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  1. Ashley snuggle against him.
  2. Astorath vanished with Ashley.
  3. Ashley giggles and coo softly.

    "Are you going to introduce me to your new friend?" Harmony ask.
  4. Maine
    "What the...?" Nyx slightly winced at the sudden pain to her side. She wasn't exactly used to getting hit by anything, one of the perks of being a creature of pure shadow. But that strike told Nyx one thing, this was not going to be any ordinary fight nor would it be easy to win. Suddenly Maine was able to catch Anderson off guard with a handful of sand to the eyes and it seemed that Maine and Nyx were on the offensive. While Maine prepared for another strike, Nyx silently slithered behind Anderson on the ground.

    With the new advantage, Maine pressed forward, charging forward with a slash to Anderson's left shoulder. At the same moment, Nyx yanked Anderson's leg to throw the man off balance and disrupt any block or counter. If the slash was successful and Anderson was put off balance, he would follow up the strike with a push kick the chest to further knock him over. And if that was successful, Maine would finish with a baseball swing-esque hit to Anderson's side of the head with the flat of his blade. Hopefully the power of the strike would end this fight. If any of those attacks failed, Maine and Nyx would immediately back off and ready themselves for another assault.​
  5. "She adopts pets, not kids. Plus Melody has a new playmate."
  6. "Of course." He turned to Harmony and gave her a small kiss.
  7. Oh, if any of you want new threads, feel free to suggest them, and I'll see what I can do.
  8. "I'm aware of that."
  9. Ashley squeal happily.

    "That's so cute." Lyra join in tickling her.

    Melissa manage to get rid of most of the glitter bothering her eyes and walk up to them, "Oh.. she's adorable."
  10. Since there has been no posts in 2 weeks. I'm canceling this RP.
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