Precollage Prep Camp

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    Ellie stretched her paint-stained sheets across the lumpy, too-soft mattress she'd been assigned too. The mattress appeared just as stained and well worn as the elastic cloth she held in her hands, but the mysteriously taupe-colored spots were most certainly not paint, and had a peculiar odor and made her slightly uncomfortable.
    Despite this, the room around her was rather lovely and would suffice as her new home. A second lumpy, stained bed was pushed against the opposite wall, a bright window overlooking a lush forest was settled in the oak-paneled walls between the two beds, and the carpet was a prim blue color. Ellie sighed happily, pulling her creamy comforter from the pile of her belongings on the floor and ballooned it around her. She closed her eyes, enveloped in the cool fabric, and pictured the perfect summer that was on the brink of beginning.

    Ellie studied her mismatched socks amidst the golden, ethereal glow of sunlight filtering through her butter-colored blanket. Her blanket seemed buoyant, and the soft bobbing of the fabric caused by the breeze flowing through the open window relaxed her, and she grew too tired continue the tedious process of sifting through her belongings, and Ellie slowly drifted off, still enclosed in her golden bubble.
  2. "You'll be taking care of the prep kids now, Ms. Hearthwood,"​
    One of the older male teachers reminded her as she looked up from her paperwork. The papers on Abi's desk contained detailed documents of each student who had signed up for the preparation camp, and the schedule of the entire summer. Despite having to teach the young adults in Fernbridge for half a decade, this will be her first time to be in charge of their prep camp course. She liked meeting new students, actually it would be just like having a new class, but organizing all this made her quite nervous. Abigail looked up at the other teacher and gave her trademark smile, showing a row of pleasant, white teeth. "I'm sure I can handle it," she assured him.​
    The first morning after the kids settled in their dorms was Orientation. The dean of the school will be giving the introductions, but Abi will be attending to introduce herself as well. Somehow, being in front of just a couple of students felt more nerve wracking than an entire crowd. You'll never remember the faces of a thousand people in the same room, but you'll never forget of just a handful.​