Powerpuff Girls Grown Up [Realistic/Modern]

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  1. Return of an old one...

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  2. Introduce a new troublemaker!

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  4. The damn government

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  1. Just a shot in the dark, but I was thinking of making an rp with ModFan, Superpowered, a little slice of life, and satirical action all wrapped up in a realistic and modern adaptation of Townsville. Obviously if you have no idea what this rp is an adaptation of then you probably shouldn't be engaging in this thread lol. But I wanted this rp to focus around The Powerpuff Girls, grown up and still fighting crime....here or there. But when the Professor gets sick and starts to die slowly, it's up to the girls to find a way to cure him....even maybe going as far as to reconnect with some villains of the past.

    Obviously new villains and more realistic versions of the old ones will be in the rp (example Mojo will be a Planet of The Apes type looking creature with extreme intellect). I WILL also be including the Rowdy Ruff Boys as potential partners/rivals/interests for the girls. So three males (or females) could play them too. Villains can be played, and so can the Mayor, Professor, Townsville PD (Like a Sherriff or Captain/Chief), and maybe even some OC's as civilians or contract henchmen to take the girls down. Maybe even a new Powerpuff!

    I would be taking the role as Blossom if the rp ever took off, Buttercup and Bubbles are up for grabs if it were to happen. So if anyones interested, type away!

    Can I take Bubbles by any chance? :3
  3. Sure.
  4. I will step in as buttercup if allowed
  5. Ooooh I wanna be a Rowdy Ruff boy! :D
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  6. Bunny will also be available! She will not look like her cartoon counter though haha
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  7. I wouldn't mind joining up, perhaps as a friend of the girls or (depending on the situation), a Rowdy Rough Boy
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  8. Which one? :]
  9. FYI: The other two rpers that would play Buttercup and Bubbles would have to be in the rp consistently. I LOATHE when people grab main characters and then drop. IT's not fair to the rp or the other rpers.
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  10. I think all of us as role players can agree that dropping without notice sucks -_-

    It's not fun for anyone involved. At all.
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  11. It seems like we have more than enough people though, if everyone that posted is still here I can start on the OOC/CS page.

    Reply this post with your character name, and if you haven't decided on one yet, just put "Interested - WIP"
  12. "Matthew Honenburg, at your service, girls!"
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  13. Buttercup!!!
  14. Boomer!
  15. Also, just out of curiosity @ch0sen1, are we going to be seeing Him anywhere?

    Because that would be pretty f**ked up.

    I always imagined if they made a live action PPG film, Him would be a major villain and look totally creepy like David Bowie in Labyrinth.
  16. B U B B L E S!~
  17. *insert Brady Bunch roll call joke here*
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  18. I think I want to be Brick. But. Being Mitch would be fun too... can I be both? :o
  19. I'd just say one for now
  20. I'd really like for everyone to vote above too on the initial villain plz :]
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