Practice makes Perfect, or does it? (XMEN Roleplay - Private)

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  1. Cheyenne curled up into a corner after training. Coming to this school certainly had been a good thing for her, but the training, Professors practically forcing her to transform almost every other was exhausting to say the least. Not to mention, Cheyenne hated transforming in front of people. Her transformation wasn't ever beautiful and she hated people staring at her ugly humanoid wolf form. It made her self concious, especially around boys. But there was always one teacher there that always seemed to cheer her up.

    Cheyenne's eyes shifted as she got up from her corner. She didn't see anyone coming after her yet, so maybe it was ok for her to go back to her room without anyone spotting her. She started to walk in the way of the dorms, but a hand grabbed her wrist, holding her back. Looking back, she saw Storm's face. This was the teacher that always seemed to cheer her up, no matter what.

    "Cheyenne, what's wrong?"

    Cheyenne looked to the ground, pulling her wrist out of Storm's grip.


    Storm placed her hands on her hips.

    "Cheyenne...I know how you hate transforming in front of your peers, but you must learn how to control your powers. Otherwise, they'll take you over completely....Besides, if you keep running away from'll only look bad...especially in front of Desmond..."

    Cheyenne blushed.

    "What? How did you....?"

    Storm smirked.

    "I know you like him. I see they way you look at him. There is no denying it...Besides, I asked Desmond to come look for me after practice. He's probably on his way here now..."

    Listening to the air around her, she could hear footsteps approaching. She froze.

    "Your so mean...."

    Storm laughed.

    "I thought talking to him might give you another person to talk to and get to know so that you don't just have me....Talk to him, get to know him..."

    She heard the footsteps coming closer. It sounded like they were just around the corner. Cheyenne looked up, ready to face Desmond, if in fact it was Desmond coming to look for Professor Storm.
  2. Desmond had finished his training session with Wolverine with him being the only one able to survive the bursts of energy that he can release at times before the older man patted him on the shoulder "Keep working kid." He said before moving out of the room leaving desmond alone inside. He walked up to a pole he used for training and grabbed it before dichargeing the remaining of the energy he had in his body to protect those around him from a possible fatal discharge or radiation exposure.

    He turned the corner out of the room and began to walk down the hallway towards where Storm wished to speak to him. The two of them had practiced energy transfering through lightning and to have him around was like having a walking volatile generator. To say the least, he was dangerous but had proven his ability to control this horrific ability well enough to stay at the school around the others.

    He turned the corner to the room and looked inside to see another girl in there with Storm. "I am here Professor Storm." He said and glanced over at Cheyenne. He simply nodded at her before taking a deep breath "You wished to see me? Are we going to have another energy match." He said with a growing smirk. "If so, I have energy already stored inside of me... be aware of this." He continued on before turning to Cheyenne "Hello, Sorry if I seem formal. I just finished my training with Wolverine.. hes the only one I can go all out with... he doesn't die." He continued on obviously still in a heightened and energy based state.
  3. Cheyenne blushed hard as he looked at her and began to speak. She looked away.

    "I understand. He is the only one that can withstand blows when I transform. I train with him often..."

    Storm smirked.

    "I called you out after class cause I want you two t+ formally meet. I know you've briefly met, but I would like you two to get to know each other because you will be working together on an upcoming mission. Cheyenne, please take my place today and practice with Desmond. I am sure you are aware of each other's power. Be careful and learn to work together. I already got permission from Professor Xavier for both of you to have a 2 hour break from classes to train together. You have 2 weeks to prepare! Good luck!"

    Storm smirked and waved, leaving them alone.

    "Where should we practice?" Cheyenne asked, her face still stained with a deep red blush.
  4. Desmond was about to protest about the two practicing but before he could Storm walked out leaving him slightly speechless. He had no issue working with her on a mission but having the two fight was deadly. He could cause Wolverine to literally die but come back hours later. It was overly dangerous for him to do this but if Storm trust him then he would do his best not to discharge kinetic energy gained during movment if they decide to sparr.

    "Alright, since you will be working with me and I with you... You should know that I am overly dangerous. Please.. if I start glowing.. just run... Run as far as you can to escape the burst. Especially if I am near something radioactive or anything not filtered out by the Ozone layer. Electricity isn't that bad and Kinetic energy is useful in combat.. but I can kill you if I discharge Gamma radiation gathered over time." He said to her before noticing her face "Yes, it is infact kind of embarassing... Don't worry.. I wont hurt you." He said obvlious to her feelings. He put a hand on her shoulder and began to walk out with her "The lawn should be a good place to start."
  5. Cheyenne tries to keep her cool as they headed out to the lawn to spar.

    "I think I will be ok. I have taken direct blows from Professor Logan and still have survived. My body, when I transform, becomes thick skinned so I can take electricity directly and not be hurt. I will be wary of the radiation though. Oh and I must warn you, the creature I transform into isn't a pretty sight so, I apologize ahead of time"

    As they came to a good spot on the lawn, Cheyenne took the liberty to transform, her frame growing 2 times her original size. Her vision changed from color to black and white. Her sense of smell and hearing heightened. Upon seeing Desmond look at her ugly frame, however, it almost made her lose control of the giant animal body she was trying to tame. However, she remembered Professor Xaviers words.

    "If you find yourself unable to control the animal instinct, remember, humans have always been the stronger species"

    She looked to Desmond, her breathing slowing. Her soft tail swished back and forth and her eyes narrowing and wolf ears going back. She couldn't let the animal instinct control her. In a deep voice, she spoke out.

    "I can't move fast in my from that I am in now, so let's just see how well you dodge what I can throw at you! You ready? "
  6. Desmond looked at the girl as she transformed and backed up slightly as she did so. IT was interesting to say the least and overall he was intrigured by her ability to do so. She must have been like beast with th everall body transofrmation. That wouild mean she would be stronger than he was. But, her size would slow down her movements considerably due to the bulk. He had to take advantage of this and move around her. "Eh, Its interesting." He responded showing that he didn't really care what she looked like.

    "As for my end of this fight.." He said with a smile before going over to one of the man standing lamps and ripped off the circut box cover. He then reached in and ripped several dozen wires out before electricity began to run from the pole into his body. The massive inrush of energy made the dusk sky begin to dull due to the lights of the school flickering. The massive influx of energy made his eyes begin to glow and he began to laugh before his body began to spark horribley.

    The lights finally came back on several seconds later lighting everything up once more "Alright! Well! I feel like a walking tesla coil now.. So, shall we begin?" He asked with a growing smile. "Oh, trust me... Electromagnetic currents have a very funny way of defying gravity if you know how to control the fields. Luckily, I have been working on this... I can also magnatise things by jolting them with energy. Isn't it amazing." He said before moving up to make the fist move as he gathered kinetic energy by moving.
  7. Cheyenne watched his movements closely. The part about him being able to absorb electricity wasn't the issue. But how in the world would he be able to magnatize her? She then looked at all the fur she had sprouted due to her transformation. She sighed. This wasn't going to be an easy spar. She watched as his eyes literally began to glow. She threw out her claws. Her speed would be the problem in this spar. However, she also knew that if she moved, static electricity would be created and he would only absorb it to make himself stronger. She figured that now would be as good of a time as any to practice making her speed better.

    She also had a new trick up her sleeve that she wanted to test out. Recently, her howl had gotten so loud due to her size that it was loud enough to almost shatter eardrums and cause confusion. She had not tried it in practice due to Professor Xaviers warning to not use it in a closed in room.

    Bending forward and digging her claws into the soft grass, she began their spar with on of her earsplitting howls.

    How would Desmond take this?
  8. Desmond covered his ears but felt the sonic energy seep into his body and he began to feel it surge and mix with the electrical energy already stored in his body. When it finished he looked up and began to laugh "Thanks for the boost!" He shouted and clapped his hands together causing a large sonic boom right infront of him making the air around him shoot outwards. If she wasn't braced for it she would be thrown back or just stumble back from the sonic clap.

    Desmond shook his shoulders as he recovered before beginning to move around her. He had to use his smaller size... now atleast to get around her. Even if her body was stronger against electricity he just had to crank up the voltage and wait to get hit. Or he could continue to move around and built up kinetic energy in a longer and drawn out way. It would keep him from getting hurt but would take far longer to charge himself up that way. In any case he had to get moving and was prepared to use the electrical energy stored in him to his advantage.
  9. She threw her giant arms out in froNT of her, barely deflecting the sonic boom, but not escaping unscathed.

    Cheyenne was impressed. So it wasn't just electric, kinetic and radioactive, she was sure now that it was any type of energy. No more howling then. Instead she watched him close. If she moved then he would only get even more power, but she had go make him discharge that power somehow. She walked backward, wrapping one of her oversized hands around a tree that would fit in her hands. Yanking it out of the ground, she tossed it at Desmond, running at him as the tree flew at him. Building up a little momentum, she propelled herself off the ground and far into the air. Below, she could see Desmond tracking the tree. She smirked. She flexed her claws out as she plummeted to the ground. If this didn't get him with this, she had something else up her sleeve.
  10. Desmond watched the tree in the air and began to move out of the not paying attention to the moving towards him in the air. It was then he was knocked to the ground like a sack of bricks but began to laugh. "The most dangerous form of energy for me to have other than Gamma radiation.. is Kinetic! I can hit back with half the force you strike me with... or I can keep absorbing it then strike back with a killing blow.. Wolverine knows this... if he could die he would have but! Hes a bastard!" Desmond said as he continued to laugh.

    He felt his arms begin to bleed ever so slightly before concentrating inwardly. He swung his body up using the kinetic energy he gathered to harmlessly throw her off him. It wasn't enough to hurt her in that form but it was enough to move her. He then rose to his feet and held his arms out as visible electrical energy began to arc across his body much like a massive lightning storm. "Come! Give me a hug!" He called out as the energy inside him began to drive him somewhat crazy.
  11. Cheyenne smirked as he used the kinetic energy to push her off of him. Bearing her fangs, She began to notice the energy coming off if Desmond. She wouldn't be knocked out with the energy she could see that he had gathered up, or so she thought. It was enough, however to temporarily render her unable to move, she figured. She needed to know just how powerful he was.

    Cheyenne stayed in her unnatural position of being on all fours. She ran at Desmond, kinda afraid of what might happen, but, knowing her partners potential was something she was sure was part of working well with them. This was to help protect all of her friends at the school.

    She plowed into him with her hand, not at her full speed for fear of possibly breaking some of his bones. She held him down with one arm. Just then, she felt an immense surge of energy plow through her enormous body. She tried her hardest not to lose consciousness, but the energy output was stronger than she thought. It was even threatening to break her transformation. She held him down as long as she could stand the energy release, which was for about 10 seconds. She was then sent flying back, her transformation breaking as she blacked out.
  12. Desmond fall back as the energy continued to course through him. Without meaning to he fully discharged himself into her while she was in her wolf form and caused her to get a horrific shock that would undobtedly cause severe damage. Then, without warning the massive surge sent her flying back where she untransformed and seemed to go still. Desmond jumped to his feet and ran over to her.

    Without thinking on it he immediately picked her up and turned towards the school. That wave of energy would undoubtly of been felt by storm who ran out seconds later to see the girl in Desmonds hands "Well, I warned her... I think I went out of control in my own right... Shes only unconcious I believe." He said before handing her to storm. Desmond shook his head and he began to take a deep breath "Im going to go pass out in the grass here then.. I am exausted" He said before turning and falling backwards into the grass.
  13. Storm heard what sounded like a giant clap of thunder. She bolted out of her office, running to the place she had seen the two teens walk off and saw Desmond carrying Cheyenne in his arms. She quickly grabbed Cheyenne, thankful that she had only been knocked out. She knew that Cheyenne's overgrown wolf body could handle some of his energy outbursts, which was why they wanted them working together whenever a mission to arise. However, Desmond's control of his energy absorption and release was still a bit off of where it needed to be so that It wouldn't hurt anyone.

    Storm glared at Desmond.

    "You are not laying down. You are coming with me to her dorm to watch over her till she wakes up. That is the least you can do after what has happened to her. Come with me, now...I will make sure you don't get in trouble for being in the girl's dorm, but I will only do that if you promise to watch over her, when you don't have classes, got it?" She turned and started towards the female dorms.

    Storm heard a storm brewing and she knew it was because of her anger. She breathed and tried to calm down. She was angry at herself for not keeping an eye on the two of them. She breathed, trying to tell her mind that it wasn't her fault that Cheyenne got hurt, but no matter what she tried to do to convince herself, it wasn't working, yet, keeping her racing, angry heart calm, she was able to make sure that no lightning discharged, because the last thing she needed was Desmond absorbing any more energy.
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