Powerful (Odette and LYDIA)

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  1. Evander walked into English with heat literally radiating from his body. The memory of the little kid being bullied fueled his rage as he threw himself into his seat, trying to stop himself from bursting into flames.

    "Right," said the teacher. "You will get together in partners and prepare an oral report on a book character of your choice."

    She rattled off the partners until she said, "Evander and Realta."

    Evander knew her. He had had a few arguments with her, as they were both snappish and sarcastic. He moved to the seat beside her. "Well, what do you think?" he snapped. "Sorry, I'm kind of annoyed."
  2. Realta really couldn't believe it, she hated being paired up and prefered to work alone. yet out of everyone she had to work with it had to be him. It wasn't that she hated him, but they didn't get along.

    Realta narrowed her eyes slightly when Evander snapped, only to end up rolling them. "Who isn't ever annoyed?" she demanded
  3. Evander shrugged, trying to keep the heat radiating from his body to a minimum. He knew he was firey enough for the girl to actually feel it, but he hoped she would blame it on the heating in the room or something. "So," said Evander, tapping his nails on the wooden table. "What character do you want to do?"
  4. Realta narrowed her eyes slightly as she felt the heat coming of him, though said nothing about it. "Someone who is less annoying." She says after a while
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.