POTW: Universes Upon Universes

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How many universes or worlds or countries have you created?

  1. I've made more than I can count.

  2. A couple of different ones, that are really detailed.

  3. A few, but I haven't put much thought in to it.

  4. Maybe one or two.

  5. I have never thought about it before!

  6. I like poody poddle people pies.

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  1. Revi has a really awesome group about World Building with tons of sweet resources for creating countries, worlds, and even complete universes.

    When we create a roleplay plot, we're often creating a "universe" that these characters and stories exist in. Even if it takes place in our modern earth, it still develops it's own reality of information!

    I know I have SEVERAL "Universes" where storylines exist. Some complete with entire worlds, countries down to the little details. XD

    What kind of universes have YOU created? How many do you have?
  2. Kalimane - fantasy island

    Hesperos - star system

    Dark Reign - Mythos dimension

    Pennyblood - steampunk world

    Asmodeus Trilogy - angel/demon pantheon

    Everslain - magical realism alternate future

    Krom - surreal world of chromatic deities

    Jokeworld - parallel dimension
  3. I created the world that was the setting for Galleon of the black Mast, although it is far from complete. I plan to develop it further someday.
  4. I have a couple universes. 8D

    My most developed would prolly be the "Elswen" universe with Ocha. Pretty much every modern earth roleplay I run is set in that universe. Supernatural or not. o__o

    And recently I accidentally created a universe with Vay that now spans piratey times to post modern scifi. o__o

    I have a universe with Alarice that is very supernatural and now spans thousands of years. XD

    And then there are random universes like the Toko Aidaverse that I am now blending with some of Asmo's plotlines, and the Marsyas universe for a lot of my high fantasy stuff. 8D

    And that's just universes. O__O Not counting planets, countries, etc.

    I've been thinking about organizing some of my plot bunnies in timelines inside universes for more awesome historical fluffing. 8D
  5. I'm always making worlds and world elements and concepts and stuff like that. And I can never make up plots to go with them. ARGH.

    I might share them later. I dunno, if people want to hear them.
  6. Let's see...

    The M-Verse: The universe that all events of The Music Masters takes place in. You know, all them super powers based on music and whatnot.

    Galaxian 5: A galaxy within a larger universe. Within that galaxy is Beta Solaris 4, which contains the planet Mesozoic, shared by the dinosaurian races known as the Zargosaurs, the Azhdar, the Sauradon and the Souvirei.

    Diesel X: An alternate modern setting about a girl who discovers a strange, dieselpunk-type walker modeled after Egyptian art. She is then hunted by the extraterrestrials, the "Diesel Race", responsible for visiting Earth thousands of years ago and assisting the Egyptians in building their empire, who created it.

    Upon Engines of Progress: A steampunk setting that takes place in a Victorian London where the Church never gained prominence. Science is ahead almost a century, and technology in artificial intelligence and robotics is just getting started. Then all hell breaks loose when the mysterious alien technology used to power these "Engines of Progress" turns them into calculated killing machines.

    Four universes, so I guess that's not a bad number then.