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  1. Velloura sat in a small coffee shop, at a table made for two. Her hands curled around the cup and the cup against her chest as if she wanted to curl up around its warmth. Thoughts raced through her mind as she replayed words her parents had said not too long ago. 'Vell, you are special. You will understand soon enough.' She placed the cup onto the table and leaned back in her seat, crossing her arms over her chest. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" She mumbled to herself. Sighing, she stared at the empty chair across from her. She never had many friends, most people found her strange. She grew frustrated and furrowed her brows. Suddenly, the chair started to rock onto its back legs. She tilted her head slightly, not knowing what was going on. She glanced around the room then back at the chair, the longer she looked at the chair the more it rocked. Finally the chair fell onto its back and Velloura jumped up from her seat, knocking over her coffee and chair in the process. Glancing around the coffee shop once more, she realized everyone was staring at her and a few began to whisper. She walked as quickly as she could manage out of the coffee shop with her head hung low and her long black hair hiding her face.
  2. Elara held her head low as she walked along, avoiding the few frozen flakes that danced through the winter air. The soft crunching sounds that accompanied each foot step created by her boots in the freshly fallen snow and the soft breaths that still created a small cloud through her scarf seemed to be the only sounds in the world. Everyone was either at the the coffee shop or wrapped up by a fireplace or stove in the comfort of their homes with their families.

    Always an odd thing to think about, families. It didn't necessarily hurt to think about what was never had, it did, however, send in a storm of curiosities and a want to understand. It was only when the sounds of a door and quickened footsteps broke the stillness that she finally looked up and just barely moved far enough to the side to not get run over. As her shoulder was practically bulldozed through, She finally opened her mouth, lightly grabbing the girl's wrist to slow her down.

    "Hey" She stated with a calm, but almost cold tone. "What's the hurry? You could have hurt someone, or even yourself judging by how little you seemed to be paying attention. So what's your rush?" She paused to examine the figure that now stood before her before she returned with her response.
  3. It wasn't everyday that Jay was allowed out on his own due to his disability and over protective siblings, Holly and Lionel (he loved to be called Lion).

    Though despite their lectures and frets Jay still left the house, like today. His sneakers crushed in the snow and the lightly falling flakes landed in his gray and black hair. He let out a sharp breath relishing in the icy weather.

    He loved the cold air because this season brought quiet and peace, the bugs that drove him mad were nestled away like birds in their nests.

    Not to mention his senses were heighten hundred fold in the winter due to his blindness. Jay hated being blind he hated always asking others what was happening, or hearing sudden outburst of boots and is left trying to piece together what the event was that caused the ruckus when someone forgets to fill him in.

    Though it was hard to tell he was blind due to how well he maneuvered without the 'seeing stick'.

    He decided to get some tea from the coffee shop that was a big hit in town but as he turned the corner he heard commotion, it sounded like a young girl...two to be exact due to the light vibrations their footfalls made in the snow.

    He stepped closer to get a better shot at hearing their conversation.

    He listened as one comforted the other, something about slowing down.

    As he waited for the others response he didn't realize he had walked up toward them.
  4. Vell gasped as a girl grabbed her wrist, she hadn't even seen anyone there "I am so sorry!" She nervously apologized. "I, um.. I needed to get out is all, I didn't see you.." her voice faded after noticing some guy watching them, or listening? She looked back toward the coffee shop she had ran out of. The table she had been sitting at could be seen from the doorway.

    The people that had been whispering to each other after her little scene came walking out. One of the girls giggled at something and a guy coughed the word 'freak' as they walked by, laughing.

    Vell hung her head again and lifted the hood of her, not as warm as it should be, jacket. Things like this never made her cry, but they sure did embarrass her.
  5. Jay narrowed his eyes at the people he heard mocking the young girl, he wasn't sure of what went down but it sounded to be something major. He stepped closer not daring to place his hand on her for he didn't want to creep them out more from his awkward sudden appearance and just standing there "Don't listen to them...their fools..." He said flatly.
  6. Elara let go of the frantic girl to briefly turn a gaze towards the mocking crowd to shoot them a glare before returning to the girl. She had heard that word many times in her life, though not for similar reasons, She hoped. "What happened?" She asked lightly. "Do you need somewhere to go?" Concern grew more and more on her face, She remained still as the boy spoke to her, awaiting her response.
  7. Vell lifted her head and looked at the two of them, then addressing the girls question she pointed at the mess she made through a window. "That's what happened, and I'm honestly not sure how." She shook her head at her own clumsiness and sighed.
  8. What happened? He frowned out of annoyance with being unable to see the damage.

    He decided to play it off "S'not that bad...." He said hoping he was right.
  9. She looked through the window where the girl motioned, then turned back, her face now tainted with confusion. "You made a mess... and you don't know how... it looks like you just spilled some coffee and knocked over a chair." She stated nonchalantly.
  10. she shook her head at the girls response to her mess "one of the chairs fell over on its own, then i jumped out of mine because it scared me, nearly took the table with me, and my coffee went all over the place." she shrugged "that group there has seen me do other.. strange things, so therefore.. i'm a freak." she looked between the two of them "it was more the whole seen, rather than me simply making a mess"
  11. 'So that's what happen..."

    To Jay he felt that there was something more to this girl and her story. He lifted an eyebrow curiously he wondered if she a secret she wasn't sharing.
  12. "I see..." She looked once more at the mess within the coffee shop and nodded as if to confirm something to herself before looking at the girl again and offering her hand. "Would you like to come with me? Maybe we can talk a little more in a nicer, warmer setting?"
  13. Jay turned his head in the direction of the other girl and gave her curious look "Can I join you two?" He sounded hopeful, he wouldn't cause any trouble he just wanted to hang around just a little longer...and maybe the three of them could be friends.
  14. she thought for a moment before taking the girls hand and nodding "that would be nice" she smiled for the first time all day. she glanced over at the guy who had been standing with them realizing he hadn't really said much but seemed to be listening in on the conversation and commented on her mess.. could he see? she thought to herself. "i don't mind." she said to him with a soft smile still on her face. she was really liking the fact that people actually wanted to talk and hang out with her.
  15. Jay smiled and stepped forward slowly "I'm Jay, by the way...sorry if I came off as creepy or stalker-ish." He said with a slight tip of his head.
  16. She eyed the boy for a moment before answering, her look of concern now changing into a soft smile. "I suppose you may come as well, as long as you promise not to cause any trouble." She held out her pinky to him before more firmly, but not tightly, grasping the girl's hand into her own small one. "I'm Elara" She introduced herself openly to the two. "And you are?" She motioned to the girl, softly nodding at Jay's introduction.
  17. Jay blinked nodding not realizing that Elara had held out her pinky for a pinky promise.

    He waited quietly for the name of the other and as he waited he wondered where they will go.
  18. she smiled at the two of them "Velloura" she told them "but, just Vell is fine too" nobody had really called her Vell but she liked the sound of it and Velloura seemed like a mouth full. she took Elara's hand, happy for the first time in a while rather than feeling like an outcast.
  19. "Vell...that's a pretty nickname." Jay said his pale blue eyes flashed with joy.

    He fell in line with them standing near enough to tell where they will be walking but far enough so he wouldn't be touching them.
  20. She smiled at his comment about her name being pretty "thank you". She walked next to Elara, not really having any idea where they were going. She was filled with joy from the kindness of these two. My day has turned around completely hopefully it stays this way, she thought.
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