Precious Little Roleplay: A Scott Pilgrim Fan RP (IC)

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  1. Not so long ago...

    In the mysterious land...

    of Toronto, Canada...
    Matthew Anderson and his friends, faced an incredible challenge.

    ~ Lee's Palace, 529 Bloor Street West ~




    Don't Stop! BELIEVING!"

    Watching the performance with a rather surprised expression on his face, the messy brown haired boy stared down at the 'Sith' on stage. Blinking a few times to see if the performance was over, the young man removed his glasses and wiped them with a spare tissue in his pocket.


    "Um... That was great. We'll let you know how things go, I guess..." Matt called out, still looking at the auditioning 'Sith' with slight disbelief. He almost felt a little ashamed to be a Star Wars fan after witnessing that horrendous bass-playing... But he soon got over it.

    The Sith nodded at him and thanked the rest of the band for letting him audition by waving his hand while gathering his equipment and leaving the stage. Once he was gone, Matthew groaned and leaned back in his seat, looking at his fellow band members and friends. "These people suuuuuuuuck." whined the guitarist, "When are the talented people supposed to show up? We've been here for nearly two hours and John only let me use this place until Metric shows up at 5:30."

    But almost on-cue with his little gripe, Matthew heard the door behind their seats open up. "Hey, guys? Metric's here early, so... Try to wrap it up soon, okay?" called out John, one of Matthew's friends who worked at Lee's Palace. There were always live shows happening on a near-weekly basis, which made doing anything at Lee's Palace difficult for people just wanting to host their own events.

    "Aaaaand, I spoke too soon." exclaimed Matt, bending his head back far enough to see John. "We'll go as quickly as we can. Buy the band a few drinks while they wait, tell them I'm a huge fan." he explained, watching as his friend nodded and retreated back into the lobby. Sitting up properly, Matthew ran a hand across his face and pouted like a bored puppy. "Alright, so either we find out new bass player within the next four minutes or we'll have to miss this year's Battle of the Bands... Miles, you've got the list. Who's up next?"

    None of this would have been happening if that rat-bastard Andrew hadn't quit Project 64. Ever since the band was formed in their college years, Project 64 was a thing that Matt and his friends did for fun. Miles took to the drums, Braelyn brought her incredible vocals, Andrew shredded it on bass guitar, and Matthew was the energetic 80's pop star who never stopped dancing on his rock guitar/Keytar. Together they came up with the most ludicrous band ever: Project 64. They came up with 'band identities' and even gave their strange little group an origin story... It wasn't supposed to be anything serious, just something they did for fun.

    But then they got noticed. They would typically play small shows on the street just outside the Eaton Centre by Hudson's Bay on weekends, but people started to recognize the group and even thought they had some talent. Then, they opened for a well known indie band, Crash and the Boys, to a small venue at a pub. The audience went nuts for Project 64 and even Crash himself (and the boys, of course) expressed their amazement at the show. So from there, the group continued to do small events, touring across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in search of gigs. They played at bars, on the street, and even performed a few shows back at their college campus. But with any success story, there was plenty of drama. Mostly on Andrew's part.

    It seemed apparent to the other band members that Andrew was taking the modest success of Project 64 too far. He started bringing strange women to rehearsals every week, only to disappear halfway through the night to 'do what bass players do best' (in Matthew's previous bed, no less. Needless to say, Matt threw the mattress out when he learned what happened). When somebody disagreed with him about something band-related, Andrew would freak out and argue that none of the others were taking things seriously. One day, Matthew and Braeylin overheard him talking on the phone with a talent agent, setting up a series of solo auditions for new bands who "knew what the 'eff' they were doing", as Andrew put it. When he was confronted about this sellout, Andrew got enraged and later trashed the band's equipment: instruments, costumes, everything. Without another word, he left, leaving Project 64 without a bass player.

    Which brings up up to date on the current situation... Well, for the most part. Matthew didn't like to think about a few intricate details of the band's history, especially the two years of his life involving her.

    "Ugh... Please let this next act be good." Matthew groaned, looking over at Braeylin to judge her expression. Then, he turned back to Miles and pointed to the clipboard in his hands. "Can you call the next person out? We need to wrap this up, quickly... How many more do we have left? Can we go to Sneaky Dee's afterwards? I'm honestly so hungry... And I want nachos. Can we afford nachos? I hope so..."
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  2. [​IMG]

    "Well lets not lie to ourselves we knew this was going to be hard," the tallest member of the band with ruffled dirty blonde hair mumbled as the most recent cause of the ringing noise in his head left the stage. Shaking his head lightly he proceeded to make sure he hadn't gone tone death. Once his checks were done he turned to Braeylin to make sure she was still awake. Once that was confirmed he groaned at the idea of having to listen another wannabe rock star Bass player. With that depressing thought at mind the drummer of the band leaned forward knocking his head lightly against the audition listings clearly not wanting to read out another name.

    Miles Pere Gallin



    Fun Fact
    He successfully completed Azure Dream in two days...

    Ever since Andrews plummeting comet into the life line of what made Project 64 stable these nightmarish auditions had been consuming their whole day with possibly the most lamest people in existence wanting to join the most "futuristic" band in the land of Toronto, Canada. At this point Miles was pretty sure it might have been time to give up, but clearly Matt wanted to continue. So with a over exaggerated sigh he stood up in his seat, and looked over the next name.

    "Huh... its a chick... alright why not I could use a bit of lovely in my life. Miss Isabella Kelil come on the price is possibly my eardrums," the last part he mumbled inaudibly not wanting to dismay the newbie. Though at this point he knew his bandmates had a good idea what he had said... in theory anyways.
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  3. "Why kill such a great song?" Braelynn grumbled into her arms. After the first hour or so of pure flops, Braelynn had put her head down on the table, covering her face with her arms so the people who were auditioning wouldn't see her wince. Due to the lack of improvement in quality, she had decided to just stay like that. She had been literally biting her tongue to keep herself from screaming at the 'Sith' to just get off the stage already. These past two hours had been brutal.

    Name: Braelynn Parnell

    Age: 21

    Rating: Stellar

    Fun Fact: Had to attend "cable rehab" [as Miles and Matt like to call it] for binge watching too much Netflix
    She glared at the tabletop, happy to blame all her misery on Andrew's disappearance. "That prick," she muttered as she listened to Matthew and Miles talk, glancing at Matt through the crook of her elbow. She shrugged as his gaze met hers. Who knew at this point? There had been a few promising characters, all varying from pop culture icons. Some Trekkies, comic book characters, hell even a few Aliens. The ones that had excited them the most purely through persona were the Tron and the Terminator. But all that came crumbling down as soon as they opened their mouths and began to play. Talent and originality were sure hard to come by.

    "You ate nachos all day yesterday, Matt," she retorted, her frustration leaking out into her voice. "And yeah, it was supposed to be hard but this is ridiculous." She retreated back into her arms, bracing herself as Miles called the next name. After hearing the beginning of his sentence, Braelynn perked right back up. "A girl? Finally!" Excited by the concept of no longer being the only female in the band, she started to sit up before frowning at Miles as she registered the rest of what was said. "What am I chopped liver?" she demanded, jabbing his thigh with her elbow. She gave him a proper scowl before turning her attention to the next audition. At this point, she suspected, their expectations were at an all time low, but their ears were already mangled so why not one more?​
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  4. [​IMG]

    Yes she'd been very doubtful about joining another band and yes she'd been spending too much time trying to find this old Halloween costume to wear for Project 64, so yes she only just managed to catch the bus closest to Lee's Palace, stepping off with no shortage of weird stares as she stepped into the building and sat down in the closest chair by the door with the auditions flyer on it. She wasn't sure if she was late, but she should catch her breath first anyway. Her precious bass sat in its case on her lap as she took deep breaths and cracked her knuckles. She had tuned her bass and taped her fingers in black while on the bus, sure that she would be more than nervous for this. What is she doing? It had only been like two minutes since she sat down and just as she was about to freak out and just bail, her name was called.​

    She popped an extra anxiety pill from her small purse, then slowly stepped inside the room to face three band members of Project 64...all wearing normal clothes and her in a cyborgish blue costume. She bit her lip and ran a hand through her pink curls, holding her case's handle too tightly with the other. By the time she came in to stand in the center in front of them, all eyes were on her. Copper, Russet She hadn't met another green-eyed person in a long time. She smiled nervously andwaved awkwardly before setting down her case putting her purse by it, and knelt beside it to pull out a small speaker and then her metallic looking bass, her baby. She pulled the strap over her head and one shoulder, plugged it into the amp by the stool already set up in the room, then simply pressed play on the speaker. She hadn't spoken a word to the band. She'd rather her music, her taped up and talented fingers speak for themselves.So she played. Every so often she would sing some harmony to the bass-less track of the Micheal Jackson song she brought in. Her voice had a lower tone to it, she often sang alto harmony, but when she occasionally raised her voice to the higher harmony, her voice rang out like a bell, clearer, but still...raw and natural sounding. She kept her eyes closed as she played so she wouldn't psyche herself out looking at the band members, bu she still looked like she was having fun, moving with the beat slightly on the stool until the song came to an end.
    And she opened her eyes.
    "Um...if you wanna hear any more...we could jam. If you want. I could follow along and improvise..." She spoke softly and shrugged with anxious eyes,then bit her lip while her taped fingers fidgeted at the edge of her costume skirt. She wouldn't be that girl that asked how she did though. That's always obnoxious at auditions.​
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  5. image.jpg

    Matthew watched Isabella cross over to the stage with a bit of intrigue. Another green eyed person. It had been a while since he last saw somebody with green eyes. But he threw the fact aside when she set up her instrument. Without even saying a word, she began to play. And it was amazing! Her bass skills were insane, it made Matthew want to jump up and start slamming it as 'Captain Synth'. Unfortunately, he didn't have his Keytar, nor did they have the time to do a jam session with Metric practically breaking down the doors. When Isabella finished and gave her brief little statement about maybe doing a jam session later, Matthew stood up and silently adjusted his glasses. Then, he leaned his arms against the table before them and cleared his throat. Looking at Isabella with a blank expression, Matthew suddenly pointed a finger at her and screamed at the top of his lungs.


    After he finished screaming, Matthew lowered his hand and smiled a little awkwardly at Isabella, rubbing a hand against the back of his neck. "Eheheh... Sorry about that. I mean... I just got really excited. You're honestly the best person we've seen here all day, so I'm glad to say 'welcome to the band'!" he explained, crossing over to the stage with a smile. Extending his hand to her, Matt nodded and said "I'm Matthew, by the way. The guy behind me is Miles and the girl is Braeylin. We're really glad to see somebody with actual talent here, we've been doing this for hours now. But, since Metric's supposed to play here in about twenty minutes, we'll have to take these discussions elsewhere. Perhaps Sneaky Dee's? For some nachooooos?"
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  6. [​IMG]

    "GAH," Miles was un-expectantly met with his appointment with Braeylin's elbow to his thigh as the girl read to deep into his earlier comment about a girl Bass player. Writhing in some pain for a moment he stood up straight right before Isabella came out on stage as he faked a normal smile at her before shooting Braeylin a death glare as Isabella went for her bass guitar. Once past his normal day to day experience with not recognizing Braeylin as a woman he was finally given a chance to get a better look at the lady cyborg currently on stage. She gave a soft awkward wave to the group either from embarrassment from the costume which only complimented her figure in most ways girls would kill to be seen with, or from some other source of anxiety possibly... he didn't know he wasn't a doctor... why you judging him reader???

    "Alright lets see what the lady of the future can bring to Project 64," Miles whistled lightly as the girl brought more then any of the three members could be ready for as a whirlwind of talent blasted them off into a bass filled euphoria. Not only that, but a good second in, and the girl started to move on the stool... softly mind you, but in a way that that drew you in even more. Once she was done a loud thud could be heard as Miles dropped his auditions list which was easily erased from history by Matt hyperactive reaction to the girl. Without even a doubt this girl was indeed the best by a landslide.

    "Ahem... I think we can introduce ourselves Matt," he chuckled finally regaining his composure as he smiled at his long time friends reaction. This was indeed a bountiful find more shocking then not that they had found her in the first day. Though there was one thing that came to mind... he was pretty sure this girl wasn't from around here... meh nothing wrong with that besides from the looks of it she was clean. What was the worse that could happen? Right on queue his phone suddenly went off with the ominous star wars theme... ironic giving the last guy on stage maybe. Answering it he immediately hung up.

    "How do they do that... Matt no go on the nachos Sneaky Dee's just ran out," yep Matt's lust for nachos was so well known that the best place for nachos called Miles just he could tell Matt when they ran out.

    "Besides you need to expand your food options... like pizza... or fruit... or something that doesn't cause you gas so that we don't have to explain to the fire department how you set off the fire alarms just from gas... for the tenth time," mumbled remember each, and every single time it had happen... my god the awkward explanations.

    "Never mind that though names Miles Pere Gallin I'm the drummer, and the one to help you meet the climax of the beat with the rest of Project 64," he chuckled as he started to cleanup their little audition study of anything that was theirs. Once he was done he handed some of the stuff to Matt before giving his full attention back to Isabelle with a mischievous grin.

    "So where you from Isabella?"
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  7. [​IMG]

    Braelynn rolled her eyes, brushing off Miles's glare as she turned her attention back to the audition. Her outfit already won her points, looking more original than the store-bought costumes that over half of the other people had used. She couldn't wait to hear the backstory on it. Isabella gave them a shy wave, which Braelynn waved back to with a warm smile. She knew a thing or two about nerves. At one of their first shows, before they had become a more recognized band, she had spent half the warm up and sound check puking in the girl's bathroom. So now she put on her most encouraging face, secretly crossing her fingers under the table that this unique girl wouldn't suck.

    It hit off well, her playing proving to be rather well. Braelynn could see Matt bouncing a bit in his seat out of the corner of her eye. She knew that look. Her smile grew as he playing continued, only getting better with every note. It was such a relief that Braelynn listened to it with her eyes closed in unabashed joy, her abused ears taking in relief. She was just waiting to hear her voice (playing aside this was a crucial part for Braelynn. Skills aside, they needed someone who could sing as well). As soon as Isabella opened her mouth, Braelynn was blown away. Her voice was a little raw, but rang out sweet and high. What had surprised her the most was the fact that Isabella had decided to sing as she would on stage, back up vocals as opposed to the main vocals, which was Braelynn's role for the most part. No one else had shown such insight.

    Braelynn found herself humming along, excited. As Isabella finished, a silence rang out, only to be broken by Matt's enthusiastic scream. She had to bite her lip to keep herself from laughing. It was Matt after all. She rolled her eyes again at the mention of nachos, glad that Sneaky Dee's called to announced they had run out. Those people did not realize the hell they had just save them from. Braelynn was too busy cleaning up that she didn't catch the end of his introduction, but she suspected that it had sounded somewhat sexual. "Why don't you let the rest of us introduce ourselves instead of monopolizing the new member, eh Miles?" She bent over to retrieve the dropped clipboard, brushing off the auditions list. She pushed her hair out of her face, her fingers skimming over the peach fuzz of the left side of her head. "Don't let him intimidate you. He may be big, but he's just a teddy bear." Braelynn made a face a Miles before turning back to Isabella. "My name is Braelynn Parnell. Welcome to Project 64."
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  8. [​IMG]
    Isabella gulped when the lead keytarist stood after she spoke. He hadn't seemed so serious when she watched some youtube videos of Project 64's concerts. But then suddenly, he pointed at her and yelled his compliments to which she flinched, half smiled and accidentally tapped the lowest string (E) on her instrument. She blinked and mumbled a quiet thank you as he awkwardly apologized for his outburst. She blushed when he said she was the best they'd seen all day. Was he serious about letting her into the band so immediately? Apparently so. She smiled gratefully and shook Matt's hand when he reached her. She nodded a silent hello to the other two band members. She was the shortest one in the room--as per usual. She was instantly invited to nachos and was about to agree and put away her stuff when Miles informed them of the lack of nachos. They must go there a lot..Isabella thought before backing up slightly to unplug her bass and put away her speaker. She pretended not to hear the stuff about Matt's gas and snapped her bass case shut, pulling it over her shoulder to step back to the males of Project 64. When Miles asked where she was from, she hesitated for a second, finally able to get a good look at him. Well, she definitely had to look up and regardless of the mischievous grin, he was kind of intimidating up close. Before she could get a word out, Braelynn read her mind and reassured her about Miles' nature. The lead singer was even prettier up close than on the videos she'd seen in the band's performances. She couldn't help but feel a little insignificant beside her, but she smiled at her and the others anyway. "Thanks so much really. I'm still processing the fact that you guys chose me. Thank you." She started nervously picking at the tape on her fingers. One finger slowly got unwound as she spoke. "And since you all intruduced yourselves...well, you know my name but feel free to shorten it to nicknames. I know Isabella is sort of a mouthful. I'm originally from Boston, Massachusetts, and before you ask, my parents weren't so that's why I didn't get the Bostonian dialect...ehe. It's really cool to meet you guys. I became quite the fan watching some of your concerts online. Oh but we can't stay and chat here, can we? Sorry Matt. I'm gonna go change out of this costume real quick. You guys can pick out where you wanna eat, I'm cool with whatever." . She started backing up towards the door while she talked and grabbed her purse on the way out, almost tripping over the step off the stage. She looked back at her new band members blushing, gave a '1 second' gesture with her finger and dashed off to find the bathroom and change into something less...otherworldly.
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    Matt had almost ignored everyone else entirely until Miles explained that Sneaky Dee's ran out of nachos. Within seconds of hearing the news, Matt's face slumped into a puppy-dog frown and he sighed. "Awww~" he groaned, pouting like a baby. But he took a moment to gather himself before speaking again. Miles commented about Matt getting gas after eating nachos, which prompted the brown haired boy to wince in shock. Why did he have to say that in front of the new band member? "I don't get gas!" he exclaimed, laughing a little crazily as he poked Miles in the stomach with his elbow. "Ahahaha! Good one, Miles!"

    Matthew then nodded thankfully at Braelyn when she moved the conversation forwards. Better to talk about Isabella then to talk about Nacho farts. She mentioned how she was originally from Boston, but lacked the accent because her parents weren't born there. Pretty soon after she discussed her past, she left to go change out of her costume. When she was gone, Matthew turned to the group with a determined look. "Alright gang, we need to figure out a plan for dinner! Since Sneaky Dee's is out of the question, we need another awesome place where we can eat tons of food and feel horrible about ourselves at a later period... I vote for all-you-can-eat Sushi." said Matthew, placing his hands on his hips in a determined manner. "Also, we should form some ground rules now that we have a new band member. Firstly, no more fart talk, Miles! Secondly, we need to make Isabella feel welcome, she seems a bit shy. Maybe we should do a barbecue or something... Or a beach party. I think Jenny's birthday is in a week or two, so we could plan a group hang-out and celebrate a friend's birthday at the same time!" explained Matthew, bringing up a friend the three of them all shared.

    *Jenny was originally in Braelyn's friend circle before she met the other two. They've always known her to be a party girl, but she's pretty fun to hang around. She's also always throwing parties and loves gossip. She's very much a 'girly girl'.*
  10. [​IMG]

    "Uh huh Matt," Miles chuckles at his best friends sensitivity to the topic as Braelyn added the finally sting full truth with her look of relief on the nachos situation. However, she then labeled Miles as a teddy bear... cute. Then again Miles should have been use to his other friends destructive labeling of destroying flirtation... it was like Braelyn had a heat seeking myself that always halted him from flirting with fan girls... or any girls it seemed now.

    "Matt we barely have money for Nachos I keep telling you its been to long since our last gig were on a strict budget at the moment especially thanks to the costs of this audition, but don't worry about that new girl. Its mainly cause we needed a new member, and clearly you fit the bill," Miles smiled to Isabella before she left to get changed. Once she was out of view Matt went into his hyper idea mode.

    "Jenny's sounds like a good way to break the ice so I am into that idea," Miles spoke up as picked up the duffel bag he had used to bring there things.

    "So then when did we go online? Cause I do not remember us setting up a account for online videos... unless we are starting to get that popular in the US," Miles smiled at the idea of their band being popular around the globe... it gave him a sort of rush of adrenaline.​
  11. [​IMG]

    Braelynn shook her head as Mile's was scolded. She held back a smirk, biting her tongue to keep from adding in her own thoughts. His nacho farts were practically atomic! She gathered her own stuff, stooping to retrieve her side back from where it rested under the table. She scanned the room, collecting any leftover trash from the auditions so Josh wouldn't have to fret. She had just returned to the coupled men to hear about Jenny.

    "Um, I'm not sure about that," the thought of her wild-and basically only girl-friend mashed up with the shy little cyborg made her a bit anxious. "I mean, it's not to say that it isn't a good idea," She clarified before Matt could give her his signature puppy eyes, the very ones he used on her every time he asked her to buy him nachos. And they all knew how well she stood up to those....

    "It's just that...well Jenny and everyone could get pretty crazy. We wouldn't want to overwhelm her you know," she finished lamely with a shrug. "Maybe we can get her used to us first before parading her in front of everyone?" She threw her bag over her shoulder, pulling her her wallet to check how much she had on her. She let out a defeated sigh. "Sadly, I'll have to agree with Miles about the sushi. We can't afford dumplings, let alone all-you-can-eat," Braelynn threw a hand over her growling stomach. "Maybe a pizza?" she wondered hopefully.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Isabella booked it to the bathroom, which wasn't too hard to find. She didn't want to keep her new bandmates waiting. New mind reeled at the thought while she locked the bathroom stall and put her purse on the door hook. She pulled her bass strap off and set it gently on the floor, blinking a few times and registering the reality of it all while unwinding the tape on her fingers. Even though it couldn't have been over a month, she had really missed being a part of something bigger than herself. playing her instrument for more than herself but for...a crowd! With a band as awesome as Project 64 no less! Izzy let out an excited squeal and pulled off her costume one piece at a time. She really hadn't thought she'd make it in. She'd have to ditch the other auditions she had signed up for. She couldn't wait to tell Nina! It sounded kind of pathetic in her head that the only one she's excited to tell about her newest success is her blind maincoon cat who is her only roommate in her apartment, but she had lost pretty much all her friends since leaving her old band. Her heart still gave a painful thud at the reminder as she changed into a blue half-sleeved shirt and light denim jeans. She tucked her costume into her bag and tugged a black hoodie over her head, shaking away the feeling that she'd betrayed those she cared about. She was in a hurry. The others are waiting for her! So she snatched up all her stuff and power-walked back to the audition room where the other three members of Project 64 were circled. She walked up closer with a deep breath and asked, "So, uh...did you guys decide what you're in the mood for? I'm really excited to get to know you all!...ehe sorry. I'm kind of awkward when I'm not on a stage. I don't mean to sound like a weird fangirl. Um." A small phrase in comic lettering floated by her head for a moment and then disappeared. It read:
    Epic Fail...

    [PS this outfit is just representative of her style when she's not feeling lazy. It's not what she's wearing. if you wanna make on for your char, use this:]​
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    Matthew let out a massive sigh, resigning to the fact that his friends lived on a budget. "This sucks! You suck!" he mumbled, crossing his arms like a baby and leaning against a nearby wall. "Fine... Pizza works. But it must be Pizza Hut, I won't make any exceptions! STUFFED. CRUST." he explained, pointing his finger at his fellow band members while he spoke about the type of crust. When Isabella came back, Matthew couldn't help but stare just a bit. "Pink hair? Is that natural?" he asked Braelyn, stepping away from the wall to meet Isabella head on. "And slightly heeled boots as well. This girl's good. Miles, don't even think about it. We can't afford losing a band member because you want to 'befriend' yet another young woman."

    When Isabella asked about the food situation, Matthew clapped his hands and said "We're headed back to Project 64 HQ, my apartment, and we're ordering some Pizza Hut! Stuffed crust. Any toppings you like? We typically divide the toppings up between us all: I normally pick Pepperoni, Braelyn gets Mushrooms, and Miles likes Sausage." Suddenly, the implication of what Matt just said made his face go blank. "But he's totally not gay! That came out wrong! Edward's the gay one, not Miles! He's Jenny's brother... Eh, you'll meet everyone sooner or later. But we'll focus on getting to know one another more so than focusing on our larger friend circle. I'm excited to learn about you too!"

    Smiling giddily at her, Matthew nodded his head and closed his eyes before exclaiming "New friends!" Than, he grabbed his coat and pointed to the door. "Now let's get out of here before Metric gets angry! But if they do, I can totally kick their ass... Asses... Ass-i? I don't... KICK WHATEVER THE PLURAL FOR ASS IS!" exclaimed the brown haired boy, as if he was a hero charging into battle. Then, he threw on his coat and put his hands on his hips. "C'mon gang! Let's get us some Pizza Hut!"
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