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  1. I am looking for some rp's with a heavy dose of ''powerplay'' in it. One character holds all the power while the victim holds none. I am more interested in the BDSM aspect of this then straight up bedroom action but there's room for both.

    But bondage will be the main theme. Most of the idea's below will be about one character being held prisoner by someone.

    Medieval/fantasy idea's:

    1. From Riches to rags: The king has just died and at 17 his son is but a mere boy. Originally the prince made every effort to rule on his own but it failed miserably. Taking advantage of his weak ruler, one of the most powerful nobles in the country rebels and seizes the capitol. With the prince as his hostage no loyalist can stand against this noble but this means the prince has to be left alive. Through this arrangement the prince spends his days as a prisoner and more importantly, as the usurpers plaything.
    prince: 17
    Noble: mid twenties

    2. Restrained journey: An escaped prisoner just can't even begin to imagine the luck he would have. On his first night as a free men he encounters a noble boy on the road. The boy has no guards and is easily captured. When interrogating the boy to have a good idea of the ransom it turns out he's a prince! The country also just so happens to be in a state of cold war with its neighbor. Seeing his chance for riches the bandit forces the securely bound and gagged prisoner on a journey to sell him off in a hostile land.

    3. The Squire and the noblewoman: Young Ivan has it all, the most famed knight in the land as his teacher, the good looks to woo any girl and the skills to make knighthood all but assured. The daughter of Ivan's master always had a crush on the squire and this did not chance when she was wed to a fellow noble. The woman had been Ivan's elder sister in all but name so Ivan saw nothing strange by her invitation. When arriving at the mansion however the young knight to be was quickly seized and thrown in the dungeon. Ivan had vanished without a trace as far as the outside world was concerned. In the deepest dungeon Ivan was left to the mercy of the noblewoman who had abducted him.

    Ivan: 19
    noble: 22

    Modern day idea's:

    1. Committed: A young woman spends her time as a high ranking staff member of nearby insane asylum. With her degree and experience few would second guess her opinion. The woman was so respected that few raised an eyebrow at the newest person she had committed....her younger stepbrother. He always was a trouble child and the recent death of their parents must have hit hard.
    To secure her inheritance the woman declared her brother insane enough for the most dire section of the asylum. Here he would remain restrained and muzzled under the supervision of his sister, punished when ''speaking out'' and force fed his drugged food.


    Doctor: late twenties
    ''Patient'': early twenties
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