Power is elementary.

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  1. In the Victorian era there were three kinds of people, firstly you had the humans, the most common of civilization, accounting for more than 80% of the global population, their ability, eternal curiosity, a desire to know, to learn, to conquer. They are a sturdy lot, having faced extintion so many times, yet always fighting.

    Secondly you had the elites. Although human, something within their DNA allows them to absorb knowledge, ability and power. Accounting for a mere 5% of the populace. By all appearences they are human, but only with a vast amount more intelligence, along with their sponge like DNA. They are also heavily funded in their fight against the elementals.

    Then finally you have the elementals themselves. Accounting for the final 15% they are relatively unknown to the humans, though strong rumours exist of their presence. By all outward appearences they appear as a series of cults, all secretive and hidden from view. Existing in 4 groups, in lamens terms, air, earth, wind and fire they exist seperately from one another, witht he exception of the head council, that controls all happenings within the four mega cities. They for the most exist in peace, though the fire elementals crave power, power controlled by the Earth.
    How long true peace will exist none know.

    Delvin Matthews, a 30 year old research scientist was one of the 5%. Though he did not agree with the practice of kidnap and torture, he felt it vital to examine the elementals, absorb their power, keep them under control, he was one to take his work seriously, often spending nights in his lab, it was safe to say he was obsessed with the elementals.

    This obsession often led him to elemental territory, where he would observe, note, and use his abilities to mask his identity. During this study he learned something vital to his research. The elementals had their powers limited, they were given the powers fit for their job in life. Although often born this way, their destiny is often planned at first discovery of power.
    Delvin then heard a noise, was there someone around? "Who is there? He asks boldly.
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  2. Sorry, this roleplay is reserved for only two people. My partner misplaced the thread, so would you mind deleting your posts? Thank you.
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