Power Rangers reboot

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  1. Too early to tell. Dislike remakes as a whole with rare exceptions. Childlike nostalgia will drive me to research it intermittently and maybe check it out on Netflix or a similar future service.

    Least they didn't make drastic changes to the cast?

    Brb getting out the old vhs tapes
  2. It's a movie reboot omo. The yellow ranger is hispanic looking and the blue ranger is Asian. That seens to be the change made.
  3. It's been so long I can't recall without a quick Google search. Black was a black guy, white nerd blue, Asian yellow, preppy girl pink, jock-ish guy red, and Native American white ranger?

    There's been so many spinoffs too. Still it's a big thing for Super Sentai in Japan pumping them out along with Kamen rider.
  4. I loved MMPR and I may check out this reboot :) Of course it'll never be as good as the original but it never hurts to try it out.
  5. I want my Power Rangers movie for adults already... :(

    Not this remade stuff (without Tommy) still focused on kids.
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  6. "Reboot" as if they don't pull something new out of their ass every few years or so.
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  7. I still remember the Power Ranger's series where they intro by a guy 'smoking' a lolipop and then fighting prisoners over Jello... :/