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What do you like using more? DESTINY or NO SUCH THING AS DESTINY?

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With our totally AWESOME Iwaku Zodiac now online, I find myself inspired to occasionally incorporate the Zodiac as a cool little way to add flavor to roleplays or help give me inspiration for character personalities.

That got me thinking about DESTINY and how we use it in our roleplay plots!

You'll often find roleplays that include some twist of FATE. A prophecy, someone with a destiny. Sometimes the prophecies and destiny are true! No matter what the characters do, they are following the past that was predetermined for them by the gods, by a prophecy, etc, etc. Sometimes in other stories, they discover that there's no fate for them and that they themselves are choosing their future. That their choices could have ANY out come, what happens is simply cause/effect, coincidence or situational.

Let's all just -ignore- the fact that we as story tellers are controlling their fate. XD

What element do YOU prefer using in your roleplays? A FATED DESTINY or NO SUCH THING AS FATE.
And tell us some of your favorite examples of destiny vs no destiny!
I've used both and I enjoy using both. :3 I might have a preference for no destiny, but it's so small that it doesn't matter.
Ok Kingdoms of Amalur aside Fate is an interesting concept, as all it really does is determine an end point and not which path should be traveled (at least if the GM knows what their doing) as a rule I favore Shatterpoints, fixed points where shit will go down, but the decisions there can take you down road A B or C depending. So fate isn't so much of one road as it is a web of interconnecting events that lead to the center.
As a story plot I like the "breaking free of destiny" stories, where while fate/destiny exist free will can override it. I don't mind using destiny to push a character to do something they wouldn't have done to start them off on a quest though. Also not surprisingly the more fantasy elements there are in the story the more likely destiny is going to play a part in the setting.

Now gods I have a harder time incorporating into stories...
A breaking free of a certain determined or forced destiny, while through the way, finding a true destiny.
One, who thyself may choose.
Hmm. You have made me ponder over my words.

For romances, I always like 'destiny', though.
Love at first sight and all that <3
I like using Destiny as an element to drive my plots forward, but I rarely make my characters confined to it. They all have the ability to choose to desert their destiny and in quite a few of my stories, some of them do and the plot turns from that point on.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that a "destiny" isn't a bad thing, but the characters shouldn't be confined to it. At any moment, for example, my sword wielding fighter whose destiny was to save the world can drop his sword, take up a pitchfork and leave the world to die.

... now that I think about it... That's a horrible example. xD
Proving destiny wrong is always nice. *wink* Either way is good though plot wise.
The stars have no tra la la... D:

*tosses Destiny out the window*
I [refer an "open" destiny.
"You have to do this, but I really don't cre how" sort of thing.
For those who don't get the reference in the poll:

And yes, this is the face of the actual artist of this song.