Power Rangers: Winterforce

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  1. "Well, that did feel good. I've been a little tense.. the nightmares are coming back." Kunari shudder as she tried to shake off the images in her dream, she's been constantly having nightmares of killing John over and over and succeeding. In reality she just missed his heart by a little to fool Lucifer but Kunari's guilt has never subside.
  2. "It'll be ok."
  3. "They won't hate you forever."
  4. Kunari continue drying off her hair.
  5. Count me in
  6. haha wow, power rangers? they were amazing to me as a kid so i'd be a fool not to sign up for this :) I already feel like a kid again!
    Are we still in this or what ?
  8. COFFEE!!!

  9. Get me an image searcher to help me, and I'm gonna see how far I can push this thing!

    I'm not very good at finding them on purpose.
  10. "But you act younger than you are."
  11. Heyo all, can't find the IC on this...are we waiting on someone or have things just slowed down?
  12. My 'net shut off just as I was planning to PM about this. Store it in the vault, but I think it likely I'll revive this eventually.