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  1. Rules, orange Most role plays in this category wouldn't feature rules, these are more just guidelines for you to follow to make sure your role playing experiences are done right!

    -No god-modding. Please stick to control your characters!

    -You can play more then one character, but give love to each and every one of them

    -Relationships can happen, just make sure that's not the whole focus

    -Cliques are just there for sort of humorous purposes your character can completely just say 'fuck it' and not really deal with being in any of them

    -You can play a teacher, but most of them will be NPC'S

    -Create your schedule according to your character, unless you guys would rather have it that everyone playing is in the same classes, but it wouldn't make much sense!!

    Character Skelly, pink

    Appearance (Picture or well thought out description)







    Please please please fill this out, I understand jump in role-plays normally don't have these things. But I feel like it would help us get a better hold on your character. There's not much you have to do, just the basics <3

    Shannon Summers, orange
    Name: Shannon Rose Summers

    Age: 16

    Traits: +Loyal, Loving, Charismatic, Optimistic

    -Shy, Quiet, Conservative, Sarcastic

    Year: Sophomore

    Clique: Geek

    Other: Growing up being Daddy's little princess, she was reluctantly put under her mother's custody after the divorce. Her mother has a job at Hill Valley high as a teacher, and she gets kind of embarrassed because of that.

    Oh Mother!, pink

    "No no no, this cannot be happening! I don't want to start at a brand new school, I know everybody at my old one. Besides everyone's going to think I'm a loser because your a teacher. This is such donkey crap!" The fiery little red head bellowed, her mother looking completely shocked and concerned for her daughter. The divorce had been a rough one for everyone, but it seemed to really get on her daughter's nerves. Her father was supposed to be her support line, someone she can be the best of friends with. But not having a stable enough job meant living under her mother's roof. This sucked! This was terrible, how could things get any worse?!

    Going through her selection of clothing, she went with a floral top, a pleated black skirt, some pink knee high socks and her floral vans. Brushing through her mess of tangled curls, she pinned a black bow in her hair and added a tad of foundation and blush to her face, before grabbing her backpack and waiting at the door for her mother dearest. The older lady adjusted her glasses and hobbled out the door, opening the door so the teen could easily get in.

    The ride seemed to take forever, and suddenly they were parked in the teacher's only area, a nice little place away from the hustle and bustle of student traffic. Heading into the hallways of Hill Valley, her big blue eyes scanned the lobby. Her first class was 203, Math with Mr.Whitmore. What a joy, learning about numbers and equations in the morning was just what she had always dreamed of.
  2. Shannon walked into the classroom, one full of teenagers of all shapes and sizes. Selecting a seat in the back, she slams down her books and waits for any further instruction (this is basically me bumping up the thread)
  3. [​IMG]

    Winnie Le


    Respectful | Laid back | Fun | Loving | Slightly social


    Tomboyish -not so very lady like- | Cautious | Cunning | Crude | Witty


    Popular crew {Look wise}
    'Guy' crew

    She's not in one particular clique, in fact Winnie travels around and socializes with everyone who talks to her and becomes her friend.

    - Winnie is both quiet and social. Although looks and fashion -and somewhat the tomboyish behavior- has gave her a popularity role, she is in actuality quite quiet surprisingly. She only seems very social because of the other person who manages to make her interact and talk a lot. Lots of 'geeks' are pretty off guard when they sit with her and not hear a peep without her feeling awkward. This is because the few people who are her true friends know exactly how to cope with her quiet nature while the 'other people' are just acquaintances. Don't think she's blindly popular and rude. The magic to this is also her understanding nature and fun personality after a few minutes of befriending her. It is quite unusual for a quiet person to become best friends or close friends with rowdier people, or at least become the rowdy one.

    - She has a awesome student-teacher relationship (friendship wise!) with one of the teachers at school, Mr. Sweeney. Who is the wrestling coach and math teacher. Though he seems calm and mature, he has a heavy crude / vulgar humor. The teachers and most of the students know that Winnie is like his 'daughter' while Sweeney is like her 'father' at school.

    - Winnie has a service dog that is a Doberman named 'Titus'. The dog is used for her hearing as she has 'Unilateral Hearing Loss'. A condition in which she's actually deaf in one ear, she wasn't eligible for one at first, but with the help of other students and teachers, they managed to convince her audiologist. As a service dog, Titus should not be pet -as he is on duty- and in fact to avoid confusion and bullying, she has personally taught the dog vietnamese so that he can only listen to her -say if a crowd yells orders at the dog, like 'sit' 'roll over' all at once, Titus will not obey unless Winnie speaks vietnamese to it. Yes, the dog knows English by the way). Because Titus is her service dog, he is with her at all times and thankfully no one picks on her or him.

    - Her friends and class mates who are aware of Winnie's condition, respect her. She also has to use a device in which teachers talk through a mic like object, while she hears with a hearing aid. She is deaf in her right ear.

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  4. A female walked into class quietly, Room 203. Her first class? Math, with Mr. whitmore and Mr. Sweeney. Almost all classes had two teachers -which was very beneficial- while other classes had one. She wore simple black harem pants, a white tank top, and a red cardigan along with high top converses on. Did Winnie even match? Bah! Who cares, they were comfy clothes and at the belt loop was a clip latched onto it along with the regular clanging noises which were soft. It was Titus, her dog who accompanied her throughout the whole school. He himself had a job, which was alerting Winnie and being her extra ears -that worked-.

    Titus wore a orange harness that said things in bold like 'SERVICE HEARING DOG' 'DO NOT PET' and Winnie took a seat around the teachers desk quietly as the dog rested beside her ankles. Then she spotted Sweeney, and grinned. He was a full yet part time teacher. Help teaching in various other classes besides math. The female took a deep breath in and did her 'Sweeney call' which was a lot like the 'Feeny Call'."SWEEENAY!" She shouted in a 'ugly' voice, laughing afterwards. The man perked his head up, before grinning and chuckling."Hi Winnie." He responded as he took a seat behind her, his usual seat before getting out his stuff and preparing. Class didn't even start until about 7:40, so there were few other students who hung around in class rather than the cafeteria.

    With the black northface backpack hanging from behind her seat, Winnie took out a dunkin donuts bag, and opened it which was filled with glazed munchkins. Delicious things really, and she popped one into her mouth, angling the bag at her 'father'."Want some?" She offered."No thank you." He answered, and Winnie shrugged.

    On the other hand, Another student walked in -Shannon-. With the books colliding roughly and loudly down on the table, Winnie calmly looked over at the table as Titus perked his head up alarmed. New student? New student! Titus seemed curious too, but it was hard to tell and the girl placed her munchkins over the table beside her, as she turned around to face her beloved teacher she liked.

    "New student? Whose she?" She asked.

    Sweeney brought up his shoulders."Go talk to her. I'm working." He said, typing on his apple laptop."She might think I'm weird.. With the service dog.. Plus talking about my condition is a hassle..." Winnie objected, but Sweeney only stared at Winnie. Sweeney shrugged."Then wait." He said.

  5. (I hope you don't mind me making two characters)
    Joseph Aiden Valdez

    16||January 16

    Social Butterfly||Flirtatious||Arrogant||Laid Back||Careless||Sarcastic||Over Protective||Loyal||Unpredictable
    Popular Crowd

    Olivia Janice Anderson
    17||July 28
    Rebellious||Hermit||Blunt||Creative||Level Headed||Book Worm||Down To Earth||Manipulative||
    Sophmore||Failed 7th Grade
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  6. Most high schoolers believe that high school was a waste of time but Joey saw it differently. No, he wasn't a secret nerd or anything but he did enjoy his 8 hours at school. He didn't enjoy learning, necessarily but he enjoyed his popularity. Joey often thought about where he would be now if he were home schooled or something along the lines of that. He wouldn't be the person he is right now and that kind of scared him. If Joey were honest with himself, he was completely scared of the future and what was to come.. what would happen after graduation. What would he do? Where would he go? He didn't have the security of his popularity like he would have in high school. In college, popularity didn't matter (or at least that's what he thinks). And what college in the right mind would allow Joey to attend? Joey continued to tap his mechanical pencil on his desk, and he continued to stare at the board in the front of the classroom.

    The classroom door swung open and in walked an unfamiliar face. Her face was a cute one but it wasn't as pretty as some of the other girls who attended the school. Her fiery red hair was what interested Joey the most. He wondered how long it would take to convince her to kiss him (whoops). The brunette looked to his left-an empty seat- before waving the red head over. He felt an urge to get to know her. No, it wasn't an attraction nor was he particularly swooned by the girl. Maybe he was just trying to be nice, (//insert ugly laugh here) trying to make her feel welcome.
  7. Shannon, orange

    If she had known there was going to be someone that actually wanted to talk to the girl. She wasn't terribly shy, but she didn't like a lot of people most of the time either. Sitting next to the boy that motioned her over, she brushed a stray hair behind her ear. "Are you like welcoming committee or something? I heard they were bible thumping heartthrobs. I'm really not in the mood for that right now." Now she had to admit, this boy was attractive. She was sure he had some kind of girlfriend and if not there was something seriously wrong, well either that or he was a huge dick. Either way.

    Swallowing, she set her books on the floor. "I'm Shannon Summers, you might know my mom. She uh works here?" Great way to make friends you huge dork, not only was she an awkward red head, she also liked to blurt out that her mother worked at the school. Like that would get her some brownie points in any way shape or form was beyond her.

  8. Winnie quickly looked over at Joey and the new girl, a eyebrow raised as she turned from her seat to the other math teacher, Sweeney."Wonder what Joey is planning." She said."Probably trying to gas another girl up, when does he not anyways?" Added the vietnamese girl as she wrote in her notebook some notes Mr.Whitmore wrote on his board. Class wouldn't start anytime soon seeing that time was moving particularly slow as of now for the girl and she yawned. Maybe when Joey was done with Shannon, she'll try to befriend the redhead. She couldn't just talk to Shannon right now, fearing that Joey might take it the wrong way and therefore sat alone with her other teacher in silence as she took notes. Not that she mind anyways, certain days the quietness felt nice really -and for Titus-. By the time class would start, she wouldn't have to do anything later on until actual work would be given out to her and Titus yawned as he laid calmly down on his stomach and chest.
  9. Joey didn't like to think of himself as a 'man whore' or a 'slut' but that was most people in the high school classified him as. Not that they were complaining.. people were still head over heels for him and Joey was well aware of that. But it wasn't like he went around sleeping with the whole school and found making out with some random in a janitor's closet. That only happened once or twice.. But that was beside the point. Joey was still a virgin, but everyone knew he had more than a few opprotunities to rid of his 'purity'. Some still questioned that 'purity'. The Mormans and Christians of the school hated Joey. Except the horny Morman Reyna, she had hit on him at his own party. The red head began to walk over to him and he flashed a smile. He recieved this 'innocent' aura from her.. he couldn't wait to corrupt her. "Are you like welcoming committee or something? I heard they were bible thumping heartthrobs. I'm really not in the mood for that right now." Joey smirked at the red head, her fiestiness amused him. The brunette had always been gifted in the art of being outgoing and the part of the brain that controls his emotions must've been damaged because Joey didn't seem to have the ability to be embarrassed. "Maybe.. I mean, people who are just geninuely kind don't exist, right?" Well, maybe they existed but Joey definitely wasn't one of those genuinely kind people. His actions always had a reason behind them, he always wanted something in return. Wanna borrow a person? Sure, but you have to give him the answer to tonight's homework.

    The red head introduced herself as Shannon and Joey stuck a hand out for her to shake, "Since you're being so formal.. Name's Joseph Valdez, your personal welcome committee." Some people found it strange that Joey introduced himself with a handshake, not something normal teenagers did, but Joey found it the easiest way to make an impression on people. It was always the easiest to learn more about someone without using words. A handshake was like a secret connection between the two shakers. If a shaker has a limp shake they usually lacked self confidence or had awkward personalities. Joey made sure his shake was firm and quick.. but then again maybe he is reading too much into handshakes. Joey nodded, "Yeah, I think I know her.. If you don't mind me asking, why did you wait to attend this school if your mom worked here?" He asked, hand under chin. Joey wondered what it was like to be the child of a teacher at your school.
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  10. Shannon, orange

    Now Shannon had never been considered anyone's favorite person in the world, yet never was she claimed to be hated either. She was a fairly average person in the social line-up, a quirky but misunderstood girl with eyes full of curiosity and a will to survive the daily struggles she called her life. A Shakespeare enthusiast with a strong hatred for arithmetic and got weak too easily in gym class. The girl who bought fifty cents to school just to buy an extra milk in the cafe but before she could do that, spent it on a ridiculous item such as a pencil or a chocolate bar. "People who are genuinely kind, don't exist right?" Uh no. Newsflash were in high school, there only a couple reasons one is nice to another. They a) wanna get in their pants, b) want them to have a false sense of security, c) wanted to impress the teachers or d) wanting to get on at least one person's good side. Now she would never spout her thoughts out loud, but she simply rolled her eyes. She wouldn't even dare answer such a ridiculous question.

    Maybe chivalry wasn't dead however, as he outstretched his arm and asked for a handshake she couldn't help but stifle a giggle. This was a bit old fashioned, but she found herself finding it strangely charming. Taking her hand in his, she gave it a firm shake. She knew coming off as a strong-willed person would be her best bet, lazy handshakes just never proved to be her thing. "So your just my personal welcome committee, you don't actually belong to them though do you? Because if so I'm just going to have to slowly back away." Her mom had told her that the welcome committee there was a team of peppy people who wanted to show you the pathways to heaven as they walked you around to classes. She didn't need religion classes from someone other then a pastor. "It is nice to meet you though." The next question sunk in and she had to think about it for a few minutes, wanting to give a good enough answer. "My mom works at this school but we use to live like two hours away from here, my mom and dad got divorced and she decided to move closer to her job. Turns out I had to go with her, and nooow I'm here. Short story really."
  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Peter Long

    Age: 17

    Traits: Peter's the typical nice guy. He's shy and quiet, keeping to himself.

    Year: Sophomore

    Clique: Peter's a loner, and only has acquaintances.

    Other: He likes to play his guitar and sing, and isn't very social.
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  12. Now, this is a bit of an important part. Joey wasn't necessarily a bad person but he wasn't a good one either. He didn't usually go out of his way to help someone unless it was in benefit of him. But he wouldn't go out of his way to make people miserable either. Joey didn't see the point in either of those things. Another reason for those Mormans to despise him. Honestly, he didn't give two shits about what other people thought of him. Call him a slut, it won't matter because he's already stolen your girlfriend. Okay, that hasn't happened yet but you get the drift. He'd never lied and told someone he loved them when he really didn't.. Even if they confessed their 'love' to him or whatever teenagers called infatuated with someone these days.. Joey had a very complicated personality. Life is a better word.. Joey had a very complicated life. The teen hadn't given much thought about how other people saw him.. Did they hate him? Admire him? Would they be jealous of him? No, it all didn't matter so what was the point of thibking about it? He had already made it with the popular crowd so whether or not someone had a problem with him it was likely they would fume silently about it, too cowardly to walk into the lions' den (I say 'lions' meaning multiple). The red head rolled her eyes and Joey shrugged, "Well, if you think about it the idea doesn't sound that stupid.. To infer that not one kid out of the.. what?.. 1000 or so kids that attend here is genuinely a nice person? Maybe it's a little idiotic to think otherwise.. Of course, I'm not the best example but.."

    Shannon took his hand and they shook. Joey noted her 'shaking skills' and stored them for another time. How many people had he done the same thing to? Only God knows, as the Mormans would so solemnly put it. Those damn Mormans.. always out for blood. Particularly Joseph's blood. He shuddrred at the thought of their cold faces staring at him with disappointment. Not once had he felt so ashamed to be the whore he was. "No.. actually, those 'heartthrobbing bible lovers' as you dared to put it don't like me much.. So if you stick with me you should be safe. Yeah.. I'll make you a deal. I want a new toy to play with and you need protection from those buzz kills.. I am protection and you are quite amusing. It's a win-win for both of us, really..." Joey's confidence seemed to be at a peak today. He said this as if it were an honor (but really, it isn't.. I warn Shannon to run away now). Joey gently smiled, "The pleasure is all mine.." Shannon had, surprisingly, began to explain. Joey nodded, "Well, it doesn't seem like you're that optomistic about being here but I promise I will make this experience, however long it is that you're here, worth while!" He raised his fist in justice.
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  13. Peter had woken up that morning with the blaring of his ever so annoying alarm clock. He shut it off with an irritated slap and rolled over to face the window of his room. It was a bright day outside and birds were chirping above, the sun warming the air, filling it with spring shine. Peter eventually hopped out of his messy bed and began to get ready, pulling on some jeans with a grey hoodie & a black shirt underneath. He grabbed his black Converse and walked downstairs to greet his mum who was cooking breakfast, planting a quick kiss on her cheek and sitting down. The TV was on and showing the morning news as Peter's mum continued to cook, the sizzling of the bacon making his stomach growl. When his mum finished up and made his plate, Peter ate quickly and pulled on his shoes realizing he was running late. He swung his plain black backpack over his shoulder and waved goodbye to his mom before closing the door and beginning his walk to school.
    Peter's feet scuffed the grey concrete as he walked to school, his hood pulled up and earphones in. People often called him a loner -which was mostly true- and picked on him lightly for being so quiet. It never really bothered him since he always had his earphones in, ignoring their idiotic taunts. Peter soon arrive to the cream colored building, and jogged his way up the steps to the front doors. He held the door open for a couple of freshmen girls, each thanking him as they entered the building. Peter walked down the winding hallways to his first class, math. As he swung open the classroom door and strolled in, people glanced up from whatever they were doing, then back down. He still had his earphones in with the music blaring, the teacher rolling his eyes slightly with annoying familiarity.
    Peter took the seat in the back corner next to the window, the most secluded seat in the room. He hung his backpack on the back of his chair, and glanced around before his eyes landed on the girl with flaming red hair. He couldn't help but realize how attractive she was, her blue eyes wide and filled with optimism. Peter glanced back down awkwardly when they both made a short eye contact, making Peter's cheeks turn a dark red. He couldn't believe that he just got caught staring at her! She probably thought he was some creepy freak!
  14. Shannon, orange

    This boy's ego was through the roof, he seemed to be latching onto confidence like a newborn did with the mother's breast. It was revolting in a sense, yet his characteristics still drew her in, intrigued her. Maybe he had an role to play and beneath the jerky exterior he actually held some sort of kindness in his heart. Sure she could tell that this was more for his benefit then anyone else's, the look on his face made that very evident. Listening to him explain what he had to say, she gritted her teeth. Did he just call her a toy? Did he even think about her being a person. Losing almost all hope in him at this point, she flickered her blue eyes down to the notebook in front of her and turned to the first page, tapping her pen against the paper with a new found anger building up inside her chest.

    'Guess your not different from the rest after all..' She managed to say or well think to herself because she's not a very confident person unlike some people in the room, continually tapping the pen to the paper and creating new holes in between the bright blue lines. "People are all the same, especially ones of your specific gender. How is that a win-win for both of us? Did you even hear yourself? Do you regularly call people toys, or is this a new thing your trying? Because it's not going to just fly over my head like a shoddily made paper airplane!" Grumbling, she looked over at him, getting caught up with her glaring at him like he was nothing but a snake.
  15. Damnit he started thinking about it again. Joey's mind went back to his unknown future amd he shifted uncomfortably. He didn't even have a past time he enjoyed. Sure, he played some sports but he was passionate about it like the jocks at this school. He had no real future going for him. He was just going to end up like another drunk, unhappy bald guy walking behind a desk. Joey instinctively ran a hand through his hair, making sure it was still there. Thankfully, it was. Joey was actually reconsidering changing his name and moving to New York where he could work as an escort and not get caught. It didn't seem like such a bad idea afterall.. But he needed a way to make money. Drugs! That was always the answer! Wait-what the...? Was Joey really considering becoming a drug dealer?!? He didn't want to be an office guy when he was older but he didn't want to become a low life criminal either.. but.. How much money did drug dealers usually make?

    Joey eyed the red head's pen, "If you keep banging your pen like that it is guaranteed to break..." The brunette eyed the piece of notebook paper.. was she.. was she ripping the paper with her pen?! Joey started to feel a little bad for the tree the paper was made from. Shannon seemed to be steaming from her ears. 'Scary,' Joey decided before looking up at the board. Words were being written down but Joey didn't bother to write them down. Shannon began to fume about Joey and his gender as a group. 'It shouldn't have been that easy to get under her skin, should it?' Joey thought. He understand why Shannon would be annoyed but she seemed straight out infuriated. "Well, I apologize that me and 'my gender' have lived under your expectations. And no, I do not often call people my personal play toys because not all of them would appreciate that. I am well aware that you are indeed not merchant. But I will have you know that that is my horrible way of saying that 'I would love to be your friend'. But it was an offer that you have the ability to decline so do however you please," Joey concluded, opening his notebook. He began jotting down what was on the board as if the whole situation hadn't just happened.
  16. Shannon, orange

    Well that proved to be a hopeless attempt at feeling less angry with the world, all of her anger had been pent up. Normally she wouldn't have said a damn thing just nodded and went along with what the person had to say. She wasn't one to speak up, didn't have her own voice most of the time. But today was different, her mother had already began to rip her away from the social life she once knew and maybe if she got on this person's good side she could possibly get it back. She couldn't help but think back to the guy in the back of the classroom, he also seemed like he had wanted her attention but hadn't made it very obvious. Maybe she could chat with him later? He seemed like a nice person, though you never know with first impressions anymore.

    "Alright..I'm really sorry. I'm just having a bad day..well a bad week even. You probably don't even care actually. Don't know why you would want to be some loser's friend..but if that's actually the case and your not trying to mess with me. I can accept the offer" She smiles softly at him, brushing a stray hair behind her ear before turning back to her 'masterpiece' on the paper. Cursing to herself, she frowned at the paper. She took out all her frustration on it and now it looked a mess. Atleast she didn't do that to people, she would be in jail by now. Her shoulders slumped and she peered behind her, catching the blue eyed boys gaze and sending her a warm smile. Quickly though she turned back to the board in front of him, attempting to decipher what in the world they were supposed to be doing. She was certainly no math whiz and the teacher didn't seem to want to explain much of anything.
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  17. Peter couldn't help but glance at her every once in a while, drumming his fingers softly on the desk as he pretended to be listening. He had taken out his earphones so he could hear the teacher teach the lesson, and couldn't help but overhear the redheaded girl's conversation with Joey. Peter had never really talked to Joey before, but they have bumped into each other in the hallway. Literally, they crashed into each other and sent themselves sprawled on the floor. It was freshmen year if Peter remembered correctly. He's heard of rumors about Joey, but never paid much attention to them. They couldn't judge him if they didn't know him, so why should he believe them? It was true though that Joey's ego was major.
    Peter looked over at them when the girl rose her voice slightly at Joey, his curiosity getting the best of him. He heard bits and pieces of their conversation, their words heated and spat at each other. When it calmed down and they were speaking with a more nicer tone, Peter lost interest. He saw the girl smile and Peter turned away quickly, pretending not to notice. She was a new student, so that meant she most likely hasn't heard the rumors about him yet. Good. Unless that stupid jock in 5th period said something. That would be embarrassing. Peter looked back at the board and tried to regain his concentration, following the lesson while sneaking little glances at the redheaded girl.
  18. Okay, what was this foreign language on the board? Wait.. what was the teacher supposed to be teaching? Math, right? Why was he writing down words and letters?!?! The words on Joey's paper started turning into a scrambled mess and he ripped the page out... poor trees. He crumbled the people up and set it in the corner of his desk. He began to rewrite the words on the board slower, though this didn't help his understanding of the subject a tiny bit easier. Despite having a big head, Joey had the intellegence of a 4th grader.. Joey's head began to throb, he didn't understand how people could do so well in this subject. The day the brunette finally did well in math class was the day that fish learned how to swim and pigs learned how to fly.. simetaniously.

    Should Joey as what was going on? Should he ask where these teachers got their degree because clearly they were doing something wrong? Joey groaned. Math. Sucked. And tutoring didn't seem to help at all. At this rate Joey was going to fail in life.. Shannon apologized and the brunette shrugged. "It's not that big of a deal.. you're not in a good place right now, I understand," Joey said, erasing the picture he had drawn in the corner of his paper. Then Shannon called herself a loser which Joey knew was not true. Losers didn't admit they were losers because they were either too oblivious or ashamed to. "You're not a loser," he reassured. Joey cringed, it was probably important to inform her on the type.of reputation he had, right? Whoops. "Oh, and one more thing that might make this friendship a bit more complicated.. I am the school slut.. or at least, that's what the rumors are," Joey laughed awkwardly. It wasn't something to be proud of necessarily but at least he admitted it..

    (Sorry this took so long! My phone decided to delete ehat I had written and I had to rewrite it.. T-T)
  19. Shannon, orange

    A warm smile came to her features with the acceptance to her apology. This guy actually didn't seem so bad, maybe he could help her out with becoming someone that wasn't known as the geeky loser in school. Though hearing the words he spoke next, made her eyes widen almost dramatically, her pen falling out of her hand and making a clattering noise on the tiled floor beneath her. Her mouth opened to say something to him but nothing but air came out, causing her to swallow down anything she had planned to say. Fumbling around, she caught the pen under her foot and slowly rolled it towards her outstretched hand. Finally picking it back up and sheepishly looking around the classroom for any wandering eyes, she let out a deep breath and sent the boy an awkward smile.

    "The school slut? Isn't that position usually reserved for girls? Like blonde bitches with huge tits and big mouths. Those ones that chew their gum obnoxiously loud and wink at you from the sidelines at a football game basically telling you she's free game and ready to suck on some sweaty dick." Okay no. That was stereotypical but she couldn't stop herself from snorting at her usage of words. "Okay okay, so hypothetically your the school slut..what got you that name and or reputation. Have you just banged a lot of chicks, or..I didn't think you rolled this way..but sucked a lot of dicks? Or did you do both? Do you have like lots of STDS? Do you keep their panties after fucking them?" Shannon please, your being a dumb ho. "OMG okay..but seriously. How?"

    ((That is a-okay.))​
  20. It wasn't surprising how Shannon reacted. Joey was kind of expecting something along the lines of shock. "I know, right? Who would've guessed I'd be sleeping around?" The sarcasm was heavy in his voice. He watched her retrieve her pencil before turning back to his scribbly mess of notes. He listened to Shannon list of the chsracteristics of the school slut before he began talking again.. "I mean, I suppose. I've never really thought it that way. But if you are implying that I am a bitchy, plastic Barbie doll.. that is absolutely accurate," the brunette shook his head, "I like to think of myself as.. desirable rather than slutty." He smiled at Shannon. Joey knew he was irresistible that's why it was so easy for him to use his confidence to fluster others. It was rather easy really.. at most it'd take a simple comment about how irresistible the girls' lips looked. Joey let out a sarcastic laugh. "No, no, no, no, no.. Not hypothetically.. theoretically. There is a difference, young one," the brunette pointed at, shaking his head in fake disapproval.
    "If that was your way of asking if i was gay the answer is yes.. Partially. I'll hump and dump anything, really.." Joey shrugged. Though, he was exaggerating a bit. Being a virgin meant no 'humping'. Joey pursed his lips. "And by that you're asking if I have a lot of sex and give out blow jobs freely? 100% false.. I have yet to have sex.. Surprisingly. I am STD free. And I am feeling a bit attacked as of right now. I am a gentlemen so after 'fucking', I usually try not to make their shame worse so no.. No panties. Sorry to disappoint," Joey smirked, it was a bit weird discussing his sex life with a girl he'd only known a few minutes but he didn't mind. Joey thought about his next answer very carefully before continuing, "Umm.. Well, I guess it started Freshman year. My best friend and I hooked up at a party.. Luckily, it didn't get past her taking ooff her shirt because some stoner walked in.. Then I guess my popularity started soaring and hers started sinking. Since then I've hooked up with a lot of another people but I'm still a vorgin so.. yeah." Actually, that very girl was in this room. His old best friend. Yep, she was sitting in the back row, staring at the board as if she was interested but the paper in front of her was blank. He pointed at her, "Her name is Olivia.. She's pretty cool. We haven't talked since then and she is a year older than us because she flunked a grade.."