Power Rangers: Winterforce


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An affectionate parody, possibly more absurd than the original.

Trouble is stirring in the North Pole, and the town of Angel's Trough will suffer! …Unless you can save the day.

It's Christmastime again, and everybody's known for centuries that Santa doesn't actually deliver presents.

But he did, once. And he wasn't just some historical figure exaggerated by myth. He had magic. Powerful magic. And the elves, his collaborators, assisted him.

He had a wife too.

Then one day it all ended. Santa just didn't show up. The reason why is shrouded in lies, hearsay, and wild blind guesses.

But one fateful winter's day will lead five(?) chosen young people to uncover the secret.

In the modern day, a mad Mrs. Clause unearths the North Pole ruins and uses the old magic to reopen the workshops.

Now, instead of bringing joy, she brings destruction.

But a lone elf, feeling responsible for what happened, prepares counter-measures. He has crafted spandex and weapons. He has crafted giant robots.

All he needs is 3-6 young people with enough time on their hands to help him thwart Mrs. Clause's plans and resolve the mystery of why Santa vanished so many centuries ago.
Under Construction

Character sheets go here when I'm not so sleepy.
*vows to destroy Coffee*
haha wow, power rangers? they were amazing to me as a kid so i'd be a fool not to sign up for this :) I already feel like a kid again!
Get me an image searcher to help me, and I'm gonna see how far I can push this thing!

I'm not very good at finding them on purpose.
Heyo all, can't find the IC on this...are we waiting on someone or have things just slowed down?
My 'net shut off just as I was planning to PM about this. Store it in the vault, but I think it likely I'll revive this eventually.