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  1. RULES:

    1. NO GODMODDING. You can fly at the speed of light, throw infinite mass punches, but by comic book logic, all characters will be able to fight each other somehow on equal terms.

    2. Characters are all original, and must be accepted before you can jump into the chaos.

    3. Have Fun. It's a playground of destruction and the glorification of all superpowers, whether they be for fighting, or not. Behind the fighting, I hope to incorporate some plot…for now, have at each other!


    Posting Area:



    A bit of backstory...

    Superheroes and Villains all across the Universe, for one reason or another, have begun to engage each other in combat. No one knows why for sure this all happened, but it's all connected.

    Sure, maybe Mr. Vindicator is fighting Dr. Dastardly's new evil robot, and Goldbug is trying to stop Queen Quantum from using her brand new orbital ion cannon. Seems separate enough. But there's something behind all of this. Like how did Dastardly get the new robot? Where did Goldbug hear about Queen Quantum's 'Secret' Orbital cannon?

    Who knows?...

    We'll just have to see...

    Find the answers.

    Learn the truth.

    Kick some superhuman ass.




    Name: (Original Name)
    Other Names: (Nicknames, Alias, ETC)


    Items: (If Any)
    Weapons: (If Any)

    Powers: (Try to have three main powers)

    Skills/Abilities: (Maybe you know first-aid, advanced science, karate, how to play a violin, non-power based skills.)

    Quote(s): (Optional)
    Fun Facts: (Optional)

    Theme Song: (Optional)

    Extra: (Optional)


  2. Name: Ryan Deterre
    Other Names: Saint Champion, Descendant Of The Flying Barbarians
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Age: 22

    Physical - Short Dark Brown hair with green eyes, and a toned caucasian build standing at 6ft.

    Costume - Ryan Wears an outfit similar to the rocketeer. He has a dark blue barnstormer flight jacket with the emblem of a silver shield on the chest, with a black leather belt bearing a buckle in similar shape, grey pants, obsidian black boots, and a short white cape with a high red collar, a golden rope to keep it tied around his neck. (Think DC's Shazam! comics. Captain Marvel?)

    Casual - Various dress shirts with folded sleeves in varying colors, like dark red, black blue, etc, with slacks and black sneakers with white trimming.

    History: Ryan Deterre was a member of the United States Marine Corps, later deployed against a terrorist group delivering some high risk goods for a much higher organization known as A.G.E. (Advanced Genetics Experimentations), which tampered in the concept of certain people being descended from various races, their genes from such past people, species, ETC lying dormant, waiting to be awakened. Such genes have ranged from strongmen and super soldiers to the most bizarre, such as people descended from dragons and olden creatures themselves.

    Ryan Deterre was one of these people, believe it or not. He was descended from a mysterious Barbarian clan of decades upon decades ago, endowed with superhuman strength, and later the power to fly among various other abilities, in order to defeat their enemies, hunt fantastic creatures, and finally, have the majority of them ascend to space to live elsewhere.

    Exposure to one of the various materials, a crystal giving off a mysterious blue light, which was actually found in a meteor, bathing the soldier in cosmic radiation that awakened his inner powers, allowing him to fight the forces of A.G.E. on even footing when they appeared in person, armed with high tech weaponry and mutants. His name was soon earned after the battle, none of his fellow Marines being injured, let alone killed, coupled with their victory over A.G.E., giving Ryan the name 'Saint Champion.'

    Today, Ryan Deterre was deployed with some special forces members after some of the first reports of superhuman battles taking place in public, being requested personally to help the United States Government from being destroyed. Naturally he accepted, moving in to try and defuse the situation...

    Weapons: Ryan does not carry any major weapons, but isn't above using weapons he finds lying around.

    Powers: His most well known Powers appear to be Superhuman Strength and High Speed Flight.

    Weaknesses: Certain forms of cosmic energy/radiation or magic may give him problems. Powers still growing...

    Skills/Abilities: Ryan has extensive military training and a background in various forms of science. He primarily fights with his two main fighting styles, Boxing and Wrestling.


    "Time For Victory!"

    "Relax: You have the Saint's blessing Now!"

    "With me around, we don't need the army. I AM THE ARMY! >:D"

    Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77-PIL6Xmr8
  3. Name: Cole McGrath
    Other Names: the demon of empire city, or the electric man
    Gender: Male
    Species: Conduit

    Weapons: The Amp (The Amp is a melee weapon built and designed by Zeke Dunbar, made especially for his best friend Cole MacGrath to channel his powers into it, thereby creating a much more efficient way of taking down enemies.

    Powers: Electrokinesis

    Skills/Abilities: Parkour, Biking, Climbing, Running, Jumping
  4. Sorry, only taking original characters.
  5. Eh no prob. I'll remake in the morning.
  6. Name: Jace Callaway
    Other Names: The Masked Mage
    Appearance:black hair medium long length often in eyes. Blue eyes.

    History: One day Jace went exploring in his attic there he found a book titled Grimmerie. It was a book of magic and power since then he has had powers beyond that of any mortal.
    Items: Grimmerie, various potions.
    Weapons: Staff-sword.

    Powers: Teleportation, Spells from Grimmerie and Telekenisis.
    Skills/Abilities: Black Belt In Tae-kwon do Karate.


    "This is my trump card."

    "How can you touch what you can't catch?"

    Fun Facts: (Optional)

    Theme Song:

  7. Once again.

    Keep everything original.

    Including the powers.

    ​And no offense, but this seems like a Naruto Gary Stu...
  8. Define 'Powers beyond any mortal.' I'm already not liking how he has an entire book of spells to go with that teleportation and telekinesis. The book itself seems like a random assortment of spells, so there's no telling what you could pull out. Plus, the character has mastery over one or two martial arts, at least up to the black belt level. Are you putting down Tae Kwon Do and Karate as one whole martial art, or did you mean to put an 'and' or something?
  9. Well any normal huuman/Mortal wouldnt have his powers. As for my book obviously magic it self has it's limitations. but it would be spells like an energy blast fire ball a spell to see a little into the future using a scying glass a spell for limited invisibility a spell to increase strength/speed. But all magic has rules like too much of a good thing can kill or overuse of power can kill spells take energy from the body so each spell takes energy but through training the energy that it depleats will become less. magic also can't kill anything that has the will to live. the grimmerie also isnt just spells its potions to. but they are like to creat smoke and to confuse and to stun flash potions and such.
  10. Once again, as I assumed: The book can create nearly any effect the writer (you) desire.

    And just how much magic does your character use before he starts to weaken? That's pretty important since it seems to be the major weakness.
  11. Name: Scout Taylor

    Alias: Shadow Cast.

    Gender: Female

    Species: Some sort of demon (think more on that later on)

    Age: 20

    Appearance: When in costume she wears knee high, tight leather boots, with spiked heels, a bright red leather jacket that looks old fashioned, andcuts off halfway down her torso, a sterling mask that covers half her face, designed after olden mascarade styled masks, a black tank top, and a leaather skirt, with red pleats that cuts off mid-thigh.



    Powers: Manipulates the shadows of objects around her, turning them into a solid object that is in the shape of whatever shadow sheis casting on - while doing this however, her body is left vulnerable, while her mental state concentrates on manipulating the shadows. Another power she has is a sort of mindtrick, or illusion by shifting the shadows of people of objects and making them flicker, move, or morph into something else, the downfall of that power however is that it only works in dim light or sunset, when shadows are long and at their most shiftable. The third power she holds in being able to shift her body into that of a shadow as a sort of disguise or defense mechansm, this only works in areas with enough light to shadow cast.





    Fun facts:

    Theme song:

    (DON'T STRESS IMMA FINISH THIS...Just having a mental imaginary block at the moment.)
  12. *Flicks Jay's nose* You are so picky on accepting characters lmfao
  13. Character seems good, powers are pretty balanced. :D

    I'll fully accept it once I see the parts you're missing.