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  1. On a good friend's recommendation, Doris arrived at a local gym she hadn't been inside of before. The one she'd been frequenting for the past few years was closed down last week. Since then, she'd been struggling to find a new place she could go to in the mornings. Exercise proved to be a vital part of her daily routine, so she was somewhat disappointed in herself for putting it off as long as she had. There just wasn't room for much of her personal needs, honestly. At the same time of her usual place closing, she had to work extra hours to fill in for someone who'd been sick from work for a while.

    Fortunately, things were getting back on track. She managed to fit in a few physical activities during that week, but now her schedule was on its way to normalcy. Well enough that she was paying the full price for a membership to this gym. There was a bored look on her peachy colored face while she chewed a piece of bubblegum she'd obtained from the center of a lollipop on her way here. While waiting for the salesperson at the desk to get her transaction finished up, she blinked her hazel stoner eyes at the ceiling. Dori was content to just doze off into dreamland until she was finished here.

    When the man's voice brought her back into reality, she straightened up and thanked him in a mumble. The membership papers were handed over, and then she tucked them into the turquoise bag hanging from her shoulder. "Finally," she sighed to herself, placing a hair tie between her teeth on her way to the cardio section. Her long black hair was tied back into one high hanging ponytail, revealing a tattoo on the back of her neck that appeared to be a yellow octopus with a band-aid on its bulbous head.

    Ink was all over her body once you got an eyeful of her front. The grey tank top exposed most of the twisty black vines tattooed across her chest. They had red thorns, and were tangled around a realistic human heart that was drawn above her own. On her left shoulder, there was what looked to be a lime green dragon biting that spot, its long body disappearing under her shirt where it flowed towards the middle of her back. All along her right arm were various sweet treats she was having drawn into a tattoo sleeve.

    There was a small group of people making use of the machines that were geared towards cardio. A few gave DD a second glance for surprise to be seeing someone like her in a place like this. She really did stick out like a sore thumb with her colorful skin patterns, and the ring she had in her nose, the barbell in her right eyebrow, the stud on her upper lip, the one in her lower lip... Yet, nothing stopped her from giving the gym goers a friendly wave of her hand.

    She made way to an available treadmill where she dropped her bag, and began to stretch. When her upper half felt loose enough, she smoothed her hands down her legs, not caring if anyone heard her hum delightfully at the softness of her pants. Fluidly she straightened back up from the bent over position and sighed at the way the bones in her back popped. That felt nice.

    The gum in her mouth was properly discarded before she put in the desired settings on the treadmill, and started a good run. She had a lot of extra energy to burn before going to work this afternoon.
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  2. Calvin was at the Gym per usual. It was his job to go to the Gym and help others work out, train them and help them push through whatever mental blocks they have. Working out was also mental, having to tell your body constantly that you have to get through it and you are going to get through it. Being a Personal trainer was rather easy when he got along with everyone who came through the door and asked for assistance. Others actually paid the additional fee for him to give them private workout sessions, which was the real point of his position of personal trainer.

    His life was going great, he had a good house he was living in and making regular payments without any problem. He had a great income coming in on a good basis, and not much could shake the foundation he has built for himself. His eyes scanned the Gym room as he sat on a lone bench. His hair cut back shortly to keep out of his ears and eyes, his beard trimmed and kept up nicely. He wore a tight fitting under armour shirt, clinging and forming to his body to show just how toned it was and in shape. The sleeves weren't long enough to cover the tattoos on either bicep, but you couldn't make out the tattoo because it was half covered. Tattoo sleeves just weren't something he wanted anyways. Last he wore simple gym shorts, they were big but the right size for him.

    An hour passed before Calvin got up from the Bench, deciding to workout himself. It seems his scheduled appointment would not happen today. A third time from the same person where they skipped and didn't show up. It wasn't his fault though, not everyone enjoyed working out. Since this was the third strike, he would drop the client at the end of the day and put his name back up for anyone to schedule for him. People would try to get him as their trainer, not that he is famous or cocky, but because he is one of the better Trainers at the Gym and actually cares about your well being and not the money.


    When Doris walked into the Gym, registering, Calvin was at the bench press. His eyes looking up at the ceiling as his mind focused on the weight in his hands. One, two, three...He continued to count to three in his head as he brought the bar, with weights, down and then up. His spotter stood near the bench, watching to make sure the bar didn't crush Calvin's chest or anything harmful. "Hey. We got a new member, you should see what she looks like." His Spotter spoke, now not paying attention to Calvin, who finished his reps anyways and brought the bar up and over his head, letting it rest on the small bars that were set out to hold the bench press.

    Calvin sat up on the bench, sweat starting to break out as he rubbed the sleeve of his shirt against his face to wipe away some of the sweat. His eyes looked to see whoever his spotter was talking about, but it didn't take long as he noticed the woman he had never seen before. She was different than others that came in, with all those piercings and amount of tattoos. None of that bothered him however, but he could tell it bothered some and intrigued others. He should introduce himself, and welcome her to the gym.

    Before he could mull the idea over, his feet picked him up and moved him towards the treadmills were DD was. "Welcome to the Gym. The name is Calvin." His voice was low, gruff slightly as he approached Doris, hand outstretched to shake. It was normal for him to shake hands. "I am a personal trainer here, and I have a spot opening if you are interested." He wasn't hitting on her, just trying to get his schedule filled again. All the trainers would shamelessly plug themselves to get people to pay for them to be their trainer. It was how they kept their job. By having clients.
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  3. By the end of her cardio workout, parts of her shined with perspiration while her ample bosom heaved with every deep breath. She sighed with relief when the machine stopped, allowing her to just stand there a moment. When her legs felt ready to do so, she moved from the treadmill to take a seat in a nearby chair, dragging her gym bag along with her. Once she dropped her rear into the seat, she removed a puffy lavender hand cloth from the bag to swipe it over her sweaty forehead. Not much later did a bottle of water come out to quench her thirst. Half of it was downed after a good couple moments of just sitting there, refreshing herself and taking a break.

    That run had made her high wear off, so she considered finding a private place to remedy that. In the meantime, she was content to ride on the exercise high that had her tingling all over. Making a blank stare at her black and pink tennis shoes, she withdrew a green jolly rancher from the colorful fanny pack buckled around her waist. The wrapper was dropped into the gym bag for now while she knocked the hard candy around in her mouth.

    "Welcome to the Gym. The name is Calvin." Upon hearing this she sluggishly straightened up in her chair. She looked left, then right, then started blinking at the bearded man who introduced himself. You could see the jolly rancher poking against the lower left part of her lip, having been tucked there so she could spend half a moment trying to process what the heck was happening right now. Aside from spacing out and not seeing him coming, she wasn't...exactly...used to guys like this, coming up to talk to her. Towards the end of an offer to be a personal trainer, her jaw clicked shut. Dammit, she didn't notice her mouth was hanging open.

    This must have been his job, right? That made sense. So as to not leave his hand hanging there, she smoothed a palm over her pants to wipe off any sweat. The other hand was perched on her knee with the elbow bent out, and then she was back to sucking the hard candy towards the point of nothingness. "Good to meetcha, Calvin," spoke up an alto voice, with notes of a nasally Brooklyn accent that were far more noticeable when she was being loud. "Call me Dori." Her fingers wrapped around his tightly to demonstrate a firm handshake, then she was leaning back in the chair. A manicured orange fingernail with yellow polka dots tapped at her chin while she gave consideration to his offer.

    "You have a spot open...right now?" she then inquired, crunching down on the candy she'd managed to shrink to a thinner piece. "I don't got anything in the way of fitness goals, but--" Her lips flapped as she let out a breath, tilting her head from side to side while rubbing the left part of her neck. Then her tongue clicked, she shrugged that shoulder, and let her palm drop down to her knee. "Why not? Uhh-- But, you may want a trial run with me first..." Yeah that was probably a weird thing to say, but-- "The one time I tried working with a personal trainer, she uh-- Well, she couldn't keep up with me." A sheepish grin split across her face while she cutely wrinkled her nose, looking a mix of proud and embarrassed for stating this fact. DD was by no means a fitness master, she was just too hyped up on sugar and positive energy. She could just keep going and going, and the trainer would be too out of breath to so much as give professional feedback.
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  4. Calvin's eyes watched the woman pull out a piece of candy before putting it into her mouth. It was odd that someone would eat candy while working out, because at that point it was almost counter-productive. "Doris huh?" He repeated her name, taking her hand into his as they shook. She gripped his hand, trying to show him a firm handshake, but that was a good thing. It showed, to him anyways, that she wasn't a snob or ass and would actually shake a persons hand. After the shake ended, his arms folded over his chest as she mulled the thought of him becoming her trainer. He stood there quietly, while waiting for an answer his eyes skimmed over her features a second time now that he was up close in person. Some people had a taste for tattoos and other accessories, such as piercings and jewelry, and some people didn't. Some people didn't care for physical features, while others did. People were fickle like that. Odd how ones perspective on someones appearance can make up someones mind on whether or not they would associate with said person.

    He personally liked the way she looked, but that was his preferences, and maybe why he talked to her in the first place. "Of course, we can do a trial run." He didn't note the way she seemed embarrassed. "Your body seems to be in great shape already, even if it looks like you have a sweet tooth." No one would ever come to work out, and eat candy while doing so. Unless they had a sugar addiction, or sweet tooth. "You are also comfortable with were you are now, in terms of muscle mass and body size. If you don't wish to pursue gaining muscle, but rather keeping your body toned and in check, then this should be really simple." Doing workout routines to stay fit and toned was easier than the workouts for building muscle mass. You also didn't feel the awful burning sores the next morning after a heavy day of working out.

    He nodded his head at an empty bench press. There was also a leg press, and other machines they could go to first. "Do you know your max on bench pressing?" If she didn't then they would have to find out and go from there. Find out her max, and make her bench press about 50-75% of what her max is so it is more of a tone workout.
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  5. Calvin's observations on her healthy figure had her watching him with big, curiosity-filled eyes. They were beginning to lose their usual lazy appearance, but there was more to it than being intrigued by the gentleman in front of her. She probably ought to excuse herself for a few minutes to make use of the travel sized pipe in her pouch. Instead, she was scrunching her nose again, smiling cheekily with a set of teeth that looked quite polished despite the excessive sugar consumption. She'd brushed them before coming here and would likely be brushing them before she left. "Yeeeaaahhh," was the response she gave to the sweet tooth comments, a pinkie nail going up to scratch beside her nostril ring. Going into further explanation could wait until later, assuming he would be a compatible trainer.

    She nodded to the mention she was comfortable with where she was at, physically. He was completely right about her just wanting to maintain the good health she already had. Exercise could guarantee she'd go into work more evened out, plus she liked to keep her arms and legs in shape. Sometimes, problems had to be solved with a punch or kick.

    Dori's head turned to the weights set-up he gestured to. After blinking, her head sank further down her shoulders while she snorted with amusement, a fist going up to hide the sheepish smirk on her lips. "That thing?" She straightened back up to settle her hazel sights back onto him, her right hand rubbing along her left arm, which was significantly more plain looking by comparison. Dori wasn't sure she wanted double tattoo sleeves, so this one was bare except for the cutesy jack-o-lantern on her wrist with hearts for eyes instead of the classic triangles. "I only tried a bench press one time, and that time was very unproductive, so I'm not really sure," DD admitted, starting to collect her things so she could head over there with him. Her bag was hanging from her shoulder and she was deliberately looking him up and down. Damn he was taller than her by at least half a foot, she was pretty sure. "Hm... Simple is nice," she mused, referring to the earlier comment that their routines should be just that. Lord knew she needed more simpleness.

    "Anyway, yeah, totally, let's press us some benches! Woo!" Her voice got a bit louder towards the end while she put her fist in the air and started skipping joyfully to the next exercise of the morning. Although she was a bouncy ball of energy, all that running she did earlier did help with the overflow she was previously dealing with. Calvin showed up just in time for her to not scare him off.
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  6. He listened to her speak, unsure about how much she could bench and how boring it was to her. Then she got hyped and excited, leading her towards the bench press. He place the weights on the bar, locking them in for her before letting her lay down and try to lift whatever it was he placed. He spotted her, watching to make sure she could lift and let her do her reps. He encouraged her as she lifted, speaking to keep her mind and focus on the weight in her hand. This wasn't the only thing they would workout. Next they would do some squats, bar bells, etc. She would get a workout today, and maybe she would consider his offer and hire him. "Alright. That should do it!" He spoke, letting her finish her rep before helping her put the bar back and took the weights off.

    On to the next...


    They went on for the next two hours working out before Calvin decided that they had enough for today. His shirt was damp with sweat, face slightly red as sweat dripped down his brow. His arms felt a bit clammy from the air conditioning helping cool him down. "Well....You sure do have some energy." He smiled, looking at DD who had eaten candy through parts of the session. He still had energy, but he couldn't understand how she ate candy and didn't feel sick while working out. Running the back of his hand across his forehead, he stood up straight and looked at DD. "So. What do you say about my offer?" He would like to have all his spots filled. His brow raised to look at DD, awaiting her reply.

    The gym was rather empty at the moment, a few stragglers on the machines here and there. It was the middle of the day, people had jobs and other responsibilities that had to be taken care of.
  7. You learn new things everyday. One of those things, on this particular day, was that she could bench press seventy pounds. He introduced her to other physical activities as well, and she wasn't oblivious to the curious looks he made whenever she snacked on candy. Those were looks she was used to receiving, though. If it wasn't for her weird eating habits, it was for the way she acted, or looked.

    For now she was too breathless to be consuming sweets. Also there was just no need for any. Even the urge to smoke marijuana was weak enough to not prompt an excuse to leave. Instead she was considering his question while smoothing a cloth across her brow. Calvin did keep up with her pretty well, plus it was fun! "Eh, sure, why not," was the confirmation she offered to the personal trainer. Despite her less than enthused answer, her eyes were looking as fiery as the rest of her. That workout had her feeling good all over, and she was significantly more motivated than she was earlier.

    Doris picked her gym bag up to hang it from her shoulder, the other hand going up to take her hair down. The long, black locks were shook loose from the messy ponytail that was barely holding together. Her dark lashes bat at him coquettishly while she showed a warm smile. How lucky she felt to have the attention of someone like him, even if it might be out of desire to sell his gym services. "I oughtta get cleaned up. And I can see you'll be very busy." Towards the end, she was using friendly sarcasm and snickering with amusement, seeing that it was almost empty in here. "I look forward to taking up more of your time," she then said in earnest, flashing a grin of pearly whites while she touched a manicured nail to his chest. With a wink and a turn of her head, she was sauntering to the locker room.

    Which was creepy at first. Empty, echoing with the distant noises of exercise equipment. Shrugging, she withdrew a joint from the colorful fanny pack she wore. Seeing that she wouldn't bother anyone with it, she lit the stick of cannabis and sighed the smoke out. The soothing effects of the drug mingled wonderfully with her adrenaline rush. She kept it between her lips to work on taking another inhale, freeing her hands so she could peel off the sweaty pants. Then came off the damp shirt as she exhaled more smoke, then put the joint out by pressing it to the bottom of her shoe. Deciding she was stoned just enough, she put the green away for later and slipped off the footwear to give her feet some breathing room. Now that felt much better. In fact, Dori was feeling right as rain, all while shamelessly thinking about the gentle giant named Calvin.
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  8. Calvin smiled, his breath heavy as he stared into Doris's eyes for a moment, but attention was drawn away by her words. "Eh, sure, why not," Which sounded like she didn't want to, but the smile that played on her lips told him otherwise. He continued to smile before stretching out his arms slowly, letting them cool down and not cramp up and cause some small discomfort. His eyes darted to the front door, seeing one member walk in, signing into the computer on the front desk. They were dressed and ready to go, getting there hour workout in before leaving for work. Eric was the guys name, Calvin had spoken to him a few times. Eric was a good guy, Sophomore in college who was on the football team. So seeing the kid get in a regular workout was good to see.

    His attention was brought back, a tingling sensation going down his body as he felt Doris's manicured nail on his chest. He listened to her, only half interested until the final sentence poured from her lips. Take up more of his time? How that could mean so many different things, even with the wink and flashy smile to him. She had to be teasing him...or maybe she was being serious and flirting with him.

    "Uh. Yeah thanks, I hope to be seeing you again...soon?" He didn't know what he was saying, but it didn't matter as she turned around and walked to the Locker Room to clean up and leave for the day.

    He stood there for a minute before going around the gym, cleaning up any weights on the floor. Wiping seats down with a cloth, and just making the gym look more presentable. Once he finished doing that, he went up to the front desk and slid behind the counter and sitting down on a stool. He turned on the Gym's computer that was only avaliable to Employees and began to check his appointments.


    By the time DD was leaving the Locker Room, Calvin was with another client, helping them and motivating them. Giving pointers, etc.
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  9. Once she was freshened up, and her teeth were brushed, Doris left to hurry home. There was an entire process involved with getting ready for work, like you'd expect from someone of the 'girly' sort. You wouldn't guess that a confident woman like DD felt more secure with make-up on. She developed her own ways of dealing with her problems, some of which turned into habits involved with her adult life.

    One of her trustee employees was tasked to open shop, but Doris always made sure to arrive before opening time. For the first time in a while, she was later than usual. Nothing that would hurt the business, it was just rare for the shop owner to be tardy. Nonetheless, she was productive the moment she got there. The freshly made sweets were taste tested, then arranged on display by Doris herself. Everything here was her own special recipe. Obviously it was better when she made the goods, but her workers were capable as well. Some were trained professionals, the rest were talented rookies she was willing to train.

    The starting hours, fortunately, were usually slow to start. As amazing as her treats were, it wasn't the number one hot spot in Brooklyn. Doris hoped it someday would be, though. She had big dreams for her business. She wanted to be in baking competitions, she wanted to be on magazine covers, and have her own cookbook published. Everything had been handed to her on a platter her whole life, so she was determined to work for it all.

    Five in the evening rolled around and she had a short line of customers. Bethany, a blond eighteen year old working on her college degree, tended to them while Doris oversaw the kitchen. Well, sort of. At the moment, she was taking a break out back, taking some hits off the joint she didn't finish in the locker room earlier. Keeping that pinched between her index and middle finger, her other hand dusted cupcake crumbs off the lime green t-shirt with her company name on the top left area, the logo on the back. That was the uniform. You could have your choice of fun colors for the shirts, and wear whatever pants you wanted. So as long as there was some uniform look to her staff, she and her sister were happy.

    With nothing left of the joint to be had, she properly discarded it and yawned lazily. Her painted fingernails went up to adjust the black bandana she fashioned into a headband, helping keep her bangs back since the ponytail couldn't finish the job. Redness was clearly visible if you looked past her thick lashes. Yet it didn't distract from the enhancements of blush, green eyeshadow, and shiny lip gloss. Usually she was more made up than this, but there wasn't time. She the gym.

    Bashfully she smiled to herself, fiddling with the labret piercing as she wondered if Calvin would be calling or texting her anytime soon. She left him her business card in case he ever wanted to stop by, along with her cell phone number. Doris wanted to hear from him again. Thinking about that man all day at work was making her feel like a high schooler again.
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