Precious Little Roleplay: A Scott Pilgrim Fan RP (OoC)

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    "Hello, Toronto! We are Project 64 and we're a band from the future and outer space on a quest to destroy boredom across the universe and stuff! One, two, three, FOUR!"


    Precious Little Roleplay

    - A "Scott Pilgrim" Fan RP -

    Life is difficult, especially if you're a group of twenty-something people who've recently graduated college. You need to get a job, find a place to live, and if you're up to the challenge, try to find time for personal time and/or time to focus on your relationship(s).

    But then you also have to account for the unpredictable elements, such as the vegan police, battling bands, evil exes, and gaining enough experience points to level up.

    That, and also the fact that every day seems to be freakin' winter for some reason (seriously, it's like APRIL)

    But amidst all the chaos and confusion of this crazy mixed up world we live in, there is one thing that makes total sense: achieving the goals you set for yourself, no matter what stands in your way!

    In particular, our story will centre in on a group of young people, some of whom have known each other for a while and others who are just meeting for the first time. Most of these people have been friends for years since meeting in high school. Recently, they have started a small indie band, performing original music as well as some of their favourite rock/pop songs. They all love performing and writing music, so it only seemed fitting to form their own group.

    At first it was a fun little escapade, more or less just a hobby that everyone enjoyed. But then, it hit them: The band could make it big!

    Only problem was, they sucked. Or at least, they thought they sucked... But maybe they did suck.

    Eh, I'm getting off track... Now, um... Crap. I lost my train of thought.

    Um... Aaahhhh... Hang on. I-I... I just... Hmm...


    Now I remember! Okay, so every couple of years there's this big battle of the bands competition, right? Well, Project 64 decides to enter the competition for a chance to win the grand prize: a record label with Platinum Label Records! But, such a task is not for the faint of heart and the band must remain vigilant! The competition is stiff, tensions are high, and when a few evil-doers are thrown into the mix, anything could happen!

    So what are you waiting for? We've gotta win the battle of the bands man! THAT RECORD LABEL IS IN THE BAG!

    - Press Start to Begin -

    Alright, so if you have any questions about this RP, post below. The basic overall outline is that we're a small Toronto based band (because it's the same setting from Scott Pilgrim and Canada is awesome) who've entered a battle of the bands competition to try and win a big record label.

    This plot will be mostly character driven and have a kick-ass Rock/Pop soundtrack (at key moments in the RP). But the general idea is that we will all be members of Project 64, a band who's name references the video game console, the Nintendo 64.

    As per anything Scott Pilgrim related, there will be a lot of sarcastic/snarky humour, epic video game-esque fight scenes, and references to pop culture and media. As well, a few evil exes might show up throughout the RP, but the main focus is on the band. If you want to add in a plot element or try a side-plot with everyone in the band, throw it my way and we'll talk about working it into the big scheme of things. After all, the whole RP can't just be playing music without conflict. That would get boring fast :3

    And now, here's where I talk about the band and the style it's going for:

    Project 64

    There's a bit of a plot behind the band, so it were. The idea behind it is that five beings from the future (and outer space) have traveled back in time to try and change the future by eliminating boredom across the universe. The members of Project 64 present this odd concept by dressing up as a set of varied characters ranging from robots to future human beings, all of whom have gathered for one specific purpose.

    They are a rock/pop band, playing anything from a range of original songs to covers of music by other bands (ex. Take on Me by aha, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, almost anything by Daft Punk, etc), led by their miraculous custom Gui-Keytar wielding-cyborg leader, "Captain Synth" (MC).

    The song listed above was a sample of one of their 'original' pieces (the robotic voice you hear is Captain Synth, as he uses a synthesizer while singing to keep up the idea of him being a robot), but like the plot idea I'm willing to listen to song requests for the band to do.



    1. No GMing. We don't want any Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues

    2. Maximum of 2 Active Characters per person (One Band member, one NPC/other character) Any more needs approval by a GM.

    3. Characters can die, but please ASK somebody before you attempt to kill their character rather then just say "Your guy is dead."

    4. Keep it PG-13!! Romance and Lovey-Dovey stuff is fine, as well as the occasional innuendo, but take smut scenes to PM, please. Also, violence is allowed, but please don't rip out a guys entrails and hold them above his head while he slowly dies. We're not monsters (some of us just have crazy powers :3)

    6. You must have a 'Band Name' and 'Band Costume', as Project 64 is similar to the personas of Daft Punk (they play characters on stage).

    6. You just realized there is no 5 and went back to check :3

    7. Try not to borrow too much from the graphic novel/film, as we want things to be original. However, I won't really enforce this rule too much unless it becomes an issue.

    8. Post at least two paragraphs each time (more is fantastic though). I get how writers block can be, and trust me, nobody is safe from it.

    9. GM posts will be announced (these include plot movers, end/start of a day, or even the death/introduction of a new character)

    10. If you've read through all of this, then in your "Other" section, say (or post an image of) your favourite Scott Pilgrim quote.

    11. Please make PvP combat fair. It really sucks when somebody unleashes their ultimate power and freezes the other person's foot to the floor, then proceed to just punch the crap out of their immobile opponent. In addition, GM moves will NOT be allowed inside PvP combat unless approved/announced in a GM event.

    12. Enjoy the RP to the best of your ability!!


    Character Sheet:

    Appearance: (Drawn images preferably, to keep in line with the graphic novel)

    Name: (Self Explanatory. First, last, middle is optional.)

    Age: (20-24.)

    Gender: (Male or Female).

    Position on the Band: (Lead Singer, Guitar Player, Keytarist, Bass Player, Drummer, Vocalist)

    Bio: (Not much, just about two-three paragraphs worth. Give us a glimpse at your character and who they are).

    Other: (Any additional information you might want to share. Maybe they didn't pick that Skateboard proficiency in Grade 5, or they punched somebody so hard that they saw the curvature of the world).

    Band Section

    Costume: (Real or drawn image).

    Character's Name: (The fictional persona your character made for their Band character).

    Instrument: (What instrument does your character play? Include an image as well if they play one, especially if it's a customized instrument!)

    Character's Sci-Fi Species: (Human, Alien, Cyborg, Android, etc. Try to keep it diverse and not have 3 humans and one android).

    Character's Bio: (brief 1-2 paragraph description of the fictional band member and why they joined the band).

    Other: (Can be anything, really. A quirk they have on-stage, do they have a catchphrase, etc).


    The Band/Current Characters:

    1.) Matthew Anderson a.k.a "Captain Synth" - mr_pibbs

    2.) Bass Player & Vocalist - Ravenbelle

    3.) Drummer - kingdomkeylight

    4.) Lead Vocalist - Rin Mico​


    My Sheet:



    Matthew Tiberius Anderson

    (goes by "Matt")





    Position on the Band:

    Vocalist & Lead Guitar/Keytarist

    (owns a customized instrument, seen below)


    Growing up with his mom, life was pretty normal for Matthew. His father went away to fight in the Afghanistan War when Matt was a baby, but never came back, so his mom had to raise him by herself. During his childhood and well into his current age, Matt was always a big softie. When he was little, he was kind to the girls he knew and stood up for them when boys picked on them. However, his shyness and awkward nature towards girls often landed him as the "butt" of the jokes the boys made: literately. He was constantly picked on and bullied throughout his younger years and well into his high-school days.

    Matthew is very polite to everyone he meets, male or female. Most girls find it hard to tell if he's flirting or just being nice. Matthew can be odd at times, but that's just because he tries to see the world from every outlook. Even though he smiles, he sometimes feels that nobody really gets him except for a select few. Matthew's a hopeless romantic, but hopes to one day finally make the girl of his dreams happy (as soon as he meets her, that is). He is also very adventurous. Matthew's also a bit of a nerd and loves all kinds of video games, movies and television shows. He's trustworthy and honest, taking it upon himself to act like a gentleman whenever he can.

    However, he's a little on the dumb side. But it's a cute kind of dumb, sort of like a puppy!


    Matthew is really short, he stands approximately 5'2". He needs to wear glasses at all time as his eye sight is utter crap, and he chose the long sword proficiency in Grade 5 over the skateboard proficiency. He's also a fantastic cook, but you couldn't tell that by looking at him.


    Band Section

    (He has both arms, pretend the arm-canon isn't there)


    Character's Name:

    Captain Synth

    Character's Sci-Fi Species:



    A customized Rock Guitar mixed with a Keytar. Calls it "BACK'N'TIME", as it reminds him of something from the 80's.


    Character's Bio:

    Four years ago, Captain Synth was constructed by the Galactic Federation for one sole purpose: to be the funkiest robot in the universe. He trained as hard as he could, eventually learning how to play both a guitar and a Keytar. Once his training was complete, the Captain set out to form a team of talented individuals from across the galaxy. They were meant to take on a serious issue faced by the universe as a whole: boredom.

    So, with a team on his side, Captain Synth set out on his quest to save the Galaxy... By rocking the ever loving crap out of it!


    Is quite physical while on stage, constantly rocking his body to the rhythm of the music. When he sings, he uses a synthesizer to sound like a robot, keeping up with his stage persona. He's also the one who introduces the band at the start of every show and gets really involved with audience participation (going so far as to stopping the show so the audience can sing one lyric to a famous song or clap along to the beat).
  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Isabella Kelil
    (lots of room for nicknames: (Iz, Izzy, Bella, Bell, Bells, etc.)

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Position on the Band: Bass player and backup Vocalist

    Growing up with her aunt and uncle because her parents had her pretty young-while also embracing the life of traveling hippies with "wanderlust"-- Isabella was raised fairly"normally". Her aunt was a very controlling and manipulative woman and her uncle a workaholic who went on frequent business trips, so to keep this short and simple>(a good description for her actually), Isabella matured quickly. She's very bright and though she was highly impressionable and obedient, it wasn't long into middle school that she felt much too confined in her own household. Not to mention lonely. Many of her friends were book characters and she kept to herself because she knew she was usually misunderstood by anyone her age. She was restless, but too aware of her very tiny place in the world. So she stuck to it. And this, combined with the fact that her grandmother probably had it, most likely led to her development of the semi-rare panic disorder, that upon discovery at 15 years of age came with therapy sessions for a year and a half, plus anxiety pills she had to take for the rest of her life.
    But that just reaffirmed her desire to leave far away from the place she grew up in (Boston, Massachusetts). Plus side, therapist recommended she get into an art or learn to play an instrument, so she's been playing bass for about 7 years. Now she's a student making ends meet working at a bookstore and delivering pizzas in Toronto, Canada. And most of her history can be categorized into periods of when she was and wasn't in a relationship--phases of romance or guarded flirtation and sex. Rebellion and making out. Basically.

    Other: Isabella has always been short and now stands at a mere 5'0. Though if anyone dare use her as an armrest, beware. She bites. She likes to change her hair color from time to time and also she's a frequent tea drinker and hates the smell or taste of coffee.


    Band Section

    bottom part would be black skirt designed like the top with white tights and blue high tops (not including the wig, contacts or halo thing)

    Character's Name: TBD

    Instrument: Bass
    Character's Sci-Fi Species: Cyborg

    Character's Bio: TBD

    Other: Uh sometimes she tapes her fingers to play when her hands get sweaty or painful​
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  3. Character Sheet:

    Miles Pere Gallin



    Position on the Band

    If Matt was the soft prince Miles was the rough knight. Miles was the one who protected Matt from the bullies who picked on his more gentleman though shy nature throughout there school years well into their college days. Miles was also the one who made sure that his lost puppy of a friend never got to deep into trouble with the girls who would have easily abused his good nature. Miles was born to a normal trucker family thus his life was filled with chores that built up his overall strength making him a beast in a fight. Miles respects Matt since Matt's personality is strong in Miles opinion as he does not corrupt to the opinion of others.

    Oddly enough though his parents were a bit more on the poor side he was still able to finish his education, and gain enough money to go through college. One thing that everyone knows about Miles is that his capability to keep a beat is so strong that once he gets going its nigh impossible to stop him which he states when he reaches his max he can blow the clothes off those within a 6 mile radius. Thus eventually Matt was able to convince the big guy into the drummer of the future role.

    Other/Favorite Statement When In A Conversation

    Band Section


    Character's Name
    Star Lord Crimson

    (The stands are see through thus they appear to be levitating on stage especially when there is no lights pointed at them.)

    Character's Sci-Fi Species

    Character's Bio
    The Lord had long since entered a slumber in space do to the boredom he felt the universe would never be able to shatter. From his long sleep he slowly became the core of a new planet. Until some weird amount of time Capt. Synch came, and awoke him with a sound that revitalized his soul with burning passion causing him to awake in a nova of energy causing the empty planet to explode, and form into the Galaxy Drums he now uses to help Capt. Synch, and the rest of Project 64 stay in beat to spread the music that will revitalize the rest of the world.

    Before that stuff he was whatever the hell he was... ya...shut it.

    Star Lord has been known to play with crimson red stick's that he always repaints literally on stage during Capt. Synch's pause moments by dunking them into a hidden paint compartment in the drums, and when he pulls them out it looks like he is summoning a wave of crimson blood. ​
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  4. Appearance:
    (the left side of her head is shaved)

    Name: Braelynn Parnell
    (pronounced like pray but with a b; B, Bray, Lynn)

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Position on the Band: Lead Singer

    Bio: Braelynn didn't meet Matt or Miles until she transferred to their high school sophomore year. She had just moved with her mother from Hamilton in attempt to start some place fresh. Her mother had just experienced a bad break up with an almost fiance, who she had caught cheating months before they were supposed to get married. Braelynn didn't mind the move, however. She didn't really have much trouble in school, she got good grades and wasn't necessarily bullied (though she heard no end of teasing due to her unusual name and was often referred to as Bra and not in an endearing way), but she never really fit in either. It certainly didn't help that she had matured early and had tended to be the same height or taller than most boys since middle school. It had evened out more during freshman year as the boys caught up one by one, but by then she had taken an interest in wearing high heels and tall boots, sustaining her tall status. She welcomed to the change and whatever came with it.

    At first it seemed as if it would just be another repeat of Hamilton, endless snickers and barely suppressed giggles as soon as others made the connection of her name to the female undergarment. There also was the standard exclamations of her height with the added boost of her footwear. It wasn't until she found herself an empty seat by a shorter male(Matt) that she found comfort. He liked her name. "Better than seven Olivia's," he had commented. So Braelynn took the chance and befriended him. And she hasn't regretted it since.

    Through Matt, Braelynn met Miles, who was suspicious of her at first. He had thought that she would be one of those girls ready to take advantage of Matt (apparently there had been quite a few). But after awhile, he finally relaxed around her and Braelynn was up another friend. They spent almost all there time together hanging out, doing whatever came to mind. So when Matt brought up the idea of making a band, she was happy to oblige.

    Other: At normal height Braelynn stands around 5'6-5'7(which happens to be taller than most girls), but with her shoes about 5'8-5'9 depending on the type of shoes she's wearing. Due to her body seeming so long and graceful, many don't believe it when Braelynn tells that she tends to be a bit of a klutz. It's only when she's on stage that she knows how to move almost effortless.

    Band Section


    Character's Name: Zavijava the Subgiant

    Character's Sci-Fi Species: Human/Alien Hybrid

    Collar Microphone
    Extends past her chin, tilting up toward her mouth with the mikes at the ends. Has several in various colors and designs. Some are even know to come with flashing lights.

    Character's Bio:​
    Zavijava's mother had fallen in love with a human from a far off planet and together they conceived a child. They tried to hide her true identity but they were soon found out. Her father was killed and she and her mother were banished to the edges of the Virgo quadrant.

    Zavijava spent her days trying to pass the time, chasing comets, finding food and flipping off passing space ships. One day after catching some zs in the rays of a nearby star, Zavijava heard the inklings of music. She hummed along to it, adding words as she went and it wasn't long before she sprung up desperate to find the source. It was then that she met Captain Synth and joined her voice with Project 64, determined to show those that shunned her that she's more than just an interspecies mutt.

    Other: Zavijava is physical, but nowhere near as much as the Captain. Where he rocks and groves, she shimmies and sways. That is until they play one of her favorite songs. When that happens, she cries out "That's my jam!" and moves her entire body back and forth. Every night she greets the crowd with a "Fee fo fo fum...I smell the blood of a Canadian!" to keep with her subgiant theme. She also had a knack for making weird noises and singing high pitches(but only for so long)​
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  5. Alright so the crew's all here!

    I like all of the characters, they're amazing!

    Anybody have suggestions for plot ideas or things you want to try out?
  6. I say lets just role with the band setting up auditions for a new Bass player, and then let the punches role with it XD
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  7. Oh yeah i was curious about that. Are we giving the former bassist a mini backstory or just refer to them generally by name?
  8. Oh right xD

    I think we could give him/her a brief kind of background, sure. Did anyone want to collaborate on it on should I make it up?
  9. Maybe he happened to he a Cyborg too so we could just tack it on to MC for convenience when she gets added to the band? Idk.
    I think it'd be funny if he was a guy though just so Braelynn could say 'finally! Another girl in the band!' Shrug*
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  10. You mean his character for the band was a cyborg, right? Or he could've had a real bionic arm like the drummer from The Clash at Demonhead, just as a side joke.

    I'm thinking maybe the old Bass player betrayed the group in some way-shape or form until he turned to the 'dark side' (I think he would've moved on to a more successful band, allowing us the chance to kick his ass later)
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  11. @Ravenbelle yeah i was also thinking that she had been the only girl and glad that they're going to be even :3
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  12. Alright so it seems like things are pretty much set up for the intro post, I'll try to finish it tonight and start the IC!

    Feel free to ask me questions/throw ideas at me while I work ^^
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  13. @mr_pibbs i was thinking that too. Kinda like he left with some bad blood that comes into play later. Maybe we caught him trying out for a different band/overhear him talking about it over the phone. So basically he sold out
  14. Yeah, my idea was the 'fame' got to his head and he left for a much better band who has a history with Project 64 (but we don't know he's a part of it until we see him at the concert).
  15. So far I agree with everything stated x3 LETS ROCK.
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  16. Is this still open? I'd love to make a guitarist, it looks like we're missing one. Just a nomrla guitarist, mind you.

    Oh, I thought you might all want to be aware that this exists, too:

    Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator!
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  17. Sorry but we already have a guitarist.

    I might throw in the idea of playing people outside the band later on, but I'm still debating on that because it could either take away attention from the band's story, or it could be redundant as the characters outside the band don't really do anything plot-wise (except act like the "Wallace's" of the RP)

    And I know that existed, I just figured it would be easier to let everyone pick their own character images (some people don't like the way that character generator looks, it's not as close to the graphic novel as some would've liked)
  18. Hey guys sorry I've been out for a bit. The last two weeks have been hectic! I'll have a post up soon!
  19. Don't worry about it, it's fine ^^
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