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  1. [​IMG]
    In the crystalline city of Adacia,
    Power is Slavery,
    Slavery is Power,
    But you cannot oppress them forever

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Founded roughly 500 years ago by Oliver Haven and his followers, Adacia stands at the pinnacle of human progress and intellect. With walls guarding the city from the ruins of the outside world, it has become the last of what mankind has to offer. There is no crime, there is no inequality or poverty.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]At least, that’s what they want you to think.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]In reality, they run rampant in the city streets. The officials just don’t talk about it. The current leader of the city, Charles Haven, is rarely seen but harshly felt. To go against him is asking for a fate worse than death. His son, Victor, is hardly an improvement. Though not a monarchy in name, Adacia remains one all the same.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Alas, those who have the power to change the fate of this city do not wish to do so. For they are the rich, the privileged--they know nothing of the impoverished lifestyle of the Lower District. In fact, it more than likely disgusts them. For the seldom few that pity the lower class, they have been all but ostracized for voicing such opinions.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]In the past 200 years, a genetic anomaly has occurred. Rather, it should be called a mutation. Haven’s best scientists could never find the cause, but the effect was certainly catastrophic. In just the span of one generation, the Outer District was completely destroyed by those affected by the mutation, an event later referred to as “Bloody River” due to the river running through city turning red that day. As such, laws were quickly passed by George Haven, the leader of the city at the time.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]These laws commanded the immediate enslavement or imprisonment or, in extreme cases, execution of these mutated individuals--usually referred to as “abominations.” Such extreme cases were rare because the Haven family saw an opportunity in these mutants, not only as slaves but as soldiers.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Those with high caliber abilities were immediately sent to Blackhaven Prison for the sole purpose of studying them and finding out how to weaponize them. In time, a small and elite group of these mutants came out of the prison completely changed and driven by only one purpose: to follow the Haven family’s every command. Every year, those condemned to the prison come out as the same. And now, they act as personal bodyguards to the family, as well as a type of “secret police.” Fearfully nicknamed “Probers,” this group is not to be trifled with.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Those sold into slavery were sold to the highest bidder--always a man or woman of high social standing. The higher their power caliber, the more expensive they would become. Soon, no one living in the Upper District was without a mutant slave. These slaves were rendered helpless by the ingenuity of Arthur Germaine--the lead scientist and engineer of the time. He developed simple but efficient collars meant to not only punish slaves if they acted out but also kept them pumped with an anti-mutagen of sorts inhibiting their powers. Arthur quickly patented these “G-Collars” and sold them for outrageous prices, and the upper class was more than willing to pay.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As such, many aspects of the society changed completely. Where before slavery was taboo and even considered illegal by some parties (though never officially so), it was now common practice. Where before the upper class had never lived in fear, they now did. For while most of the abominations were found in the Lower District for reasons unknown, the genetic anomaly could still be found in the Upper District. Children of high-class citizens were found born with these mutations and, by law, forced into slavery or even imprisonment. There was nothing anyone could do, and no one dared to overstep the new boundaries set in place.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]How exactly did one determine whether a child had the mutation? Frederic Bordon answered this through his own stroke of genius. He discovered that, while the genetic anomaly could not be identified at birth, it [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]could[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]be discovered when a child hit 11 years old, with some at 10 and 12. Not only that but, with some refinement, it could properly identify the [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]strength [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]of the child’s power. He quickly proportioned it into a scale dubbed, rather moronically, the Bordon Scale. George Haven did not hesitate to make it mandatory for every child to be tested starting at 9 years old until 13 (just to be sure).[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Life went on. And 200 years later, slavery has become a thing of pride for the Upper District. The more slaves you had, the richer you were considered to be. In rare cases, citizens would only keep a few on hand, but most would try to get their hands on as many as possible. Those that don’t sell are immediately shipped off to the prison without question. Those of higher caliber don’t even get the chance at the relative freedom of slavery.[/BCOLOR]
    City Infrastructure

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The city has two main districts with four different sections in the Lower and two in the Upper. The walls surrounding the city and separating the two districts are a combination of brick and steel, with only one gate at each. Before “Bloody River,” there were three districts. Now, the city has been forced into its remaining two due to the horrible destruction of the outermost one, and the gate leading to the Outer District has been permanently sealed.[​IMG][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Upper District[/BCOLOR]

    The Elite houses Charles Haven and his immediate family, his advisors, and the exceptionally wealthy. Its houses are larger and have more land surrounding each. Although the need for slaves is greater, most of the citizens living here keep only a few on hand--relatively speaking. This is especially true for the Haven family, as they do not find it necessary to buy many slaves as they already have all the power.


    The Main houses the rest of the wealthy class. While they are not wealthy enough to live among the Elite, they are still ridiculously rich especially in comparison to the poor living in the Lower District. Here, they enjoy extravagant parties and hundreds of slaves distributed among them. Many of those living in the Main keep a superfluous amount of slaves on hand as a means of showing power and status. The more you can afford, the better you are.
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Also in the Main are a few fire stations, a police station, and a luxurious hospital catering only to those that can afford its care.[/BCOLOR]
    Lower District
    Farmland (1)

    The first and largest region in the Lower District contains the farmland, most of the oil/natural gas fields, and small villages. It is a mostly flat land with some hills here and there and small areas filled with trees. The roughly 25 villages dispersed throughout the land consist of poorly built shacks and a couple substantial buildings that run as post offices and basic first aid clinics.

    Hellgate (2)

    Nicknamed as such due to its overcrowded population and slum-like conditions, the second region in the Lower District is home to the industrial workers, factory workers, etc. It also houses most of the police stations, fire stations, and the only hospital located outside of the Upper District. The few skyscrapers in the area are home to those who are fortunate enough to detach themselves from the horrid streets--small-time lawyers, doctors, businessmen, etc. It is still not much, but it is better than the streets below.

    Industrial Region (3)

    The third region contains the bulk of the factories, oil refineries, and mines. There are a few housing areas for those who work round-the-clock, but most of the workers live in Hellgate. The mines range from iron to gold to precious gems, and no one is quite sure how such a variety of precious resources have been found in such a relatively small area. Alas, no one has the time or will to question such things, and everyone goes about their work for the meager pay they are given.

    Blackhaven Rainforest (4)

    At the center of the rainforest region lies Lake Noir, a semi-large body of water appearing to be black. When Oliver Haven first explored the area, he named both the lake and the rainforest. History has yet to question its originality. Very few citizens live in the rainforest, and those that do work at Blackhaven Prison. The prison, once a facility to hold the worst of the criminals, is now used to hold mutants who cannot be fully controlled by the anti-mutagen--although this information has not been made public. The high-tech facility is considered to be inescapable, and it so far has the track record to prove it. The warden, Geoffrey Magnus, is known for his intolerance for any sort of insubordination.


    Outer District

    The Outer District once held the majority of the farmland, as well the rest of the rainforest and several other smaller forests. Most importantly, however, it had the city's only nuclear power plant at the outer edge. Since the events of Bloody River, the land has become overgrown with vegetation and is reportedly still flooded and burned in many areas. Most of all, however, scientists have confirmed that the land is still riddled with nuclear fallout after the violent destruction of the plant. As such, the land remains uninhabitable, and no one has dared to venture outside the sealed gates.

    Kindly ignore how poor this drawing is. I tried, ok?

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The G-Collar, invented and patented by Arthur Germaine, aids in the control and discipline of mutated individuals. Many have tried and failed to surpass the true genius of this small device, although it has been modified over the years to fit a more streamlined design. Simply place the collar around the individual’s neck and activate the magnetic lock. Once activated, the lock cannot be deactivated. Any attempt will shock the individual through the electric strip embedded on the interior of the collar. This shock does not have any adverse long-term effects, but it will leave the wearer immobilized for several minutes. It can also be activated wirelessly through the simple push of a button, in case disciplining the wearer becomes necessary. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The greatest function of this device is the plastic tube encircling the exterior, which can be filled and refilled with anti-mutagen. A full tube of this anti-mutagen can last up to 90 days, as administration is only required once a day in small amounts. The recommended dosage time is midnight. The chemical is administered through small, retractable needles that should not cause any discomfort when inserted. If given once a day, the wearer will be incapable of utilizing any of their harmful abilities. Truly, this revolutionary device should be a staple in every home with mutated individuals.[/BCOLOR]
    Bordon Scale
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Developed by Frederic Bordon, the scale determines two factors: the presence of a genetic mutation and the strength. Originally, the number-based scale ranged from 1 to 100; however, it was quickly discovered that the difference between one number and the next was so miniscule it was impossible to truly decide when a mutant could be considered “dangerous.” As such, Bordon simplified the scale to range from 1 to 20, with each increasing number representing 5 numbers from the original scale.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The downside of the Bordon Scale is that it cannot determine what abnormal abilities the genetic mutation will cause in any one individual. However, since the genetic mutation comes from the same general source, anti-mutagen developed by Alexander Germaine is sufficient to render these individuals powerless. As such, it has been decided by the scientific community to abandon any research towards being able to discover this information through tests.
    Bloody River

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“190 years ago, roughly 10 years after the first record of the genetic anomaly, Vincent and Sasha Grey were found wandering the nuclear power plant around midnight. The authorities attempted to communicate with the trespassers but to no avail, as they seemed to be in some sort of trance that later was found to be a result of the mutation. At the time, the Bordon Scale and G-Collars were yet to be invented, so there was no way to know how powerful the brother and sister were.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]At 1:05 AM, the Grey children used their genetic anomaly to destroy the nuclear power plant, causing immediate fallout radiation affecting most of the Outer District. The following morning, around fifty mutated individuals were found in the same trance state. They caused terrible forest fires, floods, and other natural and unnatural disasters.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Four hours later, when news of the tragedy finally arrived, the gates from the Outer District to the Lower District were permanently closed. Millions of innocents died from the carnage, including all of the known mutated individuals living there. Three days later, the river running through the remaining city ran red with blood for 30 hours. It would be two weeks before it was deemed safe to drink and use again.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]This tragedy, now known as 'Bloody River,' can only be blamed on the horrible mutations occurring among our honorable citizens. As such, it is only for the safety of my citizens that I continue the mandated enslavement and imprisonment of these individuals, no matter their class or rank.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]-Charles Haven[/BCOLOR]

    The wonderful little red and grey logo on the chest is the symbol of the Probers, and this is their standard uniform with some differences here and there.
    Officially named Blackhaven Special Forces, this small and elite group comprises of the most powerful mutants in the city, and it holds sole allegiance to the Haven family. Most of them act as bodyguards on a regular basis, but many also perform secret police tasks. Their main function, overall, is to ensure that the Haven family is not threatened by any force--small or large. Such forces are quickly and harshly dealt with.

    Blackhaven Special Forces got its nickname "Probers" from its only other function: to ensure that every child has been tested and that those who have tested positive are rounded up and collared. They aide in transportation of these mutated children to either slavers in the Upper District or to Blackhaven Prison, depending on the strength of their abilities.

    What truly makes Probers so terrifying is that they seem to be completely conscious of their actions. They are able to make judgments based on the circumstances, and nothing seems to indicate that they don't truly have a will of their own. In fact, some seem to enjoy their work, while others just seem indifferent. None of them, however, show any signs of rebellion against what they are tasked to do.
    Important NPCs

    Name: Charles Haven
    Age: 63
    Position: "Elected" Leader of Adacia
    Personality: Ruthless and cunning, Charles Haven is not a man to tolerate even the slightest hint of rebellion. He cares little for the welfare of others, rather only seeking for whatever benefits him and his family. Not to say that he is a family man, as he only wants to ensure that the Haven's remain in power for many years to come.
    Family: Victoria Haven -- wife -- 57 -- alive
    Xavier Haven -- son -- (would be) 25 -- deceased
    Victor Haven -- son -- 22 -- alive
    Vanessa Haven -- daughter -- 17 -- alive

    Name: Alice Langley
    Age: 36
    Position: Captain of the Blackhaven Special Forces
    Personality: There is a reason she has been named captain of the Probers. With little to say but much to do, she ensures that her men know their orders and follow them as efficiently and effectively as possible. She's a quiet woman, but she speaks her mind when she needs to. She doesn't care at all for the questionable morality of what she does, and some might even say she cares little for what happenst o her own men. Undoubtedly, she is as cruel as Charles Haven himself.
    Power: REDACTED

    • All Iwaku rules and guidelines apply! You can read up on them here.
    • Before I say anything else, let me be clear that this is an adept-advanced roleplay. That means that I expect AT LEAST two to three well-written paragraphs per character, per post--preferably more if you can. Grammar and spelling does not have to be perfect, but it should not be distracting. If you don't think you can handle this, I would ask that you refrain from joining.
    • Please be diverse with your characters. The age range is 16-30.
    • Powers are on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE BASIS. That means only one character gets to have a certain power. I will be assigning the scale number based on what information you give me, but let's try to shoot for a 12.
    • Everyone is expected to create at least TWO characters. There is a reason for this that will be revealed IC. Unlike last time, we will not be playing one "master" and one "slave." Everyone will be playing slaves until further notice. If you don't think you can handle two characters, or if you'd like to play more, just let me know! I'm more than willing to accommodate. :)
    • Keep all OOC drama out of this roleplay. If you can't handle joining because Joe over there bothers you, then don't join. I'm not going to ask anyone to leave just to cater to your dramatic "needs."
    • My decision is final. If I ask you to change something about your character, please do so but do feel free to come up with an alternative idea to the one I give you--just run it by me first. If I ask you to change something IC, I will gladly discuss with you the alternate routes your character could take but please respect my decision as it is likely important to the plot that your character does not do whatever.
    • CHARACTER DEATH IS PROBABLE. If you can't handle the prospect of your preciousness dying, I have a special little place in the character sheet for you to voice that. Please try to be willing to let one of them die, though. Realize that even if you give the okay for a character to die, it might not happen, anyways.
    • If you have any plot or character ideas that you're not sure about it, run it by me first through PM.
    • Please do not post any W.I.P. sheets unless you're truly almost done with them.
    • Keep swearing to a minimum, as I don't appreciate superfluous anything.
    • If for any reason you need to drop out of the roleplay, just let me know! I completely understand that life just gets in the way or you just lose interest! Either way, I just need to be notified so I can adjust accordingly. :)
    • HAVE FUN! If you're not having fun, I'm doing something wrong. :(
    • PLEASE realize that our characters aren't going to have good control over their powers initially should they return to them. After all, they probably haven't used them at all or in many years. However, this control will come to them fairly quickly because natural instinct will take over.
    • If I forgot something important, I'll try to remember later and let everyone know.
    Please make them nice and pretty but don't break the mobile devices.
    Real pictures or semi-realistic art, please (see "Important NPCs" for the general idea)
    If you want a character that's from the Upper District, please ask me first. Otherwise, all characters will have come from the Lower District.

    Full Name

    {Please put the below information in paragraph form and add whatever you'd like}
    Body Type
    Eye Color
    Face Shape
    Hair Color
    Hair Style
    Tattoos/Piercings (optional)
    Distinguishing Marks

    {Please include a minimum of ten sentences. Answer the below with one sentence each.}
    Reason for Life
    Greatest Gift
    Worst Habit
    Darkest Fear

    {Describe their mutation here but do NOT include its strength on the Bordon Scale, as I will assign that to you}

    Family and History
    {Please include all important life events in a minimum of fifteen sentences}
    Family (specify relation, age, and if alive)

    Are you okay with this character dying?

    *Weaknesses include what weakens your character's ability (e.g. fire weakens water, water weakens fire) while limitations include what your character's ability cannot do (e.g. cannot create fire, cannot control water for more than 30 minutes, etc.). If you're still not sure how to differentiate between the two, just combine them into one and call it "Weaknesses."
    **Before you all scramble to make relationships, wait until I put you together into groups. It's unlikely you'll know much about slaves serving other families. From there, if you truly want to create a relationship between two characters serving different families, go ahead. Just don't go hog-wild.

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  2. [​IMG]
    This list will include character names, powers, and links to the sheets.
  3. Dibs on canine like abilities
  4. Hola! This is a concept I haven't seen for a while though I'm more interested in playing a regular Human person that owns a small merc company that's trying to acquire Mutants since they don't have any as of yet. Eh, I guess I'll wait then.
  5. Man, size requirements for bios really drive me up the wall. It's not the size of the character sheet, its how you use it. Anyway, let me know if I need to change anything.

    Full Name: Micheal Arlson
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Birthday: June 23

    Micheal is built like a truck, standing at 6'4" and 340 pounds of solid muscle, he could throw most men across the room without using his powers. He's got long, thick limbs, broad shoulders, and hands the size of the average person's face. Micheal's rough, square face is covered in numerous small scars around the jaw and neck area, with a couple around his ears and deep brown eyes as well. His head is shaved, as hair makes it uncomfortable to use his powers. His left arm from the elbow down is made from solid steel, craft with his power. Because of this, it's fingers are stiff, and it is far less dexterous than his other hand.

    Micheal is a grizzled, hardened man. He doesn't show much in the way of emotions, save for a scalding temper. While he does have a softer side, especially for children, he doesn't show it much, even when he does help people. Micheal doesn't live his live by any particular code or creed, he just does what he feels his right, when he feels that it is right. Oftentimes, this involves brutal combat with, and direct opposition to Haven. He takes pride in his work opposing the brutality of Haven, and each night he goes out with a little more pride in his step, and a little more righteousness in his swings. While it would be wrong to describe his battle against Haven and it's cruelty as his reason for living, it is definitely what gets him up in the morning. By and far, Micheal's greatest gift is his willpower. Fueled by his wrath, Micheal is nearly unshakeable in his convictions. This leads into his worst habit, his burning temper. Micheal suffers from some serious anger management issues. This comes out very noticeably in combat, wherein Micheal will often fall into a whirling inferno of metal, blades, and rage. Micheal isn't a man who holds a great deal of fear. He does however, have one nightmare that plagues him. Micheal is horrified by the idea that he'll be broken by the Probers, like so many others before him.

    Micheal's ability is to absorb metal into his body, then project it various forms, such as a coat of metal overtop his skin, additional limbs, or simple shapes like blades, spikes, or hammers. Obviously, Micheal can only project as much metal as he's absorbed within the last 2 hours. After this period of time, he can either chose to eject any and all metal he's absorbed, or, he can make it a permanent part of his body. This is how he has his metallic hand. Any permanent constructs are far less flexible than a real, flesh and blood body part. To give an example, Micheal cannot type with his metallic hand. It lacks the required fine motor capacity to preform such an action. If he were to make his metallic coat a permanent part of his body, he would have incredible trouble with basic human tasks, such as eating and speaking. If he expels his metal, then it oozes out from his skin in a raw lump of metal, falling to the ground with a thud. There is, however, a hard limit to how much metal Micheal can absorb, at 120 pounds. Micheal gains physical strength depending on how much metal he's taken inside himself (lewd, I know) though does not gain any inherent durability, relying on his metallic second skin to protect him from his own strength. At maximum power, Micheal can lift and throw around 2,000 pounds.
    Micheal's power makes him incredibly durable, able to shrug of most attacks with ease. Combine this with his legendary pain tolerance, and there is little that can put him down for any real length of time. Attacks that due pierce his armor rarely have enough force left over to do any damage that he can't overcome by yelling.
    Despite his incredible defenses, Micheal isn't invulnerable. His metalic guard is only as durable as the metal around him, and while he is a brutal fighter, he lacks any sort of formal training or discipline, making him easy to lure into traps, feints. It would be easy for a trained combatant to throw him off guard, since he makes little in the way of attempts to guard himself, relying on his natural resistance to pain and metallic armor to do the job. Additionally, Micheal has no defenses to mental attacks other than his anger, and one-track mind, which tends to mean that he's incredibly vulnerable to assaults on his mind. Also, Micheal doesn't absorb metal instantly, and it requires a conscious action, meaning that if someone were to stab or shoot him while unprotected, he'd still feel the full effects, unless he was expecting it to happen and actively prepared.
    Micheal keeps all the weight of his absorbed metal, making it impossible for him to swim. Note: he also doesn't know how to swim. Even while fully armored, Micheal still needs to breathe.
    Additionally, being covered in metal all the time makes Micheal quite the lightning rod, and he has no special resistances to electricity.

    Family and History:
    Micheal's was born to a loving young couple in the industrial district. His father was a foreman in one of the many mines, and was a man immensely respected in the area. His mother owned a popular bar in the area, catering to the thirsty workers in the mines, factories, and railroads. Between the two of them, Micheal's parents managed to convince the doctor who administered his Borton test to report young Micheal as a normal human, without powers. From there, they managed to live a rather peaceful life, and Micheal managed to keep his powers relatively hidden, only practicing his powers while unseen in the depths of his father's mines. However, this peaceful life couldn't last forever.

    One day, in the chill of winter, the iron mine in which Micheal and his father worked suffered a terrifying collapse. Micheal and eight other workers were trapped, deep beneath the surface of the earth. Using his powers, young Micheal was able to dig a path through the rock, allowing him and his fellow miners to return safely aboveground. Micheal was lauded as a hero amongst the strong, hard working men and women of the mine. They were bound together by the toil they endured, and wouldn't give up their own. Micheal's secret should have been safe.

    But it wasn't.

    Someone ratted him out.

    At 1:30 AM on a late December day, four members of the Blackhaven Special Forces arrived at his door. They didn't knock. The doctor who'd kept his secret was dead, and his father was forced to the ground in front of the men of the mine and shot twice in the back of the head, a message to all those who would dare to defy the Haven family. Micheal himself was seen as an asset, imprisoned and readied for reconditioning. Luckily, there's a reason why the Probers try to get their members young. At 17, Micheal was too old for their typical techniques, and was proving incredibly resistant to torture, drugs, and persuasion. Three years under the thumb of the Probers proved to be enough time for Micheal to time the movements of the guards, and he managed to escape, leaving no witnesses alive to sell him out.

    Since then, he's been assumed dead after a shootout with law enforcement, wherein he lost one of his arms from the elbow down. Now, he lives a life of relative peace, running the bar at which his parents met, formerly owned by his deceased mother. Of course, this isn't all. As much as he's tried to wash his hands of it all, he can't help but fight the BSF at every opportunity. Underneath the bar is a small operating room, where he can safely disable collars and tracking devices by use of his powers, absorbing the metal that makes up these things, effectively obliterating the original device. He's also been targeting small, isolated targets, ripping them apart with a brutal effectiveness.


    Micheal grew up in the industrial district, and never got a very good education, but he isn't stupid. He's got a pretty good head on his shoulders and picks up new skills and talents quickly. Currently, Micheal is single. I suppose that I'm alright with him dying, so long as he doesn't die of something stupid.
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  6. Full Name Rose Estelle Rayne
    Age 19
    Gender female
    Sexuality straight
    Birthday September 11
    Rose is average height, at 5'5" and 110 pounds. She is fit and athletic with no distinguishing marks or tattoos. She did get her ears pierced as a child, but only the first hole in the earlobe. She has black hair and blue eyes set in an oval face. Her hair is usually pulled back in a simple ponytail or braided. When she wears it down, it is long enough to reach her waist and has a natural wave to it.

    Rose was quiet and loving as a child. She often was the follower to her sister's ideas, going along with whatever she wanted to do. Once her sister was taken away, she did her best to try to make her parents smile because she wanted them to be happy despite the pain she was going through as well. She became more withdrawn when this didn't work, just living day to day and trying secretly to find where Grace had been sent to. She had a half idea of saving her though she had no idea how to. She believes everyone should be free to live the best they can. This has made her resolve to go against the ruling families in any way she can. Her greatest gift is her loving nature, though she can fight that to try to fight the upper classes. Her worst habit is that she is too quick to forgive others and to trust strangers. She fears becoming just a mindless slave to anyone, unable to think for herself anymore.

    Illusion She can create believable illusions. These illusions include sight, sound, and touch though not smell or taste. Her illusions are not real enough to kill alone, though if left in one of being killed long enough it could drive the victim insane. She can make herself look like other people.
    Strengths Illusions can be felt, seen and heard. They seem like they are what is really happening.
    Weaknesses* There is no taste or scent to the illusion. She has to see the victim for it to be a strong illusion, the longer she goes without visual contact, the weaker it gets for the victim. Cameras are not affected by her illusions.

    Family and History
    She was born to Richard and Sandra Rayne in the farmlands of the lower district. Life wasn't easy there, but they were happy enough with their plot of land and each other. The twins were the only living children Sandra was able to have, though she did have 2 stillborns after. When the twins were 9, Richard hurt himself and the girls were the first to get to him. Grace felt compelled to touch him and showed her gift then, healing his injury. Grace was taken away then, the test for powers only a day after the revelation. Things were sadder around the farm without Grace there. Rose did her best to try to cheer her parents up, despite missing her twin sister herself. She often had nightmares, worrying about where her sister was and what had happened to her. Rose passed through the tests at first, getting through them until the last year. She was 13 when her power became apparent and was found on the test. Her mother tried to stop her being taken and was injured, dying later from complications. Her father couldn't run the farm alone, and didn't want to. While they think he is still alive, there is no one that knows where he currently is or what he is doing. Rose meanwhile was forced to become a slave
    mother; Sandra Rayne, (would be) 60,deceased.
    father; Richard Rayne, 61, alive
    sister; Hannah Grace Rayne, 19, alive

    Education (whatever education a farmer turned slave would have?)
    Relationships**only with family
    Are you okay with this character dying? yes


    Full Name Hannah Grace Rayne
    Age 19
    Gender Female
    Sexuality straight
    Birthday September 11

    Grace is average height, at 5'4" and 110 pounds. She is fit and athletic with no distinguishing marks or tattoos. She did get her ears pierced as a child, but only the first hole in the earlobe. She has black hair and blue eyes set in an oval face. Her hair is usually pulled back in a simple ponytail or braid. When she wears it down, it is long enough to reach her waist and has a natural wave to it.

    Grace was always the leader, taking her twin on whatever adventures they could dream up on the farm once their chores were done for the day. It may not have seemed like much to an adult, but to them it was the best time of their young lives. She was always the stronger one, protective and loving to her family. She was scared when her father got hurt, going to him and touching him to heal the injury. That first use of her power scared her, but made her feel good too. She wanted there to be a real hero to stop slavery even as she had to go and take the test. Once they took her away, she hid her personality as best she could. She lives each day, waiting for a chance to escape and hoping her sister stayed free and didn't show any powers. Her greatest gift is her will to live. Her worst habit is her commonly doing the bare minimum she has to and 'mis-hearing' orders. This gains her punishments, but she deems it worth the punishment to make the 'masters' lives harder. Since she started being a slave, she has acted like she isn't 'all there' and fears that they will find out how smart she really is before she can get away for good.

    Health Manipulation She can make others healthy or sick both mentally and physically. Using her power has a direct affect on her wellbeing, making her tired the longer it is used. It takes her time to regain her energy, though she cannot kill herself by using this power. She would blackout first. Some illnesses will take longer to heal than others, depending on their severity. She can also heal plants and animals, though not on so big a scale as nuclear radiation.
    Strengths She can heal anyone or make anyone sick, either mentally or physically.
    Weaknesses* She has to physically touch them at least once (without the control collar) to 'read' their unique signature. Using her power uses her energy, if she continues to do so for too long, she will faint, sleeping until her energy is restored. She cannot resurrect from death.

    Family and History

    She was born to Richard and Sandra Rayne in the farmlands of the lower district. She loved the little house in the fields. She had to share her room with her twin sister but she didn't mind that. Rose and Grace were inseparable. Life wasn't easy there, but they were happy enough with their plot of land and each other. The twins were the only living children Sandra was able to have, though she did have 2 stillborns after. When the twins were 9, Richard hurt himself and the girls were the first to get to him. Their mother wasn't far behind, just getting to them as Grace revealed her power. Grace felt compelled to touch him and showed her gift then, healing his injury. Richard himself said that he would have died without the healing from her. Grace was taken away the next day after the 9 year old's test for power. She didn't want to go, crying and screaming to get back to her family. She finally had to be sedated to be taken away, not knowing enough of her gift then to cause pain to be released. She only ever showed the healing side of her gifts, not the darker side of them. Now she had to learn to be a slave and wear the collar.

    mother; Sandra Rayne, (would be) 60,deceased.
    father; Richard Rayne, 61, alive
    sister; Rose Estelle Rayne, 19, alive

    Education (whatever education a farmer turned slave would have?)
    Relationships** only with family
    Are you okay with this character dying? yes, though it is unlikely given her power
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  7. I'll take the Odynokinesis/Nerve Manipulation for my power.
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  8. Shadows for me! Also shapeshifting, if it's still available.
  9. [1] Atmokinesis (power to control storms)
  10. [2] Pyrokinesis (ability to control fire)
  11. I'd like to reserve spirit channeling for one character and something like the ability to command a corpse for my second. Like, being able to create a zombie and control it in some way. I'll think of a word for it, as long as those two powers are alright. I'll totally change them if needed.
  12. So I'll be making twins, my male will have Pain Manipulation and my female will have Sensory Deprivation for a power.
  13. You're making Jane and Alec, just with their powers switched!

    (Please god no one get that reference I can't believe I made it ugh I'm such trash :P)
  14. That's Twilight. Lol, I didn't think about that until you brought it up. Nice!
  15. I'm still thinking over everyone's powers, but I'll let y'all know in PM if your chosen powers are good to go!
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  16. Ill get something up later tonight when im on my compooper and not busy
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  17. Okay so I've decided to wait for people to get their characters up before deciding if powers will work or not. If you guys can come up with good strengths and weaknesses, you'll likely be accepted. :)
  18. Actually @kimsim12 would it be ok if I made my twins both males?
  19. both mine are girls, was I supposed to ask for that?
  20. No, I'm just careful about things like that
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