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  1. ((RP with @TreasureSniper))

    No better time to try and pull a heist than after hours of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History. The place was huge and it almost looked like it could have been a small castle in previous years. After spending a good month in the city of Washington D.C. she began learning and discovering important things about the city and the museum itself. It took a while for her to adjust to their culture and learn the human ways, but she began to catch on. She's visited the museum many times, looking at amazing artifacts that were preserved inside this fortress. At least that's what it looked like to those around her, when in actuality she was scoping the museum to find a way in and a way out.

    "Okay, Myu. Now's a better time than never." A male voice through the young girls communicator explained to her as she stood outside of the gated museum.

    The girl, better known as Myu, standing at 5'6 with a skinny stature. She changed parts of her regular appearance to look more pleasing to the human race, with sparkling emerald green eyes and dirty blonde hair that reached to her mid-back. She had short bangs that swept across her forehead and framed her face. She looked to be about 19, a young adult working in her prime for a passion she loved. She wore a black tank top underneath a leather brown jacket as well as blue jeans and a pair of brown boots underneath her jeans. She looked harmless, like she couldn't swat a fly without pulling her shoulder out in the process, a very misleading appearance.

    "Alright alright, I'm on my way." Myu mumbled through her headset as she looked up at the brick wall. Of course she wasn't going to go through the front gate where the cameras were, and going straight back would cause the same problem! After discovering the layout of the museum and it's courtyard she discovered two blind spots that the cameras didn't reach. Jumping across and ending up in a small back corner she looked around the courtyard. She looked from the courtyard to the museum, seeing a few cameras hanging from the building. "Rylee you're a brat for not helping me. It would take you a good two seconds to disarm all of the security in this place! But no!" Myuka complained to her partner in crime over the communication device in her right ear. It was at this point it was clear she was something other than human, using her unearthly abilities to shower herself in invisibility as she slowly made her way across the courtyard. Using abilities such as this in a world that doesn't allow it always took some extra energy, energy that she didn't want to use too much of this early in the heist.

    "I can't baby you through all of your shenanigans! Plus you said you wanted to do this on your own. And I am helping you! I'm talking to you right now!" The man known as Rylee argued with her. Rylee was the man behind the scenes and an expert with technology. Born and raised in the human world with his human mother it was surprising that Myuka could find such an expert in such a remote location. Rylee was a half demon, his father being a fox demon that Rylee himself had never met. Rylee had short spiky almost platinum blonde hair and a beautiful shade of blue eyes, not too dark but not to bright. He stood at about 6'1 but seemed very under in his weight, not having much if any muscle mass. He wore a pair of black framed glasses as well as a dark blue sweatshirt and a pair of blue jeans. Since he was just sitting at his computer back at base, he didn't bother wearing shoes or socks. The only abnormality that could be seen in Rylee were his slightly pointed, almost elf like looking ears. Since he was only a half demon he didn't carry much of his fathers' traits.

    "Yeah, but you're just keeping me company, you're not actually helping." Myuka remarked back as she made her way to where she wanted. She looked up at the second floor, counted two windows over and smiled. She jumped up to that window, hanging onto the window with her hands since her feet didn't fully fit on the small brick exterior she was able to land on. She sighed, knowing that if she opened the window it would be obvious someone was sneaking in. She could mask herself and things that she held, but she couldn't mask a window. She concentrated on a specific area inside the museum and used one of her very well practiced demon abilities to get inside the building known as Fox Fire. Since she was able to mask herself well there was no trace of such fire as she appeared inside the building. She was beginning to run out of energy faster than she anticipated and decided to move more quickly. She looked around the room so that she could find the three cameras she knew where active thanks to earlier scouting. Finding the first one, she popped the back off of the camera and used a tiny bit of fox fire to spark a blue wire, making the image on the camera freeze. She was not as technologically skilled as her counterpart Rylee, so there's a good chance there was a small fuzz or flicker in the image of the camera before the image froze. She did the same thing with the other two cameras before continuing. Once she knew the area was secured she removed her invisibility, saving her some much needed energy. She signed in relief, smiling at the artifact she was after.

    Just this month the Smithsonian featured a 3-D Printed Presidential Life Bust of America's most recent president Barack Obama. There was no better way to prove her skills as a master thief than to steal something so recent and important! She stared at the bust in the case, thinking of her strategy once more about how to remove the bust safely from the case and bring it back to base.

    ((I didn't want to get too far ahead, so I'll stop here for not. Lol!))
  2. "Are you kidding me?" said a tall slender figure clad in black armor with annoyed tone. "Guard duty in museum tsk.. I feel like we got demoted or something. "the slender figure complained further. "Relax..... I'm sure the chief had his reasons for assigning us to a "boring" mission." said 19 year old young man, the only unarmored individual out of the trio. As they made their way to the control room of the surveillance system of the museum. " This where we are suppose to be stationed at." said the third member of trio who was also clad in armor which had a very distinctly different design compared to his friend. His armor had a much more bulkier appearance and also had a quite large "backpack" attached to the back of the armor. "According to the chief, we are only allowed to take action against anything that the security guards can't handle. Anything else is not our business." said the bulky one with monotone robotic voice.
    As the sky turned dark the trio sat down inside the control room looking through the camera feed. "What kind of lousy surveillance system is this!?? There's so many blind spots here and there." the slender figure complained before one of the camera feed flickered for a second before a second before returning to "normal". At the same time the wrist mounted control pad of the bulky one announced that multiple pulses of demonic energy has been detected in the area near the area where the bust of America's president was put on display. "Well..well well... looks like this wont be boring after all.." said the young man before taking out a strange looking gun and slotting in a card into it. "Henshin!" the young man said before pulling the trigger causing the intricate transformation sequence to occur which covers the young mans body with blue armor. "You guys stay here. I'll take care of this myself." said the young man before heading out the door with extremely blinding speeds which were nearly impossible for the human eye to follow. "Damn it Daiki! Always taking all the fun for yourself." said the slender figure before turning his attention back to the camera feed

    As Daiki arrived at the location, he sees a girl standing near the case of the bust of Obama Barrack. Daiki slowly walked towards the girl in his armored form. "What are you doing here little girl?" Daiki said with a rather cheerful tone knowing that the girl cant be a mere to have slip through the camera feed and security guards that easily.
  3. Myuka's eyes widened in surprise before turning to see where the male voice was coming from. She was surprised to see that someone has already caught onto her scheme before she even left the building, and couldn't help but notice his outfit of choice. That armor did not look like a normal night guard uniform, something was different about him. Special forces? Would a museum really need these people to guard these objects?! Well, probably, if it wasn't for him Myu might have gotten away too easy.

    Little girl?! She might have been young but she was old enough to do things on her own! She's never liked the phrase 'little girl,' especially when it came from men. It almost sounded demeaning to her, like the people looking at her didn't think much of her. Myuka always wanted to prove those people wrong. "Oh thank goodness you're here!" Myuka smiled and relaxed as she saw the man, probably really confusing him at this point. Her smile looked genuine, at first it was really hard to tell that she might have been just a little angry or ticked off. Though with her next few sentences it was obvious she was taunting the man's earlier question. "I seem to have gotten separated from my mother. I ran straight here not realizing she wasn't behind me. Can you help this 'little girl' find her lost mother? I'm so scared I might cry!" As her sentences continued her smile began slowly forming into a smirk, realizing this might be more fun than she anticipated. Plus she always had Rylee to back her up!

    "Good luck Myu. If you fail I'll be sure to come visit you in maximum security. At least if they let me visit you." Rylee taunted Myuka through the headset with a slight laugh as he sat at home behind his computer desk. Myuka could even hear him snacking on something loud, like chips! Seriously?! Myuka remembered challenging Rylee for words he spoke earlier at base, explaining that she would already be dead if it wasn't for him. But would he really take that argument this far as to let her get arrested?! Plus Myuka couldn't even respond to Rylee now because she didn't want to give away the fact that she had a communicator in her ear under her long hair. No matter, Myuka still had a bust to steal.

    As she faced the man, her eyes locked onto the man in armor though she moved her right hand onto the stand where the bust laid. She put her hand under the stand, where Daiki probably couldn't see exactly what she was doing, though it would soon be obvious. She took this opportunity to use her sharp nails that she possessed in her demon form to cut open a small square opening in the stand, revealing some wires. "So I can learn from my mistakes, what gave me away? I thought I was so careful!" Myuka asked, trying to keep a conversation going as she continued her work. Without looking, because she kept her eyes on Daiki, she fiddled with a few of the chords before she felt the thickest chord, cutting it with her nails and hearing the electric alarm around the bust disappear. She knew with the lack of electricity she heard running through the stand of the bust that she could remove the glass case without setting off any alarms. Though an escape, she would have to think fast. Myuka didn't particularly like fast, it always lead to sloppy work.
  4. Daiki could sense that this girl wasnt an ordinary girl. He could also tell that she was also taunting him . "Don't worry. Your mother shouldn't be too hard to find" Daiki said while pretending to believe her story and observing her actions. Daiki quickly noticed that her right was fiddling with the wiring at the underside of stand of the presidents bust. Its was quite obvious to Daiki that the girls target was the bust of the president. Daiki quickly slotted a card into his gun causing the gun to talk. "ATTACK RIDE: ILLUSION". Daiki then pulls the trigger causing 4 copies of himself to appear on each side of the girl. "So what's your mother like? I'd imagine she's a very good person. Especially if she could raise a girl as well mannered as you." Daiki said with a tone that would make other people think that he actually believed the girls story. "I see you've taken an interest on the bust of our president, too bad you can't take the original home with you. But you could always buy a souvenir version of it at this museum's gift shop." Daiki said with his signature cheery tone as he pulled the trigger of the gun causing energy bolts to discharge from the barrel of the strange gun which also causes his clones to follow up with more bolts of energy. If the bolts were to hit the girl in any area it would create energy shackles which would bind the girl onto the ground of the area.
    Back inside the control room the bulky one and the tall dark one have a little chat with each other. "Hey Black Glint, check this out." said the bulky one as he brought up a holographic page of bounty. Black Glint quickly noticed that there was a girl with an unusually high bounty. "Tch. Such large bounty for such a small girl." said Black Glint before continuing to watch the security feed in boredom.
  5. ((I laughed so hard at your little tie in at the end! Awesome reference!))

    Myuka was a little sad that he didn't bother to answer her earlier question, it was always good to try and learn from your mistakes. Though why would he tell her? It would only improve her skills even more! Myuka was surprised to see that his gun could do so much, even so powerful as to make illusions. Illusions were something she was very familiar with, though she had certain flaws with her illusions that she was curious if he shared or not. She could make as many illusions as she wanted, but if attacked or touched they would simply vanish in a blue fire. Her illusions were virtually harmless, but a very good distraction.

    "My mother? Beautiful!" Myuka started off, describing with the utmost of excitement. "She's sweet, caring, amazing, understanding, really I could go on. She's the type of woman that would see you on a street and cook you up something to eat and give you a bed to stay in before letting you sit outside by yourself. She raised me to be as respectful to my elders as I could, always saying 'please' and 'thank you' were a must in my house!" It was somewhat weird when Myu thought about it, she was actually describing her mother. It made her remember how much she truly missed her home cooked meals. Myu knew though that she could never return home, at least not until that stupid bounty of hers was lifted. She would never bring such dangers to her mother!

    Myuka's earlier doubts of Daiki's illusions were soon put to rest as she saw all four copies shoot what looked like some type of energy restraining bolts. If all of his copies were able to do such things then she could only imagine that they are as powerful as the original. She needed to disarm him, and quickly. Otherwise she was afraid she would feel the cold comforts of a lonely jail cell! She focused carefully, not dodging quickly in fear of slipping up and getting caught. So far she was able to dodge the bolts due to the light they gave off, giving away the locations of where the bolts would hit. "I couldn't help but notice how brilliant the bust turned out. It looks just like the real thing. What fun is it bringing home a miniature when I could bring home the real thing?" She asked as she laughed. Myuka quickly realized she made a pretty bad mistake.

    With her excessive thoughts on dodging the bolts, she realized she lost track of which armed foe was the real thing! Myu was quickly frustrated with her own stupid mistakes and had to do her best to figure it out before it was too late. She made eye contact with one, vanishing in a blue fox fire and appearing behind him. She kicked the gun out of his hand, caught it and burned it in a blue fire. She had no idea if the individual she was after was a fake or not, but by slowly eliminating them and their resources maybe she could get lucky and figure it out quickly. She knew she probably wouldn't have time to both disarm the individual and attack, so she took a few steps back and stood on the defensive, doing her best to focus on those dang bolts!

    "So tell me, just how powerful are you without that nifty little pistol you hold?" Myuka asked as she smirked, trying to come up with a new strategy where she can still escape with the bust at hand.

    "Ready to admit you need me yet? Admit it and I'll get you out." Rylee taunted her through her ear piece, just waiting for the words as he sat at his desk.

    Admit it?! No! She could do it on her own, or so she liked to think!

    The holographic page that the two other individuals were looking at contained the following information:
    Name: Myuka Hiramatsu
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 110
    Appearance: Slim and tall, pale skinned. Is known for having long slick black hair that reaches to her mid back with bangs across her forehead as well as bangs that frame her face. Has a mixture of blue and green eyes along with black fox ears with white tips and a fluffy fox tail that reaches past her ankles. Her tail is in constant motion and never touches the ground. Has been assumed that she might appear in other forms but are currently unknown.
    Locations: Has been spotted in countless areas of the Demon World as well as slight appearances in the Human World using illegal entrances.
    Crimes: Theft of petty items, theft of expensive and rare artifacts, theft in the Demon World, theft in the Human World, burglary of homes, illegal entrance of the Human World, violence, refusing to cooperate with police enforcement, hostage situations, use of weapons, and murder in the Demon World.
    Danger Level: Has been known to kill other demons who get in her way, has yet to harm humans. Has been known to use weapons on others. Is suggested to remain far from her if not a trained professional and call the police immediately if spotted.
    Wanted: Dead or Alive
    Reward: $1,000,000.00 if alive, $50,000.00 if dead.

    ((Up to you if the individual disarmed is a copy or not. It'll be a surprise for me. Lol!))
  6. Daiki was caught off guard when his target suddenly disappears out of his sight in blue flames. "To think someone as young as you would master that technique already.....just like Black Glint" said Daiki while ignoring the fact that the girl just "destroyed" his "only" weapon. "Time to find out" Daiki replied Myuka's question as he dash towards Myuka's back at blinding speed that would cause most humans to think that he simply "appeared" behind her. Daiki then proceeded to grab Myuka's left hand with a dead-mans grip technique with his left arm which would be near impossible to escape unless they would want to amputate their arm. Daiki grip also disrupted the demonic energies of the girl making it extremely difficult for the girl use any demonic abilities. "The Diend Driver is not a mere weapon, it is an extension of myself." as Daiki said that his pistol-like weapon rematerializes in the grip of his right arm. "Its a shame really... we could always use more talented people like you in the department" Daiki said before aiming the barrel of his gun to Myuka's head. Daiki then pulls the trigger of his gun causing a small stream of energy to flow into the headset causing it to be temporarily deactivated. The copies made earlier then followed up with a barrage of binding bolts earlier. If any of them were to hit Daiki the bolts would simply use the armor conductor to flow from Daiki to Myuka.
    Back inside the control room. Black Glint continued his conversation with the bulky one.
    "Hey Jet Slinger, why don't you send out a scouting drone to observe what's going on Daiki's side." Jet Slinger was caught off guard by Black Glint request since he is not known for his compassion towards his teammates although he does show a softer side of himself from time to time. "Isn't it strange for you to be worried about Daiki like that?" said Jet Slinger as spherical object detaches itself from his back and flies to Daiki location. "Me? Worried about Daiki? Haha what, if there's anyone I should be worried, its whoever is fighting Daiki. I just wanted to see him fight." said Black Glint with signature cocky tone. "He was once forced to hold off a class 7 demon all by himself for 2 days straight If that didn't kill him… if the Void elite guards and the Highlanders of the Ascendants and the Bloodboilers of Kragis couldn't kill him—then whoever he's fighting right now will not kill him!" Black Glint said with acknowledge to the feats of Daiki. "But of course" said Jet Slinger with a relaxed tone.

  7. "Oh I've got a number of tricks up my sleeve. It's a perk of being my fathers' daughter." Myuka answered him back when he mentioned how well she uses her techniques. 'Time to find out,' Myuka wasn't quite sure she wanted to find out! When he was able to easily grab her and put her in such an awkward grip Myuka couldn't help but let out a small one second scream, as if someone just popped up and scared her from around a corner. Figuring this would be easy to get out of Myuka tried using her Fox Fire once more, only to realize she didn't move anywhere and she was still stuck. 'What in the hell is this?!' Myuka thought to herself, frustrated. "You know this is no way to treat a lady!" She argued, clearly frustrated.

    Myuka listened to his explanation of his weapon, seeing it appear again. She scolded herself silently for thinking she could get rid of the weapon so easily. His weapon reminded her of her own, too bad her abilities were temporarily useless! There was no way she could summon her weapon right now. Then he started talking about 'the department.'

    Myuka rolled her eyes at his statement. "I'm really sick of hearing about 'the department.'" She explained, mocking the last two words. "Your beautiful little system is what got me in this mess in the first place!" It was such a vague statement it was hard to tell exactly what she meant. She noticed after the blast pointed to her head, which she was sure would do something else like knock her unconscious, she could no longer hear Rylee. Thank God! He was starting to get so annoying with all of his taunting!

    Still stuck in Daiki's grip Myuka noticed a small orb flying towards them, making her extremely confused. Daiki didn't do that, so there must be more people of his ranks in the building. That generally wasn't good for her since she was already having trouble with one! Luckily she still had emerald green eyes, dirty blond hair and no physical notice being a demon, though she would soon prove that she was anything but human.

    "You can suppress my abilities all you want. However, you cannot suppress my strength." She explained with a smirk, planting both feet firmly on the ground, grabbing hold of Daiki with her right hand and swinging him over her shoulder, making him land straight on his back. It was always so much fun to see the surprised looks on peoples face whens he displayed her strength, it seemed so unrealistic for such a tiny girl to be so powerful. During that process however Daiki had a firm grip on Myuka, causing her left shoulder to pop out of place during the flip. "Son of a bitch!" Myuka yelled as she was obviously in pain. She held her left arm with her right, grinding her teeth together and trying to fight off the pain. 'At least I'm out, but holy crap that hurt!' She thought to herself as she backed away from Daiki and closer to the bust.

    "If it makes you feel any better I'm just borrowing it! I'll give it back in less than a week!" Myuka was pretty sure he still wouldn't allow it, but maybe it would make this whole thing easier. Around her and the bust she set up a ring of blue fox fire around her, making it nearly impossible to be reached. The heat off the flames seemed so real, it felt like it would burn anyone who walked towards it, however that was completely false. The flames were simply a distraction, they could not harm anyone. Myuka placed her right hand on the bust, masking it in invisibility. She hen 'tucked the bust under her right arm,' her only working arm. It was hard to tell if she actually did or not though since it was masked so well. For all Daiki knew she could be acting like she picked it up to throw him off.

    ((I'm not trying to power play I'm just trying to keep things fun and interesting, though if you feel like I'm being too controlling just let me know!))
  8. Daiki sighed as he quickly recovered from the Myuka's wrestling move by regaining his footing using a move that is normally used for break-dancing. "Well looks like I have to put some amount of effort into this fight...." Daiki said before taking a deep breath, at the same time his illusions started to fade away into nothingness. Even though Daiki could clearly see blue flames forming around the girl , His determination to stop the girl from taking the bust was unwavering. As Daiki exhaled, he quickly dashed towards with his left hand in front of him while his hand did a claw like gesture within 1/10 of a second causing cracks to appear around the floor of the museum due to extreme force acting upon the surrounding area that is caused by his attack. Daiki when through the fake ring of fire without any resistance with a slight bit of disappointment as he expected flames to be real. The objective of his attack was to grab Myuka by the neck and pin her to the one pillars of the museum while also simultaneously implanting an enchantment to seal her demonic powers temporarily. As damaging as the attack seems, it does not cause any severe injuries since Daiki concentrates a large amount energy into a layer that surrounds his hand that absorbs most of the attacks force.
    Inside the control room the the duo watched Daiki's battle with the thief girl by plugging in a wire into one of the monitors of the security room. "Damn it Daiki, Why are you holding back?" Black Glint complained in annoyance since Daiki is not the type guy to mess around in fight... unless of course he had a reason to. "Maybe its because 1. He doesn't wanna kill the girl. 2. He doesn't wan't bring the museum and 3. He doesn't see the girl as a real threat." said Jet Slinger as if he were answering an extremely obvious question. As Daiki launched his attack the duo couldn't help but stay silent watching Daiki's attack in awe. There were many things the two didn't agree on. But one thing they knew and acknowledge together was never to be on the receiving side of Daiki's attacks
  9. Myuka was relieved to see that the illusions Daiki set up were slowly beginning to fade, though that relief was short lived as he quickly went after her once more. She was surprised to see what power he could actually possess, and wondered if he was loosing control or suppressing those powers. The cracks in the ground were either a sign of him holding back or loosing control, and Myu was somewhat curious as to which it was. It all happened so fast that Myu was easily pushed back into the pillar from Daiki's attack. When she hit the pillar she let out a split second scream, sounding in pain. She struggled against his grip, kicking and trying anything she could to get out of this grip. She moved her arms to pull against his hand and screamed once more, forgetting of her earlier injury. She looked at her left arm, knowing she had to pop that shoulder back into place before continuing much more, though due to her current situation that wasn't an option. Trying to escape using Fox Fire or any other technique proved to be useless, and the realization of that could be seen in her eyes. She seemed defeated, frustrated, and at a loss for an escape.

    One crucial problem that was probably easily forgotten was the bust. When Daiki attacked Myuka it became obvious that she wasn't actually holding the bust, she was only acting. But if she wasn't holding it then it must still be on the stand, which was unsteady on the ground due to the cracks Daiki created.

    Myuka's eyes widened even more at the sound of a crash that could be heard behind Daiki and herself. She knew what that sound was and moved her eyes to see a previous presidential bust of Barack Obama shattered in pieces. It fell off the stand and proved to be a bit more frail than she originally thought the bust to be. All of her hard work, destroyed due to this mans' careless mistake! She was somewhat frustrated, but couldn't help but find this whole situation ironic.

    "For the record, that was your fault." Myuka said with a smirk and a slight laugh, referring to the broken bust. "So was catching me that much more important to you than protecting the merchandise you were probably stationed to protect in the first place? How would you explain this to your superior? I won't be much help to you. I'm definitely not taking that fall for you." The situation only made her laugh more, and then quickly refrain due to the pain in her left arm. Laughing only made her move more, so she quickly stopped to prevent herself from further pain. "But..." Myuka began, a smirk still planted on her face. "If you stop this stupid demon suppressant or whatever you currently have on me, maybe, just maybe, I would consider helping you fix it." It was a strategy Myuka had to try to get herself out of the current sticky situation. It was a very unlikely plan, but a plan none-the-less. She figured maybe there was a slight chance he would need her help to recreate the bust so that there was no evidence of the bust being broken in the first place. Though she knew if she helped him fix it, she would have to leave the bust behind so that she could make an escape. It was a tough situation, Myuka only hoped that she could find a way for him to let her go, and a way she could fix her God dang shoulder that hurt so badly!
  10. "The condition of the bust is the least your worries..." said Daiki in response to being told about the bust being shattered due to the destructive nature of his attack. "I can see that you are in pain right now.." said Daiki with a rather cold tone. Daiki knows that the girl was in no condition to fight back. "Fret no girl.... I shall end your misery.." Daiki said with cold tone in his voice as he slowly moved shifts his left hands grip from her neck to her left shoulder. " This is gonna hurt........ a lot..." Daiki said in a cruel tone as if he was gonna put down a wounded animal to end its suffering. In other words, a Coup de Grace. But instead of doing that, Daiki simply relocated the girls shoulder by channeling his energy into the girls shoulders to push it back to its rightful configuration. Shortly after that Daiki releases his grip from the girl to turn around to witness the destruction he caused. "This won't take long to fix" Daiki said as he took out a card from the side of his belt and slotted it into his gun. "ATTACK RIDE: RESTORATION" said the gun before Daiki pulls the trigger causing a field of energy to appear around the area of the damaged sections of the room. Shortly after that, the energy field dissipates revealing the room to be how it once was, free from destruction. Not a single trace of the destruction cause was to be found. Daiki usually keeps a few of this cards as means of clean up to compensate for his destructive tendencies when fighting. "This is obviously not your first time doing this type of thing, so please tell me this, wouldn't you rather be doing something that actually benefits not only you but also everyone else? I'm sure that you have quite the reputation as a thief, lots of debts and vendettas. I'm sure you don't spend much time with your family these days because of these type of things. Don't you think that your parents would be happier to know that you have job that helps people instead of a shady one?" said Daiki with a rather soft tone. "Just in case you don't understand what I'm trying to here, fyi I'm trying to recruit you into the IPD". Daiki uttered with his usual cheerful tone.
    Back inside the control room the armored duo were completely speechless. It was extremely difficult to understand Daiki's modus operandi since he likes to do things in an unorthodox manner. Even with that in mind they still can't fully understand why Daiki does what he does.

    (Sorry for the late reply. I had new year festivities to attend. Um... so yeah Happy New year. I'm still trying to improve my roleplaying skills since their quite wonky. Btw I kinda think that this story needs a villain, but unfortunately I can't role play as one cause I'm not good at it.
  11. When he mentioned Myuka's very much noticeable pain she couldn't help but wonder what he was getting at. His tone was different than his earlier carefree and somewhat joking behavior he displayed earlier. When he mentioned 'ending her misery' her eyes got really big, a bit shocked. He couldn't possibly mean what she thought, right? He wouldn't get rid of her that easily! He didn't seem like the type of guy that would be so ruthless!

    He was right, she was in a great deal of pain for a while, but it wasn't what she expected. When she heard the pop of her shoulder get back in place she kicked the wall and bit her lip, doing her best to refrain from yelling every profanity she could think of. "Son of a bi.... Mother fu..." She continued to stop herself from saying the words she was thinking.

    How could he so easily let her go?! He just released her and turned around to look at the damage she caused. He made this way too easy! She smirked and raised her right hand, ready to drop him to the floor and make her escape!

    She stopped midway though, thinking this was way to easy. It wasn't as much fun if it was this easy, and it didn't feel right. She put her hand down and rolled her eyes, almost as if she was bored with the thought of attacking him when his back was turned.

    When he really easily fixed the entire room she couldn't help but be amazed. How can he fix so much damage?! It looked as if nothing happened! "That gun can do everything can't it?" Myuka questioned, crossing her arms over her chest. "I'm waiting for the things I would enjoy, like 'attack ride: chocolate cake.'" She joked, doing her best to mimic the voice of the gun with a slight smile on her face.

    Surprisingly she stood still and let him explain his thoughts on her and ask his curious questions. She was surprised at some of his words, hitting a bit closer to home then he might of thought. "Well, nice of you to notice that I'm pretty good at what I do. I obviously could use some more practice, which you don't seem very supportive of." She mentioned before thinking about how to explain herself. "I think we could easily disagree as to what's beneficial and what is not. Family hasn't been too high on the priority list. My parents? Who do you think taught me the ways of thieving?" She laughed.

    "The IPD?" Myuka quickly stopped laughing as she questioned him. How on earth could he be trying to recruit her to the other side of things? The side of things that got her in this mess in the first place?! It was quite the offer, it would sure make things much easier. But what if he found out who she actually was, or worse his department and they decided to put her behind bars in the spot? "It's a nice offer, but I don't think I would be a good fit for that side of the law. We seem to have a few... disagreements on how to handle certain situations." She vaguely explained. She thought about it a bit though when he offered. She could always accept, learn their ways and play both sides to get what she was after as well as keep her team safe. As far as she knew, her record only ever mentioned her, but never her teammates.

    ((Oh no worries, Happy New Year! Your roleplaying skills are much better then others I've seen, and we all have things to work on. We can add a villain, and I could sure try, but it might be difficult because I have five team members to control. We could use the same villain that was in the other rp, Killo. Or we can think of another one.))
  12. "I see" Daiki said in slight disappointment in reponse to Myuka's reply. Daiki snaps his fingers causing the drone deployed JetSlinger to hover closer to Myuka. As it got closer to Myuka it started emitting a strange beam onto her while circling her as if it was scanning her. After a short delay the drone speaks in a robotic voice. "Identity confirmed. Displaying information on "Myuka Hiramatsu"." and with that the drone started projecting a holographic page about Myuka case files. "Looks like someone's been naughty. Naughty enough to have such a large bounty. Almost as big as my bounty last time." Daiki said with an excited tone. " It seems that you've been holding back in our little fight back there. Maybe its because of enviroment." Daiki said as he twirled his gun and slots a card into it. "ATTACK RIDE: DIMENSIONAL SHIFT" . As Daiki pulls the trigger of his gun causing blinding light shine onto the entire area as if a massive explosion was engulfing the area. As the light lifts Myuka, Daiki and the drone are transported into a massive coliseum-like area. "Now then before we start...." Daiki said as he quickly slotted a card into his gun and fires it at Myuka in a blink of an eye as the word "ATTACK RIDE : REPLENISH" are uttered by his gun causing an extremely fast green projectile to fly towards Myuka. If the projectile we're to hit it will instantly replenish any energy loss during the previous fight of the individual that was hit, In addition it also breaks power seal that was put n Myuka earlier . " Worry not Myuka I promise I will not kill you in this battle, All I ask is for you to give it your all. Let me give you a bit of motivation, if you defeat me in this battle I'll let you take the bust without any resistance from me." Daiki said with an excited tone. "Oh and don't my offer on joining the IPD still stands" Daiki said as he gets into a battle stance. "Now then...Show me the power you have mustered!" Daiki says causing his voice to echo throughout the empty coliseum in a more reserved and calm tone as if he is testing the combatants, giving him a deity-like vibe.
  13. Myuka was extremely surprised at his interest in battle. She couldn't believe he would go so far just for a fun fight; changing scenery, even replenishing her lost energy from earlier. She was slightly frustrated that he could so easily find her files and see her worth. It was such a funny thing when she thought of it, most people never looked at her to learn about her traits or personality but only to learn of her bounty and how much she was worth to society. She always wished she could get rid of that stupid dollar sign.

    He mentioned he wouldn't kill her, but he evaded stating that he wouldn't turn her in either. There was a chance that if she lost she would find herself behind bars. Since he offered to let her live Myuka figured she should probably do the same, rolling her eyes that the thought of a meaningless fight. That was until he gave the fight meaning.

    Her eyes shot straight to him when he mentioned she could leave with the bust. Now that was something worth fighting for. She smiled at the thought, thinking this could be fun! It would only be fun though if she won. Myuka surrounded herself in a blue foxfire, but only for a few seconds. When the fire dissipated she showed her true form. The dirty blonde hair was gone and replaced with a dark black, also the emerald green eyes were replaced with what looked like a mixture of green and blue but with the blue tint slightly overpowering the green. She had fuzzy black ears with white tips at the sides of her head as well as a bushy long fur black tail with a white tip. If left motionless, her tail would easily drag against the ground, though it was always in motion, never touching the dirt below her.

    She held her arm up in the air, quickly surrounded by the same blue foxfire as before. When the foxfire disappeared she was holding a huge sword in her right hand. The sword was only a few inches shorter than her entire height and was wide enough for her to hide behind. It didn't look like traditional metal, but as if it was carved from a tooth or fang of a larger demon. The body of the sword (or fang) had a carving of a dragon that swilled all the way to the bottom of the blade. The dragon looked to have piercing cold eyes but no limbs, just a scaly body.

    He mentioned that she was holding back, and Myuka couldn't deny that. Though she only held back to suppress her anger, her greatest weakness in battle. She stood, looking defenseless with a smirk on her face, holding her fang with her right hand behind her shoulder. The fang looked too huge for her to carry with such ease, but that just showed how misleading her size really was compared to her strength. She needed to be smart, she needed to study his tactics first. As much as she wanted to make the first move, she knew that probably wasn't the best idea.

    "Ladies first." She taunted, already analyzing what outcome she would get from that statement.

    ((Sorry it took me so long to reply. Work started up again and I had to get back on schedule. Lol!))
  14. "Things are...rarely as they seem" Daiki uttered with an enigmatic tone as he raises his gun into the air for it to disintegrate. Shortly after that multiple bands of bright blue and red energy form around his right arm. When the energy bands disappeared Daiki was holding a unusually long katana-like sword in his right hand. The sword looked liked the type of weapon that would usually need both hands to be used effectively, although Daiki seems quite comfortable with using the weapon as a one handed weapon. The surface of the sword seemed to indicate that it was made of some sort of metal. Similar to Myuka's sword, this sword also contained dragon carving. The difference being that it had two dragons instead of one. One red and one blue, intertwining each other along the length of the blade. Both with serpentine bodies similar to that of a chinese dragon. Their both seem to be radiating out of the carvings of the blade with a mystical glow.
    "And so it begins! FREEZING FLAMES!" shouted Daiki with a battle-hungry tone as he points his sword towards Myuka causing multiple large torrents of frostburn blue fire to shoot out of his sword towards Myuka in an attempt to trap her in a freezing field where her movement is extremely hampered due to the nature of frostburn fire which causes the area covered by it extremely hard to traverse in due to the slippery ground. Unlike normal ice, the ice created by frostburn fire cannot melted by simply raising the temperature. "BLAZING BLIZZARD!" Daiki shouts as he swings his blade in Myuka's direction causing a dragon-like entity made out of frostburn flames to emerge from the blade and fly towards Myuka's direction. Unlike the blue frostburn flames earlier, the Dragon was made out of a more redder variation of the frostburn flames. Instead of making a direct impact, the dragon instead circled around the freezing field, creating an impassable wall of fire around it which causes the air inside the freezing field get hotter and hotter. Due to the nature of the ice, the freezing field was unaffected by the increase in heat.
    "Letting me attack first so that you can see what I'm capable of, an excellent tactic Myuka. But it only works if...." Daiki's voice echoed inside the confinement he had created with an ominous tone, in a way that as if he was everywhere and no where at the same time. "You're strong enough to face them..." Daiki said as he charges into the trap he made with a single powerful punch which would send any normal humans flying across the floor aimed at Myuka's stomach with his left hand. Should Myuka decide block Daiki's punch with her sword she would have to withstand the intense concussive force caused by his punch which is strong enough shatter even the toughest of armor due to it being augmented by his other abilities
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