Praise to the awesome Staff and community helpers

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  1. @Dullahan I know I give you a lot of shit and frownie faces and am constantly telling you what you are doing wrong and calling you names, but it's only because you have great potential and could be a future leader of Iwaku. >:[
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  2. Thank you, Diana ^^ I know I mope and I whine a lot, but it's just because I want my projects to defy my track record and prove I'm an asset to you and others ^^; That's why I ask what I can do all the time, because I want to be as proactive as fuck and do all the things! 8D
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  3. @Diana @Grumpy

    Thanks for putting up with all my dumb questions and dealing with my crazy attitude. And thanks for having faith in me. It means a lot guys.
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  4. Woohooo shoutout to @Astaroth and @Grumpy for being the one's that really inspired me to lend a hand and eventually join staff. You're both awesome mates and contribute a heck of a lot to the site. <3

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty Ayyyyyeeeeee my kitty compadre. I admit I totally died when you joined CVs because you're a real mate and an amazing person. And wowza are you good at what ya do.

    @Peregrine We haven't talked much admittedly, but you've done really amazing at helping out, and seemed to catch onto staff work immediately after your promotion. So props to you!

    @Melon You know how I feel about you, one of the unfortunate people burdened with answering my million questions. <3
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  5. What you talkin about gurl? I've been lazy as hell lately. lol. Only just got back from my brake and I still haven't done much yet. Haha, but I very much appreciate the shoutout. I will try to do my best! :D
  6. I'd also like to thank all the past and current Staff and Admins for doing an awesome job with keeping Iwaku the cool place for people to be! :3

    Special thanks those who have been there to answer my stupid questions, have looked out for me before and/or just being cool people I have some laughs with. :D
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  7. No one's giving me love.


  8. I feel you @Seiji. Let's go find a corner and give each other the love nobody else is willing to provide. <3
  9. Hey I tagged you
  10. @Vay @Diana @Bob Ross

    You guys are the reason I'm here today.


    You and I have been contemporaries and friends since the get-go and we both stumbled through a lot of bullshit together. I'm glad we still collaborate even now.

    @Dullahan @Hospes @Melon

    Thank you for joining Staff so I can haze you mercilessly.
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  11. I LOVE JON SNO- @Seiji

    Also thanks @Astaroth for hazing me giving me great staffer advice.
  12. You lie, sir and/or madam. I'm not in your list of tagged staff people. :P
  13. lol uh huh :)
  14. I know you don't count (or you do) but thanks for helping me with all my problems and helping me feel like I don't have to keep running, also this was about the awesome person @Minibit
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