Practice Makes for Very Difficult Situations, Take Two!

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  1. Myuka couldn't disagree with his comment about how things are rarely as they seem. It made her life extremely interesting, but also troubling.

    As she watched him form his weapons she was already thinking of a strategy. She never moved her eyes from him, but as quietly and undetected as possible she set up one copy of herself in the far corner of the room. Looked just like her, shared the same scent she does, but obviously wasn't real.

    She soon heard the words 'and so it begins' come from Daiki's mouth, she was running out of time. Within a split second and without notice she switched places with her real self and her copy, getting her out of the humongous trap Daiki was setting up. The real Myuka simply watched things unfold from a distance.

    First there was the 'freezing flames,' which Myuka watched her copy struggle with. The copy looked trapped, afraid to take a step for fear of falling and losing balance. The copy really did show the emotions of a real person, just as Myuka had practiced for years.

    Next was the 'blazing blizzard,' a powerful and deadly looking move. Instead of the dragon making a direct hit it simply surrounded the clone. The clone looked lost, almost as if in a panic. It would look like the air around the clone thinned out, making it hard for her to catch her breath.

    With Daiki's final statement he went towards her clone with a direct punch. The clone looked straight into Daiki's eyes, a look of great fear. Before the clone could even muster up a sound, she was punched, and vanished within a blue fire.

    At this point Myuka was hoping he caught on to her tactic, though it did save her some time and realize a few things about his fighting. Myuka actually laughed, revealing that she watched the entire series of events, holding her fang over her shoulder with a cocky smile on her face, her tail swaying back and forth.

    "If you're only going to base this fight on strength you're going to have a problem." Myuka responded, slowly taking a few step toward Daiki. "You're an extremely offensive fighter. If you get me with one good punch I'll probably be out." She admitted, finally stopping in her tracks, a smile still on her face. "You're good in speed and strength; that might not be good for me." Her smile turned into a threat as she held her fang in a fighting stance. "Luckily I have more than just that."

    Within one sideways swiping motion the force of her fang created a slice of wind heading towards Daiki at a fast speed. If caught in the wind little damage would be done, but that was only the distraction. Within a moment Myuka vanished in blue fire and appeared directly behind Daiki, fang at hand. She carried the fang with her at this point more in a defense and distraction. With one quick touch to both hands they were stuck together in the same harmless blue foxfire. She quickly did the same for his feet, hoping to restrain him for her next attack.

    Myuka stepped away from him, creating seven copies of herself, so eight in total including the real girl. The other seven copies themselves were harmless and would be disbanded with one hit, but their ability to use the fang matched that of the real girl. All eight held similar fangs, no difference could be found. They surrounded Daiki, all swiping in a downward motion to create a strong almost electrical looking force heading towards Daiki from eight different directions, surrounding him.
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  2. "A trickster till the end...." Daiki said after realizing his punch had connected with a mere illusion. Daiki calmly turned his to the source of the girls voice as he listened to her talking about his extremely offensive nature in combat. His head continued look towards Myuka waiting for an attack of some sorts. As the slice of wind headed towards him, Daiki just stood still and waited for the attack to hit him, He knew that the attack would do little to no damage just by looking at it. He was also curious of Myuka's follow up attack since trickster type opponents were always the most tactical ones. Daiki was surprised to see such an ambitious attack by Myuka coming from behind. But yet again, curiosity got the better of him as let himself be bound by Myuka. As soon as Daiki’s feet were binded, he quickly dropped to the ground like a dead man. Daiki could see Illusions of the girl appearing around him while he slowly placed the palm of his right hand onto the arena floor. Daiki could sense that an attack from fox girl was imminent. Because of this he started concentrating energy into the palm place on the floor. Just before Myuka attack could land her electric based attacks Daiki unleashes the energy contained in his palm causing the dust particles to cover the area in a cloud of dust while also simultaneously causing Daiki to phase into the ground. Daiki stays underground for a while letting the girl think that he had been defeated.
    “Please do tell me what is it exactly that you have more of.” Daiki’s voice echoed inside the coliseum with a cocky tone. As he said that, a massive ball of energy erupted from the place where Daiki once stood and flew into the sky. A few seconds later, the ball of energy explodes causing the arena area to be saturated with a strong light which nullifies any illusion based magic in the area for a short period of time. “I’m curious…. How does a trickster win a fight against one who cannot be tricked?” said Daiki is he phases out of the ground pointing his sword towards the real Myuka. Shortly after that Daiki drops his sword blade-first into the ground .As the sword phases into the ground, two rows of a thousand giant blades rise up behind him on his right were blades of fire and on his left the blades of ice. Each giant blade separates into thousands of streams of red and blue energy. The streams began circling along the circumference of the arena with immense speed causing the whole coliseum to shake as if its going crumble. Daiki himself started to glow with a purpleish aura which was known to make any demons paralyze with fear. Many say that the demons that fought Daiki foresee their death during his display of power. “Your move…”
  3. Myuka noticed how he never struggled with what she was doing. It put her a bit on edge. She noticed how he could probably predict how serious her attacks were since he never even flinched at her first distraction. When she actually attacked she at first didn't notice she missed until she heard his voice echo throughout the room. She was slightly disappointed, though somewhat excited knowing that this would be a bit more fun. She didn't appreciate his cocky tone and was quickly losing her patience, never a good strategy for her in battle.

    "Well, I believe my mind runs much more quickly with many more strategies." She admitted, negating the fact that it might not always be a good thing. "I know I'm not the strongest demon alive, and I've learned to work around that." She continued, trying to closely watch his movements as he began his, what she could mentally think of as 'the rein of two thousand angry swords.' "That's the biggest flaw you could believe. Those who don't think they can be tricked are the ones always thrown off guard." She explained with a confident smirk. That smirk was probably the most misleading thing about this battle; she had no idea how she was going to get out of this!

    She wouldn't say she saw her death approaching, but she did see her failure and her arrest. It wasn't a pretty picture and she wasn't excited about the outcome. She was also a very stubborn individual, she would rather full blown fail than admit defeat. 'Your move,' she had to think carefully.

    How could she defend herself against this attack?! It could easily surround her?! What frustrated her even more is that there wasn't a clear way to escape! If only they could have stayed in the damn museum! If only she could call on her team! This wasn't good at all!

    Her frustration was easily becoming apparent on her face, her once calm icy blue-green eyes were slowly changing. They grew from a light shade of red to a visibly dark red. 'Crap! No no no no no!' She thought to herself in her mind. Her anger, her huge weakness! It wasn't a good sign! She was hoping he would quickly catch on that this wasn't going to end well if it kept up. Trying to calm herself only put Myuka in more of a rage, making her eye color shift one more time. The dark red started to become a medium shade of purple, the more they changed the worst things could become. She needed to be honest with him, not only for her safety but for his as well.

    Her breathing was a bit abnormal, as if she was trying to hold back the monster that lived inside of her, trying it's damned best to push itself out and destroy everything. She was a full demon after all, and at times that could be a huge hindrance. Her purple demonic looking eyes looked straight into his, as if locking onto a target. Her look was extremely misleading to what she was actually trying to do, warn him.

    "Fine, you've got me." She admitted through gritted angry teeth. "You seriously need to give me a minute." She sounded so angry but she was seriously trying to actually plea with the man. "I really don't want to hurt you, so please." It was up to him to decide if she was telling him the truth or if she was just 'trying to find an easy exit.' She knew how serious the situation was, but she wasn't sure he would exactly understand.

    ((Lol! Damnit! I'm actually stuck! I don't want to give my character abilities and powers that weren't already mentally determined just to get out of this situation, that wouldn't be very fair! At least now I've discovered weaknesses that I can work on in character development!))