POTW: What was the last thing you bought?

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Whatchoo buy recently?

  1. Groceries/other household needs

  2. A gift

  3. Jewelry/Accessories

  4. Electronics

  5. Clothes

  6. A collectible of some kind

  7. Tools

  8. Office/school supplies

  9. Food (take-out, etc.)

  10. Something for the kid(s)

  11. Books

  12. Toys (No, I don't mean sex toys you perv)

  13. Video game

  14. Something super awesome (like a car, bounce house, or fancy coffee maker)

  15. Something super boring (*insert ideas considered boring here*)

  16. Other

  17. None of ya gawddang business, Fluffy

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  1. [​IMG]

    Whether you made the purchase at the store, a garage sale, or online--what item or items did you most recently buy?

    I myself got home not too long ago from a grocery trip. ... :D

    Your answer can be vague like mine or something way more thoughtful! Or you can just tell me to mind my own business. The amount of fucks I have to give are equal to zero plus zero. Whatever makes you happy! C: I listed as many options as I could think of. Feel free to request that I add something, or just choose 'Other.'
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  2. bought lunch today: A good Publix sub
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    Guess which one costs us a fortune. >:[
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  4. Bought a car. 07 Honda Civic for 4k.

    Sucks cause the ac is gonna cost 1200 to fix and our 4600 loan barely covered tax, tag, and title.

    Small purchase was a soda from the school vending machine. They're otherwise banned but since it's in the lounge they won't get rid of it.
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  5. I bought roughly 6lb of pork, a jar of dill pickle slices, a package of sliced rotisserie chicken, 2.51lb of bananas, 2.04lb of granny smith apples, 2.63lb of brussels sprouts, three bags of shredded broccoli / carrot / cabbage dry slaw, 3lb of clementines, 2 bags of chopped 'south western' salad, and a bottle of cabernet sauvignon; prescriptions for my mum and dad; a sour mango slushie with lychee, strawberry, and passion fruit jellies.
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  6. I had lunch with my friends. We ate at this amazing café that has the juiciest and deliciousest burgers ever, and I had a slice of apple pecan caramel pie afterwards. They also have this really yummy black tea that's stuffed with flowers, but it just gives it a lovely sweet and floral aroma, unlike other, more pungent teas flavoured with flowers...

    ... And I just realized no one cares :(
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  7. If it's any consolation, I only stopped caring when I got to the tea. Granted, that's mostly because I don't like tea.

    erimean, I care.
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  8. A bunch of junk food (that being gummy worms and a lollipop...)
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  9. I bought pancakes and coffee with the bf. Food has been the only thing I've spent money on recently eh.
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  10. Chocolate.
    It's always chocolate.
    People buy other things?
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  11. Groceries. I am boring.
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  12. Groceries and a copies of Terminator 1 & 2 on Blu-ray.

    And a pack of cigarettes and a new lighter. Mmmmm, delicious tobacco.
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  13. Books are always the answer.


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  14. Minor food shopping. I bought some chicken breast, potatoes, and some onions. The chicken, so I have meat enough to finish the month with... the potatoes and onions because who doesn't like potatoes and onions?!
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  15. Lunch for placement on Wensday.

    Specifically it was Blue Gatorade, A tuna sandwhich with cheese, pickles, lettuce and sub sauce, and a bag of ketchup chips.
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  16. I bought myself some Flame Broiler a few hours ago. It was pretty good.

    Next purchase is going to be at a hookah lounge.
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  17. Taco Bell, next purchase gonna be at a ritzy asian place, after that its gonna be Boba Tea & Bagel
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  18. Munches on a bag of Bits & Bites and drinks a Rockstar while staring at you, unblinking.
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  19. I just went to the mall today and bought:

    a scarf
    a flower crown
    and a whale

    All of those things were entirely necessary.
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  20. Fluffy is awesome for including tools on the list.

    Last thing I bought were some bamboo handled tools that had gone on mega sale at my local OSH.
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