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POTW: Types of Love

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Feb 9, 2013.


What is your favorite kind of love story?

  1. Love at First Sight

  2. True Love

  3. Puppy Love

  4. Forbidden Love

  5. Love Triangle

  6. Secret Crush

  7. Unrequited Love

  8. Love/Hate

  9. Happily Ever After Love

  10. Tragic Love

  11. Reluctant Love

  12. Reunited Love

  13. Platonic Love

  14. Obsessive Love

  15. OTHER


Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. There are SO MANY different kinds of love out there. From falling in love at first sight, to holding a secret flame, to freaky scary obsession. All of these can be used with characters to create dynamic plot lines in your roleplays.

  2. For stories, I always enjoy the couple that meets and gets the wrong impression of each ther or at least notices each others worse traits, but circumstances force then to get to really know each other, then the sparks fly.
  3. Depending on how they're run, I kind of like all of them.

    Leads to situations where in one game I have a character who's in pure innocent fairtyale romance and another character who's the most depraved, horribly obsessive love interest around.
  5. I just generally like love and romance, so it was hard to choose a favorite. I almost marked literally all of them. But...Then I just went for my four top ones instead. But I do really like love stories <3
  6. My favorite kind of love is what Conan the Barbarian's mother and father had. That man and his pregnant wife fought on the battlefield, then her last dying wish was that she have her baby right then so she can see her son's face. Who better to do that surgery than your brute of a husband?

    So beautiful. ;-;
  7. I'm a sucker for a good tragedy.

    That does sound amazing, though, Fluffy. ^^
  8. My favorite kind of love story involves a great span of time where a reader can watch the protagonist's mindset and values grow within a relationship. Starting simple at first but becoming more and more defined as years progress.

    The best kind of these stories do not center around a man or a woman, but a love of Life itself.
  9. My favourite, by far, is Reluctant Love because in the end you, the reader/witness, knew it was to be... eventually. Such as with Pride and Prejudice. My grandmother and I have a profound appreciation for the book and movies. Full of loathing and pure despair but in the end, love finds its way to the main characters. It is too fantastic for words as Reluctant Love is my own personal love story. <3
  10. I forgot to also choose "other" because one of my favorite kinds of love is the love of my enemy's hot blood steaming in the battlefield's winter morning light, staining my hands and armor and the snow around my feet a deep crimson. That's the best kind of love. <3
  11. This. nuff said :)
  12. Forbidden romance all the way. I love it, the twists and very weird characters that come from it. The misunderstandings, the secrets, makes everything so thrilling for the climax. Hahaha, strange isn't it?
  13. Psh. Love? Who needs it...? >>

    Okay, now that I've got my super macho answer out of the way...

    I just love love, period. I'm a sap, and I'll deny it forever after I post this so it's not worth ever bringing up again. But I'm a total sap and I love to see characters getting together and having cute little love moments... And having things come between them only for them to conquer it and... *girly squee* So much love!

    *cough* Anyways... Love kicks ass no matter the form. Just saying.
  14. My favorite is the "Run away with your desires and throw your logic out the window as you are strung along by 'fate' and her crule hand pulling and tugging you at the breeze and drop of a hate" kind of love.
  15. DEF LEPPARD LOVE IS AWESOME!!!! But you know, all love is awesome really.
  16. I am definitely a happily ever after kind of girl. Happy endings (especially the cheesy kind) are my secret pleasure! :)
  17. I'm a hopeless romantic :3 I married my high school sweetheart for gosh sakes lol

    My favorite though has to be forbidden love. There's something about it that makes it so much more intense. I don't know about everyone but every time I read Romeo and Juliet I felt like it was a more fierce love. Quite addictive love can be :)
  18. I picked other because I support Sacrificial Love. The bodyguard who spends his life at her side, never telling her how he feels because all he wants is the chance to take care of her, the woman who allows herself to be taken by the villain if he will let the man she loves live... sigh
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  19. I read the last poll option in my head; except it was in song. :D