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What should the new Zords be based off of?

  1. Chinese Animals

  2. Food

  3. Dinosaurs

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  4. Monsters from Literature

  5. Other-- in comments below.

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  1. Power Rangers: Legacy

    It's the year 2014, nearing Halloween. A group of five teenagers happen to come across these odd little devices-- Morphers-- as they trick or treat. Later, while walking home, they run into the Headless Horseman, a guardian of the Morphers-- the next guardian for the Power Rangers (Like Zordon). A new evil has risen, and it's now time for the Rangers to suit up.​
    The Zords will be discussed later on.​
    We need: 5 Rangers-- you can pick your color, MONSTERS, and the PRIMARY VILLAIN(s). We can also have other villains, we just need one for the story to circulate around... though... we can switch at times.
    *Specialty Rangers will be picked by me, via PM. <3 There has to be a plot surrounding the special ranger's induction.​
    Also, I'll make a group for this. <3
    I, as Game Master, will play the Headless Horseman-- and also his regular alias, "Benedict Isaac."
    I'll explain his mechanics later on.
    *=special ranger
    Red Ranger-- @Razilin
    Blue Ranger-- @msbutterfly92
    *White Ranger-- @Celane
    *Green Ranger-- @Princess of the Teacup
    Yellow Ranger-- @Januarius
    Headless Horseman-- @Shadeslayer05
    Pink Ranger-- @Eclipse

    ****We honestly need monsters and a primary villain... ****

    Ranger Form
    Character Name:
    Ranger Color/Zord idea:

    General Appearance:
    (spoiler=Photo Album)
    [/spoiler] --Please replace the parentheses with the brackets. the ) to ]. Url goes in between the imag brackets.

    General Personality:
    *Specialties include:
    Reason for plot insertion: (Basically, why would they become a Special Ranger?)

    (spoiler=Photo Album)
    [/spoiler] --Please replace the parentheses with the brackets. the ) to ]. Url goes in between the imag brackets.
    Special abilities:
    Optional* Ranger Color that you like to mess with most:

    (spoiler=Photo Album)
    [/spoiler] --Please replace the parentheses with the brackets. the ) to ]. Url goes in between the imag brackets.
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  2. Ranger Form
    Character Name: Daniel Rockwell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Occupation/School/Grade: Part time delivery boy. 12th grade.
    Ranger Color/Zord idea: Blue/Panther

    General Appearance:

    Strengths: Quick to attack, his charm, his intelligence.
    Weaknesses: Hot temper, inability to protect others when not around.
    More: He's hard-headed at times and has a bad temper.
    Talents: Book smart, writes music, can play a guitar.
    Fears: Drowning. He nearly drowned twice.
    General Personality: He is laid back, kind, a bit of a charmer around other males, a bit sarcastic.
    Secret: He never told his parents that he had a strong interest in men. His parents thought that he was straight.
    More: He is intelligent, although he looks more athletic.
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  3. Wonderful! I love him already.
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  4. Thanks. :3
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  5. Name: Headless Horseman
    AKA: Benedict Isaac

    Appearance (open)

    Age: Old as Dirt
    Occupation: Horse Trainer during the day-- when he still looks like a normal person-- and a Headless Horseman at night.
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  6. Character Name: Angelo "Angel" Arcelas
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Occupation/School/Grade: Part-time job as a restaurant waiter, 12th grade
    Ranger Color/Zord idea: Red, Lion
    General Appearance:

    Strengths: Martial artist, gymnast, good at math and science
    Weaknesses: Absent-minded, not a lot of common sense, terrible at liberal arts classes
    More: Loyal to his friends, very genial and friendly, can make friends easily
    Talents: Plays the piano, a competition-level martial artist
    Fears: Being alone or abandoned
    General Personality: Charming, friendly, a little absent-minded and forgetful
    Secret: He was abandoned by his mother as a child and raised by his aunt; he tells most people his mother died instead of leaving him
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  7. Hmm might join, had a character I've wanted to use from another RP like this...
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  8. Accepted!
  9. Everyone is welcome! ^.^
  10. Cept for them foreign people AM I RITE!?

    In all seriousness I'm debating joining this or starting up an RP of my own based on Mega Man...
  11. Psssh. Foreign? We're all human beings. XD

    Everyone is invited to thisss.

    Well, either option would be beneficial to you. ^/^
  12. Also--

    Unless more People want to be apart of this, I'll update it so it'll only be a three ranger team.

    It'll mirror Ninja Storm in that regard.
  13. cool, which means that if we do a 3-ranger team, there's always the oppotunity for expansion into a full 5
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  14. Oh my Lord! Seeing this made me excited. It's been years since I've watched the show, the last being Mystic Force. Would it too much trouble to join? If anything, I would wait until certain things happen before I join the group? >.<
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  15. Oh my gosh. :3

    No, it's not too much trouble!

    ^.^ You can totally join.
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  16. Woo! Thank you~ I'll post up the cs soon. :D
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  17. This is going to be exciting. :bsmile:
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  18. Character Name: Bishop Hammond
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Occupation/School/Grade: Freelance editor/11th grade
    Ranger Color/Zord idea: White/Cheetah

    General Appearance:


    Strengths: Very quick on his feet, athletic, intelligent, quick to find solutions to problems.

    Weaknesses: Extremly lazy, hesitates when it comes to helping others, over thinks things, lacks physical strength

    More: Enjoys computers, t.v shows and can speak japanese, also watches a lot of japanese things on his computer making others look at him weirdly, a little on the social akward side

    Talents:Speed, agility, his quic thinking, amazing work habtis such as not finishing until he is done.

    Fears: Spiders, talking to others for long periods of time, making the wrong plans and getting others hurt, having to choose between his safety and others.

    General Personality: Bishop is a weird person in general, at times he can be very socially awkward not wanting to talk to others or just mumbling in response, and other times he can be very sarcastic, with dry remarks that can make others laugh. These two personas make it extremly hard to tell wether Bishop wants friends or not.

    Secret:Bishop never wanted to be a ranger he never had thought about saving others in trouble, but since he was somewhat forced to by pride he decided to take the job though he often things of quitting.

    More: His type of fighting style is a very quick open handed style foucused aroound quick less damaging punches open handed so it is easy to grab and throw and also easy to counter and powerful kicks.
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  19. ~'Character Name'~
    Valeria Maxius



    Part-Time Barista/12th Grade
    ~'Ranger Color/Zord idea'~

    Yellow/Horned Owl
    ~'General Appearance:'~

    -Has an eye for detail in a way that she can find weakness and find a solution to a problem.



    A sketch artist of people and beautiful landscapes. This gives her the ability to observe and catch certain things others would normally miss.



    -Failing the people she cares about.
    -Thunder Storms.

    ~'General Personality'~

    Valeria is a happy person who is always seen smiling and laughing. She tries to take care of those she considers closest which is currently(before she met the other Rangers) limited to her mother. Although she has no clear line of friends, she gets along with everyone. When pressed, she becomes a serious girl who does not hesitate to push back rather than become a coward, even if the smarter choice would seem to be to act meek. Unfortunately, although she puts up a front of happiness or being unaffected by people's words or actions when it comes to hurting her or vice versa, she is actually pretty sensitive. She begins to doubt herself and shies away with her drawing pad or escape to a session with a punching bag to release the pressure or to avoid apologizing when she's done wrong. She's normally a great judge of character with her eye for detail and sees things others don't notice.

    Her father passed during her Middle School years, and it was Valeria's fault, although no one but he and herself know this.
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  20. Accepted.

    Finally, a female!
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