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From the negatives
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A space in between
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Yes, welcome to my final grave of plots and pairings. I'm so happy for your visit here!

You may call me Pray, and yes, I'm what you call a revenant around the online world. I'll explain more on this with my small Q&A near the bottom of this request. I rather jump right in and get to what I wish!

Below is a quick summary of my RP self. However, I highly suggest reading my obituary before replying to here (rp resume):

-Intermediate/advanced roleplayer
-Aggressive and passive, but tends to lean more aggressive
-Age 21+
-Primarily plays male. Females tend to be more dominate.
-Plays all genders and orientations
-Comfortable playing multiple characters
-Loves OOC chat about the rp (brainstorming/plot and character development) and anything else
-Several times a week posting mostly. Can post daily sometimes. One post a week at the least
-Rated M
-Is an undead

While I hate being one to have requirements, I feel it's only for the best to narrow down who will be the best match for my in rp styles. Don't worry, these aren't so strict:

-Proficient in spelling/grammar
-Able to play both male and female characters
-Comfortable playing all genders/orientations
-Age 16+
-Mature rated if 18+
-Please be able to post at least once a week. Several times a week is preferred
-Please be OOC friendly and ready to brainstorm!
-All Iwaku rules apply
-No smut
-No fetish based roleplays
-No incest
-No "submissive only": You must be a switch...though I don't like to use that term for non-libertine roleplays
-No heavy BDSM: Few roleplays will have a basic, light BDSM element with mature themes.
-No fandoms: I don't know many to roleplay out
-All roleplays will be in threads. No PM roleplays
-No mature topics for those underage
-No "fast as lightning" posters. I won't keep up due to...other things.
-Absolutely no flakes. If you are uninterested, just let me know. It's a bit...sad really that many don't have the courtesy or respect to let me know when they lost interest. You won't hurt my feelings. I don't have any since I'm an undead.
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Find your harmony
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[fieldbox=Gata Esposito, #0a7f33, solid]
This is my first field box for Gata Esposito.[/fieldbox]

Gata's custom font (thanks to CrystalTears):



[fieldbox=Soo Noeul, #FCF1E0, solid]
This is my first field box for Soo Noeul.[/fieldbox]
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Now and then, here and there
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[fieldbox=Lalo Santiago, #928064, dashed, 10, Verdana]






Simple box for Lalo Santiago. Color code: Dirt #928064[/fieldbox]
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Accordions have never been more fun. Testing this for a new RP.

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Phasellus ornare ante eget sapien dictum pulvinar. Sed vehicula suscipit vehicula. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Aliquam augue tortor, semper non tortor eget, molestie commodo nibh. Nam sit amet tortor augue. Vivamus nisi lacus, accumsan eget efficitur eu, eleifend rhoncus enim. Curabitur bibendum ex quis urna auctor, quis lobortis enim volutpat. Cras aliquam luctus libero. Aliquam erat volutpat. Suspendisse potenti. Curabitur ut porta massa. Nullam velit nibh, sagittis fringilla condimentum bibendum, porta vitae lacus. Fusce ultricies mi vitae convallis faucibus.

Yeah, this base isn't made by me obviously XD Credit to Jihae for letting me mess and break it~
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Rococo Raux
Location: Bloomy Herbarium, South Tullytown
Date: Tuesday Nov. 17th, 2020
Time: 7:15pm

Text text text text text


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Kim Kun-Hee
(Doesn’t remember his birth name and refuses to go by his adopted name )
Nickname/Alias: Malfunction “Mal”
Birth date:
12th​ December
Age: 27
Family: Kim
Rank: Boss
Sexuality: Bisexual
Day job: Editor in chief for his own medium sized magazine

Preferred weapon: Vampire nail rings/knives in hand to hand combat (trained), but proficient with handguns and rifles

On both hands and slightly longer (about 3in) with a dagger-like sharpness to them.[/spoili]

Weight: 150lbs
Hairstyle: Forward swept hair with both sides half shaved
Hair color: Raven black
Eye color: Charcoal/Espresso

Distinguishing features:

Tiny tattoo with the phrase “You’re not a living thing with feelings” wrapped around his left wrist.
(Given by the former underboss when he was 12 after a young Mal ordered the kill of his birth family)
-Both ears pierced, wears only onyx or sterling silver studs
Fingertips and upper fingers have permanent ring shaped dark marks thanks to his vampire nail rings he wears constantly


Business attire:Kim Family uniform consisting of a polished tailored black suit and tie along with a pair of black dress shoes. Mal stands out with “X” shaped cufflinks and a yellow flower nestled in the breast pocket.
Magazine attire: More informal business style. Mal wears fitted solid color polo shirts or sweaters with a pair of corduroys in various shades of black and brown. Shoes are usually boots or high end chucks.

Streetwear: Leather and puffer jackets with a pair of straight leg jeans and random shoes. Along his left wrist are various bracelets and bangles.[/spoili]


Mal has two personas he switches constantly depending on the topic of the conversation or what is being done that day.

One is the ruthless, calculated man who uses his power and status as the head of the Kim family to get everything he wants. Mal is cold, cunning, blunt and extremely headstrong when discussing any business regarding the Kim family and their associates. He’s expressionless, emotionless, his voice low and monotone as he stands completely straight with chin up and head pointed forward. The only shows of emotions are his hands and fingers displaying how he’s feeling.

There’s no fun to be had, no warmth, no nonsense. After years of growing up in the Kim family under the previous boss, Mal is programmed to run the family in its traditional way. As a hierarchy and bureaucracy with Mal alone at the top and everything he does and says trickling down to the lowest of family members. He excludes himself from others lower than him, putting menial tasks and objections on his underboss to take care of. Only those of absolute importance Mal will take care on his own with few opinion, either financially or physically.

The other persona of Mal is a calm, snob of a man with a very condescending mannerism and humor. He’s the one where you might see a smirk or grin from Mal after messing with you, his flirtatious ways confusing those who have seen his business mode, and his general content outlook on life. Usually, Mal is only like this at his work as editor in chief of his magazine located in a different building ways from the Kim headquarters. Few from the family also work for the paper, so most don’t see him like this except during holidays or other days like that.

Both personas have fatal traits, his extremely low tolerance and irritation levels followed by several triggers that cause Mal’s famous meltdowns. The meltdowns come instantly from triggers or slowly build up from the irritation. He goes into a complete blackout rage, destroying everything and everyone near him at the time. There are stories of Mal gravely injuring family members to the point he had to refuse them medical attention in concern of being charged with a mandatory domestic felony. Some speak of Mal’s obsession of focusing his meltdown on suffocation or holding tightly enough to cut off blood circulation to the point of passing out even near loss of limbs.

This is where Mal got his true nickname, Malfunction. Older family members retired from the Kim’s speak of the Mal’s “malfunction” stemming from his younger days in the Kim’s. The older family members talk of Mal reverting back to childish behavior during the rare reality snapping meltdowns, reliving the trauma he suffered as a boy and young teen in the Kim family.​

Personality in-depth

[spoili]Old fashioned: Respect is a huge aspect to Mal that he doesn't take lightly. Being old fashioned, Mal expects respect to given to him purely based off his successes rather than how he is as a person. His head is always held high and posture straight and noble. The business is run in an old fashion bureaucracy, with someone needing to go through many people to reach Mal’s attention. Members of the family are expected to say “yes sir” or “yes Boss” whenever speaking to him or risk getting a proper smack in the mouth.

Properness and etiquette: Along with being old fashioned, Mal has a sense of properness to him thanks to being in the Kim family since he was a new recruit. Those of high class and rank deserve to be treated like how they should. Those of low class and rank deserve to be treated like the peasants they are.

Punctual: Time is precious and should never be wasted. Punctuality is a very important aspect and way of life for Mal. Everything about him is punctual, the way he speaks, acts, and how he carries himself. There are so many things to do that it's amazing Mal is able to seem relaxed and stable.

Cool and collected: Mal is the type of man that seems like he has everything together. He acts like nothing can really get to him. Everything can be shrugged or smiled away even in the face of his enemies. Of course, he’s secretly plotting his punishment for those who disrespect him, but they don’t need to know that at that moment.

Informative: Need information about the mainstream news? Or, are you the type interested in what’s going on in the underground? Why Mal has many operatives to find out what’s happening around, he takes the initiative to find out himself. The best way to know the truth is to find it out yourself.

Protective: Only to those part and productive in the Kim family will have Mal’s forever protection both physically and financially. Show yourself as a worthy member of the family and Mal will grant your current family and future generations the protectiveness they deserve thanks to your loyalty.

Honest: Maybe too brutally honest. Mal will always speak his mind on anything and anyone no matter how rudely it can come across. Most of the time it isn’t meant as an insult, but as a critique for improvements or to show how much distaste he has of something for it can be fixed.

Caring: It’s not much, but the very few he respects the highest he does goes out his way to care for them. To show them the love and affection most that are part of the family are without. It should never be taken for granted as Mal rarely ever shows this side of him. It happens randomly and can only last a few short minutes until he’s back to his regular self.

Mysterious: Amazingly, few people have ever had the privilege of meeting Mal face to face. Normally, his underboss takes the tasks of meeting most people while he works in the shadows. Being anti-people, Mal rather accept the most important tasks to take on to avoid having to interact with others. There’s always paperwork to be done, phone calls to be made, hits to call out, tasks that he can do on his own.

Demanding: When he wants something, it needs to happen quickly. Mal hates his time to be wasted waiting for things to get done, especially anything that has to do with the family or business. Expect those of lower rank to be nothing but pack mules and drink runners for him when there is no business or family action to be dealt with.

Rude: Sometimes, his honesty is a cover for his rudeness. It’s more a passive aggressive type of rudeness, meant to make the other person think of his words for a while before realizing they were insulted. When it comes to business, those who are deemed unimportant don’t even get a person to person meeting with Mal. Instead, they are lucky enough to get a handwritten letter from the underboss wishing them nothing but bad fortune and the collapse of whatever business they had.

Cutthroat: In business, the richest and most powerful always win. The Kim Family is one of a few on the top of the pyramid, thanks to generations of hard as nails men and women leading them to the top. Mal adopted the same ways with a mix of his former style back in his birth country. He will crush anyone in his way, make them disappear along with their family. With business, a buyout is the easiest way, but if he has to force them to sign the selling contract he will.

Triggered: No one can be cool and collected all the time. There are certain things that instantly trigger Mal from just simple irritation to a major meltdown. During these, it’s best that all those hurry off as he’s known to wildly throw things or at worse beat his frustrations/irritations/anxiety on the nearest person. Most of the time, the person isn’t gravely hurt but enough that a trip to the hospital is needed. Mal denies them of that.

Domineering: The position of “Boss” has leveled up into Mal becoming a true tyrant of the Kim family. All must see him something above a leader, maybe to a position rivaling God. He sees himself being bowed down to, worshiped and in complete control of people’s lives. It’s his way or risk being struck down for insubordination. He thinks he deserves anything he wants just simply by demanding it, no matter if it’s something impossible to get or if the person refuses to give themselves up. The word “no” doesn’t exist to Mal.

Punishing: It doesn’t matter who it is or what they did, Mal will give out punishments to anyone if they deserved it or not. There is some sick enjoyment he gets from seeing those being punished either by him or someone he instructed to carry out his wishes. Punishments range from simple humiliation to bodily harm and up to a slow, painful death. Though, sometimes a verbal and emotional assault can do wonders to break down a person’s spirit.

Crazed: They say with Mal choosing to distant himself from people and purely focus on the business has slowly warped his mind into creating his own world. It’s all about the business, the illegal activities he participates in, the money and power that it has brought him. Each day he sinks deeper and deeper into his own world that it’s becoming more apparent in his reality. Outbursts are becoming more frequent behind closed door, he’s further pushing himself away from others even to those most loyal to him, and is engaging himself into more and more punishments. They say he’s close to snapping, but who really knows. It’s all rumors.


((Mal discovered the Kim family when he was around 9 years old. He would constantly follow the suited men around, eventually meeting the Boss at the time. The Boss lose his wife to an illness and was unable to have a child by then. He took Mal under his wing until Mal's birth father worked up the courage to protect his son from the Kim Boss.

Mal was an unruly child and was able to sneak away from home to meet up with the underboss, who asked Mal if he would like to be adopted in the family. When Mal answered yes at 12 years old, the underboss told Mal he needed to choose, either stay with the Kim's permanently or go back home and never approach them again. Mal chose the Kim's, ordering the slaughter of his birth family. The underboss then gifted Mal to the Boss, who officially adopted Mal.

WIP/Discovered IC'ly

[spoili]-100% vegan foods
-Fruit teas and drinks, especially caffeinated
-Whole grain breads and crackers
-Gummy candies
-Vegan/dark chocolate
-Surrealism artistic works
-Fashion (winter and professional)
-Accessories (hats, gloves, scarves, belts, etc)
-Getting gifts
-Dead of night and very early morning
-Cold, rainy and foggy weather
-Meditation and combat training during the morning hours
-Cross country/marathon running
-Knives and other sharp weapons
-Learning the anatomy and physiology of the human body and its pressure points/acupuncture/piercings
-Experimenting pain pressures on the human body on others
-Being alone with only his dark thoughts
-Destroying/crushing rival gangs and businesses[/spoili]

Guilty Pleasures
[spoili]Arcades/hand held gaming devices (retro games)
Holidays and parties

Park Family
Vegan meats and faux animal products
Meats and other animal products
Wasting time
Physical contact/affection
Riffraff street gangs
“Big Shot” foreigners
Being hospitalized
Chaotic situations[/spoili]

Keen senses
Quick witted
Sharp reflexes
Trained fighter
Tactful in sensitive situations
Strong willed
Breaking spirits

Easily irritated and insulted
Easily confused by positive emotions towards him
Low energy
Low pain tolerance
Children (very protective)
Childish ways

Relationships: TBD

Extra Information
[spoili]Deepest wish: Mal wishes for a child of his own to raise. The child can be his or adopted/kidnapped. Mal’s blindness to youthful spirits easily confuses him to adults who are more on the immature, childish side. It’s not sure if Mal can be a good father because of his inner demons and undiagnosed PTSD.

Deepest desire: The black heart inside Mal continues to beat in a hope of finding love. Sadly, the thought of finding or anyone loving never ran across his mind.

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Khemkhaeng Narkhirunkanok
Nickname/Alias: Loki
(He never shares his nickname and makes people say his name because he thinks it’s funny when they butcher it, but usually each person gives him a personal nickname or someone gives him one)
Birth date: 11th​ April
Age: 25
Family: Park
Rank: Gang member
Sexuality: Pansexual
Day job: Works as an ice cream vendor making ice cream roses
(Funnels money through various personal bank accounts. The job is a cover-up, but no one knows)
Preferred weapon: Brass knuckles/bangles, wrapped around chains


[spoili]Height: 6’3
Weight: 185lbs
Hairstyle: Slick back with shaved sides or pulled into a side bang/male hair bun combo
Hair color: Silver-blue
Eye color: Dark gray

Distinguishing features

-A bunch of random animal and pirate based tattoos designed by his little siblings
-Both ears pierced, nose hoop and septum ring
-No fingernails on his left hand (Southpaw fighter)[/spoili]


-All he wears is everything black or wears some weird floral shirt sometimes.


Overview: Loki is your typical strong, silent type of man who has just enough to say. He believes in never staying passed his welcome and will suddenly leave during mid-conversation when he feels like he’s overstayed. While he looks like he has been through rough times (he has), he does try his best to keep that to himself. He never wants to be too much of a downer, but at times he can kill a vibe.

He’s fun, in a sense. Don’t expect the typical signs of having fun from him, smiling, laughing, generally having a good time. Instead, he’ll show his fun by sticking around longer and throwing in some dry humor that tends to go wrong. Affection isn’t something Loki is use to giving or receiving. At most, he’ll give most people a pat on the back and make an affectionate pat or squeeze of face cheeks to those he kind of cares about.

The biggest negative qualities to Loki are his lack of care of anything in Seoul and his unreliability. He isn’t from Seoul, wasn’t born or raised so he cares less about anything and anyone in the city (including the Park Family). He’s unreliability is famous. Ask him something to do and maybe he’ll try and do it. Tell him something to do any maybe he’ll consider it. Demand something for him to do and he’ll ignore it. , It’s not his problem, so why bother with it?

Loki is just that guy everyone knows mostly because of his appearance. He can be a gentle giant to those he starts to care about.

Personality In-depth

[spoili]Kind: He’s kind in a rough way. It comes across unnoticeable or easy to miss thanks to his lack of expression.

Gentle: Insult and hit him all you want, Loki won’t fight back…most of the time. He doesn’t bother with everyday people who do this to him or the gang members his rank or lower. They can never hurt him thanks to his physique and training. And insults just wash off him. The same can’t be said for someone higher in the gang/family hierarchy trying to power themselves over him.

Strong(willed): Both physically and mentally, Loki is a strong spirit that few can break.

Silent: At most, Loki will start off any conversation as small talk and hope the other person can carry the conversation to something more meaningful. If not, Loki’s habit of not overstaying his welcome will kick in and he will leave as quietly as he appeared. He’s soft-spoken, never raising his voice passed a low whisper.

Comforting: Need some comfort for any reason? Loki is a great choice, especially if you’re not in the mood to talk about your issues. He comforts those in style of your best friend, your dog. Sit by him, lean against him, hold him. Loki will just sit there and let you do anything, within reason, to comfort you silently.

Wise: While he isn’t that old, Loki is wise beyond his age thanks to his history. It’s clear that he’s been through some things in his life that he learned and grew from.

Jack-of-all-trades: With his fighting and business/gang knowledge being exceptional, Loki is pretty average at everything else he tries. He’s not the best, but he’s not the worse. So, if you need something done and in a time crunch, ask Loki and he might do it.

Distant: Loki can seem distant because of that habit of leaving when feeling overstaying. He’s also not one to really start conversation, especially in a group. While around multiple people, Loki finds his spot away from everyone and keeps to himself.

Introverted: He’s the exact definition of introverted. There are times he’s unusually social and talkative, but then suddenly disappear for a few days or even weeks recharging from that.

Unaffectionate: All someone will get is a pat on the back or a hug. In a relationship, it’s pretty much the same unless the other person takes charge. This makes him seem cold when he isn’t. Loki just isn’t the affectionate type. But maybe someone can change him.

Unenthusiastic: Nothing excites Loki anymore or it’s really, really hard to get him to that point. He won’t fake it either.

Uncaring: Why care about a place you’re simply hiding out in? Why really care about a group of people you don’t plan on being around for long? When it comes to Park family business, Loki doesn’t care. Whatever happens, happen and it won’t be his fault.

Unreliable: His worst trait, Loki’s lack of care contributes to his unreliability. Pick someone else to rely on because Loki will only disappoint and let you down.[/spoili]

History: WIP/Discovered IC’ly
((Synopsis: Loki is on the run and hiding in the Park family because of issues of his own family/business in Bangkok. Loki's family is the Bangkok equivalent to the Kim's. He uses the Park family as a cover, knowing the Park family is powerful and strong enough to keep him safe from rivals from Bangkok in case they find him in Korea. No one knows this about him. Once the coast is clear, he plans to abandon the Park family, return to Bangkok, and is considering extending his own family to Seoul.

Other notes:

Has illegally entered Seoul using his undocumented dead brother's name and legal information.
Isn't worried about people discovering his secret since no one can spell his name to research him.))

[spoili]-All kinds of music
-Electronics (mostly headphones and phones) and cute accessory attachments
-Foreign movies/TV
-Bookstores and libraries, reading mysteries and thrillers
-Caring and rescuing animals, mostly birds
-Letting amateur tattoo artist practice on him
-Playing soccer, kicking random objects around
-Going to the beach (swimming and other water activities, sailing)
-Gambling (slots and card games)
-Casual conversations
-Calm, centered people
-Exciting, intriguing people
-Intense training for his muay thai
-Taking care of his weapons/chains (finds its relaxing)
-The occasional underground fight clubs (participating and betting)
-One punch knockouts
-Business "persuasion" techniques[/spoili]

[spoili]-Parties and other large events
-Public transportation
-Watching sports/sports betting
-Cold and rainy weather
-Cold food
-Conceited people
-Depressed people
-The police
-Fighting for self defense (will avoid the situation instead)
-Getting into arguments
-Affection (Doesn't know how to react well)
-Having to entertain someone
-Forced to do something he doesn't want/feel like doing
-Seoul (Very homesick)[/spoili]

-Jack of all trades in many things
-Calm in pressured situations
-Drama free
-Quick decision maker
-Been in the organized family life for over a decade
-Experienced and skilled fighter
-Able to kick/punch through most doors, windows, walls
-Heavy lifter
-Can drink a whole pitcher of beer in one go/handle his alcohol
-Highly positive

-Extremely unreliable
-Lacks care of most things
-Hard of hearing in his left ear
-Damaged body, especially his shoulders and knees
-Cries when seeing hurt and slaughtered animals
-Shuts down in large crowds
-High flight risk, constantly considers leaving Seoul


Khemkhaeng Narkhirunkanok

Wayward Gangster-
Affiliation:Park Family
Location:Ice Cream Shop->Corner Park->In Hiding

“Thank you,” a little girl smiled as a pink ice cream rose nestled in a green paper cone was handed to her by a tattooed hand. “Happy holidays!”

She and her mother smiled as they nodded their heads before holding hands and wandering down the empty merchant street. The vendor looked around once more for any other potential customers before closing up shop. He unloaded the stainless steel bins of ice cream into a giant freezer located in the back of the tiny, square shop, switched off the nitrogen hose that kept the steel circular surface freezing cold for his craft, and washed all the utensils in a nearby sink.

He shook his head, knocking away the silver, blue hair from his chestnut eyes, scrubbing the metal utensils as a low breath escaped his lips. Even with the snow falling all over Seoul, people were still in the mood for this specific kind of ice cream. Somehow, the rose ice cream brought people together. Children, teens, adults, and the elderly always flocked to him in couples, eagerly describing to him the perfect rose in their thoughts for their others, watching with excitement as he would craft them exactly what they wanted until he handed them their gift. The smile on their faces was always warming, briefly letting Loki forget his own worries and troubles as he appreciated their smile.

But, once they left, everything came back to reality.

December was always the hardest month to go through. The holidays always brought family together, but not Loki. The only family he had for now are the Park’s, a ruthless mobster family that owned Seoul along with one other family, the Kim’s. Loki wasn’t familiar with the history of the two families or how the rivalry started. He didn’t care. While the Park family took him in, accepting him as a low rank member, and providing him will all the basic necessities for living, Loki still didn’t feel like he belonged. Part of it was his own fault for not pushing himself further into the family. Many in the family still had no clue who he was or his name even though he’s been around for at least three years. Loki preferred it that way.

Tonight, the Park’s were holding a Christmas party nearby in a well-known club. Attendance was optional, but knowing how the Park’s were, most were going to be there. It was the party to end the year, bringing both the main families of Seoul and all the smaller ones together in a truce for the holidays. December and parts of January were the happiest times of the years in the gang life. Grudges were on hold, the act on taking revenge was on pause, hate for each other was still present, but subsided with the spirit of the holidays wrapping around each person tightly.

Loki pulled down the garage of his shop and inserted the key into his lock before tugging on it to make sure. With the fluffy snow blanketing Seoul, all Loki wore was a thin gray sweat jacket, black jeans, black boots and a baseball hat turned backwards. He tucked the thick side-bangs behind his ear and made his way down the empty streets with only the streetlights as his company.

Each stepped walked him further and further away from the party, leading him towards a small corner park surrounded by apartment high rises. He pulled the hood of his jacket over his head and took out his phone with a small dove charm dangling happily. No messages, but only photos of his younger siblings back home displayed on his lock and home screen.

Loki wiped away the light snow on one of the benches of the park and took a seat, staring at his phone. The park was constructed more like a community garden with a variety of perennial plants and bushes planted around in an organic patterning with low maintenance trees lining the corners of the small oasis. Loki would frequent the park during his walk home from work to feed the birds that always waited for him to arrive. Tonight, all of them were hidden away in warm spots around the city.

Just because he was thousands of miles from his real family didn’t mean he had to celebrate the holidays in a slump. No, there were plenty of things to do to bring the holidays spirit to himself. Instead of spending the holidays with the Parks, each year Loki would volunteer at a hospital or a retirement home, making and serving food or wrapping presents for them to open. If he was too busy with anything, a hearty donation was sent anonymously by him to every major charity along with donated gifts for all age groups. It kept his mind busy and made him feel good.

At his studio apartment, a tiny pine tree the size of a two shelf dresser was placed on a window, decorated with white and blue lights and tiny glass ornaments. Besides that, a portable fireplace was always burning with a single stocking hanging carefully away from the flames. While he always refused anything given to him by others, having the Christmas decorations around brought a smile to his face.

“I’ll be back soon. I promise,” Loki whispered with his deep voice to the photo of his younger sisters on his phone before staring off at the park.

He snapped his head up. The district suddenly went dark. Loki exhaled, a large cloud of steam erupting from his mouth as one building switched on its lights from a good distance away. Loki squint his eyes at the brightness from the single building against the rest of the night sky.

His phone buzzed in his hand, a quick message popping up on his lock screen. Loki’s eyes only needed to take a quick look at the sender of a message before unlocking his phone to instantly delete the message.

The last thing he needed was to be messaged by someone from the Parks. Whatever the message said, whatever the emergency was, Loki simply had no care.

He wasn’t stupid though.

Loki stood, wiping the snow away that gathered on his lap, shoulders, and on top of his head, and disappeared down the street, out of sight and out of mind.

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Affiliation: The Kim's-Boss|Location:Heaven's sin|Interaction: N/A|Mentioned:

text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text

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NAME: Godwin Orozco
AGE: 25

Political/environmental/drug activist (Following the footsteps of James Galloway)

Pass the facade of a tough, serious man who struggles with even cracking a smile at the funniest things, Godwin is mostly a very hurt individual who's desperate to find one person he's compatible with. Each death in his life added another brick to the wall surrounding his heart until it was fully encased. There is a glimmer of hope though as a small crack in the wall is starting to form.

Godwin is a strong, silent man most of the time. He isn't one for small chit chat or conversations. Instead, he'll give a simple nod or grunt for his answer before switching the topic to something pressing. Usually, it's something concerning current events of what's happening around, rumors of any illegal crimes circling, or criticism of the person's performance. He never means harm when criticizing, though most take it the wrong way. It's one of the few ways he shows he cares by wanting to see the person better themselves.

With a deep, monotone voice, it's hard for anyone to pick up for few pieces of humor he does share. His jokes are extremely dead pan,dry, and morbid sounding more like insults than his attempt at being warm and fuzzy. Those who enjoy dry, morbid comedy will appreciate Godwin's style, picking up on a previous personality he once had in his life before the Zeniths.

Being extremely loyal until that trust is broken, Godwin will stand by anyone's side and give up his life for them. He sees his own life as sacrificial for a better cause, making him reckless even with his high ability of seeing trouble ahead. Affection takes a while for Godwin to accept and give. He fears affection will only set up for ultimate disappointment and depression with the chance of the person suddenly disappearing. Godwin's affection comes down to his protectiveness like a prideful lion. Those who are looking for typical signs of affection won't mesh well with Godwin.

He's a hot-tempered man, getting frustrated and furious easily when nothing goes right. After a long, winded rant, he'll take his frustration out on objects around him. Dents on his walls and broken doors are a common sight in his apartment along with the absent of mirrors and other objects that give reflection.

When in "Zenith" mode, nothing and no one will stop him from getting justice of all that wrong him. The Zenith position is more of a coverup for Godwin's goal of getting vengeance on the Saints and higher gangs of taking away his family. He'll happily break any law to see justice through even if that means risking innocent lives for it to be achieved.

Godwin is an empty man with no future.

No one is sure where Godwin's hatred towards the Saints and other higher gangs came from as the man is extremely quiet about his life before his enrollment in the Zeniths. The few words he speaks of his life in past consist of a large family that was slowly picked away by the rough streets of Section 13, leaving Godwin being raised only by his grandmother. He only speaks about a single friend, praising the man who Godwin saw as his partner in crime against the world. All anyone knows is that the friend died to the streets, pushing Godwin on his path of justice by any cost.

There are rumors there has to be more to Godwin's passion of ending all things "evil" in Section 13 as he constantly speaks of doing anything and everything of seeing his goal complete. With such extreme measures of augmenting his body to perform better in battle, Godwin holds a secret for his drive and wraith against the Saints and everyone in his


Height: 5’6
Weight: 156
Body type: Husky
Eye color: Right eye dark brown, artificial left eye transitions from neon yellow (night vision) to white (vibrations) to red (camera, recording)
Hair color: Espresso with copper highlights
Markings: Light brown freckles across his cheeks and nose
Piercings: Gold stud on his left nostril, gold ring on his left nostril

Artificial left eye: Includes nigh vision, sense of vibrations, and can take photos/record while saving all to a cloud system.

Right cybernetic arm: First model with issues of over heating and malfunctioning when used at maximum power. Powerful enough to break everyday brick/mortar and seriously damage steel. Only has a wired hookup and unable to connect to via wifi

Eating street food
Playing with cheap trinket toys like yo-yo's
Collecting keychains
Enjoys reading paperback/hardcover books
Singing/listening to music
Writing (always keeps a journal of random notes/thoughts/stories)


Crowded places
Loud, unruly people
The rain and other terrible, dreary weather
Root vegetables like turnips and carrots
Washing/combing his hair
Being angry all the time


Hates his long hair, but refuses to cut because of a promise to his dead grandmother
Picks at the dead hairs, split ends when bored
Advocate against addicting drugs, but smokes cigarettes
Downloaded games to his eye and plays them during Zenith briefings
Tries his best not to laugh at funny jokes
Once beat someone with his detached cybernetic arm when it malfunctioned

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NAME: Sargon Mokri
AGE: 24
OCCUPATION: “High Prophet”/ secret investor in a new replica of Synthia for religious uses


Many are off-put by Sargon’s happy-go-lucky, nothing-can-get-me-down personality. No matter how aggravating, depressing, hopeless a situation can become, it never brings the self-proclaimed “High Prophet” down. He firmly believes everything happens for a specific reason, thanks to his belief developed by years of Synthia use before the drug disappeared along with its original creator.

Sargon is always seen with some sort of smile on his face and a happy skip to each step as if a wave of sunshine is always pouring down on him. He always talks positively; giving unwanted advice and suggestions, and will always give thanks to the person, his family and his God at the end of every conversation.

The man rarely shuts up. He hates awkward silences and uncomfortable situations. He’ll happily embarrass himself in hopes of moving the awkward silence along. Any attention is good attention to Sargon, even if it means temporarily being a laughing stock to those around. While many don’t take him too seriously, Sargon doesn’t do much to change others minds on that. He’s too busy with himself, his belief, his investments, and reaching his goal to become a Saint.

He’s a friend to everyone, even to those who don’t want him as a friend. People can expect a weekly “How are you?” message along with an hour’s worth of him sharing how his day or week is going. While he never shoves his belief down others’ throats, Sargon won’t hesitate introducing those to his faith if they give an ounce of curiosity to him about it. Ask him anything and Sargon will answer. Ask to borrow or for a loan and Sargon is happy to oblige. But, expect being owed to him.

Being of higher class, Sargon takes formality very seriously. Before performing any action, he always takes a quick pause before to see if the action is within “standards”. If not, Sargon with apologize profusely and offer an alternative that’s within his standard and comfort. He takes hosting his guests and friends very seriously, almost making the wealthy man seem like a servant than one of self-made wealth.

Sargon is never one for confrontation. Instead, he’ll apologize even if he did nothing wrong, and will pray to see what should be done next. His “praying” mostly consist of trying a replica Synthia he invests in to become attuned to his God and waits to see what answer is given. Normally, when one is, he returns to whoever confronted him high off his mind and will deal with the problem accordingly.

Every action Sargon, both good and bad, is all determined by what he sees during his visions while on various psychedelic drugs. What may seem pure evil to some, if it was in his vision, it is absolute and must be done. Friends and enemies are not safe from whatever vision appears while Sargon is high, even something as far as a human sacrifice and cannibalism has once came through his mind.

Even with the few bad aspects, Sargon sees himself as the kind of guy everyone knows and loves, even if it isn't true.

Synthia was given to Sargon as a gift from his uncle at age 17. During his intense high, Sargon spoke to God herself, instructing him to gather Her followers for a new world order after a terrible event was about to strike Section 13. Sargon took Her instructions. With the help of his family's wealth, he used Synthia to convert those into a new religion, titling himself as High Prophet with a growing faith base. Sargon didn't need his family's money anymore to fund his "church". Donations mandatory with each sermon was able to pay for everything, including the Synthia that was needed to keep the illusions of this new religion alive.

With the death of the Reverend and the end of the original Synthia, Sargon was forced to share previous visions he had while on the drug to his followers, convincing those who were coming down from the high and addiction that this was what their God was talking about. With the death of the Reverend, it was Sargon's and his follower's job to continue to believe and bring in more followers to keep their God happy.

The money continued to pour in. Sargon started investing in various replicas of Synthia and offered some his followers and testers for each new drug invention.

Because of his self-made wealth from his followers, Sargon was accepted into the Vanguard. There, he continues to invest his money from his sermons into replicas of Synthia and to use his status as a Vanguard to network among the other higher gangs and the Saints of Section 13.


Height: 6'2
Weight: 170
Body type: Lean
Eye color: Right eye crystal blue, left eye brown/hazel
Hair color: Espresso (occasionally blonds the tips)
Markings: Sometimes stamps a single red or green print on the center of his forehead if unable to place a jewel there
Piercings: Gold ring on his right nostril, both ear gauged
Adornment: Known for wearing multiple gold and silver necklaces and rings along every finger. Frequently is seen with multiple bangles along both wrists and occasionally attaches tiny bells on charms


Gold...everything gold
Drugs (psychedelics)
Socializing (usually over drinks and drugs)
Spending his money on other people


Dirty places
Dirty, rude people
Cheap things
Absolute silence
Awkward situations
Insects and small critters (especially rats)


Believes gold gives people extreme abilites
Constantly rings his bells in an attempt to have any attention on him
Pulls on his ear lobes when uncomfortable
Doesn't like wearing clothes at home
Only drinks water filtered through true diamonds
Let's his hair grow up to his shoulders, then shaves it off, saving his hair for some ritual
Is kind of a suck up to people
Is known around the red light district trying to convert prostitutes to his religion after sleeping with them

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Tacuba Calderon

Age : 28 :
Gender : Man :
Sexuality : Pansexual :
Ethnicity : Portuguese/German :
Blood : Bitten:
Pack : Night Walkers :


Wolf Form:

With a scruffy, brindle-like coat, his wolf form weighs in on a light 80lbs and a measures about 60in from tip of his nose to the very end of his tail. Most noticeable are his piercing golden eyes that seem to always stay wide-eyed. His ears constantly stand on alert while his tail usually hangs lowly, signaling his increase nerves on being in this form.

Height : 5’8 :
Weight : 140lbs :
Eye Color : Emerald green :
Piercings : Couple of piercings on his ears, an eyebrow and lip pierce, and his right nipple pierced :
Usual Dress : Modern goth or if in a good mood psychedelic goth :
Modern goth : [spoili]
Psychedelic goth : [spoili]


Personality: A naturally quiet, gentle soul with an outer appearance that tends to make people nervous about him. People tend to avoid him thanks to his interest in the wicked, dead and spirituality, seeing him as some sort of weirdo or potential killer in the making. But, his interest in things seen as dark and mysterious stems from his childhood of being raised in a family who ran a funeral home.

Once an ounce of attention is given to him, Tacuba instantly breaks out of his shell. He’s a bright young man with a very youthful, childish heart. He enjoys all types of topics for conversations, enjoys being around large groups of other people, and craves being the center of attention. He’s not confrontational, preferring to let the other person win any argument or let any drama/gossip continue without speaking a word. He believes ignorance is bliss.

Tacuba mostly communicates with hand and facial gestures/expressions. His hands never stops moving as he talks and he can never hide his true feelings with his facial expressions. He’ll say everything is alright, but his face suggest otherwise. He’ll say he’s tired, but his hands continue to flail in excitement. It does make him hard to read at times.

He can easily become overwhelmed, pushing him into a deep depression and self-doubt, before suddenly disappearing. His record of disappearing from everyone is a year, secluding him completely to recover. Tacuba then “magically” returns as if nothing ever happened completely find and back to his normal self. His smile is extremely hard to read as he believes in the quote “fake being happy and you’ll end up happy.” Even in the worse situations, a smile will be plastered over Tacuba’s face as if nothing can break him down.

Tacuba is a very eclectic man that only few will ever understand. While he tries his best to be as friendly and sociable as possible, he knows that few will be able to get passed from his odd self.


Tacuba grew up in the smallest of towns in the northwest of the U.S. He jokes it being some little potato farm town in Idaho, but he refuses telling exactly where. Tobias and him were raised in a somewhat normal, traditional family that owned and ran the only funeral home in the town. Being around the dead was normal like to Tacuba. He took great interest in the dead at a young age because they preferred him around. They laid quietly once they were cleaned and made up, willing to listen to anything and everything. Tacuba wasn't close to his father or mother.

Tacuba is the slightly older twin than his brother and the only human. He had no clue at first that he was any different than his brother besides being a bit more quiet and reserve. The two twins were raised tightly together, the best of friends that never stayed separated for long. Their younger childhood was as average as it could be with their mom raising them while their dad worked most of the time. Tacuba preferred quieter activities, but seemed to always get into some roughhousing with his brother. As the two grew, the roughhousing became rougher and rougher with Tacuba always coming home to his mother with nasty bruises and scrapes.

The twin duo was broken when Tobias accidentally snapped Tacuba's arm at age six. Realizing that Tobias was unable to control his werewolf strength, his parents decided to lock Tobias away from Tacuba and most of the world, restricting any access Tacuba had with his brother.

Life then trickled to nothing but boredom and gloom. Losing his twin felt like losing half of him. At times, Tacuba would go against the rules to check on his brother, feeding Tobias with whatever he could steal or afford. Rumors swirled from his mother that Tobias was sometimes fed unclaimed bodies from the mortuary. A part of Tacuba always felt it was a ploy from his mother to scare him away from Tobias, but he was never sure.

As the years went on, Tacuba slowly grew more and more resentment for the werewolves that plagued his family, the secrecy of it, and living in a town that prided itself on old time America. The once similar twins began to finally look different as Tacuba adopted a goth style in high school, being kicked out from school, and put on independent study. He worked in the family funeral home as a body makeup artist, wrapping himself more in his loner lifestyle and becoming very use to being all on his own. The bond he had with Tobias began to waver. He stopped sneaking to see his brother, stopped feeding him, and nearly stopped speaking about him.

Battling with his personal, negative demons about himself, at age 18 Tacuba left his family during the middle of the night and promised to never return.

During his 20's, Tacuba grew as a person, getting rid of the cliche goth mentally of hating society and himself. He began to open up with other people, enjoy being around others, doing odd jobs to make money and fall into a drifter lifestyle. Every couple of months the thought of his brother always came to mind, forcing Tacuba to send letters back home specifically to Tobias.

Many of the letters were apologies for giving up on Tobias, being afraid of his own brother's natural werewolf ways, and that someday he'll be back to pick his twin up.


: Spirits, dark magick :
: Watching post mortem videos and autopsies :
: Horror and gore movies :
: Drawing/sketching nature scenes :
: Scrapbooking of his favorite goth styles :
: Baking, mostly cakes and cookies :
: Creating terrariums/ indoor gardening :
: Meditating, relaxing in the outdoors :
: Energetic, free spirit people :
: Socializing :
: Vintage/unique knick-knack collectibles :
: Winter fashion :

: Hates being a werewolf and omega position :
: Being homebound and not outside :
: Hot weather/sunlight :
: Having to dye/maintain his hair :
: Difficult/serious people :


: "I owe her so much for taking me in after my ordeal. I don't even know how to repay her for all she's done. I hate my position as omega, but for her, I don't mind doing anything I can to make things easier on her." :

: "I feel like him and I should be getting along better than we do. We only have a beta and omega relationship at this point. Nothing more, nothing less. It's too bad. He looks like a nice enough guy to get to know." :

: "He likes to walk around like he's big shit with his business suits and all of that. Well, Alexander...I like to think I look pretty good too.~" pops his collar. :

: "I let him down my entire life because I wasn't strong enough. But, here he is wanting to be close by my side to the point he follows me around like a puppy. I don't care if I'm some bitten Omega. I'll keep you safe from everything even if it means risking my life." :

: "Please keep her away from me. I...I just can't...please don't make me come in contact with her..." :


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[BCOLOR=transparent]Chencho La Para[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Age 26[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Gender Man[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Role The Protector[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Why are you _____? [/BCOLOR]
Chencho's protectiveness nature developed in a previous team he co-lead with his partner in crime. While his choice of main weapon may be extremely crude, a three foot long metal pipe, years of transforming simple whacks into fluid movements that resembled those of martial artists, his proficiency with a shotgun from moving vehicles, and basic medical care from years of treating his own body makes Chencho a very adaptable fighter.

But, what makes him the protector?

Chencho will gladly sacrifice his body and life for the benefit and protection of the group without a second thought.


Defending and protecting the group | Providing basic medical care if medic is unavailable/overwhelmed | 'Second in command' | Sacrificing himself for the safety of the group​

[BCOLOR=transparent]Eye color Light brown[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Hair color Jet black[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Height 5’8[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Weight 155 lbs[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Distinguishing features[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]-Noticeable neck tattoos that run into upper sleeves. Most of them are unfinished[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]-Across her cheeks and nose are very light freckles that can only be seen in very bright sunlight[/BCOLOR]


[BCOLOR=transparent]Chencho is a very eccentric, energetic young man that few can match. Imagine being hyped on the strongest caffeine and never winding down. That is how Chencho lives 99% of his life. With such a high energy comes a huge personality that can tire those who are more reserve quickly.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]He’s a man in always good spirits, seeing the best in every situation. Things happen for a reason and few can stop what was meant to be. Chencho firmly believes in that just cause. Anything he does is suppose to happen without a true logical reason. He lives life on the whim, a total ‘wing-it’ philosophy. Chencho isn’t one to pre-plan anything, making him a very reckless individual. He will willingly sacrifice his body for the protection and benefit of others, seeing it as his time to go. Death doesn’t scare him. Failure is more terrifying to him.[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Chencho never shuts up. He’s only quiet when sleeping or concentrating on protecting the group. Other than that, the guy will talk about anything to anyone around him. He is as real as a person can be. Chencho speaks the absolute truth in a matter-of-fact way. Sometimes he will let it come across as a joke, but he’ll always make a point of it being the real truth. It takes a patient person to get Chencho to shut up and listen, but he is able to for a few minutes.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]How does Chencho show his appreciation? By his childish ways of playfully teasing others. The man has a very youthful heart despite his upbringing. He makes it his goal to never seem too mature when unneeded. Man, woman, person, anyone can’t escape Chencho’s playful, childish behaviour when in a super happy mood. Many in his past described Chencho has reliable guard dog with a puppy attitude. Strong, reliable, trustworthy, willing to die for those he cares about while being comforting, affectionate, and radiating an aura of happiness and trouble-free.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]But, even the most well trained dog has specific triggers that can warp them out their minds. It seems to happen whenever Chencho is allowed to let his excitement grow to the point he becomes manic and unruly. There is destructive gleam in his eye. At that point, it’s better to let Chencho gradually tire himself out until he’s back to normal.[/BCOLOR]


[BCOLOR=transparent]Group: TBD[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]-Mother: Missing[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]-Father: Undeclared[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]-Sister: Deceased[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Friend: Godwin Orozco (His best friend in the world, his partner in crime. He suddenly disappeared after their group was ambushed in a carousel drive-by. Chencho believes Godwin saved his life and makes it his mission to find him.)[/BCOLOR]


[BCOLOR=transparent]-In a fight, Chencho punched square in the center of bridge of his nose, collapsing it. He is unable to breath from his nose, forcing him to be a heavy, raspy mouth breather. He is also unable to taste things fully.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]-When very animated, his Spanish slang can slip out into his conversations.[/BCOLOR]​
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