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  1. In their junior year of highschool, a group of friends decide to pull a prank at the fall festival to scare a few of the friends. One would dress up with a jason mask and chase the others around with a chainsaw. It was all fun and games till Andrew died that night in the field behind the festival at night. The teens hid all the evidance and showed the body to the police as if they found it. The fall festival is comming up again at the beguinning of their senior year and someone is playing dirty tricks on them. As time goes on these tricks get serious.

    The killer - he dressed up last year
    The athlet - he hated andrew but was friends with the rest of the group
    The brother - andrews brother
    The plotter- she came up with this great idea
    The good girl - the killers ex girlfriend, they broke up soon after, she persisted on telling the cops the truth
    The dumped - andrew dumped her a few days before he died

    others or NPC

    The tormenter - not to sure if he will be one of them, someone who saw what happened , supernatual ect.

    once all these roles are filled than we can add more if there is a demand or start,


  2. Name Josephine Dare aka Joe, Josie, Jose, Joey
    Age 18
    Role The plotter
    Gender female
    Personality She has a good sense of humor and is very mischevious. She is a pretty calm person and it is an unusal sight to catch her off gaurd or scare her though it isn't impossible. She is confidant, proud and strong emotionally but has her playful, childish and sweet tendancy. Josephine is good at observation and self teaching.
    Bio Sine she was young Josephine was intrested in expressions. She loved to watch people, taking in every detail of their face, exspecially when showing strong emotions. That is part of the reason she loved to play pranks on people. Seeing someone with such an honest angry or scared expression confounded her. If it wasn't for her love of all expressions than she wouldn't have anyfriends. She expsecially love to see a candid smile. She grew up without a mother, so she had to take care of herself alot. She never felt she missed out on anything though, Josephine loved her father who spoiled her with love in return. They pulled pranks on eachother all the time and the house was always alive with laughter. In her sophmore year of highschool she asked her dearest friend Andrew out. They dated on and off for a year. Before the fall festival he had dumped her saying that they were over for good. She was heart broken and she cried for days. As revenge she wanted to see his terrified face, never in all these years has she ever seen him scared. She asked for the help of one of her guy friends and she finnally got her wish. That is untill she watched him bleed out. Still today the idea of losing the love of her life makes her queesy. Now she is inher senior year of highschool. She plans to go to harvard and major in architecture.

    [​IMG] height 5'6" weight 122lbs. bust-34B She is slender and her wasit is only a little smaller than her hips she dosn't really like her body but usually dosn't think about it.
  3. Name: Alma Clark

    Age: 17

    Role: The good girl

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Alma is a shy, introverted girl, who often has trouble in social situations and with expressing herself. Sometimes, by the time she has figured out what to say, the conversation is already over, or moved on to another topic. However, in her own social circles, she comes across as less shy and roughly talks as much as any other person, and she values her friends greatly, especially since she has so few of them. She is kind and forgiving to a fault, and quick to point out the dangers of a risky event. She is also highly idealistic.

    Bio: Alma is an ordinary girl born to a catholic family with a strong set of morals. Since her early years, she has been taught to believe in God and His teachings. At first, her life started out great, her education made her one of the best students of her class, and she made some friends quickly. However, that all changed when puberty hit, and she remained relatively short. That was when people started to bully her and her set of morals, and she became more and more quiet, eventually withdrawing from her social circle. She changed schools, but the experience remained with her forever.

    Her new school was much better, though and she began to forge new friendships, however, once again, everything crashed on her when she was attacked on the street while going home. In response, Alma became even more withdrawn, stopped believing in Him, and started attending martial art classes to master the art of self-defence and gain some much-needed confidence. Her circle of friends still remained, supporting her, so she managed to get over the past fairly quickly.

    When the accident happened, Alma was torn between her friends and her sense of morals. She knew that if she would report everyone to the police, her friends would disappear from her life, and she probably would have had to change schools again. However, killing was undoubtedly a sin, and this ate away at the girl. Eventually, she broke contact with most of her friends voluntarily, and started to form a new social circle.

    Appearance: Alma has long, black hair tied into a ponytail reaching her hips. Her eyes are brown. She is slender, but a little muscular, and is five feet one inch tall (about 152 centimetres). She could be considered attractive, but almost never uses makeup.
  4. Name: Bria Vaughn
    Age: 17
    Role: The dumped
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Stuck-up ever since Andrew dumped her, she was kind and sweet but has been looking for revenge on Andrew. Pretended to love Andrew but secretly had a crush on his Brother which still lasts. She is popular and has natural charm on people but can be very mischevious. She loves getting into trouble... especially with boys. She is also an amazing dancer as well as cheerleader.
    Bio: Born in a rich family, Bria has had it good all her life.... aside from the fact that her mother is a raging alcoholic and her father is a very wealthy CEO of a cigar company. She was never bullied, but liked feeding off of other's misery. She knows that she is beautiful, and often flaunts it. She is the cheerleader captain at her high school and everyone knows who she is. Daddy's little girl loves getting into trouble and likes experimenting with drugs and alcohol in secret. Her father suspects nothing and thinks she is an angel. Her mother left her father and ran away with a crack addict who plays the guitar in a band. Bria parties hard and knows her way with boys. She enjoyed spending time with Andrew to get to know his brother better... Her friends set her up with Andrew as a dare and soon she felt feelings for him. She quickly forgot them, in fear of her posse's disapproval. She is a stuck-up bitch to people who she doesn't approve of, or are not considered popular. She has a strong attraction to Andrew's brother and she thinks he knows it. She is a big flirt and everyone envies her charm. But she does have a nice side... if you can find it.
    Appearance: Slim and toned, long bleach-blonde hair and bright blue eyes
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 113 lbs
    Bust: 32C
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