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    August 3, 2013.
    The day the entire world went dark.

    On July 27, 2013 at exactly midnight, a strange signal was sent to the NASA HQ in Florida from the area close to the Bermuda triangle. The signal was minuscule in threat and was thus, ignored. Hours later, systems began to malfunction. Over the course of the night, stations on the ground slowly began to lose control of the satellite. The control functions on satellite A14, the station's main command unit, overlocked and refused access to the highest command at the space center. In a frenzied panic, America declared a state of emergency.

    But it was too late. Satellites that belonged to other countries appeared to be having the same control issues. By dawn the next morning, every piece of artificial intelligence in our orbit was out of the control of the forces on the ground. Instead, satellite A14 was issuing it's own commands, to launch cannons from the armed satellites of the space station.

    In horror, thousands of scientists watched as missiles were launched from the sky, colliding with nuclear and gas power plants across the world. Within a few hours, there was complete chaos. With the power plants destroyed, major power grids failed. Cities lost power, unable to turn to even generators. Homes, factories, even military forces were without electricity.

    And by midnight August 3, the entire world was dark.

    Three months passed without any kind of resolve. Life in the cities was becoming a post apocalyptic scenario. People huddled by candlelight, crime was rampant and livelihoods had been destroyed. Without electricity, even the simplest of businesses could not run. Many parts of the cities with power plants were still burning, without enough firefighters on duty to douse the flames.

    With the stakes so high, agents of the United Nations council set off in search of a team. For three months, they spent hours over hours, pouring over the data from universities and companies worldwide, searching for the right people to send to the Bermuda Triangle, where they assumed, the hackers of the satellite resided. Without any real idea of what awaited there, they were not willing use the last bits of their military resources to go into the area and possibly, lose themselves in the ocean.

    The team was... almost an experiment of sorts, to see what was there, who was pulling the strings on a world collapse.

    And so, several individuals would be sought out, brought to a small piece of Florida, where solar panels were recently installed for government work, the only place of electricity in the world. Nationwide and overseas, individuals were collected to form the team that would be called Powerplay. They were, in the case of success, promised one wish of their choosing: fame, fortune, or anything else that they desired.
  2. Welcome to ▼ ▽ ▿ Power Down !

    You can play one of the individuals chosen by the UN to be a part of the world-rescue mission! You must have some kind of talent or be known for something revolutionary - knowledge, skill, experience, etc! Think about the mission when you make your character sheet: getting to the bermuda triangle, surviving on the hidden islands, and finding the culprit of the world shut down!

    OR you can play someone on the villain team! For this, send me a message and I'll tell you what to do!

    Character Profile Code! (open)

    [size=3][u]YOUR CHARACTER'S FULL NAME[/u][/size]
    [size=3][b]PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES[/b][/size]
    [b]Age:[/b] (Self explanatory.)
    [b]Eye Color:[/b] (Self explanatory.)
    [b]Hair Color:[/b] (Self explanatory.)
    [b]Height/Weight:[/b] (Self explanatory.)
    [b]Build:[/b] (Character's physical build. Petite, Athletic, Average, Muscular, BRICKHOUSE. Alright, maybe not brickhouse, but you get the idea.)
    [size=3][b]PSYCHIATRIC FILE[/b][/size]
    [b]Demeanor:[/b](Kindhearted, Outgoing, Aggressive, Passive, 4-5 Attributes)
    [b]Skills:[/b] (Hacking, ship repair, navigation, skills they were chosen for! ! 2-3 skills)
    [b]Fears:[/b] (2-3 fears)
    [b]Orientation:[/b] (Your sexuality. Guys? Girls? Both? Does it make a difference?)
    [b]Wish Asked for:[/b](What did they ask for in return for a successful mission?)
    [b]Other:[/b] (Empty option for anything you want to add about your character)



    [team powerplay characters will be linked here!]


    [team faceless characters will be linked here!]
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  4. Downloading Dossier Profile.
    Download complete. Accessing Classified Data.
    Name: David Jerome Brooks/ Archangel
    Age: 27
    Eye Color: Amber
    Hair Color: Black
    Height/Weight: 6 feet, 2 inches. 189 lbs.
    Build: Muscular
    Psychiatric Profile:
    Demeanor: Aggressive and Outgoing
    Skills: Ship repair and navigation
    Fears: Acrophobia-Fear of Heights, Insectiphobia-Fear of insects.
    Orientation: Women
    Wish Asked For: $20,000,000 and reinstatement into the U.S. Army.
    Other: David Brooks is known as the world's most successful, and lethal, hunter by the name of Archangel. During his early twenties, he served in the United States Army as Lieutenant Commander Brooks. He received the Medal of Honor for a mission in Afghanistan where he held his position against on-coming fleets of enemy personal. By sheer luck and valor, he come out as the only survivor. His reputation among the military grew over time until May 30, 2009.
    On a search and rescue, Brooks lead his entire fire-team into an ambush; getting his squad and the hostages killed in action, he was disavowed for reckless conduct. Stripped of rank and title, he took what was left of his career and rebuilt himself from the shadows. Through special connections he acquired military grade equipment in which he founded his silent career upon. David took up the mantle as an assassin; his usual clients were politicians, governors, and sometimes old comrades. His targets were terrorists, defective spies, mercenaries or simply bad people.
    Weapons and equipment:
    Modified HUD Cross-Com.-- A custom made eye-piece that utilizes multiple vision modes-thermal, night vision, magnetic, infrared--100x magnified zoom. It's programmed to scan and analyze targets to allow preparation for fatal shots, as well as a playlist of music in case of special situations.
    Titanium Composite Bow(Valentine)-- David's custom bow uses carbon, infrared lasers to map into his cross-com assisting with the ability to line up shots. It possess enough kinetic energy to to stop a rhino with a single shot, or puncture a ship with a single pull and out the other end. It uses several interchangeable heads--armor piercing, disruptive(shock charge), explosive, poison, and mercury. The schematics of his bow were created from lost data for a future project in the marines. Changes were made to leave it useful only to David; it requires his build of strength to draw back and fire.
    Stainless Steel K-Bar Combat Knife-- A seven inch stainless steel blade used for up-close and personal encounters.
    MP5 SMG-- Equipped with a silencer, laser sight, HOLO sight, and fold-able stock, it is outfitted for hit-n-run attacks.
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  5. Just the kind of team-leader-character-persona I was looking for! Welcome! :)
  6. I shall not let you down.
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  7. Show Spoiler

    Red the Ripper or Alice Wyren

    • Age: 29
      Eye Color: Crimson, like her enemy's blood.
      Hair Color: Dyed Red
      Height/Weight: 6'2 and 164lbs
      Build: Lean and mean.

    • Demeanor: Proud, Aggressive, Violent
      Skills: Skipper (Sailing the ship), Wilderness Survivalist, Fighter
      Fears: Fear of death, losing, and betrayal
      Orientation: Both

    • Wish Asked for: A clean slate. $17,000,000 and access to medieval ship plans (how to build them)

    • Other: Red the Ripper is an infamous pirate captain wanted in every part of the world. Her name came from the gruesome way she ripped her enemies apart when they got too close to her. She's pillaged, murdered, and burned villages as an important part of her weekly diet. She's fearsome, intelligent, and cunning
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  8. The rp sounds awesome, Im in. Will make a character soon :)
  9. I'm in too! Just making a thief/hacker character!
  10. Well done on finding The Printz web-page, lil hackr! Ya might wanna write some of this down, cuz ur CP will be screwed in a few minutes! :3
    [​IMG]<<<It's how I look right now! Enjoy, cuz u wont even see me in the shadows!
    Hey, my name is Clepta Taekni ATM, but since I'm always changing my name people just call me Printz, cuz I never leave any.

    My Physical Atributes:
    • My age: I'm about 26, ya perv!
    • My eye Color: Icy blue, just to scare ya.
    • My hair Color: Well it was black, but it's going gray from lack of light and nutrition...oops... ;)
    • My height n weight: You won't see me coming, cus i'm 4'9" and 104 lbs.
    • My build: I'm small n flexible, like a cat! Meow!
    Personality info:
    • My demeanor (yh, a fancy word for once!): I'm quiet, sly, alert, optimistic, and proud. Yup, like a cat! The other reason i'm called Printz
    • Ma skillz!: Hacking, and theifing! Jeez, if ya didn't know that why are ya here?
    • My fears: I h8 water! Blech! I can't swim, and it is the mortal enemy of all tech! Also, I got a SERIOUSLY bad allergy to dogs, so if I C 1, I'm off!
    • Who I like: Imma man killa! So watch out boyz!
    Misc stuff:
    • My wishes: If I had one wish, it would be... to have the government quit chasing for my past and future crimes, plus access to any new tech I want!
    • Other: I'm wanted on all continents for my hacking and stealing! Achievement get! Oh, btw, my page has been set to auto-hack your CP, so it'll be crashing in a few seconds...
    Hope the format and character are acceptable!
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  11. Hey Sakura can I ask you a question. Are you going to make a character, and what will your character be like? I mean what will your character's skills be. Cuz I have some ideas for a character, but I dont know if Ill be able to pull of a character like this, cuz I really dont know what to do. I was thinking for a character that will be like a navigator in the wilderness,in forests mountains, nature everything, but I dont know if Ill be able to do things right with him :/
  12. Would you like some help?
  13. Fixed my charrie profile, it looked a bit odd and was missing a few things! Hope it's good now!
  14. We found the file, but a word of warning . . . It’s not supposed to exist.

    Audrey Baxtrum

    Age: 24
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Naturally Brown Note: Known to dye hair
    Height/Weight: 5 foot. 100 lbs.
    Build: Petite


    Demeanor: Observant, Analytical, Friendly but Socially Awkward (has a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time)

    • Lock and pocket picking. Note: Unconfirmed
    • Bypassing various security systems and Infiltration of high security facilities. Note: Unconfirmed
    • Highly acrobatic Note: Confirmed
    • Hand to hand combat. Note: Confirmed, Shodan rank practitioner of Kokikai Aikido
    We believe her to be your basic Old-School, contract based Retrieval Specialist.

    Fears: Known to express anxiety when her brother is in trouble. Seems to dislike being abandoned by her team when working with one.

    Orientation: No known romantic attachments. She does not seem opposed to Male attentions, though she does not appear to know how to flirt.


    Wish Asked for: Aside from being let out of prison? A chance to officially put her skills to use helping people, and actually get credit for it. She claims she’s gotten tired of being labeled as a criminal. She claims she is not one, after all one can only be labeled a thief if they keep what they take, she returns property to its rightful owners.
    She also has expressed an interest in running her own Gallery.

    Other: Born an American citizen, Audrey Baxtrum is not known to the world at large. However there are key members of several inelegance agencies who have been tracking her for quite some time. It is courtesy of their work we have this file.

    There are rumors that she has worked several missions for the American government as well as a few private contractors around the world, but none of these have ever been confirmed. The Americans deny all knowledge of her. As far as the world knows she’s nothing more then a freelance photographer with no serious criminal record. Parking tickets don’t count.

    Note: Several days before the blackout she was caught on the grounds of a private Italian villa. Due to her clean record the authorities presumed it was a simple case of accidental trespassing, but the owner wasn't convinced. He insisted on pressing charges and she was booked in the local jailhouse. We found she’d been left there in the chaos that followed the blackouts when she was pulled for team Powerplay.

    That’s it. That’s all we’ve got. And remember, this file doesn’t exist.
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  15. And these lovely people shall be the ones saving the world! 'Aggressive, aggressive, sly, awkward!'
  16. [​IMG]

    Caleb Chase Gardner

    Age: 21
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Hair Color: Light Blonde. When the sun is shinning it almost turns white
    Height/Weight: 5'9/ 163 lbs
    Build: Well formed, with slight muscules, with flat stomach
    • Silent
    • Unsocial
    • Preffers to be alone in the nature instead of being around people
    • Expert navigator in the wild. Can find his way around forests, mountains, everywhere in the nature
    • Tracker
    • Surviving
    • Climber
    • Good with kinves.

    Fears: He is in shock when someone dies in front of him, and let alone if he kills something or someone he will never be the same. But that was a privilege that he has no more
    Orientation: Guys... Even though no one knows
    Wish Asked for: Caleb wants his old gigantic mansion back, so that he can turn it into a home for the orphans. And he wants his father's company from the man that took it once his parents died and turned it into nothing.
    Other: Caleb was born in a very lelthy family. His father owned a company, a lead company in the state that they lived in. His moder on the other hand was a simple florist, who loved plants and flowers. And so Caleb grew with everything he wanted.
    But one day the familly decided to go on holiday together. His father was so filled with work lately that he wanted some time spend alonse with his familly. Caleb's dad was driving the car with his wife next to him and theur son at the backseats. But the wether was bad, it was dark, it was rainning heavily, and the sky was uneasy with lightnings. The road can barely be seen until...
    The was a fallen tree on the road and Caleb's father tryed to stop, but the car slides off the road, down the mountain and crashes in the woods.
    Caleb was lucky and survived the fall with a few scars only, but the scar that was inside him was much bigger, his parents dead scared him for life. Seeing them die was too much, and his mother holding his hand tight while they were falling, she was still alive for a secound before she closed his eyes and left this world.
    Caleb was only 9 years old when this happened, but the next part was much more unpleasant, alone in this gigantic forest with no way to get back to the main road. The weather was so bad that he had to find a shelter if he didnt want to leave his parents alone he had to or else he will freeze out here...
    5 months and 21 days latter.
    Caleb was finally found in the woods. Aperantly someone finally found the car and the missing familly for more then five months was found dead, but without the boy, so a search started for the boy and Caleb was found... He was like an animal after this five months, he learned to survive in this place with no one to help... He was known famouse for this, his well known father dead but Caleb alive and the one ownning everything... Or so he thought but the board members had taken everything from him the company the house and he was left with nothing
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  17. Hey Sakura, out of interest, when do you think the IC will go up?
  18. I'm interested, though I'm trying to think of which role should I play.
  19. Sorry I was away and got back this tuesday! I've been packing to move to my new place tomorrow :[

    The IC will be up sometime this weekend or on Monday :) In the meantime, I'll wait for people to finish their character sheets.


    I'm going to look over the earlier posts and answer what I can!
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  20. Hey, When you have time, are our characters ok or would you like to see changes?