Prance of The Catfish

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  1. Found by a random person I was talking to on Nationstates.. It is a very nice sounding song though and more should know of it's existence!

    Oh and hewwo! Yes it has been about half a year or more since I have last posted or logged into Iwaku!
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  2. So Lindsay Sterling-eske <3
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  3. The fack is up with that siggy pic!?
  4. Fishmonger? Eep!
  5. Hah, this is pretty nice. Violin can be very effective, so I'm going to steal this for inspiration/setting.

    Also, @RiverNotch, isn't that To the Moon in your signature? I admit I haven't played it, but I used to be into RPG maker quite a bit and think it's awesome a game built witht hat engine got as far and as popular as it did.
  6. I've been spreading this catfish song everywhere!
  7. Fishmonger fishmonger fishmonger! Aaah! Don't take over Iwaku like you did The East Pacific!'re the founder of Iwaku (NationStates)? Neat? Not meaning to threadjack or anything, but I have, like, three nations there! My main is in The East Pacific; my other two are currently dead (xD).
  8. Oh hewwo! Oh I never invaded The East Pacific.. but I did upset a Xoriet.. but after that we talked and are friends now..

    All so uh oh.. you found the place I originated from..
  9. Does remind me of Lindsey Stirling <3 Very pretty, thank you for sharing.
  10. This is how you come back to me!

    The songs pretty chill though.
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