Powers of Epic/ Fail



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Blowing up things with your brain is awesome! The ability to make bodily excrements glow, however... maybe not quite as awesome.

Hasn't everyone thought about themselves as superheroes at some point, even if they were just kids running around naked with underwear on their heads?

Let's revisit that time! I don't mean go post pictures of yourself butt naked, though I'm sure that would be fascinating, but instead ponder on the following questions! (Or don't.)

My questions: what is the most
epic super power; what is the most fail-tastic super power; of all powers, what would you choose?
  • The most fail superpower? CAPTAIN HINDSIGHT. Hahaha. All joking aside, the power to communicate with head lice.
  • The most awesome epic superpower in my opinion is the ability to control time. I mean, that's pretty much just like getting to press the retry button until you get it right.
  • The one that I would choose? The ability to shift my elemental composition without fear of losing molecules. Turn myself into atmospheric oxygen, get inhaled, and then turn into lead.
Oh, whoops, we weren't talking about how best to kill someone?
Hrm. I would say the most failtastic power would be the power to change the colors of your birthmarks on command.
The most epic power? I think the ability to shapeshift into anything you want, no matter the size and composition, and always be able to safely return to your own shape.
Personally, I just want the power to be able to project anything in my mind directly onto paper.
The most epic power? To control all of reality.

The most fail tastic? Uh being able to shit ten ton bricks
Good, good, good xD I think my favorite fail-power was communicating with head lice. But I guess you could control an army of head lice o.O Not sure if that would be menacing or not.

The most epic superpower... may be to have any superpower, ever, and switch at will. Cheating, yes; but it could be the most epic, unless there is having every power at one time. That might win. What else?
Worst Power? Breathing, cause plants can't do that so its a power of some sort, but plants seem to get by.... it's a power.

Best? Beside the obvious powers of God, or whatever Laharl is referencing (DAMN YOUR AVATAR!! You made me read your post in Shizuo Heiwajima's, voice!) Something like Alex Mercer's power from prototype, the absorption/consumption of biological matter and retain all knowledge and power of that person. Meaning you don't kill they they fuse with you, you know all they know and they durvive forced into your sub-conscience. It's a pretty cool power and if you were given enough time to absorb all of humanity think of all that you would know then. And all you could do with that knowledge and brain power, I imagine there is enough brain matter to make a "Matrix" like the movie where you could store the others consciences so you don't have to fight to maintain control. Fun huh?
Best power? To be the Protagonist in a Video Game. It comes with the perks of limited temporal control, the entirety of the world revolving around you, and always having a defined ending to your struggles.

Worst power? Unbearable flatulence. Although useful, no one wants to team up with you...ever.
A fail powers... I think something along the lines of melting and not being able to promise that you get back every drop.
Most amazing... Very difficult, there are a few that I like. Being an electrokinetic, so many possibilities. Being able augment your entire body with electricity, even your brain functions, super charging your cells even. This could produce enhanced strength speed and senses if done right. Basically any sort of kinetic though, tele, umbra, pyro, aero. The list goes on and on.
Bah. -kinetics... Why not just have the superpower of being a god? A god of reality, thus you could shift it any whicha way you want.
Worst Super Power: The ability to fart streamers.

Best Super Power: Other than being God, I think that depending on the music your listening to it changes your ability would be cool.
Most fail? The power of turning into a pickle.
Most epic? Controlling time and space.
What would I choose? Controlling time and space.
The most epic superpower? The ability to kick ass and take names without any superpower whatsoever!
The most fail superpower? Having one!

I choose being Batman (or when Raz is around one of his sidekicks).