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    Welcome aboard the RMS Precipice of the Seas, the pinnacle of modern cruise liner technology.

    With eighteen passenger decks, a vast range of services and the capacity to carry over 5000 passengers, we are the world’s leader in luxury cruises around the globe. Dine at one of our many world-class restaurants, enjoy the sights of the ocean from our swimming pools or sit back and relax at our range of bars. Whatever your tastes, we have the means to cater to it on the RMS Precipice of the Seas.

    Concerned about your safety? Put your worries to rest, as our Israeli security team will ensure your voyage with us is uninterrupted by any incidents. Our accommodation is amongst the best you will find anywhere on the planet, on-shore or off, and our staff are ready to help however they can.

    Welcome aboard the RMS Precipice of the Seas, the pinnacle of modern cruise liner technology…

    - - -​

    “Mayday, mayday, this is the RMS Precipice of the Seas broadcasting on emergency frequencies. We have lost our bearing and are stranded in unidentified waters. Satellite equipment has failed, and supplies are beginning to dwindle. There are 5647 souls aboard. Please respond.

    Mayday, mayday, this is the RMS Precipice of the Seas…”

    - RMS Precipice of the Seas distress call, two weeks after losing contact with mainland[/size]

    • This will be a D20 Modern game; think D&D but with guns, cars and cruise ships. You can find the rules here.
    • You play as someone aboard the RMS Precipice of the Seas (a crew-member, passenger etc.), a prestigious cruise liner that’s found itself stranded in unknown waters.
    • Starting Level is 1.
    • All dice and the rolling of them shall be conducted in the DiceBox. Consult below for a guide for how this works.
      Dice Roll Procedure (open)
      We'll be using the Dice Box for our rolls. It can be found here.

      When writing a post, use the dice box for any rolls you have to make. The code is /roll _d_, with the first space being the number of dice, and the second space being the type of dice. For example /roll 1d6, /roll 1d20, etc. Both numbers are needed for the code to work.


      All rolls must have a description posted first, so that anyone who reads the dice box can see what you're rolling for. Also include your bonuses in this description (see example).

      You can make test rolls if you like. Just post the word "TEST" before you make the roll.

      I will be checking the dice box logs when I read your posts, so check your fucking rolls people. Any rolls listed in a post that don’t match up with what’s in the DiceBox will be assumed to be invalid, and you will be penalised in-game for trying to be a cheating shitpoke. You have been warned.
    • This is an RP about survival, adventure, hidden truths and a bit of horror thrown in to spice things up. Some survival skills amongst the group will likely be useful.
    • ONE POST A WEEK IS NEEDED, or else bad things shall befall your character.

    CHARACTER CREATION PROCESS (stolen from Asmodeus)

    <table align=center><tr><td>1. Choose an Occupation (what you do aboard the ship/for a living) and a Class. Together this will be your role in the story, i.e. "Tough Law Enforcer", "Smart Academic", "Dedicated Explorer", etc..
    2. Use this to make your Stats (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma). The points limit is 35.
    3. Next to each stat, add your stat bonus. This is the same as in D&D.
    4. Add your Saving Throws to you character sheet. These are found in your Class entry. Also add your relevant stat bonuses to these saves.
    5. You start with the maximum possible hit points for your class (+ Con modifier). These are shown on your Class entry under "Hit Dice".
    6. Add your Base Attack Bonus. This can be found in your Class entry. Add your Strength Modifier to this for melee attacks, and your Dexterity Modifier for ranged attacks.
    7. Add your Defence score, remembering to include Dexterity, Class and Equipment bonuses, if any.
    8. Add your Action Points. These can be found on your Class entry. Action Points are the number of rerolls you can make before you reach the next character level. USE THEM WISELY AND ONLY FOR THE MOST HEROIC OF ACTIONS.
    9. Determine how many Skill Points you have. This will be shown on your Class entry. Use Skill Points to purchase ranks in skills. You may buy ranks in any skill that is listed on your Class entry (Class Skills). If, however, you want to get other skills from this list, you must spend TWO skill points to get 1 rank. You may have no more than 4 ranks in any skill when starting at Level 1.
    10. Add any bonus skills you get from your Occupation and buy ranks in these if you wish.
    11. Add your Feats. The number of Feats allowed is shown on your Class entry. Feats represent cool special abilities/moves that you can pull off in game. Remember to add any bonus starting feats from you class entry, and bonus feats from your occupation. Remember to get the firearms feats if you want to shoot your pew-pews like a real man.
    12. Each character also has a Talent, which is a long-term ability, often superhuman, which they can developover time. Refer to the bottom half of your Class entry to see which "Talent Trees" are available. You may only choose one tree, so be sure you are comfortable with where that tree will take you.
    13. For equipment, your limitations are as follows:

    - 5 General Items from this page
    - 2 Weapons from this page
    - 2 Boxes of Ammo from this page (scroll halfway down)
    - 2 Weapons from the list below​

    Weapon Choices (open)
    • Beretta 92F
    • MP5K
    • Benelli 121 M1
    • Colt M1911
    • Skorpion
    • AK-47

    • Pepper Spray
    • Taser
    • Club
    • Cleaver
    • Knife
    • Metal Baton

    You will not necessarily begin the game with your firearms and combat gear, but a way for your character to acquire them will be provided in-game.

    15. Add together the total weight of all the equipment you have taken. Then indicate on your sheet whether you have a Light Load, Medium Load, or Heavy Load. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see how being overloaded with equipment will affect your abilities.

    Ammunition weight is as follows:

    Box of rifle ammo (20 cartridges) = 1 pound
    Box of pistol ammo (50 cartridges) = 1 pound
    Box of shotgun ammo (10 cartridges) = 1 pound
    Quiver of 12 arrows or crossbow bolts = 1 pound​

  2. [size=+1]Hayim Demski, RMS Precipice of the Seas Security Officer
    Tough Law Enforcer, Level 1
    Show Spoiler
    Attributes (open)
    STR: 13 (+1)
    DEX: 16 (+3)
    CON: 16 (+3)
    INT: 10 (+0)
    WIS: 12 (+1)
    CHA: 12 (+1)

    FORT: +4
    REF: +3
    WILL: +1

    HP: 16
    BAB: +1 Melee, +3 Ranged
    AP: 5
    DEF: 10 + 3 + 1 = 14

    Skills (open)
    Survival (WIS) – 2
    Intimidate (CHA) – 3 (class skill)
    Concentration (CON) – 1
    Listen (WIS) – 2 (class skill)
    Climb (STR) – 1
    Drive (DEX) – 1
    Swim (STR) – 2

    Feats & Talents (open)
    Simple Weapons Proficiency
    Personal Firearms Proficiency
    Advanced Firearms Proficiency

    TALENTS – Unbreakable Skill Tree
    Remain Conscious

    Equipment (open)
    • Beretta 92F (1 Box of Shotgun Shells)
    • Benelli 121 M1 (1 Box of Pistol Ammo)
    • Business Clothing
    • Professional Walkie-Talkie
    • Steel Handcuffs
    • Flashlight, Standard
    • Day Pack
    Total Weight 21lb. (Light Load)

    Hayim’s career in security began as a police officer, and ended when he was dishonourably discharged from his status as an agent of Shabak, Israel’s internal security agency. Washed up and in need of money to cover his bills and drinking habit, he signed on with an old friend’s security agency and was assigned to the detail aboard the RMS Precipice of the Seas.[/size]
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