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  1. Some deep stuff. Guys no one will understand how much this poem effects me personally. As some of you may have saw, if not feel free to read and catch up, my last journal entry before I also posted this as a blog held a lot about my life story and my background. And I know this one is long, but it is worth the listen. I didn't write this, and I won't pretend to, but this is a very powerful work. Being a person who just lost their legs recently, this spoke to me. And even before my accident, I went through a lot of these things, and a few others that were hard to deal with. I found this poem truly inspirational and I wanted to share it with you all here at Iwaku and discuss about it. What do you think about this? Was it an inspiration to you too?

  2. Oh, I first saw this several years ago. To this day (ha ha) I can't watch it unless I want to have a good old fashioned sob fest. In fact, if I want a good old fashioned sob fest this is what I watch to make it happen. It resonates so deeply with me and is so beautifully performed.
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  3. This is the single video in the history of the human race that can make me baw my eyes out without fail.

    I adore it so much, and it's just so fantastic. It really meant a lot to me when I was going through my worst years of depression and school.
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  4. I agree. It's so powerful and I find it to be such an inspiration
  5. I just discovered it lol leave it to me to be the one late on the draw
  6. The honest answer is that this video pisses me off. When I transferred to a new school, I had a pretty tough time at first, but I can't see myself as a victim. My egopersonality just won't allow it. It's because the way I was taught to deal with bullies was to single them out. Well that and I fought back when under attack. I refused to let things like that happen to me and that general thought sort of transfers when it happens to others. It just makes me angry.

    I don't know if my aggressive approach was the best *glares at puberty* and I suppose I'm not the most understanding person when it comes to this subject. Just... Fuck.
  7. It's understandable. Everyone deals with things in their own way and a lot of times it's the gumption that it takes to fight back these kids lack. A lot of them might be Better off if they had that. Some of them like me though we're always taught not to fight
  8. So many feels.. It hurts.
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  9. When that things happened to me, i almost killed bullies. I think that it's a matter of balls and insecurity. I knew they were wrong, so i fought back. If you didn't really realise that they were wrong, you surely would have been overwhelmed by them

    I think it's not about how hard times you've been through, is about yourself only. no one can break you if you're not already chipped out
  10. Point well made. :3
  11. The cookie thing is something i have never understood. It's good or bad?
  12. It's good lol
  13. Least I think so. How could a yummy delicious cookie be bad XD
  14. i don't know? "Get a cookie you fat monster" or "get a cookie and be quiet" are pretty fowl ways to have a cookie
  15. .....*carefully weighs options*.....nah cookies are still kickass. XD
  16. thanks then !

    I'm a parront and i want cookies
  17. As someone who gotten trough a childhood of consant bullying, this videa always hit me a bit to hard.
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