Praying Mantis

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This Mantis has been stalking around my house for a few days now. I have a feeling he's waiting for me to fall asleep so he can eat my brains out or something......

Seriously though what a badass creature! I got some good pictures of it. I never knew this before, but Praying mantis' can move their heads around, it was creepy to see it looking at me when I took its picture!


This one came out really good! I should try to get a job doing this for a living. I could totally chase bugs around all day!


RAWR! It starting getting pissed at me so I left it alone.

I'm curious, Do you all have these where you live>?
I don't see these too often around where I live. If I go into forests and some parks, they're a bit more common, but even then, one of the harder to find insects.

I remember talking to a car repair man once, and he had apparently managed to tame one of these creatures for some time. It was surprisingly obedient, according to him.
Yeah, I have praying mantiss where I live. It's cool to see them in the other colors. They camoflouge and it's freaking awesome. The coolest color I think I've seen them in was a snow white. Looked pretty amazing.
I've seen two where I live.

I'm guessing they escaped from the zoo.
That's crazy. I want to catch and tame that bad boy now.
Lol. Only two? Man. I do live directly in the middle of the city now so I don't see as many, but, here in S.O. you can spot a lot if you're even near the country. The hard part is spotting them.

The coolest thing I ever saw though, which wasn't a praying mantis but this made me think of it, was a bee hive migration. Huge freaking swarm of bees all following one bee in some huge bee ball flew right over our back yard. I don't know how to explain that event other than a giant bee ball buzzing away.
I found what is essentially the largest native spider I've ever seen in Canada a few days ago when I was moving some furniture outside. Was pretty much as big as my thumb.
Yes, we have a few around here. I like when they eat the annoying grasshoppers...
Did you know - a grass hopper can tell you the temp. based on how frequently it chirps?
That's awesome, Senji. XD I do like the second pic a lot. : D
Saw a baby praying mantis once and let it crawl on my hand. Too bad I couldn't catch it on camera.

My sister caught it though.
We have them Rory? Huh, I've never seen one in real life... only pictures!
^^^You guys have fireflies too! ^^^

I thought i was trippin' out the first time I saw them ><
I love fireflies they're awesome to catch at night and have a little jar of them for a night or so. But we also have Box Elders and I hate those things! SO ANNOYING D:
I've always liked these sort of shield-bodied insects. There were some that'd always sneak in and creep on my T.V. room blinds. I've seen a few black ones that are carnivores as well.
UGH...I have relatives of the box elders around my area. They're so disgusting.

There are mantises around my area too, but they're rare to see. Probably because there're so many lizards next to my house. I love those things, especially when they start doing pushups. :D