Power is Slavery

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    Power is Slavery.
    Slavery is Power.
    You will not oppress us forever.

    In the crystalline city of Andacia, everything is perfect. No crime, no inequality. It's the perfect utopia.
    And what do we all know about utopias?
    They are anything but that.
    You see, in reality, there is crime. They just don't talk about it. There is inequality. They just don't talk about it. The city itself is separated into two sectors: one for the rich and one for the poor. The rich sector is full of mansions and beautiful gardens. The poor sector is basically the slums--there is no middle class here. The poor are ignored, and the rich are rewarded. Simple as that.

    Genetic mutations have started occurring in the past century. They are particularly...disturbing for the peace of Andacia. These mutations are causing drastic effects, creating what we would call super humans. These super humans come in all shapes and sizes, and they are considered the inferior class to humans. As such, they have been rounded up and forced into slavery. They serve as housekeepers mostly--sometimes even babysitters--for the rich. Specially-made collars make sure they stay in line. Often times, these super humans are blackmailed in case they prove to be a little too powerful according to the Johnson-Grant Scale.

    But as I said--in Andacia, everything is perfect. No crime, no inequality. It's the perfect utopia.
    Never mind the rest.
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  2. Frederick "James" Chandler had never been a very patient man. He did not believe in the old saying "Why do today what you can do tomorrow?" No, if he can do it at that very moment, he will. And that's just what he did as owner and CEO of The Chandler Group. He'd been running the "family business" for the last five years, and he'd quickly proven himself to be on the most inquisitive and strategic businessmen on the market. He made plans swiftly and decisively, and he could predict the outcome of a company within minutes of its inception. A very handy tool for the investment company that had amassed billions upon billions of dollars in yearly revenue.

    It was his philosophy to work whenever possible, and he imposed that philosophy on his family and, more importantly, his employees and slaves. He had never and would never tolerate laziness--and in his mind, work that was not done quickly was a product of laziness. To many, he seemed harsh and even a bit cruel. He viewed himself as disciplined, holding others to the same standards that he held for himself. He did not believe in the cruelty that was often shown towards the "super-human" slaves, but many would agree that his impatience mirrored this cruelty. He was a man of controversy, but he held to his principles without wavering.

    And that was why, on this particular day, he was yelling at one slave in particular: Sylus. "You are lazy, and you are arrogant!" he snapped harshly, his brow furrowed in anger. He had not asked much (at least, not in his mind), and he had expected it to be done within the hour. When he had returned, the task of scrubbing his marble tile floors was still yet to be finished. As expected by everyone that knew him, he had become quite enraged at the fact, immediately yelling at the girl and accusing her of many things that may or may not have been true. When his rant was finally done, he ordered her to finish the task before dinner or go without it.

    That was James Chandler for you: impatient, disciplined, and perhaps a bit temperamental.


    Christina Worthington had never been known to make any sort of sense in her actions. From throwing relentless and expensive parties to tearing families apart by seducing the husband, many of the people in Andacia either hated her or loved her. There was no in between. Still, even those that hated her could not resist buying from her infamous fashion design company: Worthington Designer Clothing. Every piece of fashion she produced had the well-known WDC in fancy letters on the tag. Anyone who was anyone wanted that label. It was a matter of pride, and Christina reveled in her monopoly. There were many days when she would reflect upon the more...questionable things she had done to become the woman she was today. If anyone discovered the truth, they would expect her to feel shame or regret. She felt neither. If anything, she had loved using her underhanded tactics to get to the top.

    Her ideals were composed of one thought: always be the best there is. She surrounded herself in extravagance because she had the money and means to do so. People either admired her or envied her--yet again, there was no in between. The complexity of her life and her actions were misunderstood by many as a flirtatious, outgoing, and rather dense woman who spent more money than she should on jewels, clothes, and--most importantly--slaves. In reality, there was a devious plan behind every little thing she did. And currently, her next plan was more than a little devious.

    "I want those flowers ordered and back here within the hour," she said simply to one of her slaves named Parker. Christina was throwing another one of her extravagant parties that everyone in the upper sector scrambled to get an invitation to. Normally, she would hand out hundreds of invitations. This time, however, she'd only handed out thirteen. The invitations were very specific as well.

    Bring your slaves or no entry.

    The woman smiled almost devilishly as she watched Parker leave to retrieve the flowers that would serve as part of the decoration for that evening. She had several hours before the party, and she intended to make it one of unforgettable proportions.

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  3. The red haired slave, named Sylus, had been scrubbing the floors of her master's house, a task that wasn't necessarily hard if not the one hour time limit, but to do it all in such a short time was impossible. Having known this, she took her time cleaning the marble on her knees. Occasionally, she'd take a minute to stop and remember her beloved brother Caine, which wasn't hard since the two looked nearly identical. The two had been separated because she was cursed with powers and he was not. Though she hated being away from him, she was glad that he hadn't been born with any special ability. If he ever had to deal with such cruel treatment like her, she'd go on a rampage. Thinking about it now, she didn't know anything about her brother now. Was he doing alright? Properly getting food? Was he even still alive? The thought scared her more than anything, but she knew it was likely.

    Soon, her master, Frederick James Chandler, returned. Her emotionless facial expression remained the same ever since she and her brother parted as she glanced up at her master from where she was sitting on the floor. Deep down, she disliked her master. It hadn't been long since he bought her, but all he ever did was yell and get angry. The only thing keeping her from hating him was that he didn't abuse her, unlike her previous masters.

    Listening to his orders, Sylus resumed cleaning the floors. Finish before dinner? It was doable, but did she even want to eat? Ever since becoming a slave, her appetite to eat anything had dropped and now, she was so used to just not eating on a daioy basis. For now, she just occupied herself with cleaning the floors.


    "Sabah?" The young woman called while walking through the hallways of her house, searching for her slave. Her father had given her Sabah once she inherited the company, which wasn't very long ago. Though she didn't really like the idea of a 'slave', she liked that she'd have someone new to talk to. Perhaps she'd even get to hear a story about his life before coming here! For someone like Celeste, who rarely ever left the house, the thought excited her.

    Still searching, a rather old butler came around the corner after hearing her calls. "Young Miss, are you in need of anything?" Celeste gave a small smile to him. "Leonardo, have you seen Sabah? " "Perhaps in the living quarters. Would you like some assisstance? " The girl shook her head and began a light jog to Sabah's room. Leonardo watched her with a smile, something all the slaves did after getting to really know Celeste. After all, she was pure and kind to everyone.

    After a small detour, making sure Sabah wasn't in the yard, kitchen, or living area, she made her way to the rooms for the slaves. Sabah, being Celeste's personal slave, was given a room slightly better than the others and was spaced away from the rest. This made it a bit easier for him to get to Celeste and vice-versa. "Saaaabaaah?" she called out once more, sounding much like a child searching for her parent.

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  4. Sabah looked up from the mirror in his room before turning and going to the door shifting a bit as he opened it to see his mistress, "yes?" He said softly, in his normal black long sleeved shirt and blue jeans. His mistress seemed pretty nice compared to his old master bit he wasn't completely sure about her. He shifted a bit putting his hand to his mouth. The males shadow flared a bit around him as a way to show that he was nervous. "C-can I help you?" Sabah mumbled awkwardly shifting from foot to foot.
    Sabah wasn't use to having such a nice room so when he was first bought for the young lady he didn't expect his own room, before he slept either in his master or mistress' room, cage, or dungeon. Having his own bed and room to but things was different he still hadn't gotten use to it, nor did he really have his own stuff. The only thing that was his was the collar on his next because it controlled him. Sabah could remember the first day he was taken into slavery. That day his powers had gone out of control for the most part trying to get him free from the collar on him. It still tried from time to time but 8 years of this life he'd gotten use to it for the most part. He blinked looking at his mistress, at least she was cute. Very cute.


    Alexandria smiled as she bounced around the mansion she lived in very lively like normal.
    "Aaron!" She called bored of homework, she figured that he could entertain her. Even though she was 16 she was short, no taller than 5 foot with child like features, and for the most part she acted like it. Being an only child it was simple for her to get her way. Afterall, her dad did buy her a slave to keep her entertained while home. "Let's play a game, Aaron! I'm bored!" Alexandria bounced around looking for her slave, who she found to be quite boring. She smiled once she found the slave, "let's go outside Aaron. Oh with you can show me why you're my slave! That should be fun, right?" She smiled a bit, pink hair in the normal bouncing ringlets as she grabbed his hand tugging on it, "lets go!"

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  5. Dana Gole let out a sigh as she stared at the invitation for what must have been the hundredth time since she’d received it. She was not, nor had she ever been, a frivolous woman, and gatherings such as the one she was to attend to tonight did not appeal to her in any way. She had never considered herself to be anything less than incredibly busy, and felt she didn’t have the time to spend on something as silly as amusing herself. There were much more important things to do, such as caring for her business, her home, and her children. Still though, she knew not attending would seem rude, and could reflect badly on herself and her company. Her presence at the gathering was necessary, whether she wanted to be there or not.

    With a slight shake of her head, she returned the invitation to its spot on her vanity, and – being alerted by the sound of it creaking open – glanced over at the door. She watched as the slave she’d sent for, Elise Strong, stepped in. “Oh, Elise. You’re here. Good.” Dana said, motioning for the young woman to stand in a corner nearby herself. “Thank you for coming. I hope I haven’t inconvenienced you too much. If you would please stand over there, out of the way of the door, I’d appreciate it.”

    As if right on cue, the door swung open once more, and three small children came barreling in; A young girl came first, a rather small child she was dragging by the hand came next, and lastly a young boy. Dana frowned, and snapped her attention away from her slave, as she turned her gaze on the children. The youngest child almost immediately broke away from the girl, and walked over to Dana, holding his arms up towards her.

    “Scarlett? Dmitri? Mikel? What are you doing in here?” Dana asked sternly, reaching down to pick up the youngest child, and rest him on her hip. “I thought I put you under Sophie’s care! Why aren’t you with her? You know you’re not allowed to bother me in here! It’s dangerous!” She motioned towards Elise. While she didn’t particularly distrust any of her slaves, she felt one could never be too careful with such delicate creatures as children – especially when a slave with a power such as the one standing in the room with her now was involved.

    The oldest girl, Scarlett, ignored her mother’s reprimand, and rather placed her hands on her hips. “Mommy, mommy, mommy!” She exclaimed angrily, as she stomped her foot. “Sophie says you’re leaving! It’s not fair! You can’t go! You’re supposed to play with us! I'm not going to listen if you do this! I'll be very rude and misbehave and make everyone upset!"

    Dana stared for a moment, and then bent down, repositioning her youngest child so her arm was still around him. Her expression softened a bit, and she reached out to rest a hand against her daughter’s face, rubbing her thumb back and forth against the girls cheek in a comforting manner as she spoke. “Scarlett, honey, I love you very much.” She said, and then paused for a moment, her voice and expression returning to its former sternness as she added the next warning. “But you can not speak to me in such a way.” Her expression and voice softened once again. “Now, I understand that you’re upset, and I’m very sorry about that. I’ve been a very busy woman since daddy had to leave us, and I know that’s been hard on you, but some things simply must be done; And the only way I can make sure they get done right is to do them myself. That doesn’t just include boring grownup stuff, though, it also includes playing with you and your brothers, too. And, as soon as I have the time, I’ll make sure I spend the time with you that I usually do. Okay?”

    Scarlett bit down on her lip, and stared for a few moments, as she mused over whether or not this response was enough to calm her anger over her mother leaving to attend the party. “…Do you promise?” She asked finally.

    “Yes, of course. I promise. You have my word on it, angel.” Dana responded, nodding as she pulled her hand away, and went to set Mikel back down next to his sister.

    “Well… okay then!” Scarlett nodded.

    Dana smiled, and went to give each of her children a quick kiss on the forehead, before standing back up. “Okay, good. Oh, and Scarlett? Tell Sophie, that since I can’t play with you tonight, you three are free to dress up in me and daddy’s old clothes, like you like to.” She paused, flicking her finger towards her second child. “And you! I better hear no more talk of you throwing dirt at people in the gardens - slaves or otherwise - or there will be consequences! We do not treat people that way, and I will be discussing this with you further later. Do you understand me, Dmitri?”

    The small boy lowered his head and nodded sheepishly at the mention of his misdeed from earlier. “Yes mommy, sorry mommy.” He mumbled.

    “That’s a good boy. Now, off with you! Get out! I don’t want to see you again unless it’s an emergency, or Sophie is at your side! You are not permitted to run free throughout these halls!”

    Scarlett nodded, and then, taking her brothers’ hands in her own, turned and left.

    Dana sighed slightly, and turned back towards Elise. “Ah, I apologize for the interruption.” She said, as she smoothed her shirt down. “But, as you know, the children always come first.” She paused. “Well, anyways, where was I? Ah, yes. I believe you’re the only one yet to be informed. We have been invited to one of Christina Worthington’s parties; And when I say we, I mean all of us, you slaves included. I hope you will not mind going too much, as you have to, whether or not it suits your fancy. Personally, I’ve never been the sort for parties myself, but we’re expected to go, and we must keep appearances up. In accordance with that, I’ve laid an outfit out for you.” She motioned towards an outfit that was laid out across a nearby chair. It was a plain yet stylish black dress, a pair of stockings, and a somewhat fancier scarf. “Whether you’ll be in the main hall or not, we all need to look our best. Hopefully this outfit is satisfactory. I threw in a scarf, as I know you like to wear those. I assume you’re not unwilling to switch your current one out for this nicer one, or we may have a bit of a problem.” She narrowed her eyes slightly, as she looked the young woman up and down.



    She was a tall blonde-haired woman, whose pale skin seemed much too large for her gaunt frame - giving her the appearance of a phantom, a delicate wisp of a person who could be blown away by the slightest breeze. Despite it all, though, there was a sort of beauty in her tired eyes and gentle smile. That gentleness though, that warmness and calmness that always seemed to be about her, was no longer there at that moment. It was replaced by something else, by a sense of overwhelming despair, helplessness, and lack of hope. The color drained away from her face as she collapsed to the floor, her hands reaching out for something - anything - to hold her up. And then, before anyone could react, she opened her mouth and let out a wail - the sort of anguished, heart-breaking wail that could only come from a mother who knew she was about to lose her child.

    It was this scene that had been playing over and over again in Parker's mind for four years. It was this scene that, despite all his efforts, he couldn't seem to erase from his mind. And it was this sound, the sound of his mother's cries upon learning of his power, that wouldn't stop playing on repeat in his ears. And why should they? Why should they ever stop? It was that day that his life had changed, it was that awful day that had sealed his fate. No matter how hard he tried, he knew he'd never forget it. He couldn't.

    He was finally snapped out of his thoughts by the sound of his master - by one of the awful people who had helped rip him away from his family - ordering him to get flowers. He slowly uncurled his fingers, which were tightly curled into fists, before glancing over at her. Had she asked for anything else, he might have refused. The scene he'd just replayed in his head for the millionth time had renewed all the anger and frustration he felt over his situation, and he could feel it welling up inside him, just begging to boil over. He quickly pushed these feelings away though, for one simple reason - he wanted away from this woman, and he wanted to go outside.

    "Flowers?" He asked, flashing a sweet smile that held no traces of his true resentment for the upper class socialite who stood before him. "Of course Ms. Worthington. I'll get right on it. Whatever you ask." He nodded slightly, and turned towards the door.

    The second he had left, his smile disappeared, and his fists clenched once again.
    "Flowers for your pathetic party? Of course! Why, what else would I like to be doing with my time? Certainly not living a normal life!" He thought, with an annoyed shake of his head. The fact that his 'master' was throwing yet another stupid party while he was stuck doing her bidding was making him feel more than cynical at the moment, and he was having some difficulty controlling his temper. "I oughta put some stupid poison ivy in those flowers. With any luck you'll shove your stupid face in them. Now that, that would be something people would actually like to see!"

    He chuckled slightly at the image the last thought gave him, and quickened his pace, hurrying off to retrieve the flowers as had been requested of him.
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  6. Aiko just didn't know what to make of it. Breathing out a sigh, he dropped the invitation back onto the table next to him and fell into the seat beside it. If the invitation had gone to his father, he might have understood, but it was addressed to him. And his slaves. To be honest, that was what bothered him the most about this whole thing. After all, he was used to these damn parties, he had been going to them ever since he was a little boy. But the fact that Christina Worthington wanted the slaves to come as well... She was planning something. But what?

    Sighing softly again, Aiko closed his eyes and began rubbing his temples. He already had too much stress in his life, and now this. And unfortunately, politely declining was out of the question. He let out yet another sigh and looked up at the second floor of the modest house that he owned. "Lucifer?" He called out, hoping the young slave could hear him no matter where he was. "Could you please come down? I need your opinion on something, if you don't mind."
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  7. Sage had just gotten back from police duty, panting hard since he had tried his hardest to catch a criminal today. None of his friendly police had tried to help him. It was simply because they made that same stupid excuse that the place they lived in was a utopia! Of course, it was only one or two people in society who really acted out, but they might be causing this nation to fall apart. Maybe it already has.
    Sage sloppily walked up on his porched, realizing that he had just stepped on an envelope. He bent down to pick it up, and as he did so, his back popped. He grunted once, then continued on in the house as if nothing had happened.
    Taking off his black police hat and rather tight vest, he hung them up somewhere so he could wash it later in the week. Of course he had extra pairs.
    Sage plopped down on the wooden chair that was infront of the wooden table. All but one side of the table had been cleaned off, the other side stacked with confidential papers from his police department that he had yet to fill out. His deadline to get them turned in was next month, but Sage told himself he could finish with them before the deadline despite its size.
    He sighed, wondering what type of letter this was. He slipped off his gloves and opened the envelope, pulling out some sort of invitation. It was signed by someone with the name Christina Worthington.
    Sage smiled. A party? He rarely had the chance to go to any of these parties, mainly because of work. Glancing at the calendar, he had read that his department gave him a day off. Looking back at the letter, the date was the same as his day off! (honestly, my brain is not functioning right now. holy crap that was confusing.)
    Reading along, he noticed some specific directions on the bottom of the page.

    Bring your slaves or no entry.

    Ah... Sage really wanted to go to this party, and maybe go with his sla-- no, Fera too! That would depend on his friend, though. Hopefully Fera would agree coming to this party!

    Just to make sure - so he's not forcing it on the boy, he stood up and started calling for the boy.
    "Fera!" he yelled. "Where are you? I've got something for you!"
    Hopefully his tone didn't sound harsh, especially since Sage was still exhausted from work.

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    also you had yer chance, GO TEAM FERA))
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  8. Jack smiled eagerly as he sat back in his chair, normally he wouldn't be excited for any party, even if it was arranged by Christina Worthington but this was different, she had a plan and it involved nobles the powerful slaves.... Well Kari wasn't really powerful, but she fitted Jacks personality like a glove, to others she seemed weak and pointless but to Jack she could help him become even more powerful. That reminded him, he still needed to test her powers on some willing slaves!

    Jack walked to the door and opened it, walking with haste to the servants quarters calling out "Kari, come here I need you" in a kind yet demanding voice.....


    Lucifer had been sitting in the corner of the servants quarter scraping at the wall with a pen he had "borrowed" when he heard his master Aiko call for him, he rolled his eyes at the thought of calling him master as he slowly walked towards where Aiko was residing. He walked into the room without even knocking and stood there slouched in front of Aiko not caring for what happened "Yes?" He said frustratedly. He wasn't going to follow the orders of some rich man just because he put a few coins in to get him.
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  9. The invitation sat there, mocking her. It and the envelope had been carefully opened, sitting right on top of all of her important papers just staring at her. It wasn't fair. Why the hell was she invited? She hated Christina and all of her damn underhanded tactics that made hard working people look stupid trying to get ahead in life! The woman growled before pushing back from the chair. That was it. Eileen Princeton was going to that stupid party, and that was final. "Dani! Dani, come here! We need to get ready for a party." It was frustrating for the brunette woman, but she straightened her tie before nodding to a servant she kept around her house. The woman only had one slave, so it was a simple way to dress her up. The woman knew she couldn't go in her simple work clothes. She had to get one of her better suits ready, probably one made by the woman if only to placate the host a bit. Eileen walked with precision. Her servants looked her in the eyes, questioning why their master seemed to walk with such a purpose. The woman in the suit smirked. She wouldn't have her servants any other way. Defiance was simply a way for her to strengthen and improve herself.


    Kari jumped, accidently stabbing herself with the needle she was working with. The girl hissed, feeling an unneeded amount of frustration well up. No, no this wasn't good. She couldn't let this get the best of her. Gently, she put aside the dress that she had been working with. She had ripped the work uniform while working and needed to work on it so she didn't wear the same thing over and over again. However, that would have to wait. Her master was calling. Fear started to pump itself into her brain and heart. He wasn't her first master, and most certainly after he saw her powers he wouldn't be her last. Kari could feel her breath pick up as she walked toward the man, struggling to keep it down. Taking a deep breath, Kari let go of all of her panicked thoughts as she bowed to the man calling to her. "Yes, master?" She asked, keeping her eyes away from the man. It was simply rude to try and look the man in the eye.
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  10. Aiko frowned slightly, but decided not to comment on the young man's behavior. After all, he had no idea what the slave had gone through before Aiko had bought him. But still, it was a bit rude, when Aiko knew that he had not treated him wrongly, to be resisted in such a manner. Sighing softly, he motioned to the other chair at the table, a clear invitation to sit.

    "Lucifer, I've gotten an invitation for a party being held this afternoon, however there are some problems. One of which is the fact that the person hosting the party is one of the rich elite, a group of people I'm sure we both dislike. However, the most important problem right now is the fact that the invitation specifically states that to enter the party, slaves must be brought. As you are my only slave, I had wanted to ask if you desired to go to this party or not. I certainly won't force you to go if you do not wish to." Aiko sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "However, I must admit... I do not think we can decline this invitation."
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  11. Jack smiled cunningly, he put his hand under Karis chin and lifted her head up so she looked into his eyes "Don't worry, I won't hurt darling" Jack smiled sweetly at Kira and beckoned for his other two slaves to come over "Now all I want you to do is make these two change, good or bad I don't care just show me how far you can manipulate" Jack took off the collar that had been stopping her using her powers...


    Lucifer was shocked when Aiko didn't complain about his attitude however he ignored it and slumped into the chair he had been offered. Lucifer thought about it and it seemed odd, servants going to a party and he doubted they needed extra hands since this was an elite, and it made him uneasy thinking what might happen. "I'm fine with going" Ow well what's the worst that could happen right?
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  12. Aiko sighed again and nodded. "Then we'll both need new outfits. I don't exactly keep formal ware in the house. Do you have anything you're doing at the moment, or are you free to go shopping with me?" He asked, trying to be as gentle and uncommanding as possible. Even Aiko knew that force would get him nowhere with this man, and he was hoping that by being nice, he would be able to break through the formidable walls that surround the young man in front of him.
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  13. Jess adjusted her clothes to be a bit looser as she entered her home, returning for the fourth suprise inspection that month. Second that week, if she was being completely honest. She'd had a bad feeling about the current 'resident' for her slave holding building and people weren't exactly kind to her slaves, so she kept her employees away from the third floor where they kept all the higher powered, nonbinary, or just plain unstable slaves that couldn't fit in with the boy floor or the girl floor. All in all, she wanted to change this business for the better. No more the slums that was the old slave living area. No more sketchy people renting her people. No more.

    Still... it was exhausting. It was a lot of work and she just wanted to go back to the drugs and the partying, but when she looked at the slaves with dead eyes go in and then eventually warm up and be welcomed into a group of people like them or given the care they needed... the thought brought a smile to her face. Of course her sales pitch for the care of the slaves was that broken slaves were useless and therefore it was logical to treat them ethically. She hated that mentality. What she wouldn't give to make people see what she'd seen when she'd decided to take over her father's business. A small child, bruised and abused for the sake of business.

    She sighed and went to look at the mail that had arrived. Junk, suck-up letter, junk, and a party invitation. Jess looked carefully at the invitation. Bring your slaves or no entry. Jess looked at it carefully. Surely it meant only that she could take Okami, since taking all her slaves equaled potential unparalleled destruction when one panicked at being in such a large crowd. Also, legally she had no right to claim the slaves as hers. They were all owned by Rosencrantz Escorts and could only be let out according to the rent agreement. She was exempt from renting slaves as a concession with the government. They didn't like the idea of her owning so many powerful and somewhat unstable slaves that were pretty loyal to her.

    Still, it gave Jess an excuse to act silly for Okami and pester him into going shopping with her, and Jess was definitely going to jump onto this opportunity.

    "Okami-san!" Jess yelled as loud as she could, running through the house to find him. "Oooookkkkaaammmmiiiiii... I wanna go to a party! And you're invited too!"


    Elise Strong lived in a world made of glass. The slightest wrong move and things would break. People, feelings, and the list went on so long that Elise found herself forcing herself to mentally run through a series of punches and kicks that she would try when she went to the gym next. If her employer would allow her to, that is. For now, Elise was entering the office of her owner, Dana Gole. The woman was cold and calculating and somehow that made Elise feel relaxed. It made her feel like a tool and that it didn't matter what she did because the blame was more upon Dana's shoulders than her own. The responsibility was not her own, and so it didn't matter what happened to her.

    Elise followed Mrs. Gole's orders quietly and obediently, somehow feeling the importance of the moment that she not interfere with whatever was going to happen. That was when Dana's children entered, and Elise cast her eyes to the floor and put her hands into her pockets. It tended to make people relax when she put herself in this posture, as though it was far less likely that Elise could hurt them somehow.

    Still, she felt the gaze of her owner. It wasn't distrustful or even angry, but Elise knew it to be wariness that anyone with children would give her if they knew her strength and her power. Elise risked a look up to see her master holding one of the children's faces, and Elise wished desperately that she could somehow be able to do such a thing without hurting that person. All the same, it was stupid to think otherwise, Elise tore her gaze away and touched the collar around her neck. Elise always wondered if it would blow up if she put a toe out of line. Probably would, considering that she could be a force of nature if she decided that she wanted to start punching people who deserved it. Elise also had a list for that as well. It started with the president and went down the chain of command.

    "... I see. If you wish for me to not wear a scarf to show off my power level I shall, but the scarf is more for moving about covertly without drawing attention. The style of the scarf is up to you, my master." Elise said, walking over to inspect the clothing that her master had laid out for her. Sturdy fabric, and comfortable. "I understand my role. Did you wish me to stay close to you or remain distant? I only ask so if something happens I may be at your side and able to protect you."

    Elise measured her words carefully, as she knew that Mrs. Gole was looking Elise up and down as though Elise was a piece of meat or one of those moving mannequins that the shops so often featured wearing dresses or whatever the fancy thing of the week was. Elise was not as comfortable as being seen as tool than she was with being one. Elise didn't understand why, and it frustrated her to have such a hypocritical view of the world. Elise hoped the conversation would move on and that she could leave soon. Preferably before Elise felt the urge to hit something or someone.

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  14. Lucifer sat there staring at Aiko with shock, why was he being so nice and to him, he could force him to do anything and yet he asked for his opinion. Maybe he's a nice guy? Suddenly shaking the thought out of his head "sure, I am yours!" shocked at how he replied him self he slouched more and stared into a corner, trying to cover up how he just accept being owned......
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  15. [​IMG]
    Samantha was in her massive library, searching through the copious number of books and novels she had collected over her many years.
    She prized every last one of them just as much as she prized her looks. She finally came across a heavy book with a dusty cover,
    it being labeled as ' The Journey Through Time '. It was one of her childhood favorites, one her mother used to read to her before bed.
    It made her smile to have once again encountered this imaginative story she had listened to so many years ago. She had a fondness
    of this story in particular, and so being content with the selection she had made she went and sat in one of the bean bags she had
    bought only a few weeks ago to put inside her library. Flipping through the book, she found a marker where her mother had last read
    before she left, and continued forth into the wild fantasy story she was reading.
    " Adisa! Would you get me some coffee please? And don't put any sugar in it, I hate sugar."
    She knew it might take a bit for him to respond but she had grown accustomed to late replies to her ever lasting demands. She was
    hooked on coffee and had been for as long as she could remember from her high-school days up until now. So she had her own
    little servant to get her coffee whenever she wished though she tried to keep it to a minimum. She favored Adisa over her less
    important servants, and in turn she had made him into her favorite, calling upon him for matters she thought to be serious and
    likewise important to her, but most of all she let him have the special things she wouldn't give to any other slave or servant she owned.
    She let him have the simple pleasures in life, he had his own room, he had free range of the house, and he wasn't made to clean like her
    other servants do.

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  16. Adisa was daydreaming in his little room, humming a melody that his creator used to sing when working. Honestly, Adisa was really sad that he'd been sold by his own creator. However, his new owner had been taking care of him quite nicely. Adisa thought of Samatha as his own mother, one because she owned him and two... well... she was definitely older than him. Adisa was still a child, only twelve years old. He still didn't understand the world and it's problems yet, but he was shielded from those dangers since he lived in a utopia.
    At the sound of Samantha's voice, he woke up and dashed out of his room, a smile on his face.
    "Yes, Miss Samantha!" Adisa replied as fast as he could. He paced into the kitchen and tried his best to create some coffee with the (coffee maker or whatever). Taking the pot out from under, he made the mistake of putting his hand on the bottom...
    "Ah!" he lightly gasped, taking a look at his hand. He had burned the tips of his fingers. He stared at it for a while before shaking his head. Adisa should recover on his own instead of relying on Samantha to take care of him...
    He poured the coffee into a beautifully designed mug, leaving out the sugar. Adisa placed the mug on a placemat just incase the beverage would sweat or burn through any items. Sticking his burned hand in his pocket, he carried the mug carefully into the massive library and placed it before Samantha on a small table that was close to her.
    "Ah... here you go!" Adisa said cheerfully, radiantly smiling. "Hope that's good... Do you like it?"
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  17. James nodded in satisfaction, leaving the parlor and entering his study. As per usual, one of his slaves put his mail on his desk, ready to be opened. He examined each carefully to ensure they had not been tampered with. When he was satisfied, he shuffled through them, already mentally filing each into a specific category until he came to a specific letter enclosed in a petal pink envelope. Inwardly, he groaned. "Christina, you are a pain," he muttered as he opened the envelope. The invitation was short and sweet; it seemed harmless enough until he got to the very last sentence.

    Bring your slaves or no entry

    "Damn the bitch!" The wheels in his mind turned as he tried to figure out what she could possibly be planning. He came up with nothing. She would not be crazy enough to cause some sort of rebellion, he did not think. Why would he need to bring his slaves? Pursing his lips, he called for Sylus, waiting impatiently for her to come to his study. Despite himself, James would not be able to decline this invitation. It would reflect badly upon his business, especially since rumors spread like wildfire in this "utopia" of theirs.

    Dani appeared swiftly, her green eyes searching her master's expression. A party? A party? Why in the hell would she go to a party? No, this was not something she would agree upon. Already, she was thinking up some way she could fight this new hell she was going to be forced to endure. Eileen was not the worst of masters--certainly not, but that did not mean Dani would obey her every whim like a dog. Especially not for something like this. Dani pursed her lips, wiping the dirt off her clothes. She'd been working in the garden all morning as per Eileen's request, and she definitely was not fit for a party. Not that she cared about appearances; rather, Dani simply would not subject herself to the cruel treatment that often occurred at these lavish ordeals.

    No, she simply would not allow it. But what could she do? Nothing. Though she would put up a fight, Dani already knew that there was no way she could resist this time.

    ((@The Writing Owl))​
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  18. At some point, Sylus had taken a very brief break in between scrubbing the floors. Her hands, which were very small and fragile, yet scarred, were stiff from holding the rag this entire time. Not to mention they were dirty as were the rest of her clothes. After opening and closing her hand a few times to loosen it, she resumed cleaning. Despite being unmotivated, she was surprisingly thorough while cleaning.

    Soon, she heard her master call for her. Why, she wondered. The only logical answer was for more work to be done or she was going to get scolded for something little. Either way didn't really matter to her. She was used to nearly anything at this point in her life as a slave. Setting down the rag and wiping her hand on her clothes, Sylus made her to her master's study. Arriving at the door, she knocked lightly before entering with her head hung low and looking down, waiting for some sort of scolding or orders to be given.


    "Sabah!" Celeste called excitedly, hurrying over to the taller man. He seemed to be a bit nervous around her, which troubled her. Was he not used to life here yet? Or perhaps he was uncomfortable? She took note of it for later, but now there was something she wanted to discuss with him. "So, I've been invited to a party! It'll be my first one since inheriting the business." The way she talked made it noticeably clear that she was happy. After being stuck in this house most of her life, she could finally leave if needed. And in this case, she needed to.

    "And well... the invitation says that I must bring my slave to be allowed entry. So uh... if you'd like, would you please attend with me?" Suddenly feeling very flustered and embarrassed from asking, Celeste began waving her hands frantically in front of herself. "I-I mean, you don't have to! I just thought that maybe you'd like to go out with me once in a while... B-But not in that way, of course! I mean... y-yeah..." She finished awkwardly, her face slightly red.
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  19. Sabah smiled a bit ready to congratulation for the invitation but he stopped to listen to what she had to tell him. Sabah's eyes widen having heard what she had said, he gave a small chuckle as he fumbled over the words. He was given the choice of rather to go or not? He shifts a bit, she looked so happy... he thought before nodding, "I'll go with." It wouldn't hurt. "Can... I wear this?" He figured his oversized shirt wouldn't be appropriate for the party but he had to ask. It was one of his favorite items.
    His green eyes were looking down as he chewed on his sleeve hem, what was a party going to be like? Would he have to dance? The thought of all the people made him a bit nervous, would it be like when he was bought?
    "W-what will it be like?" He asks softly. It always took him a while to warm up to people. But he was glad that his new mistress seemed extremely nice, that made it a bit easier to get use to. He reached up with his free hand brushing some of his black hair from his face, he always preferred it long but it really wasn't his choice of style.
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  20. Eileen watched the slave's expression. She wanted to fight back against the situation, the woman could see it. She knew that expression well. She sighed, her shoulders sagging as she put a hand on Dani's shoulder. "I know, I don't want to go to this party as much as you do, but it's a necessary evil. Now come on. We need to get you cleaned up. You're borrowing some of my clothes, I know you don't have anything nicer. I'll be damned if you don't at least look damn better than the other slaves." Oh, she hated that word. Slave. It brought on too many horrid memories and uncomfortable feelings. Moving Dani toward one of her many baths, she practically shoved the young woman into the room. "A servant will bring you something nice to wear in a bit."

    Turning, the woman sighed as she moved to find her own bathroom. She might as well relax in her own tub. This whole party business was frustrating her to no end. Luckily, she didn't need to specifically order her servants to bring up a bath for her, someone already looking for a suit that would fit Dani. The woman smiled before disappearing into her own little sanctuary. This was going to be a long night...


    Kari gasped as her master pulled her chin up, asking her to manipulate the two others with her powers. Panic raced through her veins. No, no she couldn't! Turning to her two victims, Kari took a deep breath. No, she had to. Kari took a deep breath. Blank slate. She had to be a blank slate. Giving the two a quick apology, she took them by the hand. Closing her eyes, she focused on the emotions of the two in her grip. Many different varieties swirled together, however sadness was most prominent. That would be her first priority. She started to isolate the negative emotions the two were feeling, pulling them into her own mind. It was nearly overwhelming, and the girl felt her knees start to buckle. However, she had to continue. She couldn't let this backfire. So, the girl took on all of the negative emotions affecting the two.

    With a shuddering breath, Kari finished stealing the emotions, collapsing to the ground. The two who had been subjected to her powers blinked, smiling to themselves. They felt on top of the world, ready to do anything and everything. Quickly, Kari put a hand over her mouth to stifle the sobs racking her body. It felt like her life was useless. There was no escaping the darkness crawling in on all sides. She wheezed and choked on her tears as the other two slaves smiled at each other, laughing and hugging each other in surprise. It had been quite a while since they felt this happy and comforted. They ignored the mess on the floor near them, too focused on the effects the girl had had on them.
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