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  1. It has been some time since the battle between the King of Monsters, Kar the Crusher, and the Original Power Rangers has been over for about twenty years now (the year was 1994). The fierce battle that took place in Angel Grove and the surrounding areas has been long since done with and ended with the defeat of the monsters and the apparent vanishment of the power rangers during the last battle. What happened was unknown to most of the populace and the battle has long since been over. With Kar's men vanishing into the darkness or seeking somewhere else to go. It was a long battle that lasted for an entire year and a half and cost the lives of quite a few of Angel Grove's inhabitants. But for better or worse it is now finished or....is it? With the destruction of most of the king's forces and his sudden disappearance after his final fight with the rangers, life has more or less returned to normal in Angel Grove. The original rangers have not been seen or heard of since nor has their mentor, the Phantom Ranger, whom had kept himself out of the public eye and had trained the original teenagers. Alpha Five has taken care of the base since the fated event where Zordon was lost to them due to the monster king's magic. However this is not the end of their story...A general had escaped and fled the last battle managing to avoid the fate of the king. He has found an old friend whom shall allow him to construct his own army. His goal revenge starting with angel grove. Thus brings the return of the Phantom Ranger and the start of the new generation of Power Rangers...
    (Edit: This will be a mighty morphin era rangers only rp. If the rp is completed we will move onto Zeo, Turbo, Space, etc.)
    1. As usual all roleplay rules apply. This roleplay however will require at least a paragraph per post that doesn't include fight scenes.
    2. You can have any color canon or non-canon as long as it is not taken but you will not be automatically better because of the color of your suit. For example silver ranger in place of say the yellow ranger or the black ranger. The only acceptions to this rule are the colors Purple and Orange for reasons to be revealed later.
    3. This is using the season 1 gear meaning that the morphers and the zords will all be from that era. You may pick from any season 1 canon zord despite your color as long as it is not already taken. Minus the Red Tyrannosaurus.
    4. We are new rangers in fact we haven't even gotten our powers yet. We are not veterans and that means we can not go in and take on an entire group of monsters by our lonesome on most conditions remember team work is key in the rangers at least until we get more experience.
    5. You may pick a canon ranger if you so desire but remember to stay in his or her character. You may change his or her suit color if you'd like
    6. Your character should have trained in some sort martial arts form of some type in his or her life. This is to prevent people from complaining those who DO know martial arts aren't seeming like Mary sues from the start. If you insist on having no form of martial arts or training at all please note that it is not my fault for any fights to end horridly in the monsters favor if you go in alone.
    Colors taken:
    Green - VanceXentan - Depowered version does not have shield

    Note: The reason I have chosen to temporarily leave out red is simple. The Dragonzord Megazord allows this roleplay to be played without the need for a red ranger and still allows a pink ranger to come in if asked interest is shown in the color. The Dragonzord Megazord is made by way of taking the black ranger, the yellow ranger, the blue ranger, and the green ranger zords and combining them. This takes less players than the the normal megazord.
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  2. Can i be Blue?
  3. go ahead bro.
  4. Could be the pink ranger? :O
  5. sure I got no problems with that. We just need a black and yellow ranger to start. Can't have a megazord with only the upper half of the body.
  6. Should i make my CS?
  7. If you want I want at least one more person because then I could move around the mentor ranger we will have to fill in for the lack of a black or yellow ranger.
  8. If its ok i could do two charcaters?
  9. If you want to and can handle it that's fine I'd prefer individual people play singular rangers but I don't have any problems with it roleplay wise.
  10. Alright well ill probably make two CS if you like one more than the other i will gladly play a single character.
  11. Alright and my recommendation is making them twins but hey they're your characters.

    Also I'll give it one more day if no one signs up then I'll make the IC. As I said I can fiddle with a zord being used or controlled by our mentor ranger.
  12. still need rangers
  13. I'm sure more will turn up!
  14. well if the other guy doesn't show up then this roleplay will be dead regardless this roleplay was meant to be played with at least four rangers in it.
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