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Practice Post ~

Discussion in 'THE TEST CHAMBERS' started by Shayla, Sep 8, 2015.

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    Delissia remained leaned against the hardened surface of the bed post as her silken locks remained draped over the right side of her face. Her eye's drew closed as Bevin asked the question upon that of her wedding ceremony which all but left her fists to clench tight at her side's. The very thought of still marrying Stevan made her blood boil inside. At that she took a short breath as she exhaled." I was supposed to be married off by the end of this month... That was before I was summoned back home." Her paled green eye's slowly drifted open as Bevan asked the question referring to that of the reason why she had been brought back home. She knew all to well of the war's and rebellion's breaking loose within the Coven's and the Werewolve's uprising against that of her Vamprye brethren.. There were massacres occurring and murder's thriving on both side's. " I'm somewhat up to date on the recent occurrences brewing... It is out of hand and I can tell my father is fearful , which is something rare to be seen from him."