Pranks and Practical jokes.

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Pranks and practical jokes can be fun, and a good way to "get someone" without really doing them wrong. Sometimes it can go to far though and cause problems. So I would like to know: Have you ever got someone really good? OR Have you ever been "Got" yourself?

I have a story, it is kinda funny, but mostly not. First off, I was about 7 or 8, so keep that in mind. Me and two friends thought it would be really funny to have one of us lay on the ground with red- fake blood (It was close to Halloween) all over them and their bike near by, simulating a hit and run accident. So when the kids parents got home they think he got hit by a car or something.....

So while my one friend laid on the ground in front of his house with the fake blood all over him, me and my other friend hid in the bushes. When his mom got home she started screaming and crying frantically. We, in our 7 or 8 year old lives had never heard anyone scream like that, we got scared. We were shocked that she was so upset, so naturally we ran off and left the to friend to do the explaining. We felt really stupid for doing it later, and looking back it wasn't a very good thing at all.

IDK, just a weird childhood story that I was thinking about this morning So I decided to make a thread.

What about you>?
Isaboo used to really hate Hannah Montana cause while he worked in retail, he kept seeing her face EVERYWHERE. So one day me and Gibs bought a Hannah Montana poster and taped it to the back of Isaboo's door. XD So when he came home from work and went to his room THERE SHE WAS AGAIN.

I'm not much of a prankster sadly. I'm more of a deadpan snarker/smartass.