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  1. Well, you heard her.
    Let's all discuss Poutine.

    I find Poutines to be the greatest thing in existance.

    Cheese, Gravy, French Fries, Bacon?
    Who could ask for a better combination?
  2. What's a poutine? I keep thinking it has to do with poop. Because that's what it sounds like. :p
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Oooooooooh.

    Looks good.
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  5. That looks good. I kind of want to try and make it now to see if it's just as good as it looks, but I'm on a diet. My only cheat is my stash of mint chocolates. Other than that, it's vegetables and fruits and little to no animal proteins (if any, fish and seafood). Also, as little sugar as possible (but my chocolate...)
  6. You could always switch the chocolate for a poutine.
    Switch it up a bit. :P
  7. @_@ Don't make me cave so soon. Just looking at that picture makes me feel like my thighs would get thicker.
  8. It's not caving if you're replacing the chocolate with it. :P
  9. Damn it... I thought you were talking about the other poutine...
  10. There's another?
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  11. I'm probably mixing the word up for another but I'll see what happens.
  12. It's 1:03am and now I'm hungry.
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  13. The important thing is to use cheese curds, not grated cheese or chunks of mozzarella.

    C U R D S

    I ordered poutine Once and it had cheddar on top I almost hurled; such sacrelige!
  14. Poutine involves both cheese and gravy.

    It agrees with me about as well as the guy on Battlefield last night who was offended at a conversations we had about Jesus being a combat medic and I pointed out his screen name, Infidel, literally meant unbeliever in Arabic.

    Then he dropped a hilarious little gem on me, "No you fucking retard, it means I'm anti-Muslim."

    Anyways, poutine may be as Canadian as KD and hockey, but hella naw. Do not want.
  15. I'm going to have to go with Dervs on this.

    I love Gravy, and I love cheese, but together? doesn't sound nice at all.
  16. Poutine with duck kicks all your dicks off.
  17. [​IMG]

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  18. love it
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  19. Don't dress up poutine. Get it from the truck on campus, with cheap curds and gravy.
  20. ... I need this... Now.
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