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    This article informs us that music may be swaying our outlook on life. Depending on the type of music we listen to in a day may determine out mood. What do you think? When you play music how does your mood and the tune correlate? Do you play upbeat songs when you're sad or do you just sick with sad songs?

    Tell me.. What would your roleplay character do? Would they have upbeat music playing while they cooked? How about music to set the scene for one scandalous night? Does your character have a song in their head as they walk down the street.. like their own person theme song?

  2. I always kind of thought that's really what we'd use musical ambiance for at the start of our posts, but that seems to have fallen out of practice recently, which is a pity.

    But to answer the question the music in regards to my characters is mostly around whatever the situation is bringing out of them. Tense situation, tense music etc etc.
  3. How does music effect my characters?


    Well, I could go on for hours about this. Rather than explain it, you see how it says Music Masters in my signature? Well, click on that, and you'll get all you need to know. Explaining this stuff takes forever. :/
  4. I listen to Yuki Kajiura, Hans Zimmer, Joe Hisaishi, Two Steps From Hell, and anything else involving sweeping epic orchestrals.
    Now I know why I am awesome.
    Have I discovered the secret of GAR?

    So as I pray, UNLIMITED GAR WORKS!
  5. I can't survive without music. If ever I was to lose all of my senses but one, I would save my hearing. Though I love to gaze upon pretty things or smell and taste delicious food or even enjoy the tender touch of a lover, music is the true love of my life. I am in no way musically talented. But I can definitely appreciate the art on a whole other level than most. When discussing music, I focus not so much on a musician's ability to sing or play an instrument, but on the emotion within the song.

    Yes, music does affect my mood. Listening to "feel good" songs or ones you can really dance to tend to lift my mood, while angry and haunting songs put me in a dark state of mind. Often times, when listening to music, I find myself playing out a story in my head, feeling as if I'm there, feeling the emotion well up in my chest. But this is only if I allow it. Over the past year, I've taken to mastering my emotions (long story short I caused some drama because of my temper). Meditation helped me to know when is the right time to let my emotions be so easily influenced.

    But I digress. The point is that I will often use music to help me get into a certain state of mind when I'm struggling to accomplish the task. Roleplaying is possibly the best example. When I need to write something twisted or dark, I'll turn to a song that puts me in that mood, and likewise with all of the other emotions out there.

    Often enough I will incorporate music when creating/writing my characters. Now, I'm not saying every single one of my characters is a musician or somehow musically inclined. But I will often plug the subject of music into my posts or stories in some way. It could be something simple like a character singing along to the radio while he or she is driving. It could be something more complex, like a character singing a romantic song to try and woo a love interest.

    Recently I've found myself hunting down theme songs for my characters or for a soundtrack to a roleplay, playing these songs at the appropriate times of course. I find sometimes when I feel like I'm straying from my character's personality, I'll play their theme song and remind myself how I should be writing them.

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