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  1. ---------->This is the first installment of a special project I'm working on called "Iwaku's Health Journey," based on my Health class in school, in which my eccentric teacher is quite inspiring :) I hope you'll join in & enjoy yourself to the extent that I have & see that there's more to Health than just the nutrition and exercise :D

    It works like this:<----------
    DoNow (general discussion question),
    your POWER HEALTH ENTRY (:P you'll see),
    & your homework (personal discussion question).

    "How do you Create Health ?"

    Movie Scene from: Patch Adams :: Tom Shadyac
    [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R96WQqGG_kg"]YouTube- Patch Adams[/nomedia]​

    "See what no one else sees...See what no one chooses to see..."

    Look beyond the fingers...& What do you see?

    Health is happiness...Awareness of Happiness.

    It's doing the things we enjoy in life so that we'll be cheerful & optimistic.

    What are the four main factors that create health?
    && some examples

    • HEALTH BEHAVIORS: happiness, friends, likes, dislikes
    • HEALTHCARE SERVICES: check ups, doctors, shots, medicines, illnesses
    • ENVIRONMENT: sunshine, air quality, area, rainfall, weather, pollution
    • HEREDITARY AWARENESS: know your family's history of illness

    DO NOW:
    -State Five Ways in which
    YOU are creating health.

    -Now state three GOALS & three ways
    that you might come closer to achieving them TODAY.


    Your Power Health Entry::

    Two phrases of advice ;]

    Health is Your Commitment to Your Happiness !!


    Focus on What You Can Control.


    You're given Sand, Pebbles, Water, Rocks, & a Jar.

    In what order will you put your things in ?

    HINT:Don't MAJOR in your MINORS

    -Homework # 1: The Gift of Knowledge
    How are you creating health in your life ?
    What does health mean to you?


    Next time, on Iwaku's POWER HEALTH JOURNEY
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    What is the Decision Making Model ? How can I take control of my life? Decide & Act...Don't think twice....Trust your instincts..."You have a gift...a way with people...Something I could never have..."...Proteins & MUFAs And....a pool of noodles ??!
    && lots more!
    Stay tuned :)

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