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    Power is Slavery.
    Slavery is Power.
    You will not oppress us forever.

    In the crystalline city of Andacia, everything is perfect. No crime, no inequality. It's the perfect utopia.
    And what do we all know about utopias?
    They are anything but that.
    You see, in reality, there is crime. They just don't talk about it. There is inequality. They just don't talk about it. The city itself is separated into two sectors: one for the rich and one for the poor. The rich sector is full of mansions and beautiful gardens. The poor sector is basically the slums--there is no middle class here. The poor are ignored, and the rich are rewarded. Simple as that.

    Genetic mutations have started occurring in the past century. They are particularly...disturbing for the peace of Andacia. These mutations are causing drastic effects, creating what we would call super humans. These super humans come in all shapes and sizes, and they are considered the inferior class to humans. As such, they have been rounded up and forced into slavery. They serve as housekeepers mostly--sometimes even babysitters--for the rich. Specially made collars make sure they stay in line. Often times, these super humans are blackmailed in case they prove to be a little too powerful according to the Johnson-Grant Scale.

    But as I said--in Andacia, everything is perfect. No crime, no inequality. It's the perfect utopia.
    Never mind the rest.


    The Johnson-Grant Scale

    It is a scale based from 1 to 100 and is used city-wide to measure the strength of a super human's power. 1 is so weak it is practically negligible. 100 is so powerful that...well, the person could do practically anything within the range of their power. There has only been one person with a score of 100 before, and they were killed long ago. Persons in the 90s range are still very rare, especially as you grow closer to 100.

    Anything above 50 is considered dangerous. It is a required law that all persons with a score above 50 be put in a collar and sold into slavery. Those below 50 do not have to be collared, but they are still put up for sale. By law, all persons must undergo the screening process when they turn ten years old to ensure whether they are normal or super human.


    Rules and Regulations:

    1) You must create a super human character. For now, no one may have a score above 95.
    2) You must also create a normal human character. Preferably have at least one in the upper-class part of society, though I will permit lower-class people as well.
    3) Please write with good grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. I prefer you to be at least adept in roleplaying skill, but intermediate is fine.
    4) Follow all of Iwaku's site rules and regulations as well.
    5) Please do not stray too far from the plot. You have creative freedom, of course, but don't go hog-wild.
    6) It is preferable that we have diversity here, thank you.
    7) Have fun!
    8) Note: I reserve the right to refuse your character sheet, especially if I think your character is too over-powered.

    Note about the classes: the rich have either inherited all their money or worked their asses off for it. They aren't all stuck-up. Or maybe they are, it's up to you. Power-hungry businessmen are very much encouraged. :D




    NOTE: Super humans with power levels about 90 and above have a very hard time controlling their power, as it becomes hinged on emotions. It is also so powerful that some (not all) are driven insane just by the sheer weight of having that much power.
    IMPORTANT: We will be starting this upcoming Wednesday (June 10). After that, sign-ups will close. I apologize for the long wait.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Reagan Renate Reese


    *Male pronouns (Female genitals with testes)


    Reagan has, what most people would like to call, 'rich-little-boy-syndrome'. He feels as if he is entitled to everything he sees within an arms reach, expects the VIP treatment no matter the occasion, and holds himself high on the tier. Any tier! He carries himself as if he is a god, and his body is a temple. He is snotty, rude, loud and obnoxious. But because of that, he has his own string of emotions.

    He laughs the loudest, cries the hardest, loves the greatest and hates the most. He shares his emotions so loudly, that it would make anyone with a toddler relate. He is known for being quite the charmer with he ladies, but he is more interested in the male population. In his free time, he likes to sit and paint, knit, and cook. He likes to occupy himself with any form of little pleasure, because he knows damn well he'll never have to work a day in his life.

    He is a very educated boy, knowing many languages and sharing in many tutoring sessions per day, and once he gets hooked onto something, he won't quit until he is sure that it's done and over with. His current interest is anything doing with doctors, so he sometimes orders doctors and nurses to bring their patients and work-spaces into his home, so he could have his own lecture-hall, with a living example.

    Reagan was born to his parents Michelle and Phillip Reese, two of the most powerful people in the state. While they are formerly married and share a house, and have a child of their own, they do not love eachother. It is strictly business, and because of this, Reagan, from a young age, called to his parents as their first name. It was normal, and it was strictly business, as said before.

    He lived with two business like professionals, and because of this, he had time to get to know himself pretty well. He learned from a young age what he was, from reading all of his books, and even to this day his parents don't hold a common idea as to what his 'real' gender identity is.

    He never moved from his house on top of the hill, because who would want to? It was one of the far larger houses in the town, and one of the largest ones that he had ever seen. There were more rooms than he could count on two hands, and none to mention the number of bathrooms! He had lived there for all of his twenty years, and he had never thought of leaving.

    Wealthy Upper Class/Capitalist Class

    Other Information
    Technically, Reagan does have 'powers', thought they are triggered by 'fits'. His fits are rare, but his power strength clocks in anywhere between 10 and 15, but it never surpasses. While they can be between those two numbers, they can be slightly higher or slightly lower. Reagan 'fits' include the uncontrollable and spontaneous ability to levitate lightweight objects near his vicinity. This can range anywhere between plants and papers, to pens and other objects weighing less than 10 Lbs.

    His family have kept it a secret since they started at 10 years old. His 'fits' are triggered by Grand Mal seizures, which have since stopped. While they did occur, they were both rare and as much as two times a day. Now that he is a young man, he doesn't experience them any more, or almost at all. His seizures are more likely to be caused by excessive stress and tension.



    Name For The Host

    Name for the Parasite




    Newkirk is a go-getter. When he has his sites set, he gets things done. He is somewhat dark and moody, and while he likes to be by himself, he enjoys company far more than being by his lonesome. He is chattery, as well as anxious, and is something much like a hopeless romantic.

    He was sold t a young age when his parents discovered a second jaw, set of teeth and tongue growing on his sons lower abdomen. When he was an infant, they thought it was just an abnormality, and that it would go away with age. But with age, it only grew. He lived with a make-shift carpenter and a dental hygienist, so when they two found that Newkirk had been 'feeding' himself things, such as wooden blocks and pairs of shoes, he knew something had to be done.

    Newkirk was sold to a lonely women named Calpurnia Klarksen, and worked for her for years and years as a servant and a maid. She was kind to him, and while she was kind, she was also wealthy. She fed himself and his other counterpart, kept him dressed, and made sure that they both got regular dental visits.

    It was fine and jolly until the poor old women died, leaving him nothing and sending him on his way. He was able to support himself by stealing a few items from Calpurnia, and lived like that for as long as he could stand. Atleast, until there was an incident.

    Solomon managed to snag a bite out of something-- or, someone, very important. He was totally unaware that the mayor of the town had a daughter, and it wasn't his fault that she had to go and touch his stomach like that! Because of the incident, he was collared. Despite his low strength scale, he was still sold into slavery, and he is now awaiting auction.

    Little is known about what Newkirk plans on doing, but there is some speculation that he will try and run away.

    Class (Pre Slavery)
    Working Middle Class

    - Biting
    - Spitting
    - Tearing
    - Grinding
    - Close Combat
    - Able to take blows
    - Able to take in large quantities

    - Anything toxic, or deadly to humans
    -Easily aggravated
    -Tooth decay
    -Belly aches

    Power Strength

    Other Information
    Solomon's favorite food is raw cookie dough and chalk.
    Newkirk likes penini's.

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  3. I actually already submitted a banner; it just hasn't gotten approved yet! But thanks for offering!
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  4. Interested! Gonna post a character up tomorrow.
  5. Interested, put me down for a character.
  6. Name: Aaron Herald
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male, typically.
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Appearance: Varies. By his owner's request, Aaron appears as a bald Caucasian man approximately six and a half feet tall, with no discernible facial features or markings. A spooky appearance to say the least, view at your discretion.
    http://www.designnation.de/Media/Galerie/491cd2980d9f3,No-face.jpg ((But no hair.))
    Before the devastating fall of the man named Aaron Herald, he looked nothing like he did now. He was a warrior built, strong and tall, with broad shoulders and eyes like the sea after the storm. His hair was the color of freshly baked bread, and he had an adorable teddy bear nose. At least, that was the form he took anyhow. It's unknown if this was how he really looked, or if he just chose that appearance because he liked it.
    Personality: Once, in another time, Aaron was a rebel, a fighter. Now however, he is haunted by his own failings, and is nothing more than a broken shell of a man, silently following orders. When he does speak, it is minimal, and very slow and deliberate.

    Once however, he was a fast-talking and passionate man. He was so full of life, leaping up to his feet and shouting his passions to anyone who would listen. He loved to argue and debate, and had a mouth more foul than a sailor. He went into everything with all he had. He would challenge people to all sorts of contests, more to prove that he couldn't be beaten than anything else. He enjoyed the his battle against the rich oppressors, until it finally got the better of him.

    Even today, after 15 years of brutal psychological torture and an insane cocktail of drugs, the man he once was still calls out within him, in the form of a sort of delusion. An alternate voice that fights to persuade the broken man that now runs the show.

    Biography: For 20 years, Aaron battled valiantly against the corruption of his world. He fought bravely, liberating dozens and standing as a bastion of hope...that is, until he broke. His sister was captured by a group of his enemies, and they promised only to return her if the slaves were given back to their owners. Aaron did as his foes demanded. And when he did? They collared him, then executed his sister before his very eyes. His mind shattered by grief, he is now little more than a shell. The various people who have owned him over the years have kept him on a cocktail of specially designed drugs to keep him docile and obedient, ensuring that he never again returns to his previous, dangerous rebel self. Since the brutal and sudden end to his campaign, Aaron has been used for all sorts of things, as his power makes him incredibly versatile. Everything from housework to whoring, he's done it.
    Class: Poor
    Power: Advanced Shapeshifting. So long as it's made of Organic matter, Aaron can change into it. Anything from people to animals to plants. He's demonstrated massive changes to his biological makeup, gaining scales, wings, additional limbs and many other things. Really, anything you could imagine a living creature having, Aaron can manifest. Notable uses of his power include: superhumanly dense skin via powerful exo-skeleton, transforming into a fucking dragon, manifesting natural weapons and armor, and much more. He's made tentacles, spikes and blades of bone or chitin, and adapted the structure of his body to better suit his needs. He's changed his legs to better absorb shock, allowing him to move faster; he's braced his back and arms with chitin and bone, allowing him to weights far exceeding what any normal human could carry, his power's true strength is in it's versatility.

    However, he requires matter to transform into things with more mass then himself, which is where his weaknesses arise. Aaron is incapable of absorbing lead and other radioactive substances. Additionally, Chlorine is his Kryptonite. Just stepping into a swimming pool would cause his cellular structure to atrophy before tearing itself apart.
    Power Strength (1-95): 90
    Other Information: Kept on a brutal cocktail of psychological drugs to insure his obedience, and to keep him in his pliable, broken state. In theory, he may return to his original state if he misses a few weeks worth of doses.
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  7. All right sign me up for this. I'll have my sheet up friday at latest. Your banner won me over, by the way, it's very nice.
  8. Thanks! :D
  9. Accepted
  10. Would it be possible if one kid was born with powers, while the other wasn't?
  11. Yes, that would be very possible. Since it's a genetic mutation, it's possible to even give birth to twins and only have one with powers.
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  12. Mine is finished!!
  13. @Dip Looks wonderful! Love both the characters!
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  14. Ooh, this looks interesting.
    I'm strongly considering joining.
    Just thought I'd throw my interest here, though you'd have knowledge of it.
  15. Super interest! I'll work on a CS soon :3
  16. Human






    He is very full of himself and over confident and believes [BCOLOR=transparent]money[BCOLOR=transparent][​IMG][/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR] is the answer to everything and can get him anything he wants. Sees the poor as nothing more than mere possession's however is over protective with everything he owns (Including Slaves) he is very sly and clever and without second thought will manipulate others for his own use or pleasure if need so.

    Soon after Jack was born his mother died of an illness was left with his father. His father raised him to be clever and sly so he could manipulate people for his own use and for the business, when he reached 12 his father left him to his own devices. At age 23 Jack inherited the family business without knowing if his father was dead or alive, after 2 years the business profits had increased by 30% and Jacks name became well know by business men and nobles.







    Lucifer is a stubborn rebellious boy who hates to take orders from anyone. Under his rude, violent personality he his actually very needy however hides it due to him knowing its a sight of weakness to be needy...

    Lucifer was abandoned as a baby by his parents however he has picked up by a gang and raised as one of their own however after becoming 10 he ran away looking for a better life and escaping the processing to see if he had powers. He went into crime and started stealing and attacking the rich until a few months ago when he was caught and processed for becoming a slave....



    Power Strength:
    Lucifer has fast reflexes due to the impulses/ electric signals from his brain to his body being faster than any normal human
    Can create small shocks of Electricity from his hands

    Power Weakness:
    Electricity that forms round his body are absorbed by iron
    When powers that form around his body accor in water it harms him as well as electrifying the water

    Power Level: 62
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  17. @Pega6 Accepted but I think the biography cut off for your first character. Also, can you change the color of the dark blue font. It's very hard to read on my computer.
  18. Okay XD
  19. Uhm, I know I don't have a character yet... but I can't read black text in the default coloring for iwaku.
    I didn't even see it until I squintend at it real hard.
  20. what colours can you see?
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