had dragged Jak's attention off this time. "What's wrong with ya, Jak!? You look like you saw a...Oh. AHHH!" Daxter yelped as he raced after his friend, quickly climbing aboard his shoulder.



    Raising the club above his head, the Lurker raced after Jak and his passengers. It was previously mentioned that Jak felt confident about taking on a Lurker in hand to hand combat. Well, that was more applying to the Lurkers that didn't possess thick armor or a gigantic bone club. It also didn't apply when Jak was carrying both his best friend and some alien-glider-person. Still, there was one advantage Jak had over the Lurker and that was speed. Tossing the newcomer and Daxter into the speedboat, Jak turned to the face the Lurker now that his hands were free. Making a 'come on' gesture, the Lurker welcomed the challenge and charged at Jak.

    Unfortunately, Jak had underestimated the Lurker's speed and the club smashed into Jak's side and the poor guy was sent flying through the air like a ragdoll. Crashing onto the boat, Daxter quickly set the boat going before the Lurker could continue it's assault. As the boat sped off to Sandover Village, Daxter looked over the bodies of the stranger and Jak who had been knocked out by the blow. "Preparing for a lecture in three, two, one.."

    "HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TWO NEVER TO GO TO MISTY ISLAND!? DO YOU LISTEN TO ME?! NOOOOOOO, NO ONE LISTENS TO THE OLD MAN! YOU'RE FAR TOO COOL TO DO ANYTHING SMART LIKE THAT! Now, look where it's gotten you! Broken ribs and you transformed into a furball. Though I must admit that it's an improvement!" Samos exclaimed as both Jak and Aqua were laying on beds within Samos's home.

    "An improvement?! Listen, you old fart! Just get the moss outta your ear and fix Jak up!"

    Thwacking Daxter on the head with his staff, Samos turned towards Jak/Aqua and manifesting green eco, he'd place it upon both of them as they absorbed it and their wounds began to heal. "Now, be quiet and watch as your friends wake up! Perhaps you'll learn something."

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  3. A very unconscious Aqua was completely unaware of the events that happened to her after being knocked out. She was motionless during the entire trip Jak and Daxter took from Sandover Village to Misty Island and back, simply dreaming of her friends the entire time. Her armor was heavy and likely clunked around as Jak carried her, also hiding her face from them. Her mysterious appearance did indeed make her look very much like an alien to them.


    Within Aqua's dream, she was back home at the Land of Departure, sitting outside with her friends--gazing up at the stars. She could hear herself laughing with the two boys, although she wasn't sure what exactly they were laughing about. All she knew was that they were happy and things were going well until an eerie sight appeared before them: monsters.


    The monsters poured in from any shadow that was in the area. They rose from the ground and immediately jumped on Aqua's blonde, younger friend Ventus, covering him entirely. The boy screamed, begging for help as he attempted to throw the creatures off himself. He was overwhelmed, however, unable to rid himself of the swarm which seemed to be devouring him.


    "Ven!" Aqua shouted, dashing forward instantly to attack the monsters that where covering him. She slashed at a couple of them with her blade, while lighting the rest on fire with her magic. While this happened, Aqua was shocked as Terra, her older, brown-haired friend, simply stood and watched without budging an inch. "Terra, what are you doing!? Help me save Ven!"

    A dark chuckle erupted from Terra's throat. "I don't think so, Aqua." He raised a hand and pointed at the blue-haired keyblade master, smiling a dark grin. "Now, attack her!"

    As if under Terra's control, the black monsters left Ven and rushed toward Aqua. The master gasped as she looked to where Ven had been, only to see that he was now gone as if the monsters had entirely eaten him alive. "No!" Aqua screamed as the monster's clung to her. "Terra, why!?"

    Terra smirked. "It's the darkness, Aqua. The darkness has guided me. Now give in to it like I did," he said, chuckling.

    "Nooo!" Aqua screamed, tossing her keyblade at Terra.

    However, it actually wasn't Terra she tossed her weapon at. While lying on the bed she had been placed upon by her rescuers, Aqua sat up and threw her keyblade at Samos, only waking up moments afterwards. Blinking, Aqua stared at the group blankly, still not even aware that she was wearing her armor.


    "Oh! I'm sorry!" she exclaimed, hoping her hosts wouldn't find her a threat because of her accidental attack.

  4. "Oh my!" Samos held out his staff and the keyblade was held in stasis. "I'm sorry if this moronic furball disturbed your rest. I have no doubt you're in tip top shape as it were after that douse of green eco. It'll mend whatever wounds you may have had, internally or otherwise-Daxter!" The sage scolded as the ottsel reached out to try and grab the Keyblade from where it was floating in the air.

    "What?! She just chucked that thing at you like a spear! Figure the least I can do is hang onto it for safe-keeping! Now buzz off, Gramps!" Daxter said as he waited for Samos to give him the keyblade. The sage much to Daxter's surprise actually seemed to consider it. "Alright, Daxter. You can hang onto it." With that he released the keyblade from stasis.

    "Thank you! I knew you'd eventually come around to realizing my genius-ACK!"

    Daxter's arms and legs flailed as the keyblade dropped on top of him. Samos chuckled before turning back to Aqua. "It's quite alright. dear. From what Daxter has told me, you've had quite the fall but Jak rescued you and suffered a few injuries of his own. Honestly, these two wouldn't survive a day out in the real world! It's a miracle they got to Misty Island and back."

    "H-hey, old timer! I was the one who drove the boat after Jak got swatted!"

    "Right. Anyhow, Jak should be waking up any moment. He's not very talkative so I don't imagine you'll get too much out of him but I'm sure he'll be glad to see you're alright. Ah! I forgot all about introductions! I am Samos Hagai, the Green Sage of Sandover Village. Who are you?" He'd ask as Jak's ears began to twitch as he sat up in his own bed.

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  5. Relieved when her keyblade didn't hit Samos, Aqua sighed. "Ah, so you're the one who healed me? Thank you. I greatly appreciate it," she said, bowing her head to the sage for a moment. She winched, however, when he released her keyblade from stasis and it fell on top of Daxter. "Oh, no! Here, let me get that off you," she said, extending her arm out in front of her. When she did so, her keyblade disappeared in a flash of white light, reappearing in the hand of its master.

    With her keyblade back where it belonged, Aqua continued to listen to Samos. "Then, he's the one who rescued me?" Aqua questioned, turning her head to shoot a glance over at Jak. She had been unconscious the entire time and didn't remember him, but if what they said was true, she was grateful. "How kind. I'll have to thank him when he's entirely awake," she said, watching his ears twitch before he slowly sat up.

    When Samos asked who she was, Aqua straightened her back. "Oh! I'm sorry! I haven't properly introduced myself." Aqua took her helmet off, revealing her face to them for the first time.


    "I'm Aqua. Thanks again for helping me out. I was, uh, flying on my glider and crashed." She ran a hand through her hair, pushing the sweaty parts away that were stuck to her face. "It doesn't happen often; I guess I was just really tired," she admitted, frowning. Aqua hadn't crashed her glider since she was young. It was almost embarrassing that she had.

  6. Samos waved it off with a friendly smile. "Oh, think nothing of it! It's my job to ensure the safety of all those who reside within the village. As you're presently residing within it I do believe that places you under my jurisdiction." The sage assured Aqua as Daxter rose up and brushed himself off. "Yeah, well she better watch herself because I'm about to give her a piece of..." Daxter paused as he glanced up and got a good look at Aqua's face.

    Climbing up onto the bed, Daxter leaned up against Aqua's side. "Eeeeh, forget about what I said. You are one hot catch. Course, you know Jak had some help rescuing you and all. Yup, that's where yours truly comes into the picture." Daxter boasted as he gave a couple quick flexes of his nonexistent muscles as Jak by this point had hopped out of bed and was standing over Daxter with an annoyed look on his face.

    Slowly turning to face his best friend, Daxter chuckled nervously. "O-Oh hi, Jak! I'll just let you and Aqua here catch up!" He'd say before quickly climbing onto Jak's shoulder and turning away from the two as he whistled. Jak raised an eyebrow but said nothing more than that before turning his attention back to Aqua. Opening his mouth as if he was about to speak, Samos spoke up.

    "Oh! I almost forgot! You said you crashed here, correct Aqua? Do you actually hail from Sandover Village? Your armor and that pecuilar weapon of yours I've never seen before."

    "Yeah, come to think of it that key thing was pretty heavy. Though I mean, I could have totally picked it up if I hadn't been taken by surprise." Daxter said to mainly reassure himself. Jak didn't buy it of course and flicked his friend on the forehead. "Ow! Jak!"

    Samos had seen enough and slammed his staff down on the floor causing Jak and Daxter to quickly cease with their antics. "I've asked our guest a question and I'm sure she'd much rather answer when you two knuckleheads aren't running your mouths! Now, be quiet!" Samos snapped and once Daxter and Jak gave him nods of confirmation, Samos turned back towards Aqua and smiled. "Please, continue if you will."

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  7. Aqua offered the sage another friendly smile. "Ah, but I still appreciate it. Thanks again," she told him with a nod in his direction before glancing at the flirty ottsel who had leaned himself up against her. Aqua blinked a few times, her mouth falling open. "Uh," she flatly said, unsure how to respond as a bit of blush came to her cheeks. She was awkward when it came to people--or even little creatures, apparently--flirting with her. "Thanks?" she mumbled, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly as she looked away from him. She honestly couldn't picture a little guy like Daxter had helped to save her at all, but she really wasn't sure.

    Aqua found herself a little more than relieved when Jak came over to them, staring down at his friend. She glanced up at Jak, grateful. "Ah, so, you're the one who saved me? Or, one of the ones anyhow... Thank you. I really appreciate it. Next time, I'll try to be a little more careful with what I'm doing." If she was so sleepy she could hardly keep her eyes open, it probably wasn't a good idea to continue flying her glider.

    Upon hearing Samos ask her a question, Aqua opened her mouth with the intent of answering only to be cut off by Daxter's rambling. The keyblade master chuckled at the antics of Jak and Daxter, wincing when Jak flicked the ottsel on his forehead. She quickly quieted, however, when Samos slammed his staff against the floor to quiet them. "No, it's really all right. I'm used to dealing with noisy boys," she assured Samos, glancing back at him.

    "Anyhow, to answer your question, I don't come from this village. I come from, um, very far away. Very, very far away. That's probably why my armor and gilder look like something kind of different. I was just flying on my glider and got lost," she told him, frowning. Aqua honestly hoped Samos didn't do any more digging to find out where she was from. Keyblade wielders had a code that they stuck by: they were not allowed to tell people they were from other worlds. It was an ancient rule they kept to so they could keep order in the universe.

    After speaking, Aqua allowed her keyblade and armor to disappear, hoping to take the focus off them for a while. She could always summon them again later if she needed to anyhow. "So this place is called Sandover Village? You haven't happened to have any... strange visitors lately, have you?" She wondered if Terra or Ven had visited this location, or if the unversed had started to appear here yet...

  8. "Heh, hear that Jak? She obviously doesn't mind my ultra-smooth voice." Jak raised an eyebrow and shook his head. Daxter was Jak's best friend and nothing would ever change that. But there times that Daxter just got so stuck on trying to impress a pretty girl that he said stupid stuff like that. Still, it didn't hurt to humor him every now and again. But then at the mention of strange visitors, Jak opened his mouth up to speak again only for Daxter cup a hand over his friend's mouth.

    "To answer your question Aqua, as a gentleman like me would. Yeah, we've seen some pretty strange folks meander around here. They didn't really look human or anything. Kinda like my height and had these beady yellow eyes. They also had these kind of like drooping antenna things. They didn't really hurt anybody as far as Jak and I saw but they were hanging around with the Lurkers a lot."

    Samos then decided to interrupt the ottsel before he could inflate his own ego by pretending he had all the answers. "The Lurkers are a simplistic race of creatures with incredible strength. They're usually not a problem in most cases. Mainly due to not having the necessary smarts to really come up with any heinous plans. But the island you crashed on and these two nitwits decided was a good idea to explore was crawling with Lurkers. Did you spot anymore of those creatures there, Jak?" Samos asked the teen who shook his head. He just thought the beady-eyed things were some kind of new species of Lurker. That and they didn't seem to have too many brains themselves so he doubted they were behind the Lurker's mingling.

    "Maybe they were just having a big ol Lurker party and we accidentally crashed it. Well, some of us more literally than others. Which speaking of crashing things.." Daxter spit into his the palm of his hands and tried to slick some of his fur back as he grinned at Aqua. "I used to be dashing young man like good ol Jak here but then you kind of knocked me into a pool of stuff called Dark Eco and turned me into the fuzzball you see today. Normally, I'd be a bit peeved but for someone with your looks? I'd be okay with maybe a little kiss..?" Samos rolled his eyes and gestured towards the door. "I'm going to see if I can't contact the other Sages and see how the Lurker activity has been in their jurisdictions. You two take Aqua around the village. Go on!" He'd shoo as Jak nodded and extended a hand towards Aqua to help lead her out of Samos's home while Daxter stuck his tongue out at the sage as they walked out.

    "Hmph. Geezer's probably got so many roots clogging up where his brain should be." Daxter chided which got a bit of chuckle out of Jak.

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  9. Upon hearing Daxter's mention of strange creatures appearing in this world, Aqua frowned deeply. She went entirely quiet as she thought over his response, wracking her brain to try and figure out what exactly it was that Jack and Daxter saw. "Strange," she mumbled to herself. "Those creatures don't sound like the unversed." Aqua felt a cold chill run up her spine and she paled. The creatures sounded more like the strange ones that had just appeared in her dream. But that couldn't be, could it? It had only been a dream! Those creatures just couldn't be real!


    The keyblade master quickly shook herself from her thoughts, however, when Samos chimed in to explain what the Lurkers were. She had been so focused on the yellow-eyed creatures Daxter had mentioned that she almost hadn't paid any mind to the other ones. Thankfully, she didn't have to ask any questions when Samos explained everything on his own. She listened intently, nodding at all of the right moments. "Ah, well, thank you for explaining things. I really appreciate it," she told the sage, politely bowing her head to him before moving to stand up from the bed she had been lying on.

    Aqua stiffened, however, after catching Daxter's little comment about a kiss of some sort. She opened her mouth to speak, but her voice caught within her throat and she felt her face grow hot again. She didn't want to be rude, but Aqua didn't really like this little guy flirting with her so much. Flirting made her awfully uncomfortable; it wasn't something she was used to. But, thankfully, she didn't have to respond to him. Samos cut Daxter off, telling Jack and Daxter to take Aqua and show her around the village; for that she was most grateful.

    "There's really no need for them to show me around if they're too busy or they don't want to. I can find my own way. But, if they'd be willing, I wouldn't mind the company," she replied, half-glancing between Samos and half-glancing at the boys.

    Aqua began to head for the door, pausing as she felt of her pocket. "Wait-- No! Where is it!?" she suddenly said with a gasp, panicking as she patted herself down. "My wayfinder, it's gone!"


    Aqua's wayfinder, it was a blue, star-shaped lucky charm and Aqua's most precious possession. She loved it dearly, as she had made it, and two others, for her friends and herself.

    "I could've lost it anywhere between here and where I crashed. Not good," she said with a sigh. Aqua would most certainly need to find it before leaving this world. There was no way she was going anywhere without it!

  10. Before Jak could even voice any kind of protest or agreement, Daxter chimed in before him. "Of course! We'd love to show our new lovely lady friend around the village! Wouldn't we, Jak?" He'd ask as he eyed his friend who shrugged. "Then it's agreed! We'll show you the best time of your life, Aqua! Count" Daxter watched as Aqua began to panic over something called a Wayfinder. "Did you see anything, Jak?"

    Jak ran a hand through his hair and began to think back. The two were in such a hurry to get out of there due to the Lurker chasing them he really didn't recall much. But he did recall something falling off Aqua's person that him and Daxter struggled to see if it was important or not by tossing it back and forth between eachother.

    "I don't want it, you keep it!"


    "..!!" Jak angrily threw the Wayfinder at Daxter who was sent rolling back. Grumbling as he laid the Wayfinder off to the side, Daxter brushed himself off. "Fine! Nobody gets the stupid thing then!" Jak huffed in agreement before stumbling across Aqua's downed form and then making the rescue. Thus leaving it there for some unsupecting Lurker to pick up and look over. Barely managing not to crush the Wayfinder, the creature grinned and clipped it onto his bone-armor. He would be the talk of all the Lurkers now! ^_^

    Back with Jak and Daxter, the pair looked at each other and then back at Aqua before offering sheepish shrugs. "If it's lost then maybe we'll find it in the village! I'm sure we've got plenty of time to explore and figure out a way to turn me back to my normal good-looking self so let's not waste it yapping!" Daxter exclaimed as he tugged at one of Jak's ears and the teen rolled his eyes before sprinting off further into the village where Aqua would get an idea of how big the village felt. There were many huts and small buildings of course but the beach was expansive with pillars of earth as far as the eye could see and lurkers meandering along across the sandy beach. Every now and then a Lurker would look at the dynamic duo as they stood on the sand and glanced up at the sky.

    "If there is one thing that always gets my mood up after a hard day's work, Jak? It's gazing up at the sun and getting some sweet rays." Jak nodded before casually turning to deliever a jump kick to a Lurker which had been getting far too close for comfort.

    Another look at the village! (open)

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  11. [​IMG]

    Oh, what an unsettling turn of events for the poor keyblade master! Aqua ran her hands through her blue hair, exhaling in exasperation as she pictured the looks she would see on the faces of Terra and Ven after they found out Aqua had lost her wayfinder. Terra would probably wrinkle his nose in frustration and roll his eyes, wondering why Aqua had gone on about how special the charms were only to lose her own. Then Ventus would frown and probably look sad as his eyes welled up with visible tears. Oh, how terrible! Aqua hated when Ven cried! She couldn't take it! She would definitely have to find her charm!

    "Ah, all right. Let's go look around the village," she told them, her shoulders slumping a little. Aqua looked a little less happy than she had a couple minutes ago. She knew the two wanted to show her the best time of her life--or at least Daxter did--but the only thing she could think about at the moment was her charm. She quickly realized, however, that she needed to focus. Moping around wouldn't help her find her charm any faster. She washed away her sour expression and smiled at the two males. "Sorry for not sounding so excited. I was just really worried about my charm. It's important to me, but I'm sure we'll find it soon."

    Refocusing on the area, she ran along with Jak and Daxter, asking the two, "Are there any interesting places here in your village?" She narrowed her eyes upon seeing the lurkers, drawing her keyblade in case she was attacked. "So, lurkers, how dangerous are they?" Aqua thought of a third question after a moment, wondering why it was only Daxter who had been doing the talking. Could Jak talk? Or did he just find it difficult to get a word in with how chatty his friend was? Aqua wasn't sure, but she didn't want to pelt them with too many questions. Not until they had answered her other ones, at least.


    After observing the area for a little while, Aqua found herself enjoying the atmosphere. "Your town is beautiful," she complimented. "It would almost seem peaceful if not for the lurkers running around." Aqua found it a shame that this place, along with every other world she visited, seemed to have dangers of some sort around every corner. It was either the unversed, pirates, space monsters, soldiers, or some other kind of menace. So many worlds weren't at peace. It bothered Aqua, but she was glad that she had the power to travel between worlds and try to do something about it. She only hoped that her efforts would be enough to make a difference in the universe.

    Relaxing her muscles, Aqua took a few deep breaths in to savor the fresh air. She held her keyblade down to the sand, drawing the shape of a star, making the star look like her wayfinder. She glanced over at the two males, gesturing for them to look. "By the way, this is what my charm looks like. If it's not in the town, maybe it'll be back around the area I crashed? I'm not sure exactly where that is, but maybe the two of you could help me find that place?"

  12. Jak and Daxter frowned upon seeing Aqua's eyes water. Tugging on Jak's ear, Daxter whispered to his friend so that it was privy between the two of them. "Jak, she's one of the cutest girls I've ever seen and I don't want to see her all sad. So, when we get a chance? We need to get this charm thing back for her. I just hope one of those dunderhead Lurkers didn't get their grimy mitts on it." Daxter shivered at the mere thought of a Lurker wearing the charm and trying to be as cute as Aqua. It didn't settle into a nice mental image. As Aqua resumed speaking to them again, Daxter hopped down from Aqua's shoulders and waved it off.

    "Don't sweat it, Aqua! We'll find your charm! Just don't look so sad, alright? You're way too cute for that. Ain't that right, Jak? Ehhhhh?" He'd say with a wink and nudge as Jak's cheeks tinged and he'd roll his eyes before motioning for Aqua to follow and upon her doing so, he'd just gesture to the island as a whole. "Well, there is a beach for people to stop and catch a tan. You just gotta be careful of the Lurkers and the occasional birds that'll swoop down and still your stuff! Darn birds.." He'd growl as he shook his fist at the flock of birds that flew overhead. As for how dangerous the Lurkers were, Jak shrugged.

    "What Jak's trying to get across with that shrug is that the Lurkers are usually no big deal. You give them a good pow! Or a good bam! Then they'll be down for the count. Still, doesn't mean that there aren't some Lurkers that even my good boy Jak can't take on. Uh, not to like downgrade Jak's ability! Guy's in the best shape of his life! He's got the speed, strength, and the handsomeness to boot." As both boys were busy having a chuckle at Daxter's comments, they just sort of froze up as Aqua asked about where she had crashed.

    "Uh, well that's called Misty Island. We could go back there if you'd want. But it's not exactly the safest place. The Lurkers have been infesting that place for some reason that Samos is still trying to find out. Don't worry about it though! We just need to get some power cells and we'll be off. They're kinda like the batteries here. If we get enough of them than we can soup up our boat and head on out! Eh?" Daxter made his way over to what appeared to be two droopy antennas poking out of the sand. Walking over to it with the cockiest smirk imaginable as he yanked on one of the antennas.

    "See Aqua? These are the guys that have been popping up around here. Cute little things. They just..Oh. You're a lot bigger than when I last saw ya." He'd say as the Heartless stood up and towered over Daxter but only came up to about Jak's waist as it gripped the ottsel by the neck. But before it could do anything both of them were scooped up in the maw of a pelican-like bird as it glanced briefly at Aqua and Jak before flying off leaving Jak quite surrpised. What the heck just happened?!

    "JAK! AQUA! HELP!"

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  13. Upon seeing Daxter's exchange with Jak, Aqua pressed a hand over her lips, hiding a smile. Comical, these two were, she thought to herself. They almost reminded her of Terra and Ven except for, well, the fact that they were even more hysterical than her two friends. She liked Jak and Daxter though; Aqua could tell right away that they were close friends and she had always admired others who had strong bonds of their own.

    "Right, right, I'll try not to look so sad," Aqua said, smiling a little wider to show them she was going to be just fine. "But thanks, I'll keep that thought in mind," she commented, thinking about the birds Daxter had mentioned. If they liked to scoop things up, was it not possible that a bird had her charm? If that were the case, it could be difficult to retrieve, so she really hoped not...

    "Huh, well that's good to hear Jak can take on some of the Lurkers at least. They shouldn't be a problem for me either if we happen to run into some. I'm fairly experienced in combat myself," she said, holding up her keyblade. Saying she was fairly experienced was an understatement too. She was always modest, but in truth, Aqua was a master of her keyblade and a highly accomplished mage. There were few who could stop her in combat, and out of the three apprentices her master had trained, Aqua was the best.

    "Well, if Misty Island isn't safe, we don't have to go back there. We can save it as a last resort if I can't find my charm somewhere around town. Or, if you're both worried about it, I can go by myself. I'm sure I could handle it." Aqua paused, taking in the comment he mentioned about power cells. "Oh, I see. You'll have to tell me more about these power cells. Maybe I can help you find them." Normally, Aqua could probably fly her glider over to the island, but after her last crash, she wasn't eager to hop back on it just yet.


    Tilting her head, Aqua watched with a baffled expression on her face as Daxter pulled on an antenna that was sticking out of the sand. She gasped when she realized it was the creature from her dream. "Daxter, no! Stay away from that thing! It's dangerous!" she said, pointing her keyblade in its direction. Before she could even attempt an attack toward the black creature, however, the pelican bird flew down and scooped the two of them up.

    "Oh no!" Aqua exclaimed, glancing to Jak with alarm. "C'mon, we need to catch that bird!" Without another word, she began to run after it, pointing her keyblade at the sky. She shot a few attacks of thunder at the bird's wings, hoping to stun him before he could completely get away. She was uncertain, however, if her attacks would hit it or not.

  14. Jak nodded at Aqua's exclamation and quickly sprinted off after the pelican. The bird itself really didn't seem to think it had done anything wrong. It saw two small creatures that were also small enough to fit in it's gullet so it was going to scoop them up. Inside it's gullet however was a different story. The Heartless was struggling around as it tried to get it's claws on Daxter and strangle the life out of the ottsel. But Daxter had quickly gotten used to his new body and so was squirming around like crazy. He knew he couldn't keep this up forever, though. Either the bird would swallow the two of them and they'd be done for or the creature would get it's mitts on him again and it'd be lights out. He would never return to his normal body and he'd never be able to see Jak's bug collection.

    Jak was determined not to let his friend down, not after he had failed to save him from falling into the dark eco. As his bare feet smashed against the sand as he ran, he'd see as the pelican swerved right before Jak could get close enough to punch it and before the blasts from Aqua's keyblade could zap it. Watching in growing frustration as the bird started to fly up the rocky hill, Jak knew he wouldn't be able to climb it in time before the thing swallowed his best friend and the creature that was with him. That was where Blue Eco came to the rescue. Spotting the sparkling blue globule out of the corner of his eye, Jak grinned and rushing into it, a bright glow enveloped the boy as he started climbing the rock wall like crazy. Upon reaching the top, he'd leap onto the pelican's back and began punching away at the bird's gullet to try to get it to open up and spit Daxter and the creature out.

    The bird was of course highly annoyed that it was being contiually bothered when all it wanted to do was eat. So it'd seek to fling Jak off and take off once more. Being knocked on his back, Jak could only look on in horror as the pelican took off once more. Only this time he wouldn't get very far as one of Aqua's blasts zapped the bird causing it to spit up Daxter and the creature. Both of them crashed down into the sand below. As a pile of sand covered both of them, the sound of muffled punching and biting could have been heard coming from within the sand pile. Feeling relieved that Aqua had come in the clutch to save Daxter, Jak jumped down from the hill while he still had some blue eco left as he ran over to try and drag both Daxter and the creature of the sand.

    Upon finding them, he'd yank them out and the Heartless would have been trying to strangle Daxter while Daxter was omnoming on the Heartless's left arm. Balling his right hand up into a fist, Jak socked the Heartless as hard as he could and the creature was sent flying back into the water. Landing on the sand, Daxter began to cough for air.

    "Aqua, Jak, but more importantly Aqua! You guys saved my life! I wasn't sure what was gonna kill me! That antenna thing or the bird! But now I'm not worried about being digested or being choked! Thanks again you guys. I mean you couldn't really have an adventure without me to provide witty commentary." Jak was about to say something rather smart-alecy but Daxter sensing this quickly pointed out that the Heartless was getting back up. "Jak, Aqua! Look, it's not staying down-Oh." He watched as a Lurker Shark anti-climatically gobbled the Heartless off and then swam off as bubbles rose to the surface indicating a burp.

    "..Huh. Man, those things were even smaller than I am! I wonder how the heck they got so big. You don't think it's got to do with that dark eco stuff, do ya Jak? You know, the stuff that Aqua here kinda knocked me into and turned me into a fuzzball? No offense or anything." He'd say as Jak nodded. Samos did mention that Dark Eco had no good intentions with it. Whereas Green Eco restored one's energy, Blue Eco gave speed, Red Eco increased strength, Yellow allowed one to manipulate fire, Black had no redeeming qualities. It could only hurt and maybe that did have something to do with the creatures getting bigger.

    "But, ey Aqua you said something about that creature. Like you saw it before or something.."

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  15. Dashing forward as fast as she could, Aqua continued to point her keyblade at the bird and fire a barrage of thunder attacks in its direction. Her eyes didn't stray for a second, even as Jak departed from her side and made his way over to a small blob of blue eco. She followed the bird, stopping when she realized he was unreachable on top of the hill. She kept up her thunder attacks, hoping one of them might hit while she tried to figure out a way to get on top of the hill fast enough to retrieve Daxter. She knew they didn't have much time.

    To her surprise, however, she caught Jak suddenly rush forward out of the corner of her eye. His body was glowing and he was moving speedier than ever before. Never had Aqua seen anyone move so fast! She gasped, her eyes widening as she saw Jak climb the rocks insanely quick. How was that even possible!? Perhaps he had powers she didn't know about? As a matter of fact, she hadn't even noticed him run into the glob of blue eco, so she had no idea that was the source of his sudden speed.

    From on the ground, Aqua watched Jak begin to punch the bird as he reached the top. She needed to help somehow. Using magic, she intended to conjure up a large jump that allowed for one jump, followed by a second bigger jump in mid-air. It turned out, however, that she didn't even need to use the jump. The bird began to fly away again! "Oh no you don't!" cried the keyblade master. "Thunder!" With a bit of luck, this time, her attack managed to hit the pelican! The bird spat out Daxter and the heartless, causing the two of them to come crashing down into the sand.


    "Oh, what a relief!" Aqua exclaimed, rushing over to greet Daxter as Jak pulled him and the heartless up out of the sand before knocking the heartless off into the water. Aqua knelt down next to Daxter and gave him a pat on the back after seeing that he was coughing. "Are you all right? You gave us quite a scare! Don't worry, we wouldn't have let it kill you." She frowned, glancing in the direction the bird had flown off in. What awful birds they had in this place! Aqua was glad they didn't have birds that large where she lived back home. It was certainly a good thing Jak could move so fast to keep up with it. "Say, Jak, how did you move so fast by the way? It was amazing seeing you climb those rocks so quickly."

    Aqua narrowed her eyes and frowned when Daxter mentioned the creature again. "I really... don't know. I've only ever fought one type of creature in my travels and this creature isn't the kind. The only thing I know about that creature was that I saw it in a dream before. But that's odd... I've never seen anything from a dream in person." She sighed. "I really don't have a way to tell if they're from dark eco or not either. But, I think I know a couple people who could probably tell me something." By this, Aqua meant either her own master, Eraqus, or another retired master, Yen Sid, who she knew of. They were old and wise, so she had a feeling one of them would know something. "The only problem is, they live very far away. So I guess for now we're on our own. If we see any more of them I'd recommend staying away from them, Daxter. I wouldn't want to see you get hurt." She was certain Jak could handle himself, but Daxter seemed to be the type who might get into trouble...

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