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  1. Well okay so this idea is pretty much a Winx next Generation.

    The show features Bloom and her five best friends, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora & Aisha (who is sometimes called Layla, in some occasions)as they go on many adventures together mainly in the magical universe and on Earth. Throughout the story, they discover new fairy transformations and magical powers, battle against evil and support Bloom as she tries to discover her origins.

    This is where things change. In the battle against evil the Winx sacrifice themselves to destroy the evil and now most story and history of the Magical Universe is lost. All books, memories and Magic are supposeable lost for ever however Five girls form 5 different worlds show sudden magic, which has been lost for many centuries. Finding one another at the one place they could think to go to find something, Alfea. The girls then find themselves searching for the history and Magic of the magic Universe. Now it's up to them to bring back the magic to the Magical Universe. On their Journey they meet specialist and even a group of witches who have kept hidden until they could understand magic then use it for themselves.
  2. Name:


    Kingom/Dimension: (make it up if u wish)

    Normal Form:

    Fairy Form:

    Fairy of....
  3. Name:


    Aurora- A kindom in the center of the Magical Universe long forgotten before Magic was lost.

    Normal Form: (Though she doesn't always wear the Royal dress)

    Fairy Form: (The outfit adds things as she changes. The wings in photo of outfit go with last transformation.)
    (^^ Normal Wings)

    Fairy of the Fallen Stars (Or Fairy of the Lost World)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.