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    Ouranopolist- The City of Towers- is a thriving mega city made in the image of the new atomic age! Once a quiet pastoral community, in the last thirty years it's grown into one of the most advanced cities in the world. This doesn't mean of course that there hasn't been growing pains, for there has. Organized crime and so called Master Mind have infiltrated this new city, trying to bend the citizenry and city influence to their whim. The police force has done their best, but it has been seriously unable to keep pace with the rising crime as the city has grown exponentially. Fortunately for the everyday men and women of Ouranopolist heroes have also made their home in the city, and they will fight to keep the peace, no matter the cost!


    The Bellowing Bugle Bar and Grill is a cozy, corner street tavern in the heart of the city. Its previous owner died a little over a year ago, and while he had a daughter in college, his will bequeathed his property to his nephew. This was possibly because the daughter had not been serious about her studies and always asking for money from her father. It might also have been he wanted the bar to stay opened and not sold by the daughter. Whatever the reason, William Walters was now the owner of a bar. This was not a bad thing, the watering hole was popular enough that there was a steady stream of revenue and ran smoothly. Extra money without a lot of extra stress was a good thing because William had other things to worry about, like fighting crime!


    Detective Rose, known for the rose on his lapel as well as his atomic reconfiguring map, let it be known to some of his collages in the crime fighting business that if they needed a safe place to exchange information the Bellowing Bugle was the place to go instead of doing their business on roof tops and subway tunnels. Detective Rose was not a big name in the super hero business, nor were the others he invited. Some were more vigilante, some more mercenary, but as long as they didn't cause any problems, they were welcomed to the back pool table area. Improvements were made to the bar just in case and one new bartender that knows how to handle strange weapons and odd abilities by patrons.



    Power Bar is set in an Earth-like world in a time that is reminiscent of the future as believed by the 1950s & 1960s. When creating characters think "science heroes". Your characters are not a member of the A-list heroes, but you have a connection to at least one, either by being a sidekick or by other means. That way as the main heroes start disappearing there will be a vested interest beyond doing good to trying to quickly uncover the cause and save them.

    "It was raining. It had been raining every day since Captain Colossus defeated Dr. Minute, destroying his radiation machine. The scientists were still working on how to make it stop. In fact there was going to be a big test today at noon. I am still going to carry my umbrella just in case."


    Bios must be approved before you are allowed to play.


    Hero Name:
    Alter Ego:


    Hero Appearance:
    Civilian Appearance:


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Inabilities & Fears:


    General History:

    Present Life:



    Known Powers:

    Exploitable Weakness:

    General Personality:

    History with B-list Hero:

    Hero Name: Crysandra.(Formerly Rednigma)

    Her powers come from the Creature living partially buried in the back of her neck and the two share and empathic link. She called it Max, and knows that it's just a baby of it's kind.

    Armor: Chitin plates worm around her body offering light protection, its not enough to stop a bullet and enough to avoid a nasty scrape or the pins of the taser digging in. They also double as...

    Camouflage: Weather it works though optical trickery, psychic suggestion, or a combination of the two Dentra can make herself almost invisible. Enough to fool humans anyway, she still casts a shadow though and it's not perfect, she appears to be an indistinct blur and it gets much worse if she moves due to a lensing effect, almost useless in sunlight.

    Partial flight: By no means true flight Dentra can with her limited telekinesis lift herself off the ground and push herself. It's far more useful as an aid to jumping than it is for getting from place to place, even walking is faster.

    Psybolt: A (very) weak directed telekinetic blast that is just strong enough to slam a door, or knock someone off their feet.

    Mind blast: In contrast to the previous power this one in completely undirected and only affects the minds of people in a small area (about the size of an average sized room). The effect this has in a painful ringing in the targets' ears and the level of confusion equal to that felt after a large sneeze.

    Alter Ego: Dentra Summers
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Birthplace: Ouranopolist City slums, deep in mob controlled territory.
    Occupation: Professional thief.


    Hero Appearance (open)

    While in the god her body is covered in rough chitin places that protect while still offering perfect freedon of movement, a gift from Max.

    Civilian Appearance: Dentra opts for darker colors, preferring not to draw attention to herself. Her hair hides the creature living partially buried in the back of her neck and she likes to keep as much skin covered as possible. Jeans, jackets, t shirts, these are her normal street clothes.
    Strengths: Stealth and going unseen.
    Weaknesses: Not much of a fighter, and has a personal code never to kill. If Max is removed from her she dies, slowly and painfully.


    Current Goal/Purpose: We're all just trying to survive right? So why not do so comfortably?
    Talents: Quick thinker, confident, and doesn't give up easily.
    Inabilities & Fears: Loses patience with people (especially allies who make mistakes) easily, prideful.
    Personality: Business-like in approach and distant in manner. This is how she treats her clients. Off the job she can be quite amiable, friendly even. But she prefers to remain unattached and doesn't like long tern relationships, not even friendships.


    General History: Growing up wasn't easy. With rival mob empires constantly wrestling for control those who didn't take sides were bullied and pushed around. Adrian summers was one such man, a pet store owner by trade a biologist by choice he had his business destroyed in as part of an intimidation campaign and himself landed in hospital. Destitute and heartbroken he took his own life soon afterwards. In his wake he left his young daughter and a life insurance policy.

    Dentra, with the loss of the only parent she ever knew escaped the clutches of Child Services when they came for her, and used to sneaking around the streets from when her father had been busy she learned to survive by stealing. Just food at first, then things she could sell but it wasn't like before the ever-present eyes of the mob turned towards her and she had a choice. Take commissions or give a percentage of her gains to the kingpin, she chose the former.

    Taking on an alias and her first assignment she got her first taste of jail, but there was a new thrill in her life and she pursued it adamantly.

    Present Life:

    Now well known in the underground under her new alias and owning a comfortable condo near the city center, Dentra has had more than a few run ins with heroes and has won some, and lost some, but hearing that the big boys in town have been taken out she, surprisingly, is offering to help.

    Hero Name: Charger
    Powers: Electrical manipulation/storage/creation
    Alter Ego: Donovan Gates Myers
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Birthplace: Ischua (A very small, rural town. Just a quick drive or a medium walk outside Ouranopolist)
    Occupation: Unemployed (Just graduated college)


    Hero Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Civilian Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Strengths: Strong, has a "nice person" look, with his shorter stature it is harder for him to get phyically pushed around and has better leverage than someone taller than him
    Weaknesses: Rather slow and somewhat low stamina


    Current Goal/Purpose: He makes to make something of himself and use his gift for the greater good
    Talents: Playing video games, Competitive sports, Fighting, being silly, thinking on his feet
    Inabilities & Fears: dancing, cooking, building, keeping balance, planning ahead, heights, being alone, dealing with undesirable changes
    Personality: Focused, likes attention, Good poker face, enjoys making others happy, people person, bold, competitive, empathetic, enthusiastic, steadfast, caring, feelings tend to run him, doesn‘t like to show weakness, loud, clumsy, moody, reckless, over sensitive


    General History:Don was born with a hereditary disease that only people on his mother's side have. It pretty much causes the natural electricity in his brain to be more powerful and abundant. Electricity pretty much flows through his body all the time. His body internal structure (due to the disease) pretty much changed. (Think of the The Thing)

    He had an average childhood, with dark spots lining it's history.
    He grew up in a lower-middle class family. He was frequently bullied and got into fights. Sports became his outlet for any and all emotions. It made him happy and kept the sanity intact. That passion for sport is present, to this day. His powers didn't surface until junior year in high school. Thankfully, it was in private and only blew a bulb....and another after that.

    Ever since, Don has practiced and "got to know" his ability. Still no where near skilled as a veteran, but he can do some damage.
    As for limitations, he also has so much electricity that he can hold before an overload. If he uses his power too much, he tires. He has to actually rest and "charge" before he can use it again.

    Present Life: Don moved to Ouranopolist, to find his own way. He is currently in his own place, coming fresh off of a college graduation. The advertising major has decided to enter underground video game tourneys to get spending money. However, a few nights a week, he has another ... justified... activity...


    Name: Boom Blaster

    Known Powers: Force energy projection

    Exploitable Weakness: Easily caught off-guard.

    General Personality: Loud, generous, odd, sincere, stubborn

    History with B-list Hero: They ended up in a few fights together,, against common thugs. They have a slow student/teacher connection forming.
  4. I will be joining this shortly with a scientist type.

    Hero Name: The Blue Dancer

    • Speed: With such long and slender legs, and years of strict training in endurance and running, she is able to sprint up to 28 mph for as long as 200 meters. Twice the length of what the current highest foot speed was recorded for. Of course, it is not publicly stated...That could risk exposing her identity. OCHA PLEASE CHECK, THANK YOU <3
    • Flexibility: Has a very flexible form and can contort into many shapes for her benefit, allowing her to reach out and attack people from angles they'd never expect a person to take.
    • Weapon Use: She is very skilled at the use of her bladed hoops, one for each hand. They are limited in their reach though and certainly don't have the effect of many other powers.
    • Seduction: She's a very... convincing type of person. She's easily able to get people to talk without much trouble. Though, in the end she still has to knock them out, least they try to follow her when she takes her leave.
    Alter Ego: Clara Denima
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Birthplace: Ouranopolist
    Occupation: Exotic Dancer


    Hero Appearance:
    Hero (open)

    Civilian Appearance: Outside of her "day" job, she is wearing usually long sleeved shirts and Jeans with a decent pair of heeled boots and a short leather jacket to match, a rather stylish lady indeed. Though during work she is usually in nothing at all, with the exception of costume wear on certain business nights.
    Strengths: Strong Physically, Good with her weapons and a quick learner with others, A "forgettable" face (Blends in well).
    Weaknesses: Easily startled, Shows emotions on her face, has been known to attract attention when walking about in uniform.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To become more than that "Big breasted bimbo".
    Talents: Being Positive, Dancing, Singing, Cooking, Keeping house, Being Motherly, Quick to help, Determined mind, Being Graceful.
    Inabilities & Fears: Keeping Still, Controlling Emotions, Keeping Track of time, Failure, Not Being Accepted, Loosing all she worked for.
    Personality: She tried to keep the mood positive in all situations, the one who tells everyone not to fight and to try and get along no matter what. Though, when targeted she can get a bit snappy, just like any other person, though her version of snappy is slightly more sharp and pointy. Otherwise she holds true to her words and never backs down from helping someone out no matter what.


    General History: Clara grew up in higher-middle class, spending her youth being showered with toys from her wealthy parents. Of course, wealth came with a price. Her parents demanded a lot of her, even sending her to a gymnastics school for most of her life. Trained constantly to be the best, she developed great flexibility, strength and almost frightening speed. By the time she graduated though, she only had a general education with a master in the arms of body contortion...It left her with few employment options. Along with that, her own parents had started to slip into the wrong groups of wealth and soon they found themselves getting dragged into mob business to the point...where both were killed. Determined to stop any other people from falling into the same fate as her family, she vowed to find a way to stop this crime wave no matter what.

    Present Life: Working as a stripper, she lives on her own while trying to balance her place in society with her other life of justice and crime fighting. Most weekends she is in the club,as well as a few scattered week nights, but on days off...her justice is sound.


    Name: Blazing Hot

    Known Powers: Fire manipulation and resistance

    Exploitable Weakness: Moisture

    General Personality: Loud, Flamboyant, Strong Willed, Quick witted

    History with B-list Hero: The two have worked together on many cases, though Hot as seemed to take most of the credit for the work. Not that she minds, keeps the attention off herself. Though, the pair hold a great understanding of the other's ability and have formed a bond where they can train with each together and not fear injury from the other.

    Hero Name: Orion
    Powers: Echolocation - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_echolocation Though not a power as much as a skill, Gabriel has developed a means to "see" through tracking the echoes of sounds around him. Distance, direction, density, and make up of objects around him can be determined through these sounds.
    Extended Senses - Through years of training, Gabe has managed to make up for his lack of sight by honing his other senses. He can pick out smells that elude most people and determine their source, his hearing is exceptional, and his sense of touch is detailed enough he can occasionally read words left by hand written or typed sources due to the ink imprint on paper. If the source is laminated, specialty printed or coated in any means, this style of reading is impossible.

    Alter Ego: Gabriel Cross
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Occupation: Mechanical Engineer - Gabriel runs a self sustained vehicle maintenance shop on the edge of Ouranopolist. The shop belonged to his father.


    Hero Appearance: [​IMG]
    Unlike several superheros in his profession, Orion isn't terribly wealthy. His costume consists of a coat and a hood. When on patrol, a black headband is set over his eyes that lacks slits.
    Civilian Appearance: [​IMG]Disregard the rifle.
    Strengths: Discipline - Gabriel is not as much a super hero as he is just a man who spends his time training religiously.

    Free Running - A Parkour enthusiast, Gabe's physical training regiment involves using the world around him as a personal gym. Using his ability of Human Echolocation as well as the knowledge of his body's limits, he's able to move through the world like a gymnast

    Archery - Another boon granted from his echolocation, Gabe has taught himself to be a crack shot with a bow.

    Resourcefulness - While not being terribly well off, Gabe has managed to survive both in day to day life as well as in his patrolling through McGyver like methods. Specialty arrows have been crafted using basic components of his Machine Shop.

    Dog - Though the creature does not go out with the man on Patrols, Gabe owns a German Sheppard named Rufus. A seeing eye dog.

    Blind - While Gabe's mastery of his remaining senses are incredible, he still can never completely overcome the fact that he can not see. Billboards, objects outside of his range of hearing, Faces, words that can not be determined through touch (Signs, menus, computer screens) and countless other limitations prevent him from a honestly normal lifestyle. Even glass might of well be a sheet of steel since echos bounce off the surface.

    Paranoid - A conspiracy theorist, Gabe's discipline well exceeds the borders of obsession. Contingencies have been planned As a result of this as well as the social disconnect from his lack of sight, Gabe often comes off as a bit Crazy.

    The Disability blues - Another aspect that often fuels his paranoia, Gabe is terrified of being put into a position where his blindness keeps him from saving life. Even in the face of unimaginable odds that are outside of his control. When he can not render assistance to another he views it as a personal failure. Rather than focus on the people he has saved, it's the incidents where he falls just short that truly haunt him. Common thoughts include "If only I did this..." Or "If this was different..." or "If I worked on this more..." plague his mind and constantly push him back into training.

    Talking - Gabe carries out full fledged conversations with Rufus, his dog. It's a little weird.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Track down Wolfmother (see below) bring her captors to justice. Verify and expose the crime ring involved.
    Talents: Survival skills, touch reading, Parkour, Locksmithing, Auto mechanics, resourceful
    Inabilities & Fears: Falling short due to disability, lack of understanding in terms of social dynamics, lack of stress management
    Personality: Serious as a heart attack. Gabe is strictly business. When he's not patrolling, he's training. When he's not training he's keeping his maintenance business afloat with the small amount of money he needs to survive. People around him seem to notice that he doesn't sleep very often. Common references and things like sarcasm are completely lost on the man.


    General History: Blinded from birth, Gabe was raised by a single father who ran a mechanic shop as his only source of income. A rough life, but never one where the lot had to worry about either of the pair not eating. As soon as the child could hold a wrench, he joined with his dad in the day to day aspects of the business. While the father had his doubts in the beginning due to the boy's nature, it was quickly realized that mechanics came naturally through touch. After school, Gabe would help out in the shop. At first the boy did little outside of take up tools to his father, but before the child was out of middle school he was rebuilding engines.

    Even from a young life, a woman by the name of Candice Preskitt was very apparent in his upbringing. A friend of his father, the woman helped the boy in ways that is sometimes difficult for a father. Social issues, applications of stress, dealings with blindness, angsty preteen girl trouble, and the like. When it came to it, Candice took on the role of the mother Gabe never had.

    Shortly after Gabe turned twelve an anonomous tip off was produced to a local crime syndicate that Wolfmother, a major Super Hero in the City, had ties to a small time mechanic on the edge of town. Seeking to verify such a claim, the syndicate made their way to the Auto shop with malicious intention.

    The shop was invaded and both Gabe and his Father were taken at gunpoint. A misunderstanding of directions due to Gabe's blindness led to physical abuse by the hands of several of the Gangsters. When his father attempted to rush the lot to protect his child, he was shot down. The police managed to apprehend the incident, but only after the damage had been done. Later with some digging, it was found that pay offs had been extended to keep the police from an early intervention. On top of this, several of the criminals involved were released on shady terms.

    Gabe was left to a world without a father, coming to an early understanding on how brutal life can in fact be when left unchecked. While not his fault, he blamed himself for the incident. In his mind, if he wasn't blind his father would still be alive. From this point, the child began to train to make himself better. He believed that he could teach himself to see to a point where no one would ever again fall short due to hand fate had dealt him.

    Candice Preskitt removed the child from protective custody after the incident and began to raise him herself. While still a loving woman, she seemed to lack the same spark that could be seen before the death of Stephen Cross. When Gabriel was old enough, she apologized to the son, revealing her identity as Wolfmother. That it was her fault that Stephen's life had ended prematurely.

    Gabe forgave the woman, but his mind had been set. The super hero could not be blamed for her lack of presence there. He however, could be.

    Present Life: Gabriel's life is spent as a bit of a juggling act. Due to the nature of his business, it doesn't require per se a clock in time frame. So long as Vehicles get fixed, he makes enough money to get by in day to day life. Usually his lifestyle consists of the following.

    0500 - Wake up
    0520 - ten mile run
    0620 - breakfast, hygene
    0700 - Mechanical contracting
    1200 - lunch
    1220 - fletching of new arrows, re-outfitting anything used the night before.
    1400 - Start Patrol
    0200 - end patrol

    And the day repeats itself. Gabe is a creature of habit.


    Name: Wolf Mother


    Known Powers: Flight, Enhanced Strength, Inhuman Endurance

    Exploitable Weakness: Ties to friends and family, the prospect of collateral damage, and a debilitating allergy to common Pepper.

    General Personality: Wolfmother's personality is that of the 1950's nuke family mom. Think Mrs. Brady with super powers and you have it to the tee. Warm, loving, and reliable.

    History with B-list Hero: Wolfmother's tie to Gabe began with his father. A simple business owner carving out his life on the edge of the City of Towers. After being saved by the Heroin during a gang shoot out in the market district, the unlikely pair managed to hit it off. It was shortly following this that the Man would intentionally try to seek out trouble in order to speak to her again. After several months of this, the pair decided to meet on a more personal level. While Gabe doesn't know it, Candice Preskitt (Wolfmother) is his biological mother. Gabe's father had told the child that his mother had perished in childbirth due to the complications of her profession. While having never told Gabe herself the truth, Wolfmother visits him quite often. Despite the heroic genes of his mother, Gabe doesn't seem to display any semblance of her abilities.

    Hero Name: The Cometeer, formerly Comet Kid/Comet Cadet

    Powers High-speed flight via jetpack. Other equipment includes his stun gun, a zip-line, gas pellets, and various other gadgets stored in his utility belt with a holster

    Alter Ego: Phinneas "Finn" Harton

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Birthplace: Ivyville, a small town located about 50 miles outside Ouranopolist

    Occupation: Mechanical engineer


    Hero Appearance: (open)

    Over the years, Finn has incorporated numerous badges, medals, and other elements reminiscent of military regalia into his costume. It also includes a pair of goggles which serve the dual purpose of protecting his eyes during flight and also preserving his secret identity.

    Civilian Appearance: Finn typically dresses pretty casually. While at work, he usually wears button up shirts and slacks. In his downtime, he prefers to wear jeans and plain shirts.

    Strengths: Although he usually works on things from a technical standpoint, Finn is not against pulling up his sleeves to work on a problem. As his job sometimes calls for it, he is very capable of applying his mechancial aptitude in a down and dirty manner. He is not at all opposed to using old fashioned elbow grease and getting down on his hands and knees if its necessary to fix something. What's more, he has a natural knack for picking up and figuring out technology, seemingly regardless of how it's made or where it comes from. He is also good at breaking down devices to their component parts and reassembling them or even converting them into something different, provided he sufficiently understands how they work.

    Weaknesses: Although an expert at maneuvering with his jetpack, Harton only has limited training and experience in self-defense and hand-to-hand fighting. He is not capable of going toe-to-toe with superpowered villains and seasoned fighters. As a result, he usually has to maintain a fair distance in a fight and rely on his stun gun and other gadgets to get the job done.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To track down leads on Meteor Master and find him

    Talents: Repairing, maintaining, and tinkering with machinery. Instinctive ability to figure out almost anything mechanical. Good at breaking down problems to their component parts and tackling them one piece at a time. Experienced/educated in science and mathematics

    Inabilities & Fears: Illogical reasoning, walking away from a problem before he has solved it, abandoning people in need of help. Fears that something terrible has happened to his mentor and that he wont be able to live up to Meteor Master's legacy.

    Personality: As part of the persona he maintains for his alter ego, Finn is a laid back, easy-going guy who no one would ever suspect of living a secret life as a crimefighter. In his day to day life, he plays the part of an unassuming, quiet nebbish that tends to avoid conflict and keep to himself. He tries to do his job as an engineer to the best of his ability, but at the same time does not actively look for advancement or promotion in the workplace. This means he has to be a push-over at times, but he doesn't mind too much because it allows him to stay under the radar where he is most comfortable and not too many demands will be made of him. Reserved yet amicable in his interactions with other people, Harton tries hard not to make enemies and remain on good terms with everyone he meets. A man with next to no enemies, to everyone else he seems like a peaceful, contented bachelor dedicated to his career.

    Only in costume does Finn's true personality emerge. As The Cometeer, Harton has modeled himself after his mentor and hero Meteor Master to be a steadfast and domineering champion of justice. Even though he possesses none of Master's immense strength or power, The Cometeer gives all of himself to his crusade against corruption and injustice and does a good job of keeping the section of Ouranopolist he patrols nightly a safe place for the average citizen. He tries to help people in any way he can, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, and deals out harsh justice to those he judges as being guilty. He regards the criminal element as an inherent evil in society that must be weeded out and kept under control to avoid chaos, and whereas Meteor Master strongly believed they could be rehabilitated through the system given enough time and work, The Cometeer finds himself living in a much darker time where not even the authorities can be relied on or trusted to fulfill their duties. As a result, he, like many heroes in Ouranopolist, has gradually taken on harsher and more draconian measures to ensure justice is served, sometimes resorting to violent extremes that even Meteor Master would be shocked by.


    General History: Phinneas Harton was born into a military family with a long line of decorated soldiers and officers. From an early age, he was brought up to act like a good, honorable serviceman and naturally was expected to enlist one day. Over time, however, his parents became dismayed to find that he was more interested in books and tinkering than toy guns and war games. They hoped that sending him to series of private boarding schools would instill in him a rigid discipline and respect for authority that would turn things around, but Finn only continued to excell academically and gained something of a reputation as an introvert. Eventually, he was moved to an academy in the Ouranopolist metropolitan area, his family having written him off as a lost cause.

    It was there, however, that Finn finally got a taste for fighting. Inspired by the rich history of superheroes in the city and the vibrant community of costumed crimefighters that called it home, he dreamed of somehow joining their ranks despite not having any powers or skills like those of his idols. After designing a gaudy costume and a gun capable of firing electric bolts, Finn took to the backstreets of Ouranopolist under cover of night, seeking out criminals and ne'er-do-wells to thwart. He might have met a very unfortunate end while trying to stop a group of robbers if it hadn't been for the intervention of Meteor Master. In awe and elated at this opportunity to get to know one of the city's most famous heroes, Finn pleaded with him to let him tag along on his adventures. MM denied his request at first, but after seeing the stun gun the boy had designed, he decided the kid could possibly do well as a crimefighter given the right resources. He gifted Finn with a piece of the strange meteorite that had granted him his own powers, and within a few days Finn had incorporated it into an anti-gravity jetpack of his own design. The two then began to regularly embark on adventures together, Meteor Master taking on the role of mentor to the young hero-in-training. Finn chose the name Comet Cadet as his heroic moniker, but the villains they fought kept getting it wrong to the point he became known as the Comet Kid or just "Meteor Master's sidekick".

    After several years of shared heroics, Finn was nearing college age and considering leaving the life behind to go to school. This coincided with Meteor Master's gradual withdrawal from the scene that lead to what everyone else presumed was his retirement. Only Finn knew better, as he had been sensing something was wrong with the aging superhero for some time. He couldn't get any answers out of Master, however, the man he had looked up to for so long only telling him that it was time for both of them to move on. Finn was somewhat crushed at first, not sure what to do with himself now that what had been his life's focus for so long had been taken away. In the end, he decided to go to college to become an engineer, his love for science and machines having been the only other constant in his life. He never completely abadoned the idea of returning to his adventures some day, though, and worked on improving his jetpack and stun gun whenever he wasn't too occupied by his studies.

    After graduating and finding employment at a large manufacturing business in Ouranopolist, Finn began to consider taking up heroing once more. After revamping his costume and equipment slightly, he made his return as The Cometeer, a role he has managed to balance along with his other responsibilities fairly well ever since.

    Present Life: Lately, Finn has begun to wonder what became of his mentor and role model since he disappeared years ago. Longing for the simpler days when the line between right and wrong seemed so much clearer, he wishes Meteor Master would return to Ouranopolist and remind the newest generation of heroes what it is they're supposed to be fighting for. The leads he has gotten so far don't seem too promising, but he still has hope he can find his old partner and convince him to come back.


    Name: Meteor Master

    Known Powers: Manipulation of gravity for a variety of effects, including levitation/flight and simulating invulnerability and super-strength.

    Exploitable Weakness: Electromagnetism

    General Personality: . Meteor Master was the embodiment of the classic superhero archetype, his god-like powers only tempered by his unerring sense of morality. MM dealt ruthlessly with evildoers, but was otherwise the perfect picture of a heroic good guy, compassionate and kind to the everyday citizens he helped. Unafraid to take the risks that caused other heroes to hesitate or doubt themselves, Master was a stalwart defender of peace and justice who never thought twice about his motivations. So long as he felt what he was doing was for the good of the general populace, he did not falter in the slightest, always striving to uphold the standards of truth, justice, and equality.

    History with B-list Hero: Once a mild-mannered astronomer, Meteor Master quickly abandoned his old life to become a champion of justice after gaining his gravitational abilities fromo a radioactive meteorite.. For the better part of 30 years, Meteor Master was a leading figure in the Ouranopolist powers scene, considered by some to be one of its greatest defenders. It wasn't until he was already well established as a champion that he was approached by a young Phinneas Harton who asked the Master to take him on as a sidekick. MM was reluctant to adopt a young partner at first; at this point, several superhero sidekicks had been famously killed or seriously injured while adventuring in Ouranopolist. Harton was persistent, however, and eventually, after being impressed by the lad's dedication and inventiveness which more than made up for his lack of powers, Master relented and took him on as a companion.

    The two enjoyed several years of adventures together before Meteor Master gradually began to withdraw from heroics. After he eventually disappeared all together, Harton abandoned crimefighting as well to pursue a more normal life and career. Now that he has returned as costumed adventurer The Cometeer, Finn wants to track down his old mentor and hopefully get some answers as to why he left him in the lurch all those years ago.
  8. This here character be a WIP.


    Hero Name: Doc Shock

    Technomancy - With the use of his specially-designed super-computer prosthetic hand, he can hack into computer systems, affect electromagnetic fields, and remotely operate electronic devices. His hand also contains an electroshock weapon that fires from the palm. The hand operates off of a mix of voice commands, touch point actions, and key gestures, giving the appearance of sorcery.

    Robot Helpers - With his extensive knowledge of robotics and engineering, the Doc often builds and utilizes small robots to carry out specific tasks.

    Alter Ego: Mason Arkwright, Ph.D.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Birthplace: A military base overseas.
    Occupation: Graduate researcher and professor at Ouranopolist University.


    Hero Appearance:
    Civilian Appearance:
    Strengths: Physically fit, unafraid to fight dirty, good-looking and knows it, an insanely high alcohol tolerance.
    Weaknesses: Unwilling to actually take a life, and he doesn't believe in hitting women. His prosthetics don't damage easily, but once they're taken out of commission he loses all of his powers. Still suffers phantom pains in his legs.


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Talents: Strategic thinking, intuition, being able to MacGyver insanely sophisticated devices and fix just about anything mechanical, snappy one-liners, always being right. Oh, and he's a hell of a pilot.
    Inabilities & Fears: Letting people get too close, letting go of an argument or grudge, having nothing to do.
    Personality: Way too smart for his own good, Mason is nearly allergic to authority and has an ego the size of a small satellite. Fortunately for him, he's also adept at figuring people out, and even more fortunately, at staying six steps ahead.

    He may always have some sort of angle, but ultimately, he's got a very strong set of principles and he can't go against them even when he thinks he wants to... at least not for long. He's extremely passionate about his beliefs, and once provoked to speak his mind he can be downright inspirational.


    General History: Mason was a military brat. Moving from base to base and town to town with his dad's transfers, he didn't get much time for making friends or having a normal social life. Instead, he tinkered with household appliances and threw himself into his studies... and boy did he study. The only reason Mason wasn't out the door with a diploma in hand at sixteen was the constant relocating. His father pressured him to go into the Air Force; that lasted about as long as it took Mason to get a full scholarship to the engineering school of his choice. Not a minute too soon, either, and he probably would never have made it but for his father's good name. (You don't even want to know the kind of trouble he got out of.) In the end, what he had to show for the experience was a (barely) unblemished record of military service, a pilot's license, and an annoying habit of working out that he could never quite kick.

    He stayed on at Ouranopolist University through his graduate studies, stunning the robotics department with his aptitude and winning several awards for his breakthrough research in neurorobotics and bioengineering. Unfortunately he was also impossible to work with, so he was basically given his own corner and free reign. It just may have gone to his head.

    Mason was 32 when he had a fateful accident, crashing his jetbike and suffering crippling injuries to both legs as well as his right hand. Even with physical therapy, the doctors told him that he would never walk again without assistance, and ultimately he opted to amputate his hand and legs. The robotic limbs he was given as replacements were crude and had limited mobility, and it seemed that Mason would have to retire from engineering to teach.

    Six months later, he put the finishing touches on his own robotic prosthetics. The hand and legs he designed were extremely durable, marvelously articulated, and integrated flawlessly into his nervous system. Not only did they benefit him personally, but the designs he crafted could be used to make advances for future prosthetics patients. The only problem was that Mason was exceeding his grant... a grant already in jeopardy due to his accident, his period of recuperation, and the department's belief that he would be unable to return to work in any active capacity. Mason was broken, broke, and close to being sacked even as his work was nominated for yet another prize.

    Bitter and jaded by the system, Mason found a way out that was somewhat less than noble; he deposed, threatened, and manipulated the board members who would have revoked his grant. Each of the people he targeted had skeletons in their closet, and Mason had the smarts and the resourcefulness to ferret them out. Most of this he managed to do without ever revealing his own identity. And it felt damn good, taking down the people who only cared about their own pockets while they cheated on their wives or embezzled funds. Before long, Mason was making improvements upon his prosthetic hand, and he began "liberating" funds and terrorizing other people and corporations that weren't "using their money for anything important" in the guise of the supervillain who would become known as Doc Shock.

    In spite of all of his self-righteous indignation and vindictive rage, however, Mason soon found that he couldn't follow through with his villainous pursuits. Funds stolen were inevitably used to pay for damages to property. He avoided physical conflicts despite being perfectly capable of combat, and no one could ever claim lasting injury after a run-in with the Doc. If a target proved to be a good Samaritan, his attention shifted elsewhere, and as time went on he became increasingly less harsh with his standards. Finally it came down to a fateful confrontation with one of the city's A-List heroes... where Mason was entirely duped by his hostage, a woman he thought to be an innocent bystander and who in fact turned out to be an A-List villain, using him to get at the hero herself. Angry and finally fed up with the life he'd been leading, Mason took both A-Listers by surprise when he helped the hero take down the villainess instead.

    He still has a bit of a problem with pretty redheads.

    Present Life: Now that he's cleaned up his act and quit the villain business, Mason's mostly returned to terrorizing the robotics department at Ouranopolist U in more mundane ways. His research and patents earn him a legitimate living, and he's slowly been paying back (some) of the people he's stolen from. Every now and then he gets roped into helping out the hero he teamed up with on the eve of his redemption; the man seems to think of Mason as a pet project, and somehow or another Mason always ends up going along with whatever he's asked to do. He's not got the best rep in the super community, given his brief stint at villainy. His social graces don't help his case much.


    Name: Sergeant Storm (Sgt. Danny Weathers)

    Known Powers:

    Exploitable Weakness:

    General Personality:

    History with B-list Hero:
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  11. How out there can we go with backstory?

    Hero Name: Blue Guard
    Powers: Has super strong skin that allows him to withstand superhuman punishment; completely immune to the affects of radiation (because of the skin); can see different wavelengths of light, giving him infrared nightvision. Where he doesn't have powers, he uses powerful weapons, like his Seismic Gauntlets and Kinetic Sword.
    Alter Ego: Real name is La Casafrone, but since moving to this dimension goes by Curt Lefield
    Gender: Male
    Age: 46, looks early 20s (age differently)
    Birthplace: Col Iage, a city of warriors in another dimension.
    Occupation: Spends his everyday civilian life as a librarian in the city, but abruptly left to search for his sister.


    Hero Appearance: (Couldn't really find good pics) Blue Guard has a sleeveless warrior's vest. It covers his torso all the way up to his neck and is a rich blue. The rest of his costume is black padding covering his legs. At his side is his trusty Kinetic Sword, which causes a perfect transfer of energy, landing devastating blows to any object it hits (though not strong enough to cut more than an inch through steel), and around his arms are the bracelets that turn into his Seismic Gauntlets. His hair is naturally a bright arctic blue, and his skin is pale white.
    Civilian Appearance: Curt Lefield dies his hair black and wears contacts to hide his gold eyes. He also sometimes wears glasses, too, to fit the whole mild-mannered thing.
    Strengths: Near invulnerability. You can throw him through a wall and he'll just get back up. He's determined; Blue Guard won't rest until he finds Red Guard.
    Weaknesses: His kind evolved around a hot star, so he's very vulnerable to cold. Prolonged exposure to anything colder than 40 degrees could kill him. He's also a little rusty using his training from his days as a warrior; lately is easily angered because of his missing sister, and that can lead to poor focus.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Finding his sister
    Talents: Has extensive combat training from his days as a warrior among Col Iage's Elite.
    Inabilities & Fears: Being from another dimension, even twenty years of time here hasn't been enough for him to fully blend in with everyday people. He occasionally slips back into his own people's old customs. At the moment, his biggest fear is that his sister is in danger, and he won't get to her in time.
    Personality: Body is incredibly active while his mind just wants some rest. Being a warrior all his life, when he found himself here he found it as a place to retire from all that, and spend the rest of his days without fighting. Despite how much he doesn't want to fight, when he has to he automatically goes back to his old training, which is admittedly a little violent.

    He's felt guilty about not joining Il and becoming a superhero for years, but he always considered it too late. Now that he is one, he can't enjoy it very much.


    General History: La and his sister Il were born in the city of Col Iage in a crossroads dimension. Their world orbited a blue giant star, and thus their bodies had to adapt to all the excess radiation. They also had to adapt to the concept of interdimensional war. From childhood, they were reared to learn how to fight and defend themselves. When it came time to choose their calling, both of them chose to become warriors, their ultimate goal: to be members of the Col Iage Elite.

    Il became an Elite first, and soon received her red uniform. La earned the title shortly after, but left before he could change out of his blue uniform.

    Multiple dimensions had opened at once. The other universes had declared war on Col Iage. Not all of them; only a few could travel across to other realities. Against one, Col Iage's warriors could defeat them handily. Against six different armies, though, it was impossible. As more and more dimensions were opened, Il and La found themselves sucked into one of the portals - and in our world. They witnessed the fall of Col Iage before the portal closed, leaving them the last of their kind.

    In this world, they learned that it was not all war and fighting and survival. The biggest problem was crime - violence on a much smaller scale. While Il persued superhero work, La decided that he had had enough fighting. He watched his sister become Red Guard, and envied and worried for her at the same time.

    Present Life: He joined a library and started working there. Strangely, being nobody means no one questions the fact that you appear to age so slowly. Another evolutionary advantage - they stay in their physical prime longer than humans. He wasn't happy with his life as a librarian, but...content. Then one day he heard that no one had seen or heard anything of Red Guard in weeks. Worried, he called her to receive no answer. He knew about the Bugle Bar from what his sister had told him about it, and sought answers. However, he was pretty angry at the time and almost threw Detective Rose across the room trying to get answers. This led to a fight with another superhero that only ended after it was made clear that he was Red Guard's brother.

    Now he's Blue Guard, fighting as a superhero while searching for his missing sister.


    Red Guard

    Known Powers: Same powers as Blue Guard; has multi-function energy gun instead of sword and gauntlets.

    Exploitable Weakness: Aversion to cold. She sees the civilian population as a group of weaker people, and feels the need to protect them.

    General Personality: Protective to the point of being almost motherly, but powerfully combative against villians. Has a slight ego, that annoys some other supers.

    History with B-list Hero: They're twin brother and sister. Before they arrived here, they were the greatest warriors Col Iage ever produced. Together, nothing and no one could stop them. Not only did they grow up together, they fought together and came to rely on one another. When they found themselves trapped in this world, Il (Red Guard's real name) redirected her talents to become the hero Red Guard, while her brother stepped into the quiet life. She didn't like him squandering his talents, and while they still cared deeply for each other, they slowly became distant.
  12. Still WIP, just wanted to post this. If you have any problems with my character so far, Ocha, please tell me and I will change her around.

    EDIT: Character is completed now, but if something seems off, I am willing to change it.


    Hero Name: Lady Veil


    Particle Disruption Field: An extremely strong directed field generated by the device Lady Veil wears on her left arm, which is capable of expanding or contracting without limits, but it always remains centred on her left palm. The field operates optimally if its surface area is no greater or less than four square metres, which is enough to cover three to four people behind the field. At optimal strength, this field rips apart any material it comes into contact with, effectively shielding Lady Veil and the people beside her and behind her. At any other surface area, the field weakens and starts letting objects through. Seeing as the field works both ways, this is both a blessing and a curse.

    While the field itself is theoretically impregnable and can be maintained without end, anything caught in the field disrupts it. Disruptions weaken the field for a brief moment and if it encounters a large amount of projectiles in a short amount of time, the field will disappear. Similarly, an object with sufficient energy is able to completely disrupt it. In other words, a sufficiently powerful projectile or a large amount of projectiles can and will disable the field if they hit it.

    Holding Field: Generated by the device on Lady Veil’s chest, this field does not offer as much protection as the Particle Disruption Field, but it is more versatile. This field nullifies the inertia of any incoming projectile in a half-sphere shaped area in front of her. Because of its nature, this field behaves the most effectively if the target is at least ten metres away and it is completely useless in melee. However, if Lady Veil is given some time, she can alter the shape of the field without affecting its strength, but she must remain still or else the field will reset itself to account for the changes in the environment.

    Alter Ego: Bridget Coghlan

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Birthplace: Hadopolis

    Occupation: Student


    Hero Appearance: Covered in dark gold, form-concealing ultra-light armour plates, Lady Veil gives the impression of a tough opponent, especially with her unusual height. The armour has some white engravings on it which depict a complex equation system. Other than that, the only decorations on the armour is the silver left gauntlet, the palm of which has a deltoid-shaped small yellow crystal embedded in it, and the dark grey chest plate, which has a spherical blue crystal embedded in it.

    Civilian Appearance: Standing at six feet one inches, Bridget is a somewhat intimidating sight to behold, especially with her relatively large build. She has long, almond brown hair which she keeps in an impressively complicated braid which reaches to the middle of her back. She has dark brown, almost black eyes and she is almost never seen without an admittedly charming smile. Her most recognisable features are her wide chin and her big eyes.

    She is usually seen wearing bright and cheerful clothes, usually opting to dress as lightly as possible without exposing herself. She seems to have a preference for skirts and stockings, as she wears them most of the time, except if pants are more convenient for the occasion.

    Strengths: Bridget is tough martial artist who can keep going for a long time before being exhausted. She is only average in skill, but her fortitude makes up for that, giving her a strong defensive edge against most opponents.

    Weaknesses: Having learned a martial art which focuses on defending oneself rather than causing one’s attacker harm, Bridget has an almost non-existent offence. She only knows a few techniques for defending herself against close combat weapons, leaving her quite vulnerable to them.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To find Professor White and thank him for the work he has done for her. She also wants to make the streets of Ouranopolist safe.

    Talents: Bridget is a quick thinker and is usually the one who realises the situation first. She also has a good visual memory and a good sense of direction, so she is able to navigate unknown places with relative ease. Because of her social experience and studies, she can read people quite accurately, though not flawlessly. Additionally, because of her wide network of friends, she always seems to be up-to-date about what is happening in Ouranopolist.

    Inabilities & Fears: The thing which Bridget fears the most is other people rejecting her, followed closely by not being able to help someone when she was there. She is also naive and believes that even the most evil person can be redeemed. One of her other major fears is losing her friends to something which she has no power to stop and violence disturbs her on a fundamental level. Bridget cannot stand the sight of blood either and she becomes physically ill if she witnesses a particularly severe wound.

    Personality: A cheerful and friendly social butterfly, Bridget is very rarely seen without a genuine smile on her face. An eternal optimist whose mood never seems to break, she tries to live her life to the fullest. As such, whenever she meets someone for more than a brief moment, she immediately starts chatting with them. She literally cannot leave people alone, especially if they are moping or are in a bad mood, in which case she will try to cheer them up in some way. However, she does know where limits lie, so she will give a person space if they tell her to.

    She is also very open about herself, except for superhero business, which she keeps a tightly guarded secret. In addition, Bridget is very helpful and is happy to try and help with everyone’s problems. While she attempts to not stick her nose into other people’s business, she still sometimes manages to go too far at times. It does not help that she has a somewhat short fuse, but at least she calms down just as quickly as she angers herself. It should be noted that at times, Bridget can be surprisingly stubborn, especially on topics concerning the use of violence.


    General History: Born into an ordinary family in the peaceful city of Hadopolis, Bridget lived a happy childhood. As an only child, she was perhaps spoiled a little bit, but she grew up healthy, made a lot of friends, and things were generally looking good for her. However, when she turned six, her father was promoted, so the family had to move to Ouranopolist. While the move left her a bit disoriented and frightened of her new place of living, she adjusted well enough to life in the big city. The only traumatic event she had in her early life was that she witnessed a practically messy car crash, but she does not remember much of it.

    She first met Professor White, who was then called Professor M.A.D. when she was twelve, and she became instantly interested in the eccentric man. They got along well, so when she discovered that the Professor was actually her father’s employer, she was over the moon and decided to pursue a career with physics. Unfortunately, that did not work out too well for her, as even though she had some talent with the subject, she found it difficult to study. She was more interested in psychology and biology, but as she wanted to be likened to the Professor. Seeing her resolve, the Professor offered private lessons for her if she became his assistant, and while Bridget’s parents were against the idea, she managed to convince them.

    It was during this time that Bridget started noticing that the Professor became unavailable at strange times and would often not respond to her calls or cancel her lessons. Knowing that something strange was going on, Bridget started investigating the Professor with the help of her numerous friends. It took her a few months’ of hard work, but eventually, she managed to trace down the Professor and confront him about it. Naturally, Professor White denied everything, but when the young girl presented her evidence, he became impressed with her and decided that he could use her help in fighting crime. Delighted to be of assistance, Bridget took up martial arts as a hobby, but was disappointed when she learned that she was only to be an informant to the Professor.

    She has spent some years as Professor White’s assistant, but when she turned sixteen, the professor disappeared, leaving a few failed inventions behind. Naturally, Bridget was devastated, however, she tried her best to piece together what Professor White left behind him, putting several weeks’ worth of hard work into the devices the Professor left behind, eventually somehow managing to activate a gauntlet and a chest plate. She still does not know what principles they work on, nor does she know how she managed to activate them, but she took it as a sign that she had to follow Professor White’s way of life.

    Over the course of the next few months, Bridget slowly assembled her own superhero costume by scavenging what Professor White left behind and working odd jobs so she had enough money. She managed to gather enough money by the time she turned eighteen, and a few more months were spent assembling her suit with the help of her various acquaintances. When the suit was done, she started patrolling the streets herself in order to learn the ropes of heroics, but she is still very inexperienced.

    Present Life: Currently, Bridget is a last year student at Sydce High school and is attempting to get into the famous Nicholson University of Technology. She patrols the streets of Ouranopolist at night, but she has little time for being a superhero right now as she is busy with studying. She can be often seen hanging out with her friends or acquaintances in the city, especially during school hours or on the weekends. If she sees or hears about trouble, though, she will be at the site of the trouble as soon as possible unless it happens during school hours.


    Name: Professor White

    Known Powers: Can invent devices which laugh in the face of physics and use them as if he had practiced using them all his life. He is also able to pull off physics-defying stunts on occasion.

    Exploitable Weakness: Very little physical strength, his inventions can be used against him to a devastating effect. He is practically helpless without his machines not to mention that he tends to hesitate when hostages are involved.

    General Personality: An eccentric, but well-meaning researcher, Professor White’s lab is infamous for his experiments and the explosions he causes. Unfortunately for the people of Ouranopolist, Professor White is doing his job of decreasing the crime-rates rather well. He is a fellow who is always up for running tests or experiments, and is constantly trying to unveil the mysteries of the universe, sometimes resulting to methods with questionable scientific bases. Regardless of his eccentric nature, Professor White is a noble and caring person who is easy to get along with.

    History with B-list Hero: He used to be the private teacher of Bridget and she used to be his assistant. Upon realising his effect on her, Professor White moved himself to an underground laboratory, but he left some of his useless inventions behind as a memento for the young girl. He does not realise that she managed to get the devices working and only knows Bridget as his former source of information and assistant.
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