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What gender do you find yourself making your villains?

  1. Male

  2. Female

  3. My villains are always genderless monsters.

  4. Pretty equal usage of both genders.


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  1. I was organizing my plot folder this morning, checking out bunnies I wanted to develop a little more, etc, etc... And I noticed when it comes to my villains, I tend to be a little gender biased. Most of the time I end up with Male villains. And it's not even something I ever put any thought in to...

    ....until today! 8D

    Think about all of your plot lines and your characters. When you have a villain or enemy, or some sort of antagonist to your character: Which gender do they usually end up being? Male or female?

    Do YOU have a conscious reason for picking male or female? Have you ever thought about it before? NOW that you're thinking about it, why do you think you favor one over the other?
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    First, I love playing villains. There's something very delicious about them. I think I'm pretty even on my genre ration, but I maaaaay be a little heavier with men then women, and I think it's not because I see men as being "eviller" then women, but because villains are in positions of power and culturally I still subconiously marvel at women being CEOs and presidents and what not.
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    uh... i normally do male because i have a thing for sexy villains. DX;;
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    An equal balance of male and femal villains is always useful. There are usually villain types that only a certain gender can portray well, so it's pretty compulsory.
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    Male or a genderless or undefined monstrosity of some sort. That is to say mainly though this Cerulean's butt thing sounds like it could strike terror into the hearts of victims to come.
  6. Men! Cause all my characters are men.
  7. I'd have to say that I like to leave myself open to using either gender. That way the story has more flexibility. I also like surprises and if someone is turned later on in the story that is fun. So to have only males or females as good or bad to me is difficult. Now if I create a character that is set as evil then sure its fun to pick only one gender but again, I like it open and wait to see what is needed to fit the storyline.
  8. Ceru-dono's butt. OwO


    Or...evil or something >.>''

    Anywho~ I'm usually equal with genders when I play villains~ ^^
  9. I usually do male villains. Prolly 'cause I'm a dude.
  10. I tend to use both genders for my villains. Both females and males have an equal potential to be the villain or be portrayed as villainous in my works, which I think is quite realistic. After all, it is perspective what makes the villains what they are, a villain could be the protagonist and the "good guy" of a story if their motivations are presented well, even if their acts are clearly villainous. After all, that is what the concept of the anti-hero is based on the same principle. I rarely use genderless entities, but if I do, they are usually terrifying and incomprehensible as they are not bound by human morals.
  11. I usually end up writing my villains as male without even realising it. I don't associate masculinity with villainy or anything, it's just that it seems to be a rule that female villains get their way by being seductive. Even if they have a reign of power they usually come with a second-in-command who's entranced by the BOOOOOOOOOOOOBS.

    Male characters get to have more interesting backstories than just female dominatrixes, so they're more fun for me =)
  12. I make villains of all kinds! Whatever the RP needs, I can make. I love to play all types... Ugly ones, angry ones, sexy ones... Just talking about bad guys makes me want to go create a bunch of them for no raisin. Evil is my favourite. But I'm a Sith, so what do you expect?

    And yep! I've done monsters that have no sex. I've also done something like shapeshifters who were born sexless, but can transform into either one depending on what made them most comfortable, or what gender the situation calls for. :3
  13. female because whenever i think of woman and evil i always think of them being worse because they need to prove they are not the weak woman everyone sees. plus when i play a guy they usually end up being a bitch ^-^
  14. My villains are badass, female, male, or ... thing.

    Depends on my mood and the kind of character I can see myself playing as in a certain roleplay.

    I have played insane, batshit crazy chikas.

    and I have played smooth-ass, dapper gentlemen who turn out to be criminals, and serial killers.

    Staci-chan can play convincing killers in roleplay.

    Who woulda thunk it.
  15. I make most, if not all, my villains male.

    Though, that's mainly due to the fact that 9/10 times I'm playing a male character :P
  16. Ceru's butt is ultimate villain
  17. I prefer to fight and create male villians. (When I am not locked in battle with my butt.) I tend to do this because for two reasons.

    1. I tend to find female villians to be more interesting and I don't want that magic to ever leave.

    2. I don't get reminded of my dad telling me telling me to not hit woman. (not that i ever did)
  18. Forgot that I was gonna write a reply to this.

    I generally play females, so of course most of my villains will be females. However - they are not always adults. Melody, while she is still a child and has some ounce of innocence, is more villainous than good. I disagree about the part of female villains being all about sexy, boobs and what not. Not saying that it's not one of their alluring factors, (or only factoid) but I know there is more to it than that. I love that certain craftiness woman have, that I haven't found in male villains.
  19. I've never played a villain before. But when I picture making a villain, it would have to be female. There is something about the way they can manipulate people (mostly males) by using their abilities (such as seduction and etc).
  20. I haven't thought about it before but even though I prefer playing female I ALWAYS makes my villains males o.O First I thought "hmm.. they are all females right?" Then I looked at my roleplays and just "o.O WAIT A SECOND"

    Almost all my main characters are females and almost all my villains are males o.O And I don't think I will change this even though I know about it xD It's not that I think that all villains should be males, I think that it's cool with female villains too. It's just that I play out villains easier when they are males, and after reading hundred of mangas with hoooot awesome guy villains I can't help but want such a hot villain in my life (rp). x3