Pray Thy Lord Will Never Know



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Her heart was beating wildly, it took forever for her to keep calm. How could she not be so tightly wound though? Her crush was near and finally in the same room as her. The year had just started, the way she had hoped. Her hands folded though, this sin would be found upon by everyone. The common morning prayer was about to start. Thank thy father for this, thank thy father for that. She didn't really understand how to use the old English words properly, so she was never asked to lead the class.

Heads had lowered, thumbs and folded fingers folded in front of their slanted noses. What would she pray for as she mutedly mouthed the false words? She couldn't possibly chew off God's ear for the same thing everyday. She slipped in her own prayer, daily, something new, but the same person. Her right eye poked open, watching the back of the girl's head.

"Forgive this silly little high school girl crush. I trust I'm just confusing infatuation with admiration. Please Lord, help me know the difference in feeling and how to seek help without social destruction upon myself."

Her prayers were silly this morning, but she saw it as free internal therapy. No one had to know, she would know if confidentiality was breeched. Hands were lowered and the anthem was over with. Same thing everyday. She craved something new, something exciting, someone... exciting. She fell out of her seat after leaning in off her chair to get a closer look at the girl. How could a woman gain such strong emotions and snag her young heart?

The bell rung after the class laughed at her, this was her chance she thought.


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The common morning prayer was beginning, and Rosemary lowered her head along with everyone else, hands and fingers folded in front of her. She prayed for everyone she knew so that they may live a happy, carefree life. Rose did this everyday, pray for everyone else's happiness. Once the anthem was done, she lowered her hands and placed them neatly in her lap as she looked up, ready for class.

Class was coming to an end when she heard something from behind her. Rose turned her head to see what happened, and saw a girl on the floor, apparently had fallen from her chair. The class laughed, but not her, and the bell rang. Once it did, Rosemary stood up from her own seat and made her way to the girl who had fallen.

Rose was around 5'8", the tallest female in her family so far. She had long auburn hair and gentle hazel eyes. "Do you need help?" She asked the girl as she extended her hand out for her to take.